Well! Hello There and Welcome To Czech Republic, One of the Very Few Countries in Europe Where We Have Our Own Money. We don’t have Euros, but we have Czech Crowns. This is one thousand Czech Crowns good for a good party, actually today We’re going to show you Where to change money because it’s important that you have these Crowns you can pay with Euros most places you can pay with your credit Card, but a lot of people still like to have the local cash, so follow me to the good place so since we are in the [center] of Prague. This is Wenceslas Square. I’m going to take you to one honest place I know nearby from here, so there’s the museum, you turn around and go down like 200 meters Street “Na Mustku” That’s fake by the way And here we are, it’s not too far from the square This is the visitor change Wizard Na Mustku 2 Prague and of tourism and this is where you will not get ripped and this is where you can change your money and Don’t have to worry about it So today’s rate for 1 Euro is 27 crowns this place will give you 26. Which is totally fair They always have to make a little money, but this place we can recommend it. [Thumbs Up Sign] Approved So change your money here, and you don’t have to worry about it Okay another location old town square (Siarumestske Namesti),where to change money here. You’re asking follow me, So we’re here guys this is a honest good place where to change money It’s the corner of Maiselova and Kaprova street or a it’s the corner. This is Namesti Franze Kafky (Franz Kafka Square) and this place which is blocked by the behind the car will give you an honest and great rate? And you don’t have to worry about exchanging your money right here, and today’s rate for this place is twenty six for one Euro over 100 euros you’re getting two thousand six hundred and fifty Crowns, Which I think is pretty damn honest (approved sign) Hey guys, we just send you to that place to change money But it’s very common people mistaken it for that place if you do go to that place, and you make that terrible terrible mistake You’re going to lose half of your money (Not Good).Okay, Don’t! don’t mistake it please. Big Blue corner place, okay, not a small tiny little blue place Big Blue Corner place not a small tiny little So we’re on all town square, and there’s this corner place. That’s has 0% percent comission to change money. It is not true Do you remember when I told you that one Euro is 27 Crowns? Well this place will give you 15 crowns for one Euro. It’s almost half They’ll literally rip you off your skin,
(unsatisfied sign blinking) and if you do change money here a little kitty will die Make sure to avoid this place. No, I’m serious. Don’t go there lady. I’m sorry no Don’t change your money here, okay get out get out no not this point. No and avoid this place not this place No, no, and it’s a no and a no Orange color means them no Under any circumstances do not change money on the street if you do so you’re going to end up with Belarusian roubles They’re worth nothing okay? it’s not such a big scam, but if you do change money on the street this will happen, not worth it Hey guys, thanks for watching our show make sure to subscribe all these people have subscribed to our show So do that as well follow the Twitter follow the instagram and see you next week, and in today’s episode We’re going to show you how to get from the airport into the city centre of Prague most like you’re going to end up here At Terminal 2, so I promised you one Czech word for every episode this episode. It’s a thank you (Dekuji)-(Thanks In Czech language) Thank you for watching it Dekuji is just like an old mountain

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