When Someone Requests A Steve Vai Song

Ich habe eine Frage Danke. Wie bitte? Ich habe eine Frage Das ist gut Kannst du Tender Surrender von Steve Vai spielen? Ich könnte sowas ähnliches spielen Ich kenne es nicht auswendig Das ist okay Okay Lass mich versuchen es nach zu spielen Ich schaue die Tabs nach Ich will es nicht komplett versauen Ich dachte ich kann mich daran erinnern Aber ich prüfe es lieber nochmal Das ist okay Ich habs Sowas Ähnliches, richtig? Es ist nicht Ton für Ton, aber…

100 thoughts on “When Someone Requests A Steve Vai Song

  1. I can't believe how much of positive response this video is getting! Thank you guys so so much! I'll make sure to keep awesome music coming, with more daily videos and a new album on the way. I was replying to every comment but the current number has reached an overwhelming high so it will be a week or so before I can get back to each and every one of you. I appreciate every comment, suggestion and future video ideas! I did not expect this video to reach this many views in just few weeks! Wow! Among all positive responses I've noticed small percentage of misconceptions about this video so let me address that.

    I am a musician from Europe living in United Sates. I do music full time, that includes solo and band performances.
    As any full time musician knows there is no bad gig, whether it's a dive bar or a festival stage you get up on there and do your best! However smaller gigs with few or no people in the audience sometimes can feel discouraging. That is one of the reasons why I started this YouTube channel, to capture video and audio of my performances, big or small, exciting or boring. Seen by thousand people or just one, these performances can live on the internet for other people to enjoy around the world. It is a gratifying feeling to share ones music with the world even if at the time of music creation there was no one there to care to listen to it.

    If a tree falls in the woods and there is no one around to hear it does it still make a noise? Well, it does if you put it on video.

    Not every musician is fortunate to start their career with sold out shows and packed concert halls. Most full time working musicians play all the venues they can get. It is extremely encouraging to move forward and keep developing as an artist after seeing response to this video. But I am still making progress, and not every show I do is a sold out concert with packed audience.

    This video is from a gig I did on August 16th of 2017. It was a Tuesday night at Motorworks Brewing in Bradenton Florida. It is a nice venue with indoors and outdoors seating. I set up on stage and played form 6 to 10 pm that night. August is off season in that part of Florida so attendance for live entertainment is low everywhere. The first hour was empty, I played for my self, took some video, made up music. I have some of those videos posted on my channel. Second hour was when a party of three people showed up and that was my first audience of that slow Tuesday night. I've greeted them and began interacting in between songs. And after building up a rapport one lady felt comfortable enough to through out a request. The rest you can see in the video.

    Any full time musician will tell, people request songs they want to hear. Most of the time it's "Margaritaville" or "Freebird". But sometimes because of the way play people request for Jimi Hendrix, SRV, Jeff Beck, Santana, Steve Vai… Yes, music fans know these artists, and yes, they know their songs too. I get requests all the time for "Ode Como Va", "Cause we ended as lovers" or other classic hits. Sometimes it ends up in the video, some times it doesn't. But this particular request stood out and had a hilarious interaction that needed to be shared.
    I'm at a real venue (google Motorworks Brewing) doing a real gig, with my real solo gear (see my other videos). The voice in the audience is not my mom, my mom doesn't speak English, not my girlfriend or friend. These are real interactions that real musicians encounter around the world on regular basis, except this time the camera was rolling and I uploaded it for you to see.
    Thanks for watching!

  2. Why I know this is not a fake request: the laughter of the lady after he says "well that's good…" It's like an organic screeching witch laughter. Good job man, that was quite the show, wish I had been there to partake with the fun lady.

  3. First time when i saw this video had only 3000-4000 views. I was wondering hows that possible because so good it is. Now u have almost 9 million 💪

  4. I've been watching this so many times before but never leave a comment below, now i realise that actually this song leaves me without words!!! Great Job, Thanks for the great music!!!

  5. The only thing missing from this video is the arena and large audience!  That's where your next performance should be!  You slayed it!  Well done Sir!

  6. This song made my day!!!! WOW man – super super cool 🙂 Thanks a lot! By the way, what cameras for recording are you using?

  7. Do you have an album? Link to your album if so…
    Or a playlist of your covers ?

    Or even just some acoustic stuff you've done?
    My $3,500 stereo in my truck loves your music lol

  8. I can sense the frustration.. … like there's no one here so I'm just gonna play so hard they just have to feel it in the spirit .

  9. Omg!! This guy is awsome.i cant stop listening to him ..i love his style And music..im hooked ..for sure.i share him with everyone

  10. This guy is such a douche, who do you think you are Mozart? Improvising shit, Vai plays it in Open B tuning, you did butcher it

  11. Meine Technics Boxen aus den 80ern der px frankfurt können  nicht genug davon bekommen!Nicht nur der Bass ist der Hammer!Meine Hosen sind am flattern!Selten so was tolles erlebt.Danke.

  12. Huge Steve Vai and found this to be amazing and incredibly talented. Gunna try and see this guy sometime. Cheers and great job dude

  13. RE / I can't believe how much of positive response … such kinda propaganda or glitch , dam u tube brings this up as #1 on the side , no mater what i am searching, to include twerking girls…..

  14. What a nice hit! Im too surprised by your performance, its beyond expectation ever. Too much beautiful for live performance in front of less crowd

  15. Still rate this one of the best pieces of music on the net – play it nearly every week religiously thanks Dovydas for this great performance.

  16. Asked Steve to make a jam session in Florida next time! I think, he like this kind of action! In whis town was this? Oh- scroll back-I have it- Florida! Motorworks!Brewery!Bredenton! Okay! Why did you do the intro in German?

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  18. This video must reach 3 millions views… IT IS AMAZING! That's my third time watching it… Lol. CONGRATS for your ability and creativity!

  19. Your version is the first time that I heard this song. I loved it so much that I went and listened to the original version. I Love yours much better. I had never heard of Steve Vai until now. Thank You, now I know Steve was the guitar player in Crossroads…

  20. You should record a list of songs like this , like just record yourself and show everyone how beautiful you handle that guitar and other intstruments at the same time and let the world enjoy these masterpieces!!!!

  21. I got the chills and the hair on my arms stood up like I got zapped by electricity!!!! If God existed and played guitar I’m assuming it would sound like this👍🏽

  22. I will be glad if you can reply…
    I can't really stop myself watching this over and over again…
    This is so cool…
    M a fan of urs…. I have shown this to many…. U r amazing

  23. Every once in awhile I come back to this video to listen and watch how you put the music together. You put a lot of heart into your playing. Never doubt your God given talent. Absolutely awesome.

  24. What an inspiration. I'm learning guitar and I will save this for any time I get down. This effort is one for the books.

  25. Audience:Excuse me but can you play Napalm Death- You suffer song?

    In the meantime musician had a nausea from the fish ate last night and starts vomiting 3 seconds long…
    Auudince: wow masterpiece congrats well done!

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