Where Is Bitcoin’s ($BTC) Price Headed Next?

What’s going on guys now I’m a little baby here hope you’re all enjoying your day today I’m super excited to talk about where bitcoin
Is headed next because as you can see we’re forming this pennant with this ascending support line that’s descending resistance level you don’t know what
A pennant is this is exactly how it looks and we are gonna possibly see a small breakout to the upside
soon and we’ll talk about why we’re seeing some divergence with the
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From the audience I want to talk about what I’m looking for I actually put out a long signal for Bitcoin it’s still active
However nobody has entered the trade yet it, was right around an entry at 3,600 the reason?
I chose that is because this line right here is the exponential moving average and what I’m looking to see at this point is
for this price level to break above this exponential moving average to around 3,600 because there’s gonna be a
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R4 register so once again another thing that I’m looking at
Here is the MACD if you guys look at this MACD we’re starting to see this MACD form this
Ascending support line and one thing that you have to notice here is the MACD love loves to go above 80
every single time it drops
Below 20 you can see here every time it goes below 20 it wants to go above back up to 80
Every time he goes below 20 back above 80 below 20 back above 80 and you can see right now
We’ve went to below 20 but we haven’t yet went above 80 what does that mean to me that means that
patterns indicate that they’re most likely gonna repeat themselves
Therefore I’m looking to see when this MACD is
Going to start curving up in order for us to go ahead and confirm sorry this is RSI
I’ll talk about the MACD in a sec but I’m waiting for this RSI to go ahead and start to swing back up and once
again break right above that EMA for us to confirm any sort of
bullish move for Bitcoin looking at the MACD something interesting here is we almost had a MACD
Crossover here it actually faked me out I put out a short term Bitcoin signal and I hit stop loss on this because of this
MACD crossover but you can see we’re still curving down but I don’t expect this to continue
Downwards just because we saw this huge
Downwards momentum from all that cell volume and therefore I don’t expect that to come again
I’m expecting some sort of green sometime soon now is that a
Positive outlook for the long-term for Bitcoin we’re gonna be talking about couple articles including Bitcoin ETF’s being withdrawn
you can see here no Bitcoin ETF CBOE
Withdraws proposed rule change to list Bitcoin ETF that’s something that a lot of people were excited about they were super
optimistic that Bitcoin ETFs we’re gonna mature the market allow regulations
Mature but here’s the problem if you see here it says the current the current government shutdown in the u.s
likely plays a part in the matter for them removing
The actual request of having Bitcoin ETS and you can see this lawyer here is it he’s a government enforcement defense and securities litigation lawyer
tweeted here saying the shutdown affects the SEC and its processes for handling
ETF proposals so here’s the problem one of my mentors actually said this to me once he said if you want to know the state
of the government just walk into your local DMV for those of you they’re not
they’re not in the US if you walk into the DMV where you get your license you get a ton of
government issued certificates from the DMV it’s a
Complete mess and that’s our government right now so I don’t think Bitcoin etf’s are their main priority
When the whole government is shut down right now
IRS you can’t even get a hold of them I just registered a new S corp for a company that I launched I
Haven’t gotten a response on that so the government shutdown is definitely affecting
The market but once again when there’s loads there’s always got to be a high and so I’m not
expecting that to fully affect the cryptocurrency market just because a
Government is shut down doesn’t mean the long term aspect of this market is going downhill because you can see are another
positive article here Nasdaq finally gives a green light to cryptocurrency you can see her says blockchain technology companies symboi
incorporated just got twenty million dollars from a Series B funding
Round and the Nasdaq ventures led the round and is one of the Nasdaq’s biggest moves towards the crypto market
Yet now what’s super interesting if you actually go into this article you see her, says the company’s CEO spoke her mind
stating that the firm might create a crypto exchange further down the road what does that mean that means at the Nasdaq
just invested in a possible crypto currency exchange so that in my opinion is extremely
positive news
for the overall
Cryptocurrency market if we gonna pull up coin market cap here you can see the majority of these coins are down right now in u.s
Value if we were to look at Bitcoin you can see here as well with bitcoins analysis
We’re not necessarily seeing any sort of positive momentum let’s go ahead and refresh this to go ahead and see the drop that just occurred
You can see here
We are still on this
ascending support line so this penat that’s forming is only positive news that I’m seeing for Bitcoin ur now but the point is we are
In a consolidation phase between that 3,500 that 4,000 level right now
In order for us to make money in this market
we either have to take advantage of these altcoin trades trade other markets like Forex
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I’m telling you guys
Bitcoin at this point is
Consolidate I want to take some questions let’s see who’s live right now Justin janae in the house what’s up brother if you have any
Questions now I know you’ve been
you know learning a lot in our group I want to give a big shout out to Justin janae he’s been making a ton of
Progression utilizing our premium education and I can’t wait to go ahead and bring more content to you guys so that people like Justin can
Benefit off of that we got ke baare Mike Lopez tons of people on live right now and ask some questions I’d love to answer
some very thought-provoking
Questions let’s go ahead and remove this eme I’m gonna insert a couple indicators talk a little bit more of an in-depth analysis here so
You guys have a more
You know confident view of what’s happening with Bitcoin let’s go ahead and insert these Bollinger Bands here you can see we’re approaching the bottom
Of these Bollinger Bands typically when you’re jumping off a Bollinger Band there’s a potential for us to see movement upwards you can see
We bounced off that Bollinger Band saw this huge move up this right here could be a ton of profits in your pocket right now
We’re in the bottom of this Bollinger Band we’ve been bouncing bouncing on this Bollinger Band and so it’s just a matter of time until
we see
Price action head towards the upside in regards to the Bollinger Bands let’s pull up a very important indicator as well
The three moving averages and see what’s happening here with the three moving averages
When we pull up the 50 the 100 and the 200 a moving average you can see the 100 the 200 they’re not even showing
But you’ve got this red here
Which is the 50-day moving average and we’re still below it now once again am I watching for us to break above the 50-day moving
Average not really the reason being is we broke above it here January
7th and then we went right back down so it wasn’t necessarily a good indicator in regards to what I’m watching it’s gonna be the
Exponential moving average just because that traces more of the momentum and if we look at the moving average
Exponential when we have broken above it we’ve seeing some
Upside and so once again
We broke above it here and dropped but right now it’s the one thing that’s causing
Clear resistance with price action and price action never lies
Therefore we want to make sure that we can confirm a breakout before putting in a long position
Which is why the entries at?
3600 David Grabovski on the live stream says do you see alts untethering their price action for Bitcoin anytime soon at all great
Question David let’s go ahead and pull up market cap and check Bitcoin Dominus to talk a little bit about that now one thing
We are noticing are there are some coins starting to raise and dominance one of those being
ripple right if we were to look at ripples dominance here ripple right around August 2nd of
2016 was around a 1.7
9% dominance in the full cryptocurrency market but you can see now it’s above 10%
Why is that important well ripple has been slowly making its way above 10% and if you don’t understand
What this chart is showing it’s showing the dominance in the Bitcoin or I’m sorry the cryptocurrency market as a whole
You know being a hundred and fourteen billion dollars
You want to understand what’s taking the majority of this market you see bitcoins market
Share is pretty much consolidating around that 50 to 53 percent
While we’re seeing some altcoins starting to make some moves and so once again is
the market going to untether from Bitcoin not one Bitcoin is at a 50% dominance that’s just unheard of
We want to make sure that dominance continues to decrease and what’s gonna happen is we’re gonna start to see a few coins
Make their way towards becoming more dominant and those are the coins that are most likely gonna be here 5 to 10 years from now
And are gonna be potential good long-term investments now until the market stabilizes would I recommend holding things for the long term not
Necessarily now understand with every market cycle there’s gonna be a phase of consolidation for us to see this
consolidation between that 3,000 and 4,000 dollar mark for Bitcoin in my opinion would be
extremely positive because once again if you were to look at bitcoins price less than a year ago July
2017 we were below the 3000 level so for one year of growth and
Having almost 33% in growth in one year
That’s still a significant amount of growth for any commodity any asset in any
Market, therefore the huge bubble that we saw in December was just a point in which we saw a lot of enthusiasm?
but the
Point we’re looking for right now is where are we going to consolidate because that’s
When we can start putting in long term positions and see our money grow over time
versus just having to take advantage of day to day, or week to week
Volatility which is what we’re doing in our group right now
because you have to pivot you have to evolve right like if you were part of our discord group a year ago it was completely
Different than it is now at this like we used to have chats for every single coin
we don’t have that now we have a
General crypto chat we added 4x we added stocks why you have to evolve you have to understand this market is a market that
Follows patterns and if you understand that then you
Also understand that other markets follow patterns as well and there’s more
opportunity than just focusing on one market I was actually watching Ian’s ballina
If you guys know who Ian’s ballina is say I in the chat he’s an awesome awesome guy who created
token metrics it’s a document that was downloaded over a million times and it pretty much allowed you to
look at a cryptocurrency or an IC o—-
specifically and
determine its token metrics and
That would allow you to know whether it was a good investment or not and he just made a video recently talking about private equity
Funding and how he’s transitioning into that because he just doesn’t see blockchain being the only place for
Potential opportunities and I think that that’s the right mindset it’s the same minds that we’re taking with traders profit low that’s why I implore
You guys get to our website just check it out it’s an amazing website check out these amazing testimonials from some of our students
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law Gnaeus mr
Speedy see Ron says, I so you guys do know that you guys do know Ian ballina
I love it
so hourglass just asks has Bitcoin potentially capped the
Capital tailored towards the downside for good I’m looking for 1,300 range to really start buying in you know I wouldn’t be looking at those
Ranges just yet because we have to look at current price action
we don’t want to determine anything based on previous support and resistance back, when we saw this huge rally because this huge rally was all
Enthusiasm and momentum right now we want to see where’s the volume gonna stable right you can see that volume is actually
Descending right now if you were to look here
Volume is at a descending resistance if you look at these volume bars is that positive not necessarily does that mean
We might see more volume in the future
Potentially so we want to see where, we?
Consolidate more than anything not set targets at this point because once you are a part of a bubble like we are in right now
You want to determine where this
Consolidation will occur because that’s where you can start really putting in some confident swing trades for the long term and have some really
potential you know some big opportunities in terms of investments Gilbert says BOTS already pumped everything back BT sees a king that cannot be
Killed, I love it there let’s see here mr
Speedy says where’s the lacrosse lacrosse it’s not there because it’s not good for you I found out
Um our lasses is anyone else sippin on that Hennessy I hope not
good door for your surname if you need some motion graphics for your EPS I can do it for you I’ll charge in BTC if
you want to add value in any way go ahead and message me on instagram at Nayeem and
AEM follow me on Instagram I post a ton of awesome content
Share a little bit about my personal life there as well as she says Tron is on steroids what do you think let’s check out
Tron that’s gonna be an interesting technical analysis Tron has been making a ton of moves and if you guys know
Justin son he is the main topic in China right now
When it comes to blockchain and cryptocurrency you can see it’s forming this huge cup here
what a
beautiful cup and handle if you guys don’t know the
Definition of a cup and head we’ll go to our trading patterns here and what’s exciting about what I’m seeing here with Tron is it
Actually goes right in line with the definition of a cup and handle because you know back in the day
When we were just trading these altcoins we were taking advantage of moves that, were like within a month, but real
Movements happen between 4 to 12 weeks right and you can see where this trading pattern
Accompany handle pattern gets its name from the obvious pattern it makes on the chart the cup is a curved u-shape
while the handle slopes slightly downwards in general the right-hand side of the diagram
has low
trading volume and it can last from 7
Weeks up to around 65 weeks so that’s even more than the twelve weeks that I mentioned and that’s trading traditional markets in my experience
With that but you can see here
We’ve seen this huge huge huge cup form and this really started right around
May so if you were to take it all the way up
may all the way to
2019 almost a year so
Approaching that you know that 30 to 50 week mark you can see we’re starting to get to these previous resistance levels so would an
Entry with Tron be a good idea right now
Well once again the volume is lower than it was previously that’s a good sign of a potential company no but you can see here
with the RSI
completely above and oversold and
You can see every time it’s the opposite of what’s happening with Bitcoin by the way every time it goes above
80 it wants to go back down below 20 right and therefore you can see that it touched
The entry point for Tron would have been when it was double bottom tier below 20 so you can ride this wave all the way
But right now I would be waiting to see this consolidation this drop
To see it go below 20 before putting a confident swing trade entry does that mean that there’s day to day
opportunities well yes that it could be day to day momentum opportunities
Which is why we post our trade signals on a daily basis but if you’re looking at this on a long-term perspective?
on a daily chart and you were to ask me where I see you know the long-term perspective you I would say that will most
Likely see some sort of a drop and some
Downside soon before seeing any further upside you can see here even with the MACD were fully extended right now we’re starting to see
Resistance here you can see it found resistance once here about to find resistance there and I don’t believe it’s gonna go all the way
To here because when it did go all the way up to this level
with the MACD it was when there was a
Ton more volume and right now there’s a lot
Less volume so that’s what I would say right now with Tron it’s you know wait for the downside before putting in your trade it’s
Going up like crazy it’s a great hedge right now against Bitcoin but the point is is you
know the party has already been
You know the party’s done and at this point we’re gonna wait and you know clean up the party for you know and wait for
The next party to come because at this point it’s way over sold in regards to RSI and so it would be very dangerous
To put a position in for Tron now if we were to look at this short term I’m sure that would be completely different
We were to go on a 15-minute chart that could be completely different
Gilbert says stay away from Tron Justin is buying back his coins he dumped all of
billions in the dark so only cost him a couple million
Humph it every day you know at the end of the day I advise over half a dozen blockchain company so I really I know
What’s happening behind the scenes and these companies will do anything they can to get
Attention to get press right if you were to ask grant cardone a very successful real estate guru
What’s the hardest thing about with achieving success, he said he says it’s overcoming
Obscurity right not being known it’s the same thing for any company how do you overcome
Obscurity how how do you overcome not being known you have to create press
Articles you have to get out there right you know I see ripple articles
Say I in the chat if you guys see a lot of ripple articles out there like bullish cripple articles right like ripples just partnered
With this big ripple like every Bay cripple partners with there’s an article about it right why is that
true well that’s because they have ad
spend and they’re able to spend on
Publicity and PR and that’s a smart way for them to grow their company is that a bad thing
absolutely not why would you want to be invested in a company that doesn’t invest in publicity or press that it would be
Ignorant to do so so with tron it’s the same situation just as Sun is
Employing a lot of strategies in order to gain attention in in order to overcome obscurity is that a good thing for Tron
absolutely is that gonna be the next
big blockchain tea application platform and compete with aetherium an EOS well who knows it’s all gonna be about the
Development right and that’s not up to Justin son that’s up to his team so don’t look at the CEO of a company the founder
of a company as that you know the the face of the company yes that’s the leader and if they’re creating publicity creating
Attention that’s actually a pretty good thing
but at the end of the day he has developers like it’s like Henry Ford when he was in court right Henry Ford people
asked him and he for you illiterate like
like why would we trust you with our you know driving your cars
He’s like well you know I have a button here and I can press any button here for anything that I want and I’ll have
Somebody that can do whatever that specific task is
you know within five minutes and you know something went along the lines of that and pretty much what he said is he had a
Strong team it didn’t matter that he didn’t understand how to put the car together he had
Amazing engineers that could put it together so that’s that
yomo sexual sear on
justin, felonious everyone saying I
Jerez tan in the house we got some awesome awesome people here any other questions before
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He founded augur you know and so that’s not confirmed but, we do have some other amazing you know entrepreneurs
Billionaires you know world changers coming to this event so we’re super excited for that
But you know so I was speaking at this event
Recently and you know I was talking about the art of multiplying your money because Warren Buffett once said that the majority of people they
stay in the lower class
Because they don’t learn how to multiply money they only learn how to earn money right and so multiplying your money means that you take
your cash you take your liquid capital and you’re able to invest it in
Things that allow the capital to grow right in my opinion
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much as possible
As long as you follow the strategies that we utilize which is short term day trades or?
Week trades in order to stay liquid you know if you put your money in real estate you don’t have that money to use you
Don’t have that capital so it’s not liquid so trading in my opinion is the best way to take advantage of these
volatile swings
and that’s why what I said about Tron right now in the daily doesn’t look good but if we were to pull up a
15-minute chart it’s a whole different monster it’s a whole different ballgame right, we trade this 15-minute chart
just like we can trade any other asset class we’re gonna go to
BTC USD you can see tons of opportunities on the 15-minute look even right now you can see a rounding top
Here form it’s a potential long position right here just up until this previous support because what
Previous resistance typically access previous support previous support, also access previous resistance right how do you know that stuff
Well if you go to our discord you go to premium education you can learn these things so
everything is out there for you guys you just have to take advantage of anyways I’m gonna
Get off this rant sorry for going on Iran. I’m just very passionate about stuff like that
Dimness would finish the story I was talking about
Multiplying your money in this mastermind and I got a message it was like eight videos on Instagram of this guy just holding the phone
Like this and he was talking about how I’ve changed his life and I’ve opened his mind
Because he never heard multiplying money he never knew that you
Can make your money work for you and that really touched me because you know it’s cool having you know 25,000
Amazing students that we’ve trained through traders profit club but to have somebody personally reach out with a video message
after watching you speak and and you know tell you how much you’ve touched her lives it means a lot so you know that’s why
we’re putting together this next
Mastermind Justin says been reading Think and Grow Rich you know I’ve been reading principles by Ray Dalio it’s actually upstairs in my room
if you want a good book
Recommend oh here to helpful reads one of my favorite books is principles by Ray Dahlia Dahlia owns the largest hedge fund in the United
States I think in the world
managing over one hundred seventy five billion dollars if you don’t know what a hedge fund is he was pretty much a
master at trading asset you know one of my buddies was at a Tony Robbins
Mastermind event he paid
$150,000 to get inside this event and Ray Dahlia was there he said radio a year by the way was one of the most extravagant
characters he’s ever met one of the smartest guys he’s ever met and radio le was talking about how in
2008 his fund lost, less than
1% while every fund lost 70 to 80 percent out the good ones lost 20 to 40% and his fund lost
less than 1% because of him applying his risk management in a universal way throughout all of his traders at his fund and
you know knowing that he’s an inspiration and a mentor to me you know somebody that I you know I
seek to eventually meet and not only that
He’s somebody that I look very highly upon just because of the you know the impact he’s made so I would highly recommend that
CEO says 25,000 students damn yeah man we’ve done a lot you know I used to live stream every single night doing trading
When the market started to consolidate I put more of my time towards actually building out more of a value
Providing system and that’s why we’re expanding the Forex stocks stocks will start coming soon as we gain more analyst
We’re putting our course together now we actually have a platform coming to as well so I’m super excited you know
You know it’s gonna be an amazing
2019 and I can’t wait to help you guys
continue to profit in this market geo furnace is a Mexican trading site called bit so recently added beat a
tbat and
to its exchange they have six coins in total what do you think they chose this coins are they worth it you know
Adding a coin to an exchange isn’t a reason for you to purchase a coin
there are a lot of different reasons coins get addicts of exchange
You know one of my buddies actually knows the founder of Finance if you guys know cz
and you know
in order to get your coin on by Nance all it takes is you putting up a lot of money up front and
Going through an application process to legitimize the fact that you are trying to actually put a legitimate project together etc
and you can get your coin listed so the the fact that bat and man were listed probably just means that they were
paying to get listed on that and they were you know approved through their approval process I know some of the people in the back
Team so you know they obviously have a legitimate company so it wouldn’t be surprising to me that they did get approved for that
steve-o, says do you have any information on aetherium classic not necessarily I mean we can quickly pull up the chart just give it a
quick glance but I don’t want to go too much into the etherium classic just because it’s you know it’s
Consolidating hasn’t made any move to the upside it’s not really. That exciting right now let’s see any other coin
Requests that you guys want me to check out before I end this stream by the way remember like this video guys
Make, sure to check out our new website link is in the description below and and get into our group
I’m telling you guys you guys won’t regret it we’ve got an awesome team and we’re
Continuing to build that let’s see here somebody says time to buy I wouldn’t say necessarily yet
You know in regards to the penet that’s formula now yes, we might see a potential
Move to the upside for the short term but that doesn’t mean we’ll see it for the long term mr
Spees says what’s your favorite alts you know recently looking at all coins I’ve
the fact that you know ripp
Was taking the second spot above aetherium you know I’ve been in this market for over six years now and you know I’ve been
Exposed to a theorem for a very long time and to see Ripple really making its move to the upside is awesome
to see its market cap grow and to see its dominance in the market grow it’s nice to see that because it reminds me of
that you know the the.com
When he started to see you know some of the companies just come out of the sand after the huge bubble and you saw
Microsoft Facebook Google write these power hitters that are now running and
Controlling our world if you really think about all the data they have
And so it’s like you know is ripple gonna be that next company I wouldn’t be surprised you know once again
We’ve looked at many articles in our past streams talking about ripple and how you know ripple is making its moves
Getting into different banks really expanding its partnerships and that’s what you need to see in this market in order to see anything succeed so
Andre says can you please check out Bitcoin cash we can definitely pull up
Bch see what’s happening here, does it look good here on the daily once again we’re not seeing any upside you can see it’s completely
below not only that it broke
Previous support and that turned into resistance like we just talked about right see these principles are not just out there these are real
Principles guys once again
Trading is a skill you have to learn once and once you learn it you never forget it
And it gets to the point
Where you can do it on the go you can use your phone you can just?
Utilize our education our signals to see potential steps now. I’m not saying our signals are a you know a full-on go?
I’m saying that it gives you the opportunity to see potential opportunities and
then you have to apply your own risk management the end of the day and that’s why the
Educational piece is so important because
here’s the thing and I’m gonna blow all of your minds right now watch see Ron’s CEO Alex de Justin Andre
Hayden check this out first you learn and then you remove the L
think about that one
what word comes out of that
Urn, so learn and then earn that’s why it’s important to get education first you learn and then you remove the L so
You know looking at Bitcoin cash because we broke that real strong support level that eventually became resistance it’s not looking too good
You know we might see a break to the upside
eventually however I would wait for us to start to go above
Back you know this resistance has to turn back into support because it would be way too dangerous for us to even consider
You know the fact that you know this is gonna start heading upwards now that it’s below this previous resistance so
Let’s go ahead and see here Justin says urn, I love it
Triple ripple says check the super chat for
Silica, let’s go ahead and check out
Silica good call here one of these coins if you guys don’t remember silica I used to preach
Silica and and we saw that you know we saw silica just rise
Like crazy at one point it was one of the coins I made a full video on
And once again all of this material is on our discord as well
I’m telling you guys
There’s so much value in our discord it’s ridiculous if I were actually to show you guys our disco we actually have a whole
you know report on silica if you go to Coyne reports here you can actually go here and
Scroll up and you’ll see here if you go you can see silica coin report if you guys want to understand
What silica is we?
made a whole report here it’s a one not a one pager but it takes their whole white paper and it puts it into a
Summarized version so I would definitely check this out you know once again our?
Resources are just endless in our discord get into our discord link is in the description below go to T profit club.com slash are
And you’ll get access to all our signals let’s go to pull up this silica trial I’m not getting a good chart here
Let’s go ahead and pull up
This is silica chart on bit tricks and see if this one shows any better
I’m trying to get a good chart here I don’t want a chart that has a little bit of data
I want something there you go so this gives you a lot more data you know looking at silica right now
We are in this upwards trend you can see we’re below this EMA right now
I would be interested to see what would happen if we were to pull up these. Three moving averages see if there’s any potential
Opportunity here so I like the fact that this 50-day moving average is
You know price action right now that’s a very good sign but here’s one thing I want you to pay attention to we saw this
drop below the EMA and then it bounced off of that 50
Moving average if you’re looking for an entry for silica the entry would be a perfect spot right on that 50-day moving average around that
1,900,000 satoshi mark and so
Looking at this right now I would be waiting for an entry here and you can also see that was a previous resistance
level back here in November 29th of
2018 and so
Allowed this moving average do you know what you what’s gonna happen is this moving average is also gonna start rising as well and so
It’s gonna you know this this price might actually move a little bit higher
Might move to that two-million satoshi mark
But that’s what I would say for silica you know it’s not looking too
Bad at all actually I’m really glad that you guys requested this you know thank you triple ripple because you know once again
I don’t have the opportunity to look at every chart in the market my analysts don’t have the opportunity to look at every turn in
The market so when you guys bring up requests like this that actually
potential it’s good because then it exposes it to everyone else and it makes people aware of the
opportunity and what I love about this is we have this ascending support level right here as well and
We’re also above that 50-day moving average and you can see as well that ascending support
Also goes in line with that 50-day moving average so if you’re looking to scalp this I think the perfect
Entry would be right along that 50-day moving average and then I wouldn’t be surprised for us to see any potential
Upside to you know and the reason being is because we’re an upward trend
Same thing here with the RSI you can see here upward trend upward
Ascending support level and it’s still on its way down so I think there’s a little bit more room for us to go down
Before seeing the upside and so if you want to scalp this maybe that two-million satoshi might gonna be the perfect place to go right
for Lonnie says I think it might go down to 29 60
You know very possible here this is the silica USD charm, sorry
we’ve been talking about USD value Man III
That’s the second mistake during this I hate making these mistakes but you know same thing here so that was a USD
Valuation here you can see with the Bitcoin
Valuation a little bit different but you can also see the moving averages are still below, which is a very positive sign
MACD is up now this is curving down so I’d be a little bit
Careful here as well so I would say gives you like a little bit of time to mature it’s USD chart
Before going and entering into a coin like that so
Let’s see if we’ve got any other questions here. Hopefully that helped out let me know if that did let’s see here
see, Ron says 1 million Satoshi’s is 1 BTC F you guys to understand Satoshi value then you dude Ron Thomas says ìiím what’s up
long time
Thank You Man good to see you’re on. I love it uh the lawns I think my going-out
2960 we did just a checked Ron best of YouTube so if you want you can rewind a little bit
Somebody says Made 8% on your trade alert the other day guys
I’m telling you just because the market is boring right now doesn’t mean there’s not opportunity that’s why I implore you guys get to the
Link in the description below tea profit club.com slash our sign up for premium signals you can see one of our students over fifty percent
This stuff makes me so happy because I remember when I first was able to make my account
positive and receive an ROI versus losing money and blowing accounts and the fulfillment of understanding that I could go 30 days in
profits was so
satisfying because I knew nobody can take that skill away from you can see this guy paid for his whole month’s membership with one of
Our signals and we post them every single day?
Every day you know there might be one or two days that there’s
No action in the market but every single day there’s there’s opportunities you know there’s tons of opportunities with altcoins you can see these
Percentages right look at that last seven days six percent seven percent one percent 12 percent
So it’s moving everyday look even the 24-hour looks
even better three percent four percent six percent four percent if you go to
traditional markets where I want to go to Google right now and type in
Traditional Mart or just type in stocks right
You won’t see any of that in the stock market right so it’s still an exciting start it’s just it’s it’s exciting market you know
You don’t see that type of percentage change with
Regular markets right look at point seven five point eight five one point two nine one point two six so this opportunity
Right now is not going to be around forever
Once the market matures and it becomes trillions of dollars you’re not gonna see daily volatility like this so row taxi from twitch on
What does everyone think of card on? Oh
Haven’t looked at car down on a while actually I be interested to just do a quick chart on card on O
just to see what’s happening you know looking at card on
This might be a potential opportunity here check this out so you’ve got this double bottom forming here with our
Sigh on the daily that’s a very good sign for a potential entry because once again
Patterns love to repeat themselves so every time it goes below
30 or below 20 it wants to go back above 80 right so right now it’s at that down phase right Tron is on
On the top here so it’s not a good place to enter unless you’re shorting it but looking at
Cardno we’re in this bottom part where we’re gonna eventually have to swing back why because
History repeats itself so the laws don’t change if you understand markets we’re also in this upward trend and not only that
Check that out we jumped right on that 50-day moving average so check this out
We just looked at a previous analysis of zelicah right and I told you guys
Wait until it hits that 50-day moving?
Average why because silica is pretty much at
This point right here where a DA and Cardinal was a couple days ago but if you waited another day you would have let
You know you would have caught the scalp let it drop and bounce is it a good time to enter
very very likely that this is a
Potential entry matter of fact I might go ahead and make a trade signal for card ah no just because of this chart here it’s
Beautiful the fact that we bounced off of that 50-day moving average
We were in this upward trend, yes we broke out of it but we’re still bouncing on a support level
where we’ve bounced off of before and
The RSI is completely oversold you know these indicators don’t lie at the end of the day and so
it’s looking really good thank you for asking on that
On your website case studies number three that girl is hot
Well that’s not the point you know you shouldn’t be looking at the case
Studies I think you’re referring you guys go to our website our new website link is in description below check it out I’m telling you
guys, you won’t regret it I guess he’s referring to
This girl here I don’t know if she would want her name out there but
Yes, you know she’s one of our students as well so
amazing testimonials here James says NP X cannot further but isn’t it where it went before I haven’t really looked at that one
James I
Guess too people are asking about NP XS so might as well pull that up let’s go ahead and pull up Pondy coin
pun DX
Take a look at what’s happening so we’re seeing a spike in volume
Initially what I’m looking at in this chart right now and thank you for requesting this by the way guys
Um you know we’re above these over over bot levels so that’s not a good sign once again we reach that
We dropped we reached that, we drop we reach that, we drop we’ve already reached that
Most life begin the drop soon so in the short term don’t be worried I don’t think there’s a potential long position here right now
however we want to take a look at this let’s go ahead and zoom into an hour chart and see what’s happening here with pond
D X you can see we’re seeing some good price action
Let me see if I can actually pull up a chart from bit treks it might be a little bit nicer
Nope let’s go ahead and pull up a chart from
Let’s see if they’ve got a chart here
No that was a US dollar value so you know I think the best play here is gonna be to utilize this chart here
You know sometimes when there’s low volume that things look price action looks a little weird on these charts and it kind of throws
analysis off but you know looking at this right now once again if we were to just
Focus on this and volume this extreme spike in volume that we could determine that obviously there’s some sort of momentum created here and I
Know a couple of the founders of Pontiacs so obviously it’s a coin that’s trying to you know be a legitimate player in this market
so for me to see this I would assume that there’s some sort of
Fundamental reason attached this and so you know technical analysis could sometimes be thrown out the window
Window, when there’s fundamentals that affect the price action but just seeing this MACD
Completely over stretch and the RSI completely over by I’d be very careful with the potential entry right now with
You know pun DX so that’s what I would say it’s you know let this RSI consolidate at the minimum
before an entry you know you know cuz at the end of the day it has to go back
Down it does it every single time it there hasn’t been a time it hasn’t right every time it goes above 7080
It goes right down below 30 20 time it goes to 30 20 it eventually makes its way above 80 and
So that’s what I would say there we’re gonna be wrapping up this stream guys it’s a little, bit late it’s 11:30
Give us a like on this video if you guys appreciate these late night streams if you guys want more of these
It’s like 4:00 a.m
Eastern Time so I feel bad for those Eastern timers
But you know I’m super passionate about this market I’m super excited for the development of traders profit club
You know it’s been such a blessing
I you know I appreciate and I have so much gratitude for each and every one of our students
You know and when you guys get any sort of you know any sort of positive
optimism because of some of our trade calls our
Education or our videos or our analysts let me know because that stuff drives and motivates me I love seeing awesome positive messages you know
I love getting messages from students saying they made 50% on their account this month because of our
signals and our
Education you know that’s the stuff that drives and motivates me and most importantly speaking at events meeting you guys and then
Having some of you reach out and say how much I’ve impacted
you that’s unheard of that’s priceless to me and that’s why we’re gonna be throwing a
Huge, awesome event March 2nd in Hollywood California
If you guys want details send me a DM on Instagram I’ll send you guys
You know a very special offer just because you’re doing it through this livestream
which meant that you only heard it on the live stream and follow me on Instagram at 19 and AEM
And that’s all the Instagram is
and you know I’ll start posting some details of that event but you know let me know if you guys enjoyed this livestream on the
Chat let’s see who’s on Larry banks in the house Justin in the house
Primetime in Melbourne bro
I have some friends visiting here from Melbourne
Of fact the girl well you know the girl here on testimonial number three is from Australia
so it’s it’s cool having people from around the world
Don’t buy the pump I love that Justin Justin’s learning man I can’t wait for Justin to be one of our huge testimonials as well
It’s gonna be amazing Ron says did not even do hot already I don’t believe I did
H.o.t. But we did a lot of other analysis and we can quickly pull it up just to see if there’s opportunity I love look
At that chart cuz it
Doesn’t take that much to glance at it
Not much to talk about here you know we’re at these previous support levels we’re seeing this our side drop back down
So I’m not gonna do a deep analysis here cuz we want to wrap this baby up let’s see here
Justin says the hot girl lol
Steve-o, says awesome livestream thank you so much Andre thanks so much greetings from hell
Sinky with 6c great day to everyone. I love it do silver
Huh, let’s not get into that right now see you’re on
I don’t want to go into silver just yet
you know I’ve been so focused on crypto analysis that you know going and doing silver you know the markets are so much different crypto
markets are
faster they’re more volatile
The patterns they change faster that the patterns they take less time to develop so there are a lot of differences between
silver gold markets commodity markets and cryptocurrency markets and so you have to be careful with you know
Mixing those mindsets let’s see latest facts very comprehensive the way my personal trip will see cryptocurrency counselor gives it up my dude
Every time Jules thank you brother I know you’ve been making a ton of moves on our disk or I see
Triple says those girls are pretty hot but must have hairy armpits. Oh no rod, says name
What are you holding at the moment you know I’m staying as liquid as possible
Ron like I said with the
Consolidation, I’m waiting to see where we consolidate if we consolidate between three and four thousand
I’ll be happy and that’s when I can start really making positions and you know I would probably only be holding three or four coins
Just based on knowing you know history repeats itself once again and so you know if you look at the dot-com bubble
95% of the companies are not around anymore and so in
Jodie’s if you read principles by Ray doll you it’s in a recommended reading list
You know you’ll learn that markets repeat themselves market cycles last 10 to 12 years
Sometimes they elongate themselves as well based upon the market size so there’s a lot of things that affect this market
James it’s not saying it’ll go up further it very
well could but that is how you lose by jumping into the corner with the highest gains
So thank you guys so much if you guys enjoyed this once again like this video right now let’s see if we can hit 50
likes on the stream you got over 100 viewers I
appreciate each and every one of you guys thank you so much for all the
amazing support all of the awesome
messages I get them every single day it means so much I wish I can respond to every single one of you guys
get into our premium group go to the link in the description below or go to tea profit club comm /r and sign up and
Get in get our signals this market doesn’t have to be boring try it for a month if you don’t like it it’s all good
And I promise you guys you guys
Did enjoy and once again this is just a start we’re gonna add so much more for our members over the next few weeks
And that’s what I’m working on and I’m gonna be working on that all night so thank you guys so much
love you all
Joshua Steven says love you bro. I love you too man thank you appreciate you guys
And until our next live stream just stay up-to-date by the way
Before we go let me just mention this so every single day we’re posting mark health updates here
We do live trading Monday through Friday with Brent and Walker get on brands live streams if you guys want and ask him questions he’s
killing it right now he had some amazing trades if you go to forex signals look at this
116 pips
Another ones a USC took profit. I think that was like over 50 pips on that one another one 21
pip gain you know so there’s so much awesome things that you guys have access to take advantage of it you know go through the
Preemie education go through the coin reports go through the helpful reads you know all of that is there for you engage in the chat
that’s even bigger right you know the the the
discord is there for you guys to utilize as a resource you know and it’s on your phone so it doesn’t take too much of
your time
There’s a mobile desktop
Version you know so you know you can do all of this on your phone on the go at work
While you’re with your kids while you’re doing what you need to do you know so?
I’m super excited to just provide more value to you guys, I’m gonna you know work all night I was up until 5:00 a.m
Yesterday building out some some things for our members through our platform that we’re gonna be launching
And so I’m gonna get to work thank you guys so much much love
Nayeem out
Joey says
So do you think there’s gonna be a recession soon
Maybe that should be the topic for our next live stream
Because if you look at traditional markets Nasdaq is down over 20% 2008 recession
was right over 50% so we can very well be in a recession so just to keep things exciting the next topic will be are
we gonna be heading into a recession
snipers out

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