94 thoughts on “Why Can’t I Add Funds to My PSN Account?

  1. Spoken to Playstation support 3 times on the phone. Each time they blame third parties. Last time i spoke with them they just told me to wait for a Email because they have escalated my case. Have not been able to do shit for 3 weeks 🙂 PSN <3<3<3<3

  2. my credit card address is on philippines, and i put my playstation address to saudi arabia because im currently working here. maybe that is why i cant use my philippine credit card..??

  3. This is STILL happening. Bought a PSN card last year to resolve it and add funds to my "wallet", but I refuse to this year. PSN just lost my business. Anyone interested in a slightly used white PS4, Destiny edition?

  4. still can't use my PayPal to buy hit man ps4 Wtf… sort this out.. not even the shit xboxone has this bollox issue.

  5. Tried all day today, couldn't add money via 2 CC's. Have used these CC's to buy on Steam and Wargaming sites. PSN is poopsoup.

  6. i have rang sony and i was accused of fucking fraud so my billing services were suspended from my account then they lifted the ban after i rang them .

  7. I can't redeem my 20$ psn card code,it says that I have reached the limit or something like that but I have 145$ on that acc, Idk why it wont add my new 20$… -,-

  8. I think its funny Sony spent so long patching all those methods to get free ps pus, and they couldnt get this right. Its simple, just take my money.

  9. ok I live in Lithuania and in region selection there's no Lithuania so I'm fuck? and when I try to add paypal they saying error has ocurred

  10. 9/12/16 still doesn't work, this problem just started about a week ago for me. It says I need to manage wallet but when I go add funds from my debit card to my account it says "the funds could not be added to your wallet" and my debit card does have money in it -_- help someone please

  11. Every time I go to add funds it shows a little lock icon and then it says an error occured. I've done everything and Rise of Iron comes out tomorrow.

  12. I buy the Playstation card and it won't let me exceed over $100 how the hell am I suppose to pre-order battlefield one

  13. i should've bought a Xbox😞 i have been trying to add funds to my account but a stupid error keeps popping up every time…ive been trying for almost a week now!!!!!😡😤😭😭😭

  14. Mine doesn't work at all, yet on everything else it does.. Bar PSN. It reckons my entry is wrong, bullshit! that's why the prick let me log into it!! Like, let me spend you money, please!!

  15. hey can somebody try to help me I'm having trouble buying PlayStation games off of PlayStation store it's not letting me use the money I got in my PlayStation wallet I find the game then I hit add to wallet then I hit proceed to checkout and I got $20.16 in my wallet but it only gives me options to use credit card or PayPal or redeem a code it does not give me option to use what's in my wallet and I try to redeem the code again but it says the code already been taken because I already have it in my wallet if anybody can please help me message me and Playstation 4 SniperPro4Good please try to help me any help would be appreciated thanks


  17. I'm from the future, April 17th 2087 and Sony still won't take my money. I'm thinking of trading my Playstation 9 in and getting an Xbox 0.

  18. Is There A Way Transefer Money From 1 Account To Another ? I Used To Own A Sub Qccount And Put The Money On The Master Account And Now The Sub Is A Master Account. Pls Help

  19. My paypal acc got locked when I basically just made it, and i logged in with it on paypal on the sony..

  20. STILL HAPPENING (first time in my case) in September 2018 ! Did everything through PayPal, now don't work. Added a credit card: does not work. C'mon Sony !

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