Why Bitcoin BTC Golden Cross CONFIRMS Bull Market!

What is going on guys my email a baby here I hope you’re all having a wonderful day today We’re gonna be taking a look at bitcoins upcoming Golden Cross sure as you can see with the 50-day moving average Crossing above the 200-day moving average and why that’s a very significant point in this market especially in determining that that $6,500 level that we predicted at the start of this bear market is the bottom of this bear mark And if you look at the total cryptocurrency market cap as well. We’re gonna be looking at all coins You can see the death cross has or I’m sorry The Golden Cross has already occurred and if we look at the past and every single time We’ve seen a Golden Cross you can see there was a golden cross here where we went from around 141 billion in market cap all the way up to that 385 billion in market cap and then the previous Golden Cross was initiation of the 2018 rally where the crypto market cap hit a top of around 766 billion US dollars So we’re gonna be taking a look at a lot of technical analysis today alongside with taking some questions from our live audience I’m super excited to be on live. I see we have buddy Guerrera and Shaw here Hello boy that God also here live make sure to like this video and subscribe if you haven’t already to our channel We’re gonna be giving away the intelligent investor to one of you guys as you guys know My favorite book on investing alongside with Warren Buffett and some of the other successful investors and so first and foremost we want to take a look at bitcoins technical analysis to determine where we are going to start heading as We see this golden cross occur Which is a very big deal that I feel like not a lot of people are specifically talking about and if we look at gold this is where we’re gonna go ahead and determine the possible prediction for Bitcoin you can See gold is currently above the recent high that occurred in August of 2019 and if we look at Bitcoin We’re seeing a very similar trend here where we have this initial high happened around August This was specifically in July of 2019 when we reached that $14,000 level and so in my Prediction I am gonna sit here and tell you that I believe we’re gonna see a $20,000 Bitcoin here in the near future However, I can certainly say that seeing Bitcoin top around that 14 to $16,000 you level is very possible, especially with the 2020 hobbing coming up alongside with other fundamentals here and you can see where we look at volume There’s not much volume this area but we are in a very strong uptrend and we don’t see volume and we see a trend we can determine the continuation of the trend towards that low volume area is going to go higher and so that Continuation in my opinion is going to continue to occur your so one thing I have been getting a lot of questions about in our discord group for those of you that are part of our district Who the link is in the description below is whether or not it is a good time to enter Bitcoin Here’s a funny article here that I saw today about Valentine’s that you can see it says Bitcoin loves Valentine’s Day one specific part of this article that was interesting It says here if an investor only bought these cryptocurrencies on Valentine’s Day each year they would retrieve a total return of 24 percent in the case of Bitcoin 20 percent of ether and 16% for ripple when looking at the historical value of these currencies on Valentine’s Day and how they perform you can see Typically, these crypto currencies do well in 2019. They actually did it. And so that would actually Reinforce the fact that we will most likely see some positive gains here for this market as we approach Valentine’s Day tomorrow so happy Valentine’s Day for those of you females and mothers and Wives and girlfriends out there and then you know the men that you guys are the ones that should be showing love But other than that, we’re gonna be taking some questions from her live on you. See we have a ton of people on here Mr. Rodriguez, Eugene Craig says what’s up? Buddy? Says I move the markets I long and it shorts and vice versa Then you guys see what happened on bit Mex would ripple with that huge Candlewick down to 14 cents from around 30 cents, man that liquidated a lot of food You guys have to be careful in the markets and talking about markets when we look at our disco Do you guys know we do have our premium signal group? We’ve had an amazing Altcoin run over the last few days 40 percent profits here 30 percent profits here. You can see here We also have 50% profits here on TN be it coin private 30% profits. So we’ve been we’ve been following the altcoin market and we’ve been doing very well in our all coin market, which I Assume will continue as we start to see these golden crosses occur with other crypto currencies You can see it’s not just Bitcoin that has these golden crosses occurring you can see there are other Cryptocurrency o simcard on o formed a golden cross and that’s why we’re starting to see a lot of these cryptocurrencies See some price movement to the upside and we look at Bitcoin dominance we are still heading down but we can see there are a little bit of uh, you know, uh, Slow down here as we’ve touched this previous resistance level which is now acting as support which is a basic fund Here when we look at technical analysis, but you can see when it comes to volume major cell volume here We you know, finally saw a big big buy candle here, but you can see this is yet to close on the daily So we don’t know whether or not this is going to hold in my opinion It won’t but we don’t know that yet if we look at global cryptocurrency Uh total market capitalization dominance on coin market cap, you can see here in the past We’ve seen Bitcoin dominance and solid a at a high and then break support But then quickly rise back up and so you can see we’re seeing a very similar pattern here The question is whether or not that will continue and we will be talking about that as we look at more technical analysis today But first and foremost, I want you guys to look at Bitcoin We’re gonna be drawing out some key levels here on the daily chart. You can see here We’ve got this very very obvious resistance here at ten thousand four hundred and ninety seven This is the previous resistance where we saw this huge huge huge Volume come in bringing the price from that seventy three hundred dollar mark all the way up to that. Ten four nine seven Which is now acting as resistance. However, this is a very different time in this uptrend as this was most likely manipulation. Of course more than likely an institution that was dollar cost averaging in the market because you know We had this death cross occur And sometimes it’s not a bad idea To buy during a bear market right with that death cross it validated that this was gonna continue to see downside And then we did target that $6,500 area if you guys are keeping up with our market updates on this court And of course we did end up bottoming out there and now we’re starting to approach these highs again We’ve done it in a very mature fashion. You can see we’ve Consistently went up nothing like manipulation, you know, and it’s interesting because I don’t know if you watched our last video But I talked about how you know, I was in a room with Rob Pierce once and you know He mentioned that the crypto winter was over right And this was prior to this this this rally and he said that the next summer that’s coming for crypto It’s gonna be a lot more predictable. It’s gonna follow more patterns. It’s gonna be a lot more Geared towards the everyday retail investor and the reason being in my opinion is so that we can find more confidence in this market Especially with people that are new in this market because in 2018 it was really a time that we were able to really Broadcast Bitcoin towards the world and for everyone to know about what Bitcoin has to offer and of course You know a lot of people lost money a lot of people made money, but for the most part it was an awareness phase Right. We look at the cycles of mass adoption. That was a huge awareness phase But right now I don’t believe we’re gonna see that type of hype until we break new highs above 20,000 and so as we start to approach this level between 10,000 and 20,000. I think it’s gonna be a gradual way up there are gonna be corrections along the way as we know with any bull market and there are gonna be times to enter as a matter of fact for those of you that are in our premium signal group our initial entry was around that 7,000 mark will Revalidated that bottom and then that hit all targets and recently once we already went above 10,000 but pushed back Around that nine thousand five to $700 range We went ahead and issued another swing trade for Bitcoin and that of course has already hit three targets I believe it’s in my opinion to continue to hit targets so there are specific times that you want to enter but there also are specific times that you want to kind of sit on the sidelines and wait for a correction Or a pullback for your you know capital to be preserved and so you can have a higher allocated position in your investment so we This-this-this major resistance here and I say it’s major because it’s the most recent high that we are now Retesting that right now is what we need to break in in my opinion We will break it, you know, especially with this data this Golden Cross occurring, you know, there’s a high chance here Especially now that we’ve got all these strong levels of support you can see but let’s go ahead and draw up these levels of support here that 9100 area that right around that $9,200 area a very major level of support so we want to make sure that’s being watched here Not to go off track Robert o says nice goatee. Thank you so much. You guys like to go t like the video? Let’s see how many people like the goatee but let’s continue to go ahead and look at this technical analysis You know once we break this 10-4 97 area you can see here There’s this area here where we’ve touched this multiple times about three times also acted as a support initially here So that’s gonna be that next resistance here right around that 11 thousand dollar mark I’d say it’s gonna be around that ten. Nine four seven Of course, that’s also a big even and in my opinion as soon as we can break through that Level then We will go ahead and start testing these highs and once we’re at that 12 3, of course It’s not going to take that much more time for us to go ahead and break that 13 800 level for us to see that next high. So these are really the major levels to watch in this uptrend This is on the big chart here If we pull up a 4-hour chart we can go ahead and take a little bit more of a closer Look at what’s happening here with this specific uptrend because a lot of people are drawing out some patterns that I don’t necessarily Agree with and I want to be very specific here When I say I don’t agree with these patterns and it’s because I just don’t see uh, you know A lot of these technical principles being followed properly. I see a lot of analysts that are breaking technical principles And so I want you guys to kind of see what I’m looking at here so you can see here initially We had this trendline here. We had this initial area here. Let’s go ahead and draw some trend lines here So you’ve got this area? Let’s go ahead and start here as a matter of fact because you can see this is the most recent area So we’ve got this area here where we’re now finding that Previous resistance is now turning into some support if we want to draw this channel different ways There are many ways to draw this channel. We can even use this area here We touch that area three times as a potential area of resistance here You can see we’ve got a little bit of a channel forming here, but in in in in in regards to support level I think we have enough support to maintain levels above that $9,600 area 9600 being a major area in my opinion being the fact that we just don’t want to Drop below that because bears can easily take control from there And so when we look at this chart here you can see here We’ve got this level of resistance that now is starting to act a little bit here as support You can see if we draw this line this right here is now acting as support So we broke out of this initial wedge here now. We’re on this higher area And so we have all this upside and so it’s in my opinion not gonna be difficult for Bitcoin To break this previous high of that ten four nine seven for us to then get into this area where we can go ahead and reach that 11 thousand US dollar level and so it’s very Important to watch this chart here that major levels right now to watch is that ten thousand big even you can see that? Acting as support. It was a previous resistance level once twice three times four times You can see we stuck upon that level we broke out a little bit, but then we failed broke back into this area here I think we did post a short around this area. That didn’t go our way But of course you never want to you know short with high capital during an uptrend That’s for those of you that are day traders Of course You always have those daily opportunities to short but for the most part if you are in a trend your trend is your friend And so you want to continue to follow the trend if you want to, you know, if you’re a derivative trader Which the majority of the cryptocurrency market unlike most markets is rid of a trade a derivative derivative Oh my god, it’s almost like a tongue twister rivet of trading while the majority of other traditional assets, you know, they thrive off of spot trading and so you know another thing an issue I think in this market is um, you know, Is that specifically the fact that a majority of volume here? It comes from derivatives while in traditional markets its spot trading. So I think that should shift here very soon And I think that will happen especially with headlines like this. If you look at this headline here you can see here Samsung is actually going to be supporting crypto currencies with their next phone which is Extremely interesting because this allows us to see more mass adoption Confirmed Bitcoin and aetherium support coming to next generation of Samsung smartphones and so they’re gonna allow you to store it coin and aetherium on your smartphone, which is Different than what we saw in 2018 where a lot of these companies were supporting crypto currencies They weren’t supporting this market as they are now and what’s cool about that is like if you go to China, for example Nobody is paying cash, right? Everyone is using WeChat in the u.s People are still using cash people use cash all the time in the US. There’s not necessarily like this digital currency And that’s why I think Mark Zuckerberg saw so much Retaliation from the Congress when he really tried to you know enforce Facebook Libre You know them feeling as if he was gonna have major control over the act of exchanging value which you know with any government, you know, your Federal Reserve your currency is the strength of your your your country and so You know The government was extremely extremely weary of that and so immediately he scrapped his you know plans for Facebook Libre and said, all right Well, I’m just gonna release the Facebook wallet right now. And so, you know, Mark Zuckerberg always being a rebel I think it’s interesting to see that but you know Bitcoin in ethereum, you can’t really stop it So when Samsung or Apple may eventually say hey you know every Apple iPhone has a hard wallet encrypted secure hard wallet that comes with its phone, you know, that’s gonna intrude on traditional government Currencies and I think that’s the point of what bitcoin is here for right? It’s for you to be able to exchange value in a seamless way And so looking at this chart here you can see so a lot of people, you know, they’re showing that there’s a resistance area Right here, right they’re drawing out this channel. I just don’t necessarily like that I like seeing it like this where not only do we have a resistance? But we also see acting as support so you can see this area, you know a lot of people were expecting a bounce around this area here and In my opinion, we don’t want to get back to that area right people have been waiting to get an entry in this area In my opinions not the time to get an entry, especially because if we do break that we’re breaking a resist of previous resistance Which is now support and that could end up falling us down from that wedge I don’t expect that to happen And the reason being is, you know, of course Bitcoin has yet to see its golden cross here You can see that 50-day moving average is just now starting to want to go above that 200 a moving average but with the total cryptocurrency market cap Which in the past has been a very good indicator of the prediction of where Bitcoin is going ahead or the technical? Aspects of what bitcoin is going to mimic you can see we’ve already seen that Golden Cross occur Which explains why etherium shot from? 220 US dollars to that two hundred and eighty US dollar mark recently about a day or two ago And so I think with the overall cryptocurrency market cap, if we were to look at some technical analysis. It’s kind of predicting here What’s gonna happen with Bitcoin? Because once again remember that resistance level that we were talking about that 10-4 97 when we look at You know the similarity and the total crypto market cap, we’ve already broken that resistance level so you can see remember Resistance right here that we were looking at with Bitcoin. Well, guess what? It’s already broken in the total cryptocurrency market cap and so we can sit here and say that yes Bitcoin will most likely break this resistance here at ten four nine seven here very soon and for us to start to Continue up because as Bitcoin goes up and sees its pullback. That’s what we typically like to see the altcoins Go ahead and see some strength and we’re seeing a lot of strength with all coins Bitcoin will typically follow and so we’re going to be taking some questions from our audience I see here. Marco says rect Capital calling for 17 K before hobbing my game plan is that we break this 11 at 12,000 resistance run to 17,000 and then retest the 12,000 area before strong new highs. Well, I think that’s a very very very reasonable prediction Marcus Thank you for mentioning that you know And that kind of goes in line and what we’re drawing and what we’re showing here here So Greg says are we gonna see new XRP lows, you know, I’m gonna be honest I would stay away from XRP You know I actually had a meeting with our analyst we do our morning meetings And I did mention to them that I would like to see less Aucoin derivative signals sent out to our premium members Especially after what happened with XRP on bit mechs if you guys don’t know recently XRP on bit mechs saw a huge huge shoot wick down We’ll go ahead and pull that up here if we pull up the XRP I believe is on the h20 contract here You can see here. We saw this wick out of nowhere Actually was the USD chart here, so it’s gonna be on the USD Contract so this wick right here ended up liquidating people’s accounts like crazy and so You know when your derivative trading in a manipulated market with a shit coin it excuse my language The YouTube is probably gonna censor this video. Now. What did I do? Um, I might as well just give this book away at this point. I’m obviously already You know making mistakes here on this video. But anyways, you know XRP, you know people just if I were you, you know, there were headlines recently with the founders selling off a ton of XRP I would definitely be careful with a coin like that Especially, you know with its centralized cryptocurrency approach, you know People say it’s a decentralized super currency and all of these different things but at the end of the day, you know XRP is a company, you know If we look at this article here XRP bullish case bolstered as ripples rank the second most valuable fin tech startup in the u.s By forbes, right so I don’t think there is much you know as an advocate of a decentralized model more than there an advocate of we want to be a fin tech startup a company that tries to Enable, you know the the the transfer of money with more ease utilizing blockchain technology with our XRP Token and coin and so, you know, it’s a little bit of a different scenario there But when XRP is utilized with it’s it’s it’s use case. It’s typically liquidated immediately It’s a very short amount of time that it’s you know that the capital stays in XRP And so I think you know with the founders recently selling off billions of coins, you know I think it’s more of a you know a way for them to fund the project You know, it’s so it’s almost like you know, you you put it in your mind xrp and then out of nowhere, you know The founders they are perfect price is up. Let’s go ahead and take some profits, right? And so, you know that wick really hurt a lot of people You know accounts were liquidated on bit Mex just because of that wick and so, you know, uh with our analysts, you know We’d had a meeting and I said hey You know like we we’re fine with with these trades because obviously we have members that derivative derivative trade these all coins but at the end of the day we want to be more careful with coins like XRP moving forward and so, you know, We may be more focused on sending out our big our bitcoins trades and things of that nature So so looking at Bitcoin you can see we’re finding that support here along that level And this is my current technical analysis of what’s currently occurring And so I feel like this area here where we have all this open room. You can see all this open room here is priming Bitcoin to go ahead and break that new high into that level and so once we break that for us to go ahead and break to the higher part of this channel and Hit that eleven thousand dollar level it will most likely Take us out of this this this previous channel that we saw here and and at that point, you know, I think we may see Bitcoin shoot straight towards that twelve thousand three hundred dollar mark because you know at that point I think Investors will realize the fact that okay, you know, obviously, you know, we’ve got all of this consolidation Especially when we start heading towards that eleven thousand dollar range people will realize oK. You’ve got all of this volume here Look at this volume on this list this volume here is it’s all gonna act this support And so that support is gonna give investors confidence at the end of the day that entering a position even at these levels Isn’t probably a bad idea. And as we saw from this article Bitcoin price loves Valentine’s Day You know Historically if an investor only bought these crypto currencies on Valentine’s Day this year they’d receive a total return of twenty four percent 20 percent Sixteen percent and so, you know, it’s not only the technicals here It’s the fundamentals as well as the history that kind of validates the fact that we are still in a very strong uptrend And we will most likely see a continued version of upside and then to add on that opinion you know market structure is a very important thing here and we look at Gold’s market structure for those of you that are new to This channel that don’t understand, you know my correlation with gold in Bitcoin You can see old ax a lot like Bitcoin where gold initially saw a top here in 2011 at that nineteen hundred dollar area Following a bear market an accumulation phase and now starting to see bullish action a lot like bitcoins market structure And so we look at that more in a micro timeframe. You can see here We’ve already broken the previous high that recently occurred in that August to july range in 2019 but bitcoin has yet to follow that pattern and so therefore I can predict here that will most likely go ahead and break that $13,000 area and I think that really over You know the time between now and the hauling I think will stick around this area here before we break that $20,000 mark and so, you know, if I were to assume what the price action would look like from here I think we will see continued upside here, you know, maybe some consolidations But it’s really this area that we want to break here all this area here that we want to get to before, you know maybe taking profits from our longer-term positions, you know, because at that point, you know Things are a little bit uncertain unless gold goes ahead and you know Continued its uptrend and then we can assume, you know, once gold it was ahead and pushes above its high I think that’s when we can go ahead and you know predict that Bitcoin will pass $20,000 III, you know Correct me if I’m wrong say Yes, or no in the chat here for those of you watching live if you agree or disagree with this But I don’t think Bitcoin will go over 20,000 until gold can go above 1,900 So if you guys agree with that opinion say yes If you don’t say no and why we can discuss that and have a little bit more of a collaborative conversation about that But you know it just historically with Bitcoin following the patterns of gold And you know Bitcoin being considered and categorized as a digital version of gold I think it’s very important for us to realize the correlations and also realize that We more than likely want to see gold, you know as a storage of value, you know Seeing you highs before we can assume that Bitcoin is just gonna see new highs But you know at the end of the day, I think this all makes sense, you know We want to see a higher price level for Bitcoin So that miners can become profitable and there’s a continuation of that and especially with the hauling and mining me You know coming up, you know, we need to see a higher price for a Bitcoin for it to you know, sustain itself So I think that’s important or AZ Cornelius Edward Park. Mr. Rodriguez. Say yes Everyone here says yes, it makes sense. So I love it or AZ says BTC is a child of gold. So that’s great I mean, you know Cornelius BTC is pretty much the virtual version of gold and I think that’s very very important Robert has tips on leverage training just always leverage low for those of you that are not in our dis court I think these tips will help you even have a free signals chat We don’t post all of our signals there Of course, you know we post like one out of ten or fifteen signals in there But you’ll still get some of our signals but some of the tips I can give you here is focus on price action Marcus structure overall trend on higher time frames use indicators as confirmations never use indicators, you know to make a trade but use it as Confirmation play patience is a virtue Let traits come to you, right? Set your buy limits that you stop your buy stops things of that nature never over leverage or use, you know Only three to five x max if you never experienced leverage don’t just jump into it You know always trail stops and profit why because you can go to bed and have you know Fall asleep like a baby knowing that when you wake up You’re either gonna not make any money or you’re gonna have you take profit hit right or if you’re smart You take profit half way through and then you go to sleep with a break-even stops Now you’ve already made money you go to sleep like a baby and then you wake up and then you may have made more money Or maybe you did it, you know and so, um, you know, I like having that as a repeating you know thing here on our disc courts that Especially when people are following our signals are able to continue to keep that in their You know in their conscious and not in their subconscious so that you know, they’re making those trades matter of fact I was reading the telogen Bester today and it’s funny You read the first page here and it literally says here we’re gonna teach you how to you know Be profitable says a sound intellectual framework for making decisions and the ability to keep emotions from kuroh The framework is the secret to investing in a timely fashion But it also says here you must apply the emotional discipline We can’t teach you that and so nobody can teach you emotion with this plan Matter of fact, let’s go ahead and give this book away to one of you guys watching this stream here and so here’s my question to you guys and we’ll give away this book which phone Manufacturer and I just spoke about this is now going to support a Bitcoin in aetherium wallet in its next phone whoever answers that question right will go ahead and win the intelligent investor my favorite book on investing and we May well, you know give away another one at the end of this video But in order to qualify just make sure to answer the question right now in the chat I’ll choose somebody and like the video so that you guys can go ahead and be qualified for here I say we’ve got a ton of people here saying let’s see. Justin says Android I didn’t say Android. Sorry Andrew says LG or AZ says Android J. Marcher uses HTC I don’t think you guys were on the livestream when we talked about the article, right? So here’s the article here Yeah western Colorado formed. Oh, no, I’m sorry. This is the heart other article here So you can see here. The article here is confirmed Bitcoin in aetherium ETH support coming next to Samsung phones So let’s go ahead and see who said sandstone Derek Smeath Samsung UN ahead and won the book and intelligent Wester Send me a message on discord. If you’re not in the discord. The link is in the description below It’s the best resource. I can ever ever recommend in the cryptocurrency market because we are posting daily market updates for you guys and so not only are you guys getting our signals if you guys are in our premium group you get all of our signals our Crypto bit Mex Forex and stocks in those but you get our market updates And so this I’m sending out every single day on the go for you guys to know Exactly what’s happening in the market on your phone? And so you can be at work you can be with your wife It can be with you know, for those of you that are you know Self-employed it can be working and and have those updates on your phone But go ahead and send me a message on discord with your information. We’ll go ahead and get you that book So let’s go ahead and look at some other technical analysis your very important technical analysis is going to be the total cryptocurrency market cap because this is gonna determine What the altcoins are gonna look like in the next few Weeks and we’re gonna talk about whether or not it’s better right now to inter into altcoins and which all points to enter and we’ll also look at some all coin technical analysis before we wrapped up this video if You guys are enjoying this video so far go ahead and you know put something in the chat That would make me laugh and I’ll go ahead and look at the chat here Once we finish this technical analysis its first and foremost. Look at this daily chart and drop some very key resistance levels You can see that 316 billion dollar mark that’s gonna be that next resistance that we want to watch here We have this area of resistance that is now gonna be previous support and it’s actually exactly where we’re at right now So you can see we’ve actually pulled back to this area. If you guys want to know exactly what I’m drawing here You’ve got that previous resistance. I Definitely take these wicks into consideration and I take every sort of high and low Into consideration when looking at these resistance levels and so you can see we are literally on that right now We’ll go ahead and do a more micro view here in just a second But let’s go ahead and draw a couple more key levels here to determine where we expect market caps ahead because if gold is going to you know break its recent high that happened in August or September of 2019 we can assume the total cryptocurrency market cap will also break that recent high and you can see here with total crypto market cap You know surprisingly enough. We’re seeing a lot of sell volume here. So let’s pay attention to this because you know, here’s a possibility, you know Let me bring the rationality here. Let me bring the bearish case here, right? There’s always a bearish scenario possibility Let’s say we see a flash crash here with Bitcoin and this 50-day moving average Doesn’t end up going above the 200-day moving average. Therefore. There’s no golden cross. Well in that case Maybe we aren’t yet going to see a 14 $50,000 Bitcoin and then maybe we’ll start to see a correction down towards that $9,000 level for another entry is that likely most likely not in my opinion specially with past correlations? And what’s been happening in the market? Especially just with Tesla going up 250 percent if Tesla can go up 250 percent I think bitcoin has a little bit more value than an electric car manufacturer, right? It actually doesn’t even profit more than Ford and Chevy but is valued a lot more than Ford and Chevy it’s kind of weird They just started making profit matter I actually just ordered a Tesla recently and it’s been about five weeks that it hasn’t been delivered, right? I had a great great great month trading as you guys know I’ve posted all of my results on Instagram if you guys are on Instagram – at Nayeem, you know, I’m always posting my results all my trade results I post my entries my exits what I’m doing the profits and and you guys know we’ve had great great, you know I mean it really was when I brought my analysts on board that my trading Accelerated to another level and it’s because in my opinion in a collaborative environment when you’re trading it becomes so much easier That’s why I love our discord because we have all of our analysts there But we also have our community in our chat here and they’re constantly just talking about you can see here. Thank you so much I’m guess I’m overthinking it I guess the 10125 supporting this is right now ten twenty thirty p.m People chatting a daily basis charts being posted and this is all on your phone as well And so if you guys are in our discord, make sure to get in there So you guys can stay up-to-date and knowledgeable. But other than that, I keep jumping back and forth You know if Tesla can do 250% I think the cryptocurrency market can also You know beat that and so interestingly enough You can see on the daily, you know, obviously this candle has yet to close. We’ve got twenty hours for this next you know candle to close but we have, you know seen a large influx of cell volume here, but once again We’re still maintaining that previous resistance Which is now support and we’ve got all of these levels of support here and and all this volume, right? The volume is really what matters here, you know, the three most important parts of trading or understanding markets Number one is market structure number two is gonna be price action and then number three is the overall trend and so when we look at price action, you know, which Considers volume into that you can see we’ve got all this volume here on this right-hand side Holding the price action to where it currently is at right now And so I think that’s been very important fact here To realize that even if we do see any sort of sell-off right here with altcoins With Bitcoin at the end of the day. We’ve got support here at two hundred seventy billion And I’m not gonna draw the rest of the support levels because we have not yet to see a Down trend We’re still in a very strong uptrend but the next level of resistance 317 billion dollar mark, and so for those of you trading all coins Maybe you want to put an indicator and alert there so, you know, okay If we start to head past 310 million, I should start taking profits on my alt coins, right? That’s a good suggestion, right? So Understand that you want to know these levels because that’s where we’ll possibly see pull backs So looking at the overall market cap, we’ve got that Golden Cross What’s very interesting is I want to draw this out for you guys I think this is extremely important watch this chart here. You can see Golden Cross just happened When’s the last Golden Cross that occurred right the last Golden Cross that occurred here was on April? 2019 well what happened on April 2019 when that gold cross occurred? We were in a consolidation around that 165 billion dollar market cap level and you can see once that Golden Cross occurred We saw major major gains. If we were to go ahead and price that in you can see here from this area Once that occurred you can see if we look at how much that went up Let’s go ahead and get this chart done more proper for you guys we saw a Hundred and seventy three percent increase after that Golden Cross probably the one hundred and sixty percent because I went a little bit lower here But that was the last Golden Cross that occurred on the total cryptocurrency market cap if we were to go throughout the whole bear market of 2018 towards 2019 that 50-day moving average stayed below that 200-day moving average So we never saw a Golden Cross happen there and so that in my opinion validates the fact that the air market is done at this point and we are heading towards Into a ball mark, and it’s just the start, right? And once again if we look at article as we look at past correlations, you know I like mentioning this today because it’s Valentine’s Day an investor all about these crypto currencies on Valentine’s Day each year They would retrieve a total return of 20% Bitcoin, right? So historically Bitcoin price loves Valentine’s Day Once again, make sure all of you men out there with spouses with mothers, uh, you know, take care of them on Valentine’s Day That’s gonna come tomorrow for those either don’t celebrate. Don’t worry about it So we saw a death cross here where that 50-day crossed below the 200-day that ended up Starting that huge huge huge bear cycle and that downtrend above continue to go back in history. You can see the last time we saw see this is probably not even gonna show the chart here, but you know we’re looking at Four or five years here So this Golden Cross that has just occurred with the total cryptocurrency market gap the last time that happened We saw 150 percent increase has just happened. And so in my opinion we will follow Gold’s market structure We’ll go ahead and break that 386 billion dollar market cap and we’ll go ahead and most likely see some consolidation From that four hundred to five hundred thirty three billion dollar market cap. So the total cryptocurrency market cap is Following gold right now more closely than Bitcoin is right because it’s ahead of the game right and then not only that You can see we’ve got this area here that we talked about before that Resistance right that already broke on the total cryptocurrency market cap in Bitcoin that has yet to break, right? So this will break that’s next. Right? So this is yet to break on Bitcoin that’s gonna happen here very soon, especially with Bitcoin being 61% of the market right now. And so when that breaks in my opinion that’s gonna show and Confirm that we’re gonna go ahead and break that recent top of around 13 700 and so if all of this is being correlated upon gold, isn’t it important for us to look at Gold’s chart? 100% so I think we should do a little bit of gold You guys want to see gold if you want to see some gold technical analysis say I and we’ll go ahead and take some questions Here Oliver in the YouTube chat says don’t you think that on Monday? Once the Golden Cross will curb BTC will dump massively just like the death cross pumped BTC 42% on October 25th 2009 teen good question Oliver, I don’t think so. I think the reason being is when Bitcoin did see that death cross occur Yes, we saw institutional manipulation pump Bitcoin up but at the end of the day I think that reason was because the death cross and it actually talks about this in the intelligent investor rights the Dow Theory it’s you want to buy when everyone’s selling and you want to sell on everyone’s buy and so I think of course this was Institutional manipulation when we did see the third 7300 take us to 10 4 but at the end of the day we still formed a lower low And so the death cross was confirmed as a bearish indicator and if you guys are following us on We actually posted the exact target of where we were gonna head down to before that happened at 9,000 we posted if you guys look here on tradingview This is a chart that I made myself and I posted when Bitcoin was that 9100 after that initial pump and I said, hey, we’re in this death cross. Well, guess what? That was my target right there We bounced right at our target, right? And then guess what? We’ve not only predicted the top but we also predicted the bottom right so you can see it at 7,500 I posted this chart and I said well guess what we’re going long now and guess what’s happened thus far? Well, of course 10 years of experience does good. Right? So I’ve been in this market for a long time I understand what’s happening in this market? That’s we have such a very successful and tight-knit group in our discord Because these are the charts that I’m posting in our discord and of course I’m put that’s the macro that I’m showing you and we’re always posting the micro in our market updates chat on this cord But I just don’t think that at the end of the day Golden Cross here is going to bring us down I think the Golden Cross Historically as it has in the past will bring us up and see new highs and we will continue to follow us out USD Edward Park says I Cornelius says I so we’ll do a gold Technical analysis here just a second because gold is the physical version of Bitcoin and digital. The digital version is Bitcoin So it’s important to see what’s happening here but I do want to take a couple more questions here on the chat or raizy says is the Proprietary volume indicator on the side. No, it’s just an adjusted volume indicator I just changed the colors up You know because really what I’m trying to see is whether it’s cell volume or by volume I want to know what the volume amount is. That’s what matters to me it’s how much volume right and I’m glad you mentioned that if we look at Bitcoin transactions pretty a very very Important fundamental indicator here. I want you guys to realize what’s happening right here You can see this chart it coin transactions per day just broke this little down trend I’m gonna just move this to the left here away from the chat. You can see here we we were in this downtrend right and we just broke above right so transactions per day is a very big fundamental indicator about vehicle because if you’re not using Bitcoin if the world isn’t using Bitcoin well, Where’s the value in Bitcoin, right? So it’s a very important part here And so that also has recently broke a resistance and so Bitcoin transactions per day Looking extremely bullish in my opinion. And so I think that’s an important chart to keep in mind when understanding The projection of this market and where we’re headed and so, you know, especially over the last few hours We have not seen much. Here’s a better Bitcoin transactions per day chart for you guys This is the one that we typically use if we go to all-time here You can see that break a little more clearly. You can see on that right-hand side Do you guys see where now? We’re starting to finally see some higher levels and you can see this is where that $20,000 bitcoin happened at 400,000 Transactions per day and right now we’re easily maintaining above 300,000 transactions per day Which is a huge feat for Bitcoin because after that bear market we were we bottomed that like a hundred and forty thousand Transactions per day and so for us to be maintaining 300,000 transactions per day is a very important key factor so we’re gonna be doing a gold technical analysis because once again Bitcoin has been following gold and for us to project that Bitcoin is Going to go ahead and top over that 13,700 a lot mark We want to know what’s gonna happen after that so far if we look at the gold chart There’s going to be a consolidation, but I want to take a couple more questions here Tim Matthew says didn’t this guy quit after he lost money in the last crash? I wouldn’t say and you know, I we lost money in the last crash when we were on our discord every single day Posting what was happening is that I just posted right now Matter of fact, I mean instead of me speaking for myself I’m gonna let the crowd speak, you know a matter of fact, why don’t we pull up this cord here? You know For those of you that have benefited from our market updates and from our discourse say something in the chat For some of these people here that I’d like to doubt others. You can see here This was this really made my day willsez now I want to see welcome back you and your team of discouraged and I was literally changed my life my family life in many ways I can never imagine. Thank you for all that. You do in your team figure I dropped that to you while I had your attention having great evening, buddy That’s after he was asking for some help on how to access the signals. He’s been a premium member for over two years And so, you know, I don’t think people would be fine losing money for over two years and then posts such a nice comment huh, sir Mr. Rodriguez is your goatee looks like you just did puberty matter of fact The reason I have to go to use I busted my chin With the car accident and so I had to grow the goatee to kind of cover that up And I lost my two front teeth Matter of fact and pull one of my teeth out right now because I’m still in the healing period for the implant It has to go through osteo integration But you know, of course we all go through ups and downs But it’s funny because during that downtime we had some of the best trades in our discord, you know That’s when I posted that swing trade at 7,000 That’s when I made those charts on trading view predicting the top predicting the bottom and you know It was a lot of self-reflection The only issue was I couldn’t make content and so I’m glad and I’m back here with you guys if you guys appreciate Me being back show your support love like the video. Whatever you guys want here. JJ says your Ruby members answered first, buddy Hello, boys. Do you think Tesla car was acting like Bitcoin did on 2017? Yeah, it’s completely overvalued Look at Chevy you look at Ford you look at the profitability Way more than Tesla way bigger than Tesla Tesla just now starting to see profitability and it’s valued a lot higher You know, it’s really a matter of when is it time to short? And so I might leave that up to our stock analysts to go ahead and post that short once it occurs But I don’t think we actually post Shorts for the stock market, but that may come soon. Let’s see Edward says your content tea is super effective Thank you so much. Colored says yeah, I’ve been making some good money. Thank you. Awesome guy see I don’t have to go ahead and sit here and talk about I let you guys talk for me instead of glad You’re alive Oliver says that’s why you bought a test. Look I think I bought the test stuff for the air filtration system with the corona virus going around right? It’s funny I actually was reading an article about the corona virus and there was a company that was being used You know, their medication was being used to treat the corona virus. The ticker symbol was a BB V And so I looked at the chart and it was like a de l’eau It was like almost like I’m an all-time low But it was at a really low point and so I’m like are you kidding me? I posted a signal for it and hit all the targets in like five days and it shot up It’s because you know the market sits 80% emotional 10% technical and 10% fundamental And so if it’s fundamental it matters, right? So that’s very important Craig has been a member for a year appreciate 19 the group and it seems super helpful learning more and more you say Thank you guys so much Roberts. There’s been a follower some snipers too. You know, I love about our channels if you type in youtube.com slash Snipers it’ll come straight to our channel and that’s because of course I’ve been in the market for a long time and I you know people my friends used to call me a sniper, you know Cuz I would always say hey dude, you got it. Tesla’s a good buy right now. I remember Tesla at 212 I was like guys you have to buy it at 212. Shut up I remember uber Travis kalanick sold off one point nine billion dollars in uber shares I’m like whenever is a CEO gonna sell off 1.9 billion in shares. I’m like, bye. Bye Bye shot up, right? So 34% first week of 2020. I think it was crazy So, you know The markets are such a beautiful thing And that’s what I want to give away this book to one of you guys will do one more book giveaway So hopefully someone else we blessed by this book. It’s funny in the you know in one of the chapters he even talks about this book being a Prescription it says this book precisely it clearly prescribes the proper framework, right? It prescribes it to you. This is something that Warren Buffett Talks about you sense the intelligent Wester one of the best books ever by Benjamin Graham so those who haven’t gotten that read that book if you guys have had any sort of trouble with your Investments or your trading or whatever it might be this book will clear out walls You’ll clear out the fog and it will really give you some clarity on how to control your emotions when it comes to markets Especially when you’re in a bull market you’re in a bear market You have to know how to control your emotions one interesting thing here to watch here with gold so let’s go ahead and move on to some very important technical analysis is what’s Happening to gold is most likely gonna be how Bitcoin follows right? And so, you know the expectation for Bitcoin to go in and follow gold and break the recent high in 2019 I think that’s pretty given at this point, you know, you know We’re following the trend up unless we see a major change We see a major sell-off which is not you know, unpredictable in this type of market But I just don’t think it will happen, you know based on everything that’s going on. I We’ll definitely go ahead and break that previous high just like gold did but what gold is doing right now is very important So we have to look at what’s happening You can see I think one thing to realize is we had this huge huge huge cell candle at this top This was a very very significant cell candle in my opinion because the previous top we saw cell candle like that But it was followed by a bye candle or a bye, you know We’re talking about the volume bars here It was followed by enough by volume to justify that cell. We’re not seeing that justification here in my opinion And so, you know if gold is topped then maybe Bitcoin will top out at 14,000, right? Is that an important thing to realize? Well, that’s why we’re gonna talk about it, right? So the one positive here is it’s it’s surrounded by buyers, right? So yes, we saw that one big institutional sell candle Maybe we didn’t see the justification of that But maybe that was just a hesitancy of the retail investors and other institutions, right? So the one positive here is the fact that yes, you know, at least we had all this Surrounding it You know a matter of fact if we looked after that candlestick you can see we can assume that the buyer pressure is still a little bit stronger you look at you know after that you can See on this bottom left hand side It looks like there’s a lot more buyers and sellers and after that initial candle. So is that the top? well, you know these type of these type of Levels of volume, you know without justification could possibly be a top in the short term? But the good thing is we have strong volume around 1500 for gold right now and you know I think this channel is gonna continue to mature and there is a Possibility that we test this we drop back down to the lower part of channel before seeing higher highs if that happens Well, guess what with Bitcoin that would make us assume that In this current channel that we’re forming We may possibly get another opportunity if we were to break that top we may get a possibility to see 9,000 8,000 or maybe even this level here, you know 7,000 8,000 for another entry And so that’s where I want you guys to realize that you don’t want to just FOMO into this market Matter if you know you have to be very careful But the good thing is as Brock Pierce mentioned to me in a private meeting I was with him It’s this market this time around in this bull trend is it’s gonna be a lot more predictable if we look at Google Trends I want to do something interesting here with you guys You know, I want you guys to see the amount of interest the world had on Bitcoin by Bitcoin, right? I think that’s a very important Search term to see interest in you know, if we look at the past five years You know, you can see we’re seeing this initial spike right now of by Bitcoin, right? A lot of more people are searching by Bitcoin. You can see when we initially rallied This is confirmation. By the way that what I’m showing you is important June 2019. We saw the spike up Well, guess what June 2019. We saw $14,000 Bitcoin. So what I’m showing you guys here is important so if we look here past five years in 2018 the amount of interest was astronomical I mean I Don’t think we’ll see interest this high Maybe ever again right when Bitcoin at 20,000 it was worldwide news. It was huge We’re not gonna see that again. I just don’t see that happening if we break 20,000 I think we’ll see half of that. But this was what we needed for us to maintain These higher levels at first to see a bull market right now and for us to be above 10,000 again We needed that initial awareness. Right? It’s it’s it’s like the the the Adoption cycle, right? The the Dobson cycle is so important to realize that Things go through a cycle and part of that cycle is mass adoption. And so you can see here the early adopters You know at this point were past this phase of early adoption and we’re you know, we’re in this early majority phase right? And so Is that a good or bad thing? I would say it’s it’s the reason we transitioned sniper soup to trainers profit Club and expanded to Forex stocks and crypto because It’s Bitcoin gonna be the investment vehicle that makes you a billionaire. I don’t think so Is it investment vehicle is a vehicle to trade is it is it something that you can trade on margin with you? No, yes, it’s it’s a tradable asset and it’s an investment Storage of value but is it gonna make you rich probably not And and and so you know, yes We posted that trading via chart saying oh Bitcoin is gonna go to you know hundred forty thousand because that’s you know where it top But you know, this was an exaggerated trading of you post The point was what I wanted at exaggerated here was that we bottom now and that we’re gonna see higher levels And so that was the exaggerations would be going to go that high, you know I would want to see gold break ties as well, right so At the end of the day you have to understand. It’s all about fundamentals. It’s all about technicals You know, I think there has to be a major major major event that Catapults Bitcoin that high because we can’t stay here. You know, the intelligent Messer talks about this a lot You can’t just you know, sit here and be a speculative investor. You have to be smart with what you’re doing And so I think that’s important to realize And so, you know with gold and we look at the chart with gold, you know, we’re in this channel. We’re consolidating this channel I think it’s important to watch what happens here, you know Because certainly we could just see old fly through the roof and I guarantee bitcoins gonna follow right? So color fusion says, I agree 100% It’s also very easy to chart Yes, and we we have a course as well for those of you that don’t know how to chart Charlie says I’ve been watching the same great videos since he was using a 100 dollar logitech webcam from his parents his house in Orlando Alright. Oh That’s funny It’s a little bit of an exaggeration. Uh, my parents is now so I’m pretty sure one hundred and ten dollars that webcam I’m just kidding If you guys were watching we had the deer in the back that’s the real viewers right there who remembers the deer He says what hard wallet, would you recommend? I mean the most popular ones you can you know, get our treasures right, you know? Hard wallets, you know, there are many of them Good Albert says ya talk about LTC please Chrissy says LTC will do litecoin analysis here before we end this Let’s see crypto brand been a member since snipers dude. This guy’s the most transparent rather We’re long or short he shares his knowledge and teaches to you to fish not just to eat. I love that. Awesome guys Craig says been a member for your appreciate the group in his team. Thank you guys so much for all the support Let’s see any questions here that can provoke some thought and some some more Interesting facts here. Let’s see color treated I missed the two to three minute daily morning reports Kyle used to do Can we go back to the house, you know handling a team of analysts is not easy these analysts come and go, you know There’s disagreements agreements. How’s that such an amazing analyst and god bless him and his family You know and and we you know, we’ve been through many analysts actually over the last two years and you know It’s just part of the game, you know at the end of the day not It’s not always gonna be You know something somebody wants to pursue for a longer time, you know, as of recently we’ve been incentivizing our analysts in different ways But you know, that’s a different conversation here crypto brain just got robbed and he said you wanted that book Do you think teslo is acting like bitcoin? All right, so it’s going to do it like coin analysis Let’s go over a couple alt coins that I’m watching that I think are going to see some good gains here And some all coins that haven’t yet seen gains that we could possibly watch JJ’s is silica, so We look at gold. We’re in a consolidation. We’re in a channel. Not much is gonna change here. I think until something changes, right? There’s some support there’s some resistance we’re watching gold You know, it’s still bullish. It’s still in this bull trend and overall. Yes. We saw this major major sell But I think we’re fine. It was it was after a very very very long period of buys right, and so, you know that I’m not too worried about if we pull up aetherium will do aetherium then we’ll do like coin Let’s talk about a theorem. You know, we’ve got three I’m two point O coming up You know by telecommuter and just going all over with the theorem you can notice here with the theorem We also have this death or this Golden Cross here about to occur, right? So I think one thing if you guys are taking notes is understand that the all coins that you want to watch right now for more price movement is the ones that have yet to see a Golden cross with their moving averages because when we look at total cryptocurrency market cap, we’ve already seen the golden cross, right? And so the total cryptocurrency market cap, there are a lot of coins that have already seen a golden cross and what you know we’ll go over some of those coins, but there are some coins that having it Bitcoin is one in aetherium is another so You know, this is even closer to the Golden Cross than Bitcoin And so if we would go ahead and look at some very very key levels here. Let’s go ahead and first draw this out here 364 US dollars very key level here and I tell you that because we look at that level. This was a very strong support here in April 2018 and it also acted as a very strong resistance here in July of 2019. Right? And so we want to watch that 364 dollar target for the short term now another area that we want to watch here is this consolidation period and So you can see here. We’ve got this level right around at 288 I’d say 290 dollar mark, you can see this was not only a level of resistance here This was also a level of previous consolidation and you can see here this staying above that Tuna 90 dollar level allowed a theorem to go above $1,000 When we broke below that aetherium went below $100, right? And so that level in my opinion $290 level is a key level alongside with that 365 dollar mark As you can see that Was that previous support and so I think those are going to be the two next areas here for aetherium to test But at this point we are at a level of a pretty high area And you can see here. The previous support of this consolidation was around that 228 So if we were to see a pullback for aetherium 228 230 we will most likely issue a swing trade For those of you that are in a premium group for those of you during our discord and so, you know That may be the area to enter but I think aetherium is a little bit, you know kind of overbought at this point you know and it’s kind of in an area where you know Oh, In general we want to be more cautious with in comparison to Bitcoin, right? So always be more cautious with all coins use less capital and all coins and you look at most hedge funds in their asset Allocation they always have a lot less than all coins than they do in Bitcoin right for the most part You know the smart fund doesn’t one are making money, right the ones that are still up and running and not shut down, right? But for the most part I think aetherium has seen you know quite the levels Uh that it’s needed needed to seen before we go to light Cohen one thing I do want to point out here with etherium is we have this rising volume here I think that’s a very positive sign that we could break that $290 mark. I think we will and then go past that $367 you can see that rising volume here So I wouldn’t be surprised for another level of a high volume to come in to go ahead and you know continue that trend there and once again We’ve got that golden cross that has yet to occur And you know if you guys want a shorter if you guys want a more micro technical analysis Let me know but I think we’ll just stick with macro for all coins. I think that’s more appropriate We look at LTC Let’s go ahead and look at this daily chart see any key levels that are forming here So you can see this next resistance is gonna be around that one hundred and fifty US dollar mark That was that previous high of June of 2019 also acted as a support in the past I think another level to watch here is the fact that we’re still below a lot of these key levels and another key level is a Hundred right. So we look at a hundred you can see we tap once twice here resistance support tapped here before breaking out into 429 we tapped here as resistance. We stayed above it a little bit we went we found resistance up to that $152 area before we went ahead and dropped back down And so I think next level that we want to watch is that $100 USD mark? Will it go ahead and reach that most likely with this Golden Cross here. That is about to happen So I also think this is not looking too bad but I think there are better opportunities in the altcoin market than just a Theory and litecoin on some of those opportunities I think can be a little bit more Broadcasted by looking at coin market cap and pulling up the cryptocurrency charts here and seeing the top Cryptocurrency because we want a cryptocurrency that has high liquidity and a high market cap And so we’re looking at these talk with no currencies You can see we’ve got Ripple Bitcoin cash between SV litecoin AOS finance coin T Zoe’s I think one interesting one that has recently seen a lot of attention is card on o and XR p of course, I think those are gonna be important to watch so with light coin I think you know I think we’ll head towards that 100 I think that’s going to be an area to watch because you can see that it’s a very major level for Litecoin and so there are several ways to play it, you know, you can take profits at that level or you can break You know play a breakout play where you know, like what happened here. We’re broke 100 it shot up to 429 You know You could set up a buy stop at 106 point two and you know soon that that’s gonna go ahead and reach 140 and have a pretty solid entry for that level on but you know in general we are our analysts are watching on point right now in order to issue some more entries recently, you know, we posted a ton of alt coins and you know We had a ton of great results when we look at our results over the last couple of days you can see We had a lot of altcoin results just yesterday alone I posted stellar on coin base and by Nantz those both hit targets and then prior to that We saw a lot of lot of gains here 40 50 60 % games with all coins dust AE SNM a PPC Lobby 25% 30% AR n and so I think you know for the majority of the all coins right now We’ve seen a lot of gains and we’re waiting for a pullback overall Um, but let’s go ahead and look at ripple as well because I think there are some better altcoins to watch right now Um interestingly enough with the rip life I like what ripple is doing right now, you know as much as you know I I wouldn’t like to trade it on margin just because of the manipulation You know to hold ripple may not be a bad idea in certain cases You can see we’re just now starting to see a rise in volume. We have yet to see strong volume Another interesting thing is we’ve just crossed over the 100 day moving average and we’re very far from that 208 moving average And so there’s a lot more room to go With ripple and you can see we’re just now approaching this low-volume area in an uptrend And so I think it has a lot more of a potential to reach higher levels towards that $0.44 mark because you can see that level of volume is gonna eventually act this support here and then of course because we’re gonna you know, Go on the continuation of the current trend the trend is up that is that possibility that we can go to at forty six scent mark, so you know coins like ripple look a lot better than a theorem and like wonder should have already seen a lot of gains and then the other good thing about ripple in my opinion is the fact that we have all of these levels of consolidation where we’re currently sitting Acting as its support, which you can also see depicted with the volume and it’s a little bit less easier to draw correlations, you know and and and and and lines here with this type of coin because of the manipulation but these are gonna be a Little bit more of a complex view you can see even right now We had this resistance level That was a previous ascending support level here. You can see two taps here tap there and then acted as resistance Pretty clearly and so you can see that that currently is acting as resistance So the next level to watch is if we can break past that level you can see we kind of went through But once again, this is such a much more manipulated coin that you know Some of these these charts are not going to be as accurate in a technical sense, and so especially when founders are just randomly selling off tons of coins and and you’re seeing you know, bit mechs Liquidations just through the roof, you know, so I’m a little bit more cautious with a coin like Ripple you know, but for now you can see that that 33:34 set markings gonna act as resistance if we can pass that if we can pass that I think that there’s a very very great Possibility that we can go ahead and start heading towards that $0.44 45 set mark towards your descent But you know ripple is just not the coin. I like to trade the most So other than that if we have any requests from the live audience, we’ll take those requests. Let me pull up this Bitcoin chart we’re turning ten to sixteen and I want you guys to see what we’re looking at here in technical analysis as we Already did a lot Remember to like this video if you guys want to participate in this book giveaway I’m gonna give this away just a second to another one of you guys and ask a question But let’s see here what Chris cos says why you all charting against the USD after BTC obliterated all these coins for the longest time lol Absolutely. You always should be charting against Bitcoin, right? But for the most part right now, we’re turning against USD because we’re looking at you know What’s occurring with the all coins as dominant starts to drop? You know, I think that’s an important fact here But you know a and as you guys know we always chart against Bitcoin all of our say those are against the point, of course Let’s see here. Chris cos says the market will dump soon. This is a peak. So be careful Thank you for mentioning that I mean, I think anything below 10,000 We have to be worried, you know worried a little bit in my opinion with the Golden Cross about to occur You know, it’s it’s a low chance of correction just yet and one factors if you guys watched our previous video is When we initially bottom down here, this is gonna be really important. So when you look at this pattern here where we bottomed out in The 2018 bear run you can see here. We found a bottom at 64 4 3 4 over here in April of 2018 and we also bottom doubt here with the recent air market and so the fact that we bottomed out here a very important thing to realize is How is the market structure in? Correlation to what occurred here, right? so if it bottomed out here you would expect it to Also top out at where that topped out and that top out was around that 10 thousand dollar mark right, and so not only is the Micro trend showing 10,000 as a key level of support, but that previous resistance We have broken past it but what’s interesting is the candle is yet to close on the daily of who are in the weekly I’m sorry, and so we’ve got about two days and 20 hours before that weekly candle closes It could certainly go ahead and close to the downside but the fact that we bottomed out here here we broke that top where we previously bottom down on that trend and That 10,000 level is not only showing as a key level resistance from there But now support but it’s also showing as a key level of support right now on the for our micro, right? You can see we saw this sell-off. It was really the first hard sell-off here you can see we touched that 10,000 we didn’t break it and that’s now acting is a very very key level and so the Biggest level. I think this shouldn’t be white. It’s to key. It’s too important. This should be green This is a very key level to watch Um matter of fact, this should be red because we don’t want to break that right But this should be green because that right there is gonna indicate. So so that’s this is the conclusion of this video We’ll give away this book is these are the levels to watch with Bitcoin These are extremely important and of course whether it be cool goes up and down all coins are gonna follow and when it comes to USD value When it comes to the satoshi value that does not mean it’s gonna follow we could see Bitcoin drop in Satoshi values skyrocket, right but at the end of the day These are the key levels to watch and so we’ll give away this book and we’ll move forward from here Let’s see Dan best says remember when he would threaten to pour it over his head for 200 likes Oh, Cuz Charlie says he stopped drinking lacroix due to all the junk toxins in it. That’s actually true I got a message from this worried female and literally, you know, I think like 90% of our audience is male, but you know We’re the breadwinners, right? So we’re the ones paying attention this type of stuff But this this girl hit me up and she said do you know the Lacroix is very toxic and you should not be drinking that And I literally did some research from there. And you know, I went down the rabbit hole and I stopped drinking And now I’ve got public Springwater So other than that, uh my question for this is Very simple, right? Let’s keep this. Let’s keep this third grade We can expect Bitcoin to go above this previous recent high of that $13,000 mark and and why can we assume that bitcoin will go above? 13,800 if we continue in this bullish trend what what asset. So the question is what asset I’ll record lating it coin Whiz in order to come up with that prediction and and for that question you guys can win this book? And other than that, we’ll wrap up this live stream. I hope you guys got a lot out of you Just tuned it make sure to rewind a little bit or just subscribe and and yeah And so let’s go ahead and give this book away. Make sure to be illegible by the way Turn on your post notifications on YouTube. So you guys get all notifications when I go live I’m not the type of you tour just wants to go live for no reason and and hype something up I’m only gonna go live when it matters and when I have something important to say And then on top of that like the video will give away this book to one of you guys Let’s see Craig Timothy, Chris Randy Robert. Everyone says gold. I’m gonna close my eyes and Let’s see Chrissy Shonda You went ahead and won the book send me a message on discord and we’ll go ahead and send that over to you We’ll give away another book in our next livestream. And other than that, thank you all for tuning in Have a blessed day and night depending on where you live and happy Valentine’s Day Make sure to treat your ladies right in your life and have an amazing day. I hope you guys enjoyed this content I’ll see you guys all on the discord peace out

18 thoughts on “Why Bitcoin BTC Golden Cross CONFIRMS Bull Market!

  1. Bitcoin BTC is nearing a golden cross which is an extremely bullish sign for the prospective of the crypto market. The cross validates the 6500 bottom we predicted after the recent death cross. Let's talk about where BTC is aimed to go from here.

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  2. Ive been listening to Naeem since 2017 – i was listening on the discord daily during the crash – always sound advice!

  3. Heheh, "confirmation" means observing something which already happened. It's not very useful in terms of technical analysis. Much more useful is prediction. If you can predict something, you can profit, or help others profit. If you're just confirming that it already happened, you're not doing anything useful except maybe reporting on past events.

    I'm able to PREDICT the Bitcoin price, so observing prices after they happen is like watching re-runs to me. In this case, an hour long re-run! Who is this guy, anyway? LOL

    Isn't it more interesting and useful to know what the chart is going to do BEFORE it does it?

  4. Great show! THETA has partnered with Samsung and also SONY. Good things coming for the THETA token . Take a look at the Advisors, one of then is the co-founder for youtube.

  5. Though bitcoin has experienced an upside movement of price from the $10,240 area the bulls protected the 100 hourly SMA. The bulls are strong and aggressive and this bull run will see the price of bitcoin skyrocket to the moon, what this implies to all is that it’s time to accumulate and increase your holdings which is what I am currently doing by taking trade courses and also using signals from Knud Green. He is an expert trader with a proven success record and by copying his signals in my trade I have grown my portfolio of 2 btc to 15 btc in just 2 months. Knud has been my best asset in the crypto sphere and he could be reached on Telegram:(Knudgreen) and [email protected] for any crypto-related inquiries or insights on becoming a better trader.

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