Why Investors WILL Buy Bitcoin After COVID 19 – Senators Insider Stock Trading – BTC Decoupling

14 thoughts on “Why Investors WILL Buy Bitcoin After COVID 19 – Senators Insider Stock Trading – BTC Decoupling

  1. As tension builds in the US senate over insider trading, Bitcoin soars over 20% decoupling with stocks in the midst of the global pandemic. Let's look at what's next for BTC and equity markets.

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  2. Buffet and Dalio gets things wrong.
    They just get more things right with bigger money. Who cares about the Senators.
    There sells didn’t move the market with those millions.
    S and P 500 closing the 200 weekly first time in over 10 yrs. very bearish for the market.

  3. Equity markets will go down further. Gloom and doom will increase as hospitals become overwhelmed. Uber will not do well because people dont want to ride in a public shared vehicle. Ubereats on the other hand might do well.

  4. Easy way to make a lot of money with bitcoin. Buy low sell high wait for low buy and sell high its made me very rich

  5. Never doubt Mr Darren he’s the best trader ever I just withdrew my money from him now you can text him via WhatsApp +1 (408) 475 0470

  6. sell volume on the last weekly bar was largest in history – even more than the 20k sell off. Chart still very bearish IMO. Good luck to the bulls

  7. If i bought 100 usd btc 6000 rate and later fall back to 4000 rate, i my going to lose my 100 usd in my account?

  8. Why don’t you start a pay service that monitors exactly what congress members are buying and selling.. could rank them by how powerful the member is and what committees they are on

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