Why You Shouldn’t Chase Money – Millionaire Mindset Wealth Principle #2 – Millionaire Mindset Ep. 4

100 thoughts on “Why You Shouldn’t Chase Money – Millionaire Mindset Wealth Principle #2 – Millionaire Mindset Ep. 4

  1. Money chases me, in-fact …. money is thrown at me all the time. I don't have enough bags and bank accounts for the ridiculous amount of money that comes my way (my only major complaint).

  2. Focusing on needs, not $. It's not about the paper, but what you will do with it. Keep your vision in the forefront of your mind and imagine it effecting millions.

  3. The Musk quote about the process was riveting. Be curious about what the world wants and find a skill and master it and then find another skill and master it. Have a competitive advantage and offer your solution in a unique way. It must avoid being made obsolete by machines and should utilize and combine your skills that creates a tribe of followers. Understand you will get advice that you will need to shape in order to make it work. You will need time, luck and courage as it will take time to develop the necessary charisma to make it and overcome the many hurdles.
    Scale – to make millions must sell to or impact millions. Magnitude – Sell big deals. The law of Affection: Law of Affection – How many people you affect. The more people you affect in an entity that you control in scale or magnitude, the wealthier you will become.Making is actually easy..It’s a function of skill in sales and marketing; keeping it and making more with it is difficult.

  4. "A lot of thinking gets you nothing." Awesome quote Dan. I also found the Law of Effection quite a cool concept. Thank you.

  5. Packed full of valuable content… Loved how you gave a new perspective on the Chinese expression for making money and the different aspects of handling money. I also would have never thought that Elon Musk's wife would have such deep insights. Thank you, Sifu.

  6. I love what's being shared. Don't chase money, deliver to people what they need and want, consistently and with action. You can either impact lots of people at lower prices(scale) and take on the headaches that come with that or you can impact fewer people at higher prices(magnitude) and there are fewer headaches(different types of customers).

  7. Fantastic! I found the original article here: http://www.businessinsider.com/elon-musks-first-wife-explains-what-it-takes-to-become-a-billionaire-2015-4

  8. there're things people always chase, which either you don't have for sale, or you have but you don't want to sell because it's too precious for you

  9. chase needs not money
    chase needs not money
    chase needs not money

    money does not discriminate
    money does not discriminate
    money does not discriminate

    making money is easy, keeping it is hard
    making money is easy, keeping it is hard
    making money is easy, keeping it is hard

  10. I think someone who just thinks without doing anything without the action would be called "a dreamer" I do have half the right idea, but this guy Dan is giving me the other half so im now feeling positive about the future. I always give him the thumbs but but I do not think all young people sit in front of the computer with their zips undone……that is from another video. Keep watching this guy and learn. Lots of info for free!!!!!

  11. I just discovered you recently, you are really helping me change my mindset towards building an income! Appreciate this!

  12. You are my idol. I want be like you . You are inspiring me. I love you.Very motivational , inspirational and beatiful video as usual. You changed my life. Now I look different to my life thanks to you .By the way I am Turkish . I'm 17,5 years old . I love you Dan Lok . You are the source of inspiration for all of us. I love your videos and concent. Sorry for my bad English . I hope i will speak fluently just like you. Thank you so much!

  13. Hey Dan, the millionaire Fastlane has been my favorite business book for the longest time. When I read your free book, I was like, Jesus, it's almost as good as the millionaire Fastlane.! I was actually discussing with a friend yesterday about the fact that you got something right that MJ left out in my opinion. I believe it makes sense to build a high-income skill before attacking a high cash flow business. Thanks for that nice addition, it correlates with my personal experience.

  14. Literally wrote down word for word by hand in all Caps, every word Dan said while he quoted the article by Elon Musk's wife. Life changing

  15. Been there done that – made lots of money then lost it all. Start all over again, lose it then come right back up! I'm at that point again where I have to start from ground zero but I feel so confident I will make it as I listen to you then implement what I've learned.

  16. So, Dan, Elon Musk´s wife has no name? She´s brilliant but still just an attachement to his husband? You´re acting like a cave man here.
    Other than that, good content. I´m lerarning a lot.

  17. Dan Keep on Sharing your Millionaire Mindset Success Secrets and Why its more Important then Ever to Be an Entrepreneur!!

  18. Think needs, not money.
    I think I need money.
    Money is what I think I need.
    Think money, not needs.
    Think not, need money now.

    Takes money to make money.
    No problem, I got it.
    And I’m on it Mr. Lok!

  19. I don't chase money; I go after selling to potential customers. My closing rate is around 70% because I'm bidding against other contractors. My customers are always informed and know what they want and how much they are willing to pay. I don't advertise at all ~ no need to as people find me by recommendations from previous customers.

  20. Dan Lok, "Knowing is not enough, we must APPLY! Willing is not enough, we must DO!" I bet you know where that's from. These are words I like to live by!

  21. Hi Dan… in your perspective, what is the secret of think and grow rich? The secret that Napoleon hill never outlined but according to him it is implied in every chapter of the book.

  22. Consistent action will produce money and not just thinking about money. Scale and magnitude create billionaires. WOW! The Law of Affection and not The Law of Attraction – great to know this ~ Sifu Dan

  23. Doesn't the law of attraction also state that a massive amount of action with a positive mindset and belief that you can do anything? I don't think it just says to sit there and think …….

  24. Awesome session Dan! Dude I’m making a point to do work at my business everyday and really honing in on working on the things that matter and product results rather than before where I was just doing but not certain of the goal or why. Sometimes doing makes us feel like we’re moving forward but without measurable results, we’re wasting time. So thank you for your videos!

  25. Love that opening statement. Make more to give more. However, it is crucial to understand that there is only 1 right religion and only 1 truth, because every religions believes they are the ONLY way to salvation and heaven. Which one Is the truth? By definitely the truth is objective and there can only be one. You are either dead or alive, you either have cancer or you don’t. Therefore Jesus is the ONLY way, life and way, and no one can get to the Father but by Him. Only faith alone in Jesus can save you, not “religion”, it is a relationship with God. This is way more important that making money or owning a Business, because quite frankly you may not live to the day you see your business succeed. But you will 100% face God one day.

    PS the law of attraction is extremely dangerous and demonic. I tried it and got massive anxiety attacks, it was God who showed me this truth and now I have someone much greater. I have the Creator of the Universe to answer my prayers, not demons.

  26. Think needs not money so no more bingo… no MORE… hey man.. i go to church.. Lol so funny lol LOL wow ok.. now WHAT im a starving artest jist trying to make a YouTube video s.. and trying but i need the supplies and stuff like computers and camera s.. and microphone s.. and i can sing.. and stuff i JUST new at this YouTube THING i just started singing its karaoke.. at bars.. .. i can sing bjork and iamx.. umm nine inch nails.. the 80$ i have a channel but hey im new

  27. Money runs faster than you do, and in the same direction! Turn your back on the love of money, and turn your fact toward loving your neighbor, and money will chase you down and tackle you!

  28. Hey dan i just want to let u know i purchase ur book well audibook love the fact that u narater the book made alot of financial mistakes and as i listen to ur book it was a slap on the face of reality and so many things that got to change mainly my mindset……….so thank you..

  29. The Quote at 12:30 is the best quote I have ever heard in years and I am pretty sure I am gonna remember is for a long time

  30. Why we die some one ask me why we born on earth ? Who born on earth he must die on Earth do you know .

  31. I read your FU money book and to be honest you never told us the answer u just kep on saying keep reading to know how lol!

  32. "Money always faces the same direction you are facing, and it always moves faster than you do."
    – Yardmaster

  33. As a fairly young man at the age of 23 the older speakers like Napoleon Hill, Earl Nightingale, and Bob Proctor have brought me into this world. You have a modern twist to the groundbreaking that the older generation shaped.

  34. Transforming thoughts into execution with proper plan is the cornerstone in establishing wealth by contributing to society needs.

  35. Chase needs, problems. Not money. I learnt it from your course, HTC. If you want to be successful, solves more problems. Money is just the results!

  36. I don't know which kind of book I have to read first among think big and grow Rich, millionaire fastline or secret

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