Hi guys, welcome back to my channel, thank you so much for being here. as we already know that the times that we are in right now is a time of quarantine and isolation from the novel coronavirus covid-19 and a lot of People have been mandated to stay home. a lot of cities are actually on lockdown right now and if you are in that situation, You might be bored. You might just wonder how am I going to survive this? What am I supposed to be doing? Ihow will i keep myself busy Well, I got you. in this video, I’m going to be sharing with you work from home ideas that will be very very useful for you in this time of quarantine and Isolation for the covid-19 ,virus you don’t have to be less productive You can still stay at home and still be productive. So I’m going to share with you my top list of Work from home ideas. Yes. That means you can be in quarantine can be in isolation and still make some money. Yes and still get productive in your house in your room. Keep watching guys If this is your first time of watching me, I am honored to have you on my channel My name is Victoria Ajadi and I am a Nigerian lifestyle and business vlogger Currently residing in the United Kingdom. if any of my content interests you please Make sure to consider subscribing by tapping on that red subscribe button below and also make sure that you tap on the bell sign beside it so that you get notified every time I upload any video Such as this please keep in mind that this work from home ideas that we’ll be sharing with you are particularly in relation to this Pandemic of covid-19. However, they are still very useful even after the pandemic Yes, you will still find this work at home ideas. Very very useful Even if you are watching me after all this could be one night problem is solved. I didn’t mind that This is the time when people actually want to get informed and want to get informed about the situation Of things about things going on around them about what is happening. I had a mini, okay I’m interested in what is happening in UK, and I’m also interested in what is happening in other countries of the world I’m interested in what is acting in China? What does that mean in Italy for example, it is acting in Nigeria so the first one boom idea that I have for you is Blogging start a blog if your work has been an hindrance From you actually starting a blog actually add interest in starting a blog now is the right time to start a blog So you can start blogging from home Talk to people all over the world through your blog. Let them know what is happening in your city Share your experience of this Particular pandemic going on right now Let people know what’s going on around you people are interested people want information. People want to know Yes, so write a blog if you can and if you have a passion or you know actually been taking a bit Now is the right time. Yeah start a blog number two in Relations that is starting a YouTube channel. Yes right now people have lots of time so what contains a lot of people are visiting YouTube right now and they are watching a lot of Contents than before before a lot of people have to work. But right now that’s people have been isolated by being quarantined Then it just gets, you know to binge watch on a lot of things in order not to get bored We all do that always so people have much more time to watch videos to read news and all that so that is why this might be the right time for you to actually Open a YouTube channel Open a YouTube channel Open a YouTube channel Open a YouTube channel. Seriously. The next on my list is video editing You give actually notice that a lot of content creators on YouTube actually Uploading much more. There are no more uploading Frequency. Did you notice that? Yes, it’s because like I said area people have Much time on their hands right now So why not place more contents and as we can create some more content and the loads of the videos goes up So also do the UH need for help Comes up also well there are some categories of Video creators will shoot and produce their videos and do everything a deep thing and everything they do everything all by themselves and there is an accessibility of video creators who actually Outsource their video editing so if I’m video editor now is your time to shine because even if people actually Prefer to do the editing themselves because you are producing much more content right now and because the content are actually time specific they need to put out the content as specific times, especially because it’s related to the pandemic and the pandemic is Coming to an end. Somebody say amen. Amen So because it’s coming to an end very soon. You want to upload the content now, they want to upload it now That it is too active. And so they need help with video editing. Another one from idea is video editing if you have the skills to edit videos then now is the time to let people know that You can do that start up video creators. Let them know that you can do that I can also sign up on freelance sites, which I’m going to be talking about very soon They don’t work from home idea that actually brings in passive income Consistently is online course. Yes online course creation. So that’ll be my very forth work from home idea creation of online course now is the time for you to actually create a course and Teach people about that skill that you know, so you can actually teach people on To do a particular skill that you are very good at and can also teach people how to create online courses So even like to teach online courses is the way try and Create a course on a skill that you know how to do all Create a course on how to create an online course, isn’t that interesting? The next idea on my list is work from Altru freelance site I can’t remember how many times I’ve talked about this on this channel fill out sites They are very very very useful, especially at a time like this Fiverr aqua on of Philosophizing I can actually register on get on board and start working for free on Their site actually they get a permission, of course But it is no upfront it’s after you’ve actually got an intern and the person has actually paid you then they take their coats and you take your coats and everybody is happy so, you know how to write, you know how to edit videos, you know how to Talk you don’t wash over hot tea whatever skill that you do also do please get on a freelance site now is the right time to actually register get on a freelance sites register and Start posting your gigs on Freelance sites is for keeping busy This will bring in more money for you even at a time like this basically You have a skill that I want to make money from get on the sides People already know them people are visiting the site in thousands to look for people like you with sword skills, so get on those platforms and Start selling now. That schools are on lockdown and Children are actually at over their parents. If you visit the social media regularly you agree with me that a lot of Parents are actually kind of frustrated right now The many things that your children are doing for them at home like breaking TVs as PA scoffs on the ground every week Making every messy on all that well Parents want to keep their children also Busy, it’s not actually every time they watch Disney China and you know what others in fact any stops? They want to keep their children busy with educational stuff so if you are cute as a teacher why not go online as An online tutor parents are looking for online to sign up your children for online tutoring right now So you have the skill? Why not? Go ahead, you know do something for the children also go online and you know Yeah, actually different sites that you can register on as an online tutor for the children for different ages and You’re working from your home. You’re teaching someone else’s children in your home also, and then getting Hey, I hope this video has been fo in one way or the other. Do you have other work from home ideas? Please let’s learn from you Comment in the comment section below any other work from home ideas that you might have For roles and our Schwab building each and every one of it Thank you so much guys for watching. I appreciate your time I’ll see you in my next video guys. And if you have a video request assembly comment section, and I’m going to try my best catch you later guys You

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