Winner doesn’t mean take all in crypto

Welcome everyone. Today I wanted to
clarify some of my viewpoints and
highlight some of the fallacies within
crypto and one of the issues that I have
with crypto is this idea that if someone
supports a project it’s like a
winner-takes-all like they’re going to
take 100% of the market share for that
particular use case and this couldn’t be
further from the truth
human beings are diverse there are tons
of different cultures tons of different
customs people are just different and
inferior solutions get chosen all the
time so while I talk about Ethereum in
the sense that the tech is inferior to
Cardano which it is.
I don’t think that Ethereum is done
and I think that they will still
continue to exist in their own niche and
Cardano will exist in its own niche so
while I think that Cardano will be
used by institutions to build their
smart contracts the biggest institutions
there are tons of different institutions
smaller and medium-sized that may choose
to use Ethereum I mean you may have a
couple big institutions that use
Ethereum you know there’s enough pie to
go all the way around and I think that
ADA has an enormous potential to
increase in price you know and but
doesn’t detract from what Ethereum has
done or doesn’t detract from what any
other cryptocurrency project has done
some of them are going to zero but some
will be inferior and they will still
exist just because of funding they were
here at the right time
it’s just how it happens and I
think that human beings are innately
greedy so the issue of my
crypto is gonna take all the market
share it’s not gonna happen so any
crypto project that you think is gonna
take a hundred percent of the market
share it’s not because at the end of the
day I just ordered Red Dead Redemption 2
and my dad is still on his iPad playing
Candy Crush and I can’t get him to play
Red Dead Redemption 2 so you can argue that Red Dead
Redemption 2 is a far superior game to
Candy Crush but different people like
different things and that’s just what it’s gonna be so whatever
crypto community you’re part of and you
find this
cultish like behavior as winner-takes-all it’s not gonna happen
Cardano can take a lot but it’s not
gonna take all. Ethereum can take a lot
but it’s not gonna take all the same
fallacy happens with Bitcoin. Bitcoin is
the one to rule them, but it hasn’t done that since since its
inception. If it was so
good there wouldn’t be you know 2000
other cryptocurrencies that formed so
and eventually Bitcoin will be the
overtaking it’s just a matter of time
and you know Bitcoin has a lot of
potential too but it can’t do everything
I mean the Bitcoin maximalists it’s like
it can do smart contracts it’s going to transfer my money it’s going to do this, it’s
gonna provide my security, it’s gonna
clean my fridge, it’s gonna run my car
you know it’s not gonna happen there are
other cryptocurrency projects that are
going to serve that needs serve that
purpose multiple different cryptos and
there is space for quite a lot to
win, and Cardano is in its own lane it is
competing with some other cryptocurrency
projects, but as far as the smart
contract space I think it’s gonna take
the largest percentage of market
share if everything gets implemented
correctly and even if it
doesn’t I still think it has extreme
price potential to grow and become a
self-sufficient ecosystem, so let me know
what you think please like, comment,
and subscribe and until the next video
thank you

25 thoughts on “Winner doesn’t mean take all in crypto

  1. IMPORTANT QUESTION: all i ever heard charles talk about is: being used as operating system for developing world.
    are they even putting a lot of effort in 1st use huge platforms? it looks to me as if they are developing for a niche_ and majority of 3rd world people wont want to bother with ada

  2. Philip in my opinion there are two type of coins out there. Wealth generating coins and wealth taxing coins. Wealth Generating coins usually use a validation system to generate coins and create wealth outside the IMF controll, enriching people and communities. Then we have Wealth Taxing coins which you usually have to buy and basically transfering wealth to a company that pays taxes and enriching central banks. Now, at this point Cardano has been a wealth taxing coin, what are your thoughts on its future and it being pre-minted and sold by a tax paying company? Should Cardano have a classic counterpart HF without pre-minting? Meybe the first coins are generated using a PoW smart contract. What are your thoughts on this?

  3. Agree. Too much fan-boy-dom in crypto and they crap on ADA and other serious projects like it because the price isn't jumping 1000% like (insert generic bitcoin/ ethereum clone or fork) coin. Patience and DYOR. Cardano is far superior just with their research based applications. Great video. This is not a 0 sum game.

  4. Then ask yourself this. How can ADA get into the top 5 spot. Charles needs to sell his coin to the mainstream investors.

  5. Yes, there’ll be lots of different crypto’s running in parallel for all manner of reasons and they’ll all have varying degrees of success as do conventional business. The thing that makes Cardano unique and poised to be successful is the meticulous and rigorous way its been thought through and developed. That’s not to say there won’t be any other successful project out there, there will which is a good thing, it’ll keep the space interesting and drive innovation 👍

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