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(uplifting music) – Hey YouTubers. Welcome to another Advanced
Lesson in Millennial Money. I’m your host, Alexandra Gonzalez. Have you ever wondered if
you’re actually a genius? Well today, Robert Kiyosaki covers the four different types of intelligence, and you can find out which
one you’re most dominant in and use it towards your advantage. We also dive in how labels
throughout our education can actually really affect
us and hinder our success. Stay to the end ’cause Robert reveals his true feelings towards
the school system. So I know you guys will really enjoy this uncut interview with Robert Kiyosaki. Today we’re here to find out if you are stupid or if
you are actually a genius. And so I love this topic because I think this is exactly
what YouTube does for us, and it’s another platform
to teach education as opposed to our teachers. – So let me ask you this. We’re talking about it at the break, and told a story about your mom going through your your records in school. – So my mom not so long ago was going through my books at school, and she realized that I
got multiple notes home saying I was ADD, ADHD, need to be put into another
class, had dyslexia. And so she was working a lot, so she didn’t realize at the time. And going back reading my journal, she realized oh my gosh. She thought she failed me, but in reality it’s just a lesson of how these teachers label us to be something that makes us feel less than and insecure about ourselves. – Stupid.
– Exactly. – Say it, say it! Stupid.
– Stupid. I mean, it makes us
feel like we’re idiots, and it defines our future. And thank God they didn’t realize because it would have
made me feel less than and I would have ended
up in a less-than job. – Yeah. So let me say this before I begin ’cause we’re talking
about going to school, or education, whatever that is to you. And education is more
important than ever before. But the problem I have with
school, traditional education, number one today is it’s
creating young people like you to be greatly in debt,
right, with pension. I mean, not pension but– – [Alexandra] Student loans. – Subprime student loans. You get a subprime education. So education is more
important than before, but what do they teach you about money? Nothing.
– Nothing. – My point here is this. Education is important, but the thing I don’t like
about labeling a child or a student ADD, okay, ADD is another word for extreme boredom. Why don’t they just call it what it is? A child doesn’t have ADD. The teacher is boring! They’re boring, boring, boring people! Why would I listen to them? So I had ADD, but I call it acute boredom. Then they say you have dyslexia. Well, what the heck is that? I have dyslexia ’cause I was sound asleep. I was always drooling, you know. (snores) I couldn’t believe how
boring the teacher was. On top of that, they were teaching me a subject I wasn’t interested in. When I had calculus and trigonometry. I kept going when am I gonna
use this stuff, you know? So anyway, this is my point of view. Education is the only business
that blames the customer for the teachers’ incompetence. Let me say it again. Education is the only
business where you’re allowed to blame the customer for
the teachers’ incompetence. You see, in business I can’t do that. If my students are failing,
or my customers are failing, then I’m responsible for it. But how the world can
these teachers get away with blaming their
customers for the teachers’ and education systems’ incompetence. And let me say this one more time. Education is more important than before, but what the heck are you learning? That you’re stupid. I was called stupid so many
times I almost went nuts. I flunked out of high school twice when I was 15 and 17
because I can’t write, and today I’ve sold more books
than most teachers ever will. It’s in the millions of books. So who was stupid? You know, that’s the
whole point here is this. Any comments? – No, and I agree with you,
Robert, because like you said, ADD it’s really just another
word for the person’s bored. – Acute boredom. – Yeah, and my dad’s told me, he’s like okay ADD, that
means maybe you get distracted to try and do multiple things
so you’re a multitasker, and you can handle
several projects at once. It’s a good thing. And here it’s like I go from working on YouTube to Instagram, to, I don’t know, helping out in the studio. So it’s really just finding
what to do with your attention, but it’s not that you are incompetent. And it’s the teacher’s job, too, to be able to to show you and
guide you through this process and work with your personality. We’re not all the same. And so I think that’s the
problem with the school system is that they teach us as if we were all, as if we all have the same
brain, and we don’t, we don’t. – Well again, the teachers
blame the customer. You can’t do that in the real world. You have to make changes. So I say this because
education needs to change ’cause you’re killing a lot of kids. You’re killing kids like me. So the way I started Rich
Dad Poor Dad is this, very simply my poor dad was
of those boring teachers. He was a very good man, very smart guy, but he was really good in subjects we don’t ever need to learn. (laughs) You know, I haven’t used, I haven’t used third-year calculus yet. Like I said, I flunked out of English ’cause I can’t write,
yet I still keep writing, and I sell more books than most teachers. But anyway, the point here is this. We’re not stupid. Our teachers are teaching
us, they’re incompetent. So my poor dad, a schoolteacher, PhD, was a great man but a horrible teacher. Whereas, my rich dad was a great teacher. And the way my rich dad taught me very simply was playing Monopoly. And the reason games are
the best teachers of all because a game will hold my attention. So I’m playing Monopoly there and I’m going this way and this, I am bring stuff down and all this. I’m having fun. So games are better teachers than teachers because games engage the
entire student, which was me. So I played Monopoly with my
rich dad until I was in my 30s, and today I play Monopoly in real life. But I’m still a flunk out from
school ’cause I can’t write. Imagine that. So let me explain why games
are the best teachers, okay? Look here. Bear with me. So here we have, let’s
call it the student, and this is a tetrahedron. Okay?
– Okay. – So the student, you and me,
all of us, we have mental. So we all have mental
intelligence, you know? And mental intelligence is
knowing right from wrong, good from bad, up and down. We also have physical intelligence, and great athletes, they’re
more physically intelligent than guys like me. And then you have emotional intelligence, and emotional intelligence
is fear, sadness, joy. And you’ve got to control this. Many people, when it comes to money, this is the biggest factor. This is the most important intelligence ’cause most people go to school and they’re taught not to make mistakes. If you make a mistake, you’re stupid. So they don’t do anything. If you’re afraid of making mistakes, that means you’re emotionally constipated. You need an enema. ‘Cause you went to school,
so don’t make mistakes. And then the last one is
spiritual intelligence. So let me explain spiritual intelligence. Mental intelligence puts
things in minimum of two: good, bad, right, wrong, up, and down. Spiritual intelligence is one. We’re all united. Like, you know, you and I are
human beings so we are united. When I communicate with
you, I unite with you. But if it’s mental, it’s oh, Alex is smart, Alex is stupid. I’m now dividing us, and that’s
what our schools are doing. So the reason games are the best teachers, at least Monopoly was for me, and our board game Cashflow
is, I created Cashflow, is a game will engage me mentally. I’m interested. It gets me emotionally. Yeah, nobody likes to lose, you know? (grunting) And then physically, I
have to do something. I like the board game better
than the electronic game because I have to do the math. Do you know what I mean? When do the math, you’re
actually getting smarter. And then spiritually, I want to make sure you win, and I can. I don’t have to take
you out to win Cashflow. Do you know what I mean? I don’t have to make you the loser, but that’s what schools do. They have to have one person
smart, one persons stupid, one winner, one loser. So what I’m teaching you, either real estate or
business and all this, I don’t want you to lose. I want you to win. So once again, the games
are the better teachers, like the game of Monopoly,
simply because it involves your physical intelligence, and the more you do your
numbers on the Cashflow game, the smarter you get emotionally ’cause nobody likes to lose. This is really surprising. A lot of people lose
’cause they get too happy. Do you know what I mean? – ‘Cause they’re excited? Yeah, no, what happened, oh, I’m rich! Then I get egotistical
and arrogant, you know? I got cocky, and I’m smarter, I’m richer. Then, you lose. And you also lose if you’ve been told, well, I’m stupid and I
fail and all this stuff. You also lose. So that’s why games are the best teachers ’cause you go up and down emotionally as you’re playing the game. But spiritually, as we get together to help each other out, we’re one. – Yeah, and that’s what
I love about playing, at least in my family we also
play the Cashflow board game, and we can see who has higher
emotional intelligence, who’s better in certain areas, who’s better with the numbers, who’s better with finding the property, and so I think that’s
what’s really exciting, too, is because by playing the game, you can find who’s the
right person on your team, who’s too greedy, too. So I think that it, I
think it helps you connect with your team members and see who can be on your team
to be successful with you. – Right, and what I always say, you know, games reflect your behavior, okay? And you see the person’s
mental and emotional behavior, their mental behavior,
their spiritual behavior, that, you know, why should I help you? You know, if you I help
you, you’re gonna win. Well, that’s where most
people come out of school and they’re greedy little bastards. You know, I have to be the A student. You have to be the F student. So many people come, most
people have a genius. Mine wasn’t found in school. Mine was found in Monopoly. But anyway, we all have a genius, but it’s not always measured in school. You look at Tiger Woods
and he’s a smart guy, but his genius is on the golf course. I’m an idiot on the golf course. (laughs) But I’m pretty smart in
the game of real estate and investing and entrepreneurship. So that’s why the trouble with, the reason games are the best
teachers, ’cause it engages. All games, especially Cashflow game, engages your four intelligences. And we’re allowed to, we don’t
give each other the answer. I just support you in winning. Hey Alex, have you tried this? Have you tried that? And that’s what my rich dad did for me. He just kept saying have you tried this, have you tried that? He didn’t say do this or do that. Have you tried this? Have you tried that? – Or he didn’t say, no, you’re ADD. He said hey, why don’t you
try handling it this way. – Well, he did say I have ADD because I always wanted
to get rich quicker. He says calm down. See, that’s emotional intelligence. Those that want to get rich quick generally get rich poor faster. You’ve got to control that
excitement about getting rich. ‘Cause I’ve done that. I’ve gotten so excited. I’m gonna bet the ranch on this one. I lose everything. So that’s why games are the best teachers, much better than a boring
old school teacher. I remember, I won’t mention her name– – [Alexandra] Oh goodness. – But she always told me I was an idiot. But there’s four intelligences, and games engage all four intelligence, your mental intelligence,
emotional intelligence, your physical intelligence, and
your spiritual intelligence. Think of it this way. If you wanted to be Tiger Woods but the teacher said you
can’t use a golf club, you would never learn. I tell you about golf, too. You want to be a great golfer? People think you have
to drive the ball far. That’s not true. To be a great golfer,
can you putt 10 feet? In other words, if you
went on to a golf course and just stood and put, if you were an expert
at putting for 10 feet, you’d win most golf tournaments. You don’t have to be what
they call a long-ball hitter or the big gun and all, the big stick. So the great thing about
Monopoly and the Cashflow game is you find out your game. And you’ll find out what you’re genius is. And the more you make
mistakes, the smarter you get. The more you teach other people, you know, give and you shall receive,
the smarter you get. But most people are
spiritually constipated. Well, if I get an A, then you have, I can’t get an A, so you have to get an F. And that’s why our
schools teach more people to be stupid than to be geniuses. – Yeah, and so for anyone
who’s been labeled, don’t don’t let that define you because we there’s other
educational resources where it teach you that these labels don’t define you or diminish you. – Especially when you’re so young. – Yeah, it’s like it closes
you to just this one little box and makes you feel like you’re inferior, and that’s why people
maybe don’t have jobs because they don’t think
they’re capable of it, when it’s really not the case. – Well, what if they make a mistake, or what have they asked for help? That’s called cheating. But the biggest thing, there’s this new book
out called Late Bloomers, and it talks about how you
really don’t get really smart until you’re past 47. And that really fits for me ’cause I didn’t really
get smart until I was 50. Until then, I was stupid. I was having a good time, you know, making a lot of mistakes and
just having a great time. But that’s how we learn. If you have fun playing golf, you have better chance of learning. But if you get punished every
time you make a bad putt, or a bad drive, you stop playing golf. And so your genius as a
golfer never comes out. So one of the keys to finding
your genius is have fun. Make sure it’s legal, ethical, and moral, you know what I mean? I mean, it helps. I don’t want to go to jail and
become somebody’s boyfriend, you know what I mean, and stuff like that. So legal, ethical, moral. – Always.
– Right? – Yeah, and make tons of
mistakes along the way, too. – That’s right. So you make your mistakes in the game, and the more mistakes you
make, the smarter you get. But that’s how schools
teach kids to be stupid instead of finding their genius. – Yeah, so don’t worry, millennials. Just remember to find your game. And we’ll see you for the next episode. – And have fun learning. – And have fun. That’s what it’s all about. It’s not just this little
cubicle where you have to learn. – Like I give her father so much grief ’cause your father’s a
soccer player, right, and I’m a rugby player. And soccer is a different game than rugby. In soccer, I can’t hit anybody. But the rules of rugby,
the more people I hit, the more successful I become. – It’s about finding your game. – That’s right. If you love soccer, talk to her father. If you love rugby, talk to me. Okay, but I love business. I love real estate. I love gold. I love silver. And I love becoming an entrepreneur. It’s my game. So whatever your game is,
or you may be an employee. Maybe for you it might be a great person working for the government. Heaven forbid, but the government
needs good employees, too. But just find your game. – So that’s it for today. And if you liked this content,
make sure to subscribe. And hit the little notification bell if you want to be part of our next premier and have a live chat with us. Thank you guys so much for
watching, and we’ll see you soon. Ciao! (upbeat music)

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