Zimbabwe Currency – 100 Trillion Dollars

Today I’m going to give you an overview
of the Zimbabwe hundred trillion dollar banknote adding in some historical
context and interesting facts behind the design. In 1980 the Zimbabwean dollar was established to replace the Rhodesian dollar and to signify the nation’s
independence from the United Kingdom. Its face value was redefined three times
until its eventual collapse in 2009 due to hyperinflation. On the front side of
the Zimbabwe 100 trillion dollar banknote we see the famous Chiremba
balancing rocks from Epworth, a Harare province. The beauty of this is in both
design and meaning as these rocks are said to represent the delicate balance
between man and nature. What’s amazing is that this banknote contains hidden
security features to deter from counterfeits. For example this watermark displays its complete denomination when held up to a
light source. On the left side of the banknote you can see that the letters
“RBZ” repeat and are printed in gold color shifting ink. Lastly we see an under print of a cow with grains and a color shifting
security ink that features the country’s official emblem, the Zimbabwe Bird. The
reverse side of this bank note features Victoria Falls, also known by the locals
as “the smoke that thunders”. It was named by David Livingstone in the mid-1800s in
honor of Queen Victoria. And next to Victoria Falls we have a cape buffalo
looking proud. These symbols and images embedded in the banknote represent Zimbabwe and the richness of their heritage. Thank you so much for tuning in! Please feel free to visit our website for more educational videos at banknoteworld.com

53 thoughts on “Zimbabwe Currency – 100 Trillion Dollars

  1. Привет из России! This former banknote is worthless despite being sold at fantastic amounts. In 2009 I purchased several thousands of these at $0.80 a piece and made a nice wallpaper for my house. These African money will never have any purchasing value. This is not a rare item as there are millions of these banknotes floating around the world. Shouldn't cost more than $5 to a collector and $0.01 to an "investor". Don't be fooled comrades.

  2. Just don't buy from the 100Trillions store. They bait & switch photos, and also salt your bundles with grease stained junk bills. Some of them not what you ordered. They also wouldn't sell me a bundle that was buy now, because it was the last one and they could get more for it.

  3. I'm pretty sure your over looking some really serious economic problems with a 100 Trillion Dollar bill instead your talking about how pretty the pictures are on the bill, Juuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuust Saaaaaaaaaayin'.

  4. You know something is going wrong when you need to value your currency at one hundred trillion to keep it functioning

  5. I saw this note on CNBC as an example of hyper inflation back in July 2009. I thought it'd be nice to pick up a few notes so I made some purchases on ebay. This was a lucky buy for me at the time. The guy who sold them said he was going to give the proceeds to charity which I thought was great so I bought multiple items off this guy in July 2009-
    Jul‎ ‎3‎, ‎2009 at ‎8‎:‎08‎ ‎PM
    Thank you for your purchase of ZIMBABWE 10 x 100 TRILLION DOLLARS BANKNOTE,AA pref UNC with eBay item #
    Sale price GBP 4.99 (maybe $8-9 for the 12 banknotes)
    (the guy actually gave me 12 banknotes, a baker's dozen because they were essentially thought of as worthless back in 2009)
    I might have made this purchase twice because I have a couple packets of these 100 Trillion banknotes

    More purchases in July 2009 to get some of the other banknotes in the series-
    Jul‎ ‎10‎, ‎2009
    Your total: $4.07

    Prices starting to rise in Nov 2009 but still cheap so I bought some more-
    Nov‎ ‎22‎, ‎2009 at ‎7‎:‎09‎ ‎PM
    Sale price:$6.51

    I'm still surprised these banknotes have gone up so much since then. On the other hand it seems like most of my Egyptian banknotes, which have much better designs, have gone down in recent years. You never know.

  6. What happens when the communist win hyper inflation Rhodesia rich country zimbabwe poor country starving people and hyper inflation hmm i think i see a correlation to communism and starvation could it be that it doesn't work no no that wasn't real communism it'll work guys trust me forget the soviet union china under mao Venezuela I'll bring in the utopia ill beat the rest I'll enforce mile long bread lines doe the sake of the gentle worker

  7. Fun fact: these banknotes are literally worth less than the paper they're printed on. There was a newspaper that criticized Zimbabwe's inflation, and (who I want to say is the) president of Zimbabwe either banned the newspaper or made newspaper paper harder to get. This resulted in the newspaper printing it's news on the 100 trillion dollar bills, because it was legitimately cheaper.

  8. Cheap enough to use in the board game “Life” or “Monopoly” and it’s nice to give your friends a few trillion dollars!!!! Very collectible example of hyper inflation.and a fine bookmarker to boot!!!

  9. What about the lesser valued Zimbabwe notes? Will they hold value? ie 50 Billion, 100 Million, 50 Million? What should we look for in THOSE notes? Thank you!

  10. I remember buying a set of 3 back in 2009 on eBay for a few dollars. Never imagined they'd become so valuable today. Wish I bought more!

  11. 1:25

    It's sad that symbols and images have more richness, are richer, and have more value than all of zimbabwe's actual currencies combined, something that is supposed to you know, make you rich?

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