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Jp Morgan a familiar name. Many could have read about him. People who studied about Illuminati, Edison, Tesla, American History and banks history should have read about this man. JP Morgan is one of the world’s Important wealthy man. Still now JP Morgan is number 6th in the leading banks in the world. World War2 is over. Everybody around the world had a doubt. Who will be the richest person on the planet? World war2 was devastating for many countries. When people asked this question many replied as JP Morgan. After his death, there was a request for estimation of his wealth. When people started to analyse his movable and non-moveable assets a Truth comes out. JP Morgan is no wealthy man. He is a Benami. He was a Benami to the Rothchilds. JP Morgan was a person who took care of 19% of the total wealth of the Rothchilds. The remaining 81% is directly owned by the Rothchild family. Imagine the wealth of the Rothchilds. How did America become Super Power? Who did Designate Dollar as a currency? Beloved Tamil people. Greetings from Tamil Pokkisham. Before we learn about JP morgan or Rothchilds. We should know about Morris. Because they are the heroes of this story. Let’s travel back to 1500s. We are in a market right now. We can see there is a wood piece in the hands of some people. People are trading using this wooden piece. We cant understand the proceedings as they are trading with a wooden piece. So we inquire about that wooden piece and it is called as Tally Sticks. We could have seen this in movies. A person travels from one location to another. There will be two pieces, One Piece will belong to you and another will be with another guy. So when you two meet and attach those two pieces then your communication or transaction is completed. So a wooden Piece with some wordings on it will be created and broke into two parts. In Britain, there was a king. One half will be with the king and the other one will be given to people. People can use it for buying goods. This method did have any interests or loans. In this method, no one is a slave to anyone. So people work and these tally sticks were given to them. Some Rich people saw this and were not happy. Money has to come into existence and it should be in control by us. So we must travel to 1600s now. The year is 1694. Some say that they are going to build a bank. The bank’s name is Bank Of England. So when they said about starting a bank. The king nor the Govt opposed it. How was that possible? The answer to this question is hidden in the year 1642. In 1642 there was a huge crisis. Many kings were assassinated. The most important king was King Charles. He was killed by Oliver Cromwell. Oliver Cromwell then becomes king. He was the one who received a lot of money as debts. He was the main reason behind the creation of Bank Of England. So in 1642 foundation for the bank of England was laid there. The Govt then stopped producing the Tally Sticks. People were still using Tally Sticks, So Bank Of England was created in 1694 and the shares were distributed among Private Sectors. All these Private sectors combined started a Bank for England. They all invest to buy these Tally Sticks. So they informed people that they have printed Money and its return of Tally Sticks money will be given. They also Advise the public to not use tally sticks and they receive all the tally sticks. After that, a law has been passed stating nobody can use tally sticks. De-Monetization existed on those days. People who had tally sticks were unable to use them anymore. This happened in 1694. How much debt did the England Govt have at that time? How much debt did it have in 1698? If you have answers to these questions then you will know how money has enslaved the masses. Total debts of England in 1694 was 1, 250,000 Euros. In 1698 the debts raised to 16,000,000 Euros. How did the debts raise this much within 4 years? They bought in a system. When the Bank of England was started in 1694 they gave away debts both to the Govt and the masses. Suppose if a bank says to you that you can receive money for 1% as interest. Will we receive the loan or not? We will receive the loan. But when we receive that loan, a multinational company will say that there is an offer for their products. So we will receive the money from the bank and use it to buy products from the Multinational company. So all together we will be debited to the bank. Have we purchased products which are useful to us? Nope. This is a masterstroke. The bank will lend money, MNC will give you an offer and we become slaves of the system. This is how they transformed England into Debt Country. In 1700s Englands GDP was very high but its debts were also high. During that time there was a feud between England and America. There was a conspiracy behind this feud. To understand that Conspiracy we need to learn about Franklin. Now let’s assume it as 1710 and England’s debt is 10 Crore Euros. It started at 1 Lakh Euros, then with 4 years it went to 1 Crore Euros and within 10 years it became 10 crores Euros. all this debt was given by Bank Of England. Within a short period, some Business people have taken control of the Country. The bank is asking for interest. So now England issues new taxes to its Colonies to pay their debts. So if you are drinking a coffee you should pay the tax. America was one of the important Colony of Britain. Britain was unable to receive money in huge numbers from the Colony. Now Franklin starts to think that they have given so much money and their debt was still in Place. So Franklin stopped receiving money from Bank of England and began to printing Colony Money. That Colony Money was called Colonial Scripts or Green Backs. We have already discussed Greenbacks. The information is related to other videos and posts in our channel. So if you have forgotten it please go check it and read this to fully understand the whole Conspiracy. So they create Colonial Scripts and distribute it to the American People. Now People from the bank of England visit the Colony to find out why America is not receiving money from them. In 1763 they visit America. They find out that America has printed its own money. We have printed Colonial Scripts and people are using it as Money. People are using it and they are happy. Next year they bring in a law which forbids colonies making paper money. If people are found using that paper money then they will be put to death. This law was passed by England’s Parliament. The order was directly from the bank of England. Who owns the bank Of England? There is a twist here. We will look into it in another post. Please Do Subscribe to our Channel “Sharing Good things to Create a Greater Community”
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  22. சகோ Haarp technology பற்றி ஒரு விரிவான பதிவு இடுங்கள்

  23. The same plan than bro Israel people used to occupy Palestine land..By give them loans and advances from Jewish bank..

  24. The basic British rule to occupy any country (even they occupied india by these strategies cleverly,by reading geo politics books I framed the common rules)

    British strategy

    Tax implication
    Getting army for money
    Umbrella strategy to rule
    Credit interest
    Separating groups by master plans
    Giving powers to puppets to control caste and religion politics
    Creating laws according to situations
    Strict regulations for export and manufacturing
    Acquiring land for exchange
    Illegal business
    Fake allegations imposed on real heroes
    Changing religion
    Control in printing press
    Making Indian British supporters superior
    Boosting small scale industries in order to suppress the fighting skills and making them to earn money

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