Wheat Penny Harvest – Coin Roll Hunting Pennies!

we’ve got ourselves another penny box to
hunt today Hey everyone its Rob with Rob finds treasure and you know what I’m gonna stick with some pennies as well for a little bit
I’ve been having some pretty good fortune lately found a 1909 a 1919 D a
1925 a 1912 D we’ve been finding some pretty good coins lately just not a lot
of wheat cents – I’ve been getting less than six in several of the last boxes
but the finds I’m finding are good this is another box from another Chase Bank
that I don’t hunt too often jammed in there grabbed a box popped it open saw
that it was circulated for the most part as always I’ll loop you in if I find
something worth showing so we’ll see you shortly
roll number five gonna have our first wheat penny of the box 1951 s we love
those San Francisco mint marks it is a fifty one but you know what it’s an S
look at this 1959 that I pulled out of the box so far as well really nice we’re on
roll number nine and I just laid them out and one caught my eye and it
happens to be a wheat cent looks like it’s been improperly cleaned or
something 44 or colored or toned kind of an odd looking cent there 1944 Philadelphia
same roll guys got another weird colored one might be another 44 nope 41 D not
really liking these colors though because I think they’ve been tampered
with but still a wheat penny looks nice and that’s two in the same
roll roll 10 got our first foreign find of the box looks like it’s a Canadian
1989 we’ll take it all right guys we’re on a roll number fourteen and I may have
gotten someone’s collection dump because here’s the weird thing let me show you
this one first it’s another one of those odd colored wheat cents don’t know if they were kept in a manila folder or something or they’ve been plated or
they’ve been toyed with but they just look funny polish – who
knows here’s a 47 and it’s got that weird coloring and pretty worn as well
and I put it next to the other two very similar in color and as I was grabbing
it I noticed another wheat cent and it appears to be very similar in color and
condition see that 45 s don’t get me wrong I like finding wheat cents I wish
they were in regular worn condition I’m thinking these were cleaned or polished
or treated or something what are you guys thoughts on those they just look
odd to me if you look at all of they look the exact same except for the 51 of
course roll 15 we’ve got a normal-looking wheat cent back that’s a
good sign 48 D know we’re getting some mint marks on these aren’t we
I’ll take that all day that’s already six wheat cents in the first 15 rolls
so I’m pretty happy so far roll 16 got another Canadian here 2003 with some
gunk on it pretty nasty I’ll wipe that off later same roll as the
Canadian got another wheat penny here this one’s a 57 D regular toning all
right seven wheat cents just picked up roll 14 and moved the label aside because
I saw a five and we’ve got a 1958 wheat cent ender doesn’t look that bad either
all right here it is you know what looks like just a beautiful 58 that’s a nice wheat cent we’ll take that
it goes along with the 59 the 59 D and the 63 we found it’s not as nice as they are
but I’m putting it down here in the nice finds let’s see what else we find roll
25 guys and it looks like we have a wheat cent here mmm that’s gonna be pretty tough to see um I see a 19 it looks like a seven
let’s go on to the microscope with this one well it’s damaged pretty good I think it
could be man that’s tough you guys thoughts I really can’t tell what that
is it looks like it’s either 1917 1927 and I think yeah I don’t know man
that’s gonna be tough I don’t know guys you can clearly see a one nine and a
seven it’s been so scraped and damaged a few different directions and if it was
a three It’d be down here and it could be a three I guess there was a two it
wouldn’t I don’t think it looked like that
I don’t think it’s a five this Penny’s in too bad a shape worn too well to be
57 I mean I’ve looked at a lot of wheat
cents I’m guessing 1917 no mint mark it’s worn as all can be it could just be
damaged though – we’ll never know what it is for sure I don’t think so I’m
gonna go on a limb and just say 1917 I didn’t see any doubling on the 1 9 or 7
so it’s not a 1917 double you can’t tell because it’s been flattened I’m gonna
call it a 1917 that’s that’s probably fair based on its condition and the way
it looks and whether it’s in 1917 or 1927 or 1937 I don’t think it’s past a
37 but either way it’s only worth in this condition a penny or two anyway
no matter what year it was even if it was a 1917
they made almost 200 million of those so either way though it’s wheat cent number
eight so we’ll keep looking for better ones roll 16 guys and 1944 we penny not
that bad of condition it’s another from the 40s we’ll break up this little crew
we got going down here and that’s wheat cent number nine roll 28 wheat cent
number 10 1950 Philadelphia nice double digits already just over halfway
through the box our records 23 could it happen probably not but you know what it
could roll number 36 another one of those odd colored wheat cents here 52 D polish
or something we’ll take it though we’re not being that picky roll 37 found our
third Canadian in the Box 1993 same roll as the Canadian guys and a few coins
later I see an old wheat penny and right behind here I see another old wheat
penny or at least worn really good let’s take a look at this first one 1919 s it’s worn down but I’ll take a
1919 s to go along with what I think’s in 1917 what’s this other one mmm could be better than I thought it is
1941 still it’s another wheat cent that’s 2 in that roll that now makes 14
wheat cents in this box including a couple of what I believe are
teens one for sure we don’t know roll 39 we’re gonna have our 15th wheat cent
guys and it’s another beautiful one that 58 poppin man I don’t want to touch it
much longer we’ll add it – you know we’ll add it to where it goes up here with the
wheat cents that’s 2 58’s in almost uncirculated condition unbelievable
they’ll be moved into my nice finds at the end of the hunt but I’m trying to
keep my wheat cents together roll 41 guys and we’re gonna have our
16th and 17th wheat cents I just laid him out I noticed this 1940 it appears and
as I perused up I see another wheat cent over there so
let’s go ahead and start with this one and sure that it’s a 40 1940
Philadelphia definitely take that grab this one right here probably in the 50s
almost 48 so there is wheat cent 16 and 17 and since we had to in the roll might
as well look at this 3 in the roll and that’s a 1912 Philadelphia
that’s our 13th wheat cent holy cow guys wheat cent 18 can there be more I don’t
think so I’ll bring you back in if I find
something else roll 42 guys and laid them out and see if I can relocate it I
think it’s somewhere right here there it is
19th wheat penny for sure another 1950 we’ll take it 19 wheat
pennies so far four off my record we can do it we can same roll guys and I probably should just leave you in for the rest of this for roll just in case because look
at the back of this wheat penny holy cow another one of those beautiful 58’s
unbelievable 20 wheat cents while I got you here we better take a look just in case
I hate doing like this because I like to go slow and find them as I hunt but you
know what if we have another one that’d be back-to-back three in a roll
rolls I don’t think so all right we’ll finish this roll up move on to the next
one the last roll is gonna send us off with the final wheat cent guys and it
looks pretty toasty nice a 1930 D and you know what it’s not as toasty as I
thought from long distance I mean it’s worn pretty good and it’s
got some discoloration but you know what I’ll take it crisp date clearly see the
mint mark 1930 D 21 wheat pennies in this box unbelievable off our record
by two but one would argue with those teens and these almost uncirculated 58
man will do a round-up in a second let me finish up the hunt
alright guys another box of pennies hunted good box three pounds of copper
I’ll take that all day we ended up with 13 2009 s a lot of ’em are toasty but we’re
still pulling them out to check them to see if we got any copper ones we got
three Canadians right here I’ll take that all day two 1959’s that we pulled up
here because they’re not in great shape but in the good great shape coins
we got a 1959 a 59 D and a 63 philadelphia as far as wheat penny’s are
concerned man 21 two 1950 Philadelphia’s a 52d a 51s guess we had those backwards
and that annoys me sorry about that a fifty seven D three beautiful 1958
Philadelphia’s and to give you an example of one of the backs once again
guys I mean come on beautiful put that down carefully in the 40s
we got a 1940 Philadelphia 41 Philadelphia 41 Denver 44 Philadelphia
another 44 Philadelphia a 45s a 47 Philadelphia 48 Philly and a 48 Denver
and then the old ones look at this a 1912 Philadelphia is pretty toasty a
1917 I believe based on the wear and the strike I’m almost certain it is a
1919 s and a 1930 D Wow unbelievable second-best number of wheat pennies
found in a box probably one of my best overall boxes for finds hopefully you
enjoyed this hunt with me guys I thoroughly enjoyed it if you did I’d
appreciate a thumbs up and as always everyone happy hunting
happy hunting and thanks for watching

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  1. After several hunts with low amounts of Wheaties BUT finding some old dates we managed to put it together with this box! This Coin Roll Hunt of Pennies not only produced a nice amount of wheaties, but gave us some old pennies as well!

    Keep hunting and good luck!
    They're still out there for us to find!

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  2. ROB you're going to have cross state lines to find fresh coins… you practically clean out Texas Banks, you are sounding like Jesse James LOL

  3. nice, ive been going to my local coin shop and going through their $1 bin and i have pulled out BU wheats i need for my album for dirt cheap, some BU others average but its better than trying to find some of them

  4. That first Wheat was a MS60+ I would bet!!! Those other few you found right after did look tampered with but not that first one! Nice clip my man!

  5. I just got done going through a big water jug full of change that was my parents. I found around 10 Indian heads 30 wheat cents, 5 Buffalo nickels and a silver dime, as well as lots of old nickels and foreign coins. I’m thinking about starting to coin roll hunt soon but not quite sure how to start. Any tips would be great!

  6. That was a really cool box to go through, congrats on all the nice wheaties. the strange colored ones might be AU and have a toning to them but I can't really tell if there cleaned from the video.

  7. Very awesome video Rob! I got a box of pennies with a 1937 D ender today, and I can’t wait to hunt it!!!

  8. Cow guyze! You are popular. YT put a video commercial in your video, and as often happens, I couldn't skip out of it and it wouldn't go back to your video so I had to start again and skip to about 4/5ths through. I hope you get $$$ from such commercials. I know you would not choose for that interruption to happen.

  9. That was an awesome box! Came close to your record for wheats! Awesome to get 3 teens wheats and a 30's in the same box too! Must have been a collection dump!

  10. Awesome box Rob!!I would hazard a guess that you found a small portion of a collection dump.If possible maybe a return trip to that bank for more??Anyway cool video and looking forward to your next installment, ✌✌✌.

  11. I found a box a couple of months ago that had 180 wheats a lot like the ones you got,I wonder if we each got the halves of someone's collection between the 2 of us

  12. Hey Rob great Video. Check that damaged coin for VDB on Lincoln's shoulder. VDB returned to the Cent in 1918…..

  13. Hey Rob. I was going through my penny jar the other day and I found a 1950 D rpm wheat penny. I was really awesome because it is my first ever rpm (repunchedmintmark) it was awesome. Nice coins. Keep up the great work.

    I just started started my own CRH youtube channel and i've already uploaded my first video. I coin roll hunted pennies! AND I FOUND SOME GREAT STUFF!!! Please check it out https://youtu.be/9Wg1JlzkG9g

  15. Rob, the other Rob here, just did my 2nd mall call video, along with a GAW that I won. I gave you a long shout out, showing the stamped half dollar with the "R C" you sent me! I have been doing some marathon watches of your coin roll videos-but I have been watching them on the big screen, so don't always get back here to the PC to leave a comment, but I'm watchin' em, man you are getting some great finds. I haven't done a coin roll vid in a long while now as my last 10 or so haven't produced anything I think is worthy of showing. But, we keep trying, and I have a currency check coming up……

  16. Great news I studied your video I have a 1917 D penny myself based off of the in graving on the penny if you look closely at the penny has the same pattern marks for the 1 and 7 as my. Base off the I have to say it is indeed a not so good 1917 penny which has a value of 3 to 6¢

  17. I was at the bank (in Canada)
    I spotted 5 rolls of US pennies a teller was holding
    Long story short
    It was full of wheaties 😛
    Someone's collect /or hord forsure

  18. the 1959 cent was in remarkably good condition i would say that its grade would be in the upper AU category maybe AU 63

  19. I don't mean to complain but viewers do not watch your videos to hear you wine and cry about the way the coins you find! If you do not like the way some coins look then put them back in circulation for someone else that will enjoy having them!!!

  20. The chances are high that those old wheat pennies have been soaked in either Cola or even vinegar, which strips off all the dirt and leaves a strange pinkish red finish. Definitely a collection dump. I love watching your penny hunt videos Rob. The fact that you can routinely find 60 or 70 year old coins that have survived circulation for so long is incredible. I suppose that many of these coins sit for decades in pots, jars and piggy banks which is why you find, say, 1950s ones in near mint state. Here in the UK, the oldest coins still circulating are the 1971 one and two pence pieces, most of which would have been minted in the late 60s by the Royal Mint. I doubt that copper coins are going to continue circulating in the UK for much longer, they have virtually no buying power now, as opposed to the 1970's when you could actually buy something with a 2 pence peice. I hoard pre 1992 2 pence peices, here in the UK. The older coins are 97% Copper, 2.5% Zinc and 0.5% tin. And they are big, considering how worthless they are nowadays. I can always post a few to you at your PO box if you like. They are a copper stackers dream coin. The British 2 pence peice.

  21. Who just hunts to have fun with the grandkids .Then listen to the wife saying that money can go into their savings account. Why do you this

  22. On the cleaned wheat cents, they are still fun to find. What is the difference in worth? Maybe an uncleaned is worth 3 cents and the cleaned one is two cents. They are just fun to find.

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