Why Love Is More Important Than Money | Valentine’s Day Special

So, it’s Valentine’s Day coming up. But I am asking.. Like, what are you doing
for that special person on Valentine’s Day? Someone wrote this great book called
The Love Languages. And they claim there’s 5 of them.
They say physical touch, they say acts of service, they say words of affirmation.
What are the other ones? -Buy rocks. -Buy rocks is not one of them. And I learned
something. It’s all a lie. Men have one love language. It’s physical
touch. We’re like dogs. Just pet us and we’re happy and we’re loyal. Women on the
other hand are complicated. They’re confusing. So, we have all of these other
love languages for them. Sometimes they want to be pets. Sometimes they want a
present. You buy them something. You serve them. You take them on a trip. You tell
the wonderful things. You talk about beautiful they are. Do you hear me, men?
And if you do this well enough regularly, every day making an investment, then
guess what? Then that special someone feels loved. And this channel is all about
investing. But sometimes you think it’s about business, sometimes to give our
real estate. But the principles are the same. Like look at this ugly rock. I look at this this and I’m like, “Big ugly rock.” This thing’s expensive. I bought this thing for my
wife because she’s like, “Black Tourmaline has magical properties that keeps dark
energy away.” I’m like, “Great. Let’s buy the rock.” That is a lamp. It has fluoride. And
when it’s limit behind, it’s really pretty. I really don’t get this whole rock
thing. -Yeah, you do. You like it. -I get my wife though. And you know what? Sometimes
what we do as human beings is we argue with our spouse or our loved ones.
Because what we want to do is we want to project
the way we want love onto them. If I feel loved this way, you must want to love
this way. You know what? These rocks are such an excellent… Rocks are such a perfect example. My wife
loves these things. It was 5 straight days of looking at millions of rocks. And
guess what? Never tires. I’ve never seen stamina this woman like that before. And
you know what? I don’t have to get it. All I know, that makes her happy. And honestly,
when I got married, I was married by Kaleen’s grandfather. And I made him a promise. He
looked at me right before he wed us. And he said, “Do you promise to do everything in
your power to make your wife happy?” And I thought about that and I said, “Dude, I would do anything for this woman’s happiness.” Relationships
inevitably go through the slump though. Like, in the beginning, everything is so
amazing. But then all of a sudden you get to a level where you kind of know
everything about each other. And then you kind of hit this downward thing. Every
relationship does it. And the only way to bring yourself back up… You see a lot of
us will focus on like what’s not working or what we’re frustrated about our
relationships. But the reality is how you created magic in the beginning still
works later in the relationship. I’ve been married to this woman for 18
years. And I’ll tell you something. You marry
super young. So, glad I did because we have all this history. And I’ve learned
that grandpa was right. Me doing everything I can in my power
for this woman’s happiness. Unconditionally without expecting
anything back is hugely is a key to success. Now my wife probably believes that this magic rock,
if I sit on it will like do wonderful things for me. Because of all the magical healing property of the rocks. But reality is this rock is nothing more than expression of love. -“Rock” sounds generic. -Amazing piece of live.
That’s all this to me. To her, it’s purple amethyst.
-Well, that one just happens to be my birth stone. -Great. Birth Stone, awesome. -And
February stone. -So, check this out. This is super important. When you are loving your lover, when
you’re giving them everything because by the way for 18 years, every day I’d turn
my wife and I tell her, “I’m giving you everything. I’m going to give you
everything. I have given you everything.” Because I’ve given her my whole heart.
Everything I produce, everything I’ve created. And then every dream that she
has I want to do everything in my power manifest it. So, here’s the secret to an
amazing relationship. It’s not just giving your spouse or your lover. It’s not about just giving them what they want. It’s how you
give it to them. In other words want to give it to them. Desire to get it to them. What
I’m basically saying is you have to become an advocate for what
your spouse wants. So want it for them more than they want it. And they will
love you. -It looks even better in real life. -There is no such thing as falling out of love.
There’s simply choosing to stop doing the things that you did in the beginning
to fall in love. Love can last a whole lifetime. And it’s up to you to take
responsibility for the relationship. How limited it is. How fully expressive it is.
Being loving, being patient, being there for that incredible person no matter
what. That’s your job. Sometimes, I hear about people are like, “We just fell
apart. We fell out love.” I’m like, “Dude, you treat it like from victim. Like something that
just happened to you.” Like love happened to you and then love went away from you. It’s like
take responsibility. If you’re a relationship and you want the more
loving it, guess who just to create that.? Knock them. That’s your job. You’re
responsible by the way. It’s not even their job to make you happy.
Only you can make yourself happy. My wife does everything that I love that she
does. I still can decide whether it makes me happy or sad. So, she may create this
amazing invitation for me to be happy and feel loved. But it’s ultimately up to
me whether I do it or not. So, this is why I believe we all need to recognize the
emotional genius from within. Step into it and become it. I fell like I’m giving birth to big
yellow stone. Gold-color. Is it heart -shaped? Well, that’s pretty. Love, it’s kind of a funny game. If I lost
on my wealth, I could rebuild it. I lost my health I would try to win it back. But
if I lose my love then none of it health matters and none of the wealth matters.
At the center of having it all is your ability to connect meaningfully and to
choose to be first-class world’s best version of you that can give yourself to
someone entirely. This Valentine’s Day, do that. Don’t give a part of yourself. Don’t
give some of yourself. Don’t give most of yourself. Give every part of who you are
because love makes it all worth it. It’s the fuel for life, it’s the fuel for
happiness. And you have do you live your most amazing life. To do that, you don’t
have to buy while money’s worth for the stones. But for that love in your life,
there is something that you can do today. Ask yourself what’s their love language.
How do they receive love in the most meaningful way? And then unconditionally
but still that gift, do it in the biggest way you ever have before. Give as much
love as you’re absolutely capable of. Imagine that was your last channel is
planet and give everything that you can. And if you can find a way every single
day to live that way, you will be a happy fulfilled person. Alright. Hey, thanks for
watching today’s video. I mean, Valentine’s day totally epic for
yourself. Remember, it’s up to you to literally create the most amazing wonderful life
of your dreams. This by the way is my wife’s little sanctuary. It is her salt room. Because salt
has known magical properties of wonder. But it makes her happy and I’m happy
when she’s happy. So, listen. If you’re not subscribed, make sure you take care of
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  1. This is so true. It’s exactly why we include our whole family in the business and on our channel. Family love and friendship is what really matters. Agree?

  2. 8:38 Well everyone has something that he/she values.
    And for others like me what's really important is our goals and our goals ONLY. 😊

  3. Keep on preaching Kris. This is what I tell a lot of people. I’m truly glad that I found you on you tube. I can’t wait to attend a seminar to meet you in person. Your character is definitely in the right direction. I will be partnering with you in the future.

  4. I’m creating my reality everyday 💯🎯🧘🏽‍♂️ thank you Kris this is valuable information that most people will not understand in how literal you’re being

  5. Relationships can be hard sometimes. I live in Tampa and my girlfriend lives in Miami. Long distance relationship are difficult.

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