“You’ll Never Worry About Money Again” | Start Doing This Immediately

100 thoughts on ““You’ll Never Worry About Money Again” | Start Doing This Immediately

  1. Who are these speakers who appear in all your videos
    Are these actors reading scripts u have made to make money ?
    Is it value u r delivering?

  2. Money, Money, Money – I can't hear it anymore. 90% who has a lot of money are not happy a few years later. Alcohol, drugs, shopping & getting frustrated…

  3. You can say whatever you want to say about money, but the truthis lacking of money has brought more suffering than having plenty of it.

  4. Funny video. Yes, yes, we all know poverty is a mindset. And that being an entrepreneur who offers something of value is the way to go.

    But… the video doesn’t exactly say what “this” is.

    But I’ll tell you the secret. “This” is access to CAPITAL. Without it… you can’t become an entrepreneur.

  5. Damn…. Here I am working 60 hours a week paying 50% of my income just to keep a roof over my head. All I want in life is a nice little place to call home and not have to constantly worry about most of my wealth going to the landlords bank account…

  6. Ki viszi el ezt a sok pénzt, jellemtelen emberek ,akikVissza nem dolgoznak,pihent csavart agyúak .el veszítettem saját házamat

  7. Yep. BRING VALUE, of some kind, to the table and the laws of the universe will reward you. Keep giving value and you'll continue to get rewarded. Give, and thou shalt receive.

  8. Make a plan and stick to it. Most don’t follow through for one reason – it’s truly hard. If it was easy they’d all do it.

  9. What kind of stupid idiotic ridiculous video was this ??? It said nothing useful and ended abruptly !!! 👎👎👎😠😠😠😖😖😖😡😡

  10. How can I provide value.. question opens mind ..world is very different then what we think …very true…we should watch our views from different perspective…

  11. 💯 Invest time and watch these. First is longer but well worth getting comfortable with a drink (you’ll need it). Starts a bit slow but trust me don’t skip it.
    Second on Silicone Valley. Enough said.

    There’s other key ones to watch free on YT but these are must see before they’re gone or censored.

  12. Fuck you old white man. Build schools in Africa instead of talking about the 1%er you son of a bitch. Money is evil 🖕🏿

  13. The stock market has been generating a lot of profit for me lately, ever since I began trading with Tim Williams as my trading expert

  14. I can truly say, I never worry about money…learn to give, and learn to give value and money comes back multiplied. Focus on helping people that are looking for what you have and believe that all things are possible. Thank you for sharing.

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  16. Ive never worried about money ever since i started investing with Marilyn Su Thuyen, she has been able to turn my $135,000 investment to $458,000 within one month.

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  18. The easiest way to make money is the way I've just done it today:

    A guy in Africa sent me an email informing me I had a long lost relative with a 10 Million Pound fortune they have left entirely to me, all I had to do was wire the African gentleman £8000 so he could release the funds and the fortune will be in my bank account tomorrow, and then I'm off to Spain, see you later SUCKAS!!!

  19. The truth is exactly what they say in this video, wealth comes from having something that benefits everyone else, whether it's creating a food or drink everyone loves, creating a piece of technology everyone will use, musicians create their wealth from having something people NEED to hear.

    Of course there are exceptions like inheritance and gambling, but pretty much everyone gets rich this way

  20. These videos I take with a grain of salt. I was in the fitness industry and owned a training facility. I helped people change their lives, lose weight, get off medications, get out of chronic pain,…. And all anyone ever did was complain about paying for service they told me they loved. maybe not all, 9.5 out of 10. I tried starting a NPO farm in "middle America", people who are "salt of the Earth", nobody cared. The city council (mind you this is a town with just 100 homes in rural IL) was more worried about the smell from my compost.

  21. Or… One percent have all the money because the other 99 percent have to pay to keep it all going. At least one of these experts boast about not paying any tax.
    To get rich you have to walk over others and keep taking more than you need even when you can see others struggling around you. Then when you have more money than you can ever spend you can start being all magnanimous and 'help' those less fortunate. Just as long as it's on your terms of course. This video is simply done to help those with all the money to justify to themselves all the people they have shit on over the years getting to where they have. Have no problem with rich people, but don't try and make getting rich into anything other than what it is, greed and personal gain.

  22. The real measure of your wealth is how much you’d be worth if you lost all your money.

    Not he who has much is rich, but he who gives much.

    Time is more valuable than money. You can get more money, but you cannot get more time.

    That man is richest whose pleasures are cheapest.

    If we command our wealth, we shall be rich and free. If our wealth commands us, we are poor indeed.

    The more you learn, the more you earn.

  23. Nah, it's same words all the time, motivators bla bla bla… Good words wise words. But formula of success is different for everyone.

  24. Taking control of your life is the KEY to happiness and success . We all start somewhere, whether that be at the bottom or with a little help. Ultimately your potential is determined by your habits, which will DEFINE Who you are and what mark you leave on earth.

  25. In this video Jim Rogers is saying to figure out who is making money and follow the money. My question is, how do we figure out who is making money? Please help me to understand this concept. Thank you so much.

  26. That's why you don't chase money. Chase needs people will only open their wallets if they have a need for the product or service you provide.

  27. You can either live your dreams or life your fears. chase your drem that is the highest pay and invest too another secret .

  28. I really don't think anything said in this video is untrue. Now the thing is to get my procrastinating ass up and do something that will make a positive change!

  29. never say you can not afford it .say you dont need it..Material things will make you sick..happiness and health .you dont need to be rich..you can not take it with you …

  30. Try this experiment. If you have tried affirmations and they didn't work (apart from you didn't do anything you lazy shit) try changing them from I am …….. to Could I …… you'll be surprised how this works for you within a few weeks, even if you have failed in the past.

  31. The false statement is that you have to do something for others to make money. Politicians and many other selfish people make tons of money by taking from people and destroying people. Same with the richest gangsters.. Narcissist celebrities.. And what about people in the service industries that slave themselves for others and make very little money.. Isn’t the idea, you get what you focus on?

  32. Drug dealers deliver killer drugs and lots people want it.
    Stores sell junk stuff…
    Most values are worthless. Unless its from the Bible. Like the golden rule…

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