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Why most people don’t make money? There are two answers to this question. There are many, but two come to my mind and
the two are for 2 different cultures. If I say I have to answer the Eastern people,
particularly the people from India which I know very well, “it is because of your karma,
you don’t have good money karma.” If I say this to, say, the Western people,
“I don’t know if there is karma or not, I know why people are not making money. It is because they don’t have educational
qualification, they don’t have the knowhow, they are born in a poor family, or some pragmatic
reasons. Which one is right? Both are right. I would say if I want to have a very balanced
view on this question, who is right? I would say the karma is more comprehensive,
provides comprehensive answer. For instance, somebody is born in Beverly
Hills, somebody is born in Bel Air, and somebody is born in a slum in the same region, California. Why? Congenitally there is inequality. How would you explain this thing? You can simply say “I was born to parents
who didn’t have money,” but then the Indian answer is “Nothing is an accident. Everything has to be looked at from a larger,
deeper perspective.” So, karma is certainly reason why you don’t
have money, money karma. You may have good education karma, you may
have a PhD, you may have an MD, but still you won’t make money. Because you have educational karma, but you
don’t have money karma. So, that is more profound to look into this
Indian answer, but I wouldn’t put down the American answer for this question, “Yes,
you don’t have proper education, you don’t have PhD in Computer Science or you didn’t
go to Wharton School of Business, or Harvard School of Business,” they are true too. But even all those who go to Wharton School
or Stanford or Harvard, not all of them are equal. So, that you have to answer too. To go back to the Indian answer that karma
is responsible for lack of money, and what is karma? Karma is your thinking pattern. Not that karma is a goofy, superstitious concept;
it is a very, very pragmatic, even rationalistic concept. You can even see by looking at a, I was just
talking to a man whom I have never seen and somebody gave me the horoscope of this man,
and I knew right away this man is extremely wealthy. Then I would see somebody’s horoscope, “This
man will never have money.” How? We can see the Vedic Astrology is profound. That’s why the Government of India and Supreme
Court of India and University Grants Commission, all approved of Vedic Astrology as a valid
science to be studied at schools and colleges. My concern here is primarily how to help people
to understand this issue. It is a matter of karma, it is a matter of
Astrology, it’s a matter of pragmatic issues like lack of education and so forth. I am not going to talk about them either. I am going to talk about certain other categories:
Lack of motivation – you are not motivated to go
and make money. What can you do? When you are not motivated, you are in denial
or you are pessimistic, or you are unconscious about the whole thing. So, motivation is really a key. They all know. They have read about it, but still they won’t
get out there, see it and go do something about it. Lack of motivation. Why? There are certain parts of the brain that
are not working, that’s the pragmatic answer. It’s lethargic. There is a hyper active brain. There is a brain that is a lazy brain. Self actualization, particularly if your frontal
lobe and the parietal lobe, they don’t function well, then you are not trying to be activated. You are not going to be active, you will just
be like lotus eaters, just like a zombie kind of consciousness and that’s one thing. Motivation is a primary cause of why people
are not making money, they are not motivated. One thing that I just want to say is, somebody
liked very much when I said that, why people don’t make money? Because they choose not to make money. That seems to be very surprising because everybody
you think is choosing to make money. The truth is, people are choosing not to make
money. I gave an exercise to some people – in the
morning you just ask yourself “Are you choosing to make money?” You may say “Yes.” Most people will say “Yes, I am choosing
today this morning”, 7 O’ Clock you get up, “I am choosing to make money.” But what happens at the end of the day when
you go to bed, then you answer the question, “Did you do? What did you do?” The answer would be “I chose not to make
money.” How? Although I said in the morning, “I am choosing
to make money,” but at the end of the day when you answer a bunch of other questions
that I had, like did you think about the money all day long? Or at least
like if you have been up and working for say 8 to 10 hours, in 10 hours period, how many
times you chose to make money and did something about it? Many people “You know that I am just so
absorbed in whatever little job I am doing and so I couldn’t do it.” So, that is choosing not to make money. You have to have, to think all the time about
choosing to make money. The moment you do that, it’s a matter of
training the mind, it’s a matter of disciplining yourself. If you don’t discipline yourself, it’s
not going to work.

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