Whats Your Number One ATM Business Question To Make Passive Income? (Live ATM Webinar Coming Soon!)

what’s up everybody happy Sunday to you
so I was just relaxing and chillin here
this Sunday and I decided you know what
let me do a little bit of work and ask
you for some help so I realized I have
not done a live webinar about the ATM
business in a long time so I think I’m
about to do to do another live webinar
all right and what I want to do is ask
you for some help in creating this
webinar I want you to tell me what your
number one question is when it comes to
generating a lifetime basically of
passive income when it comes to owning
ATM machines okay and then I’m going to
put that information together put your
questions get out gather all your
questions together and create the best
the best webinar about the ATM business
okay and of course if you’re wondering
who the heck is this crazy woman with
this baseball hat on and her sweat shirt
inside out on this Sunday actually
afternoon doing this video want me to
tell you my name is Carey Buck and I’ve
been an ATM operator owner and owner
since 2009 so for the past nine years
I’ve been in the ATM business and I
still actively today I’m in the ATM
business and I’ve been teaching people
for the past seven years how they can
start their own profitable ATM business
that provides them with a lifetime of
passive income so that’s who I am
I’ve created webinars before in the past
but this was going to be different this
one’s coming from you guys okay and it’s
um it’s going to be amazing like it’s
going to be a master class on the ATM
business and I’m gonna answer your
questions so that’s what’s really really
important for you guys to post below
okay I have post your number one
question your number one question when
it comes to generating passive income
from ATMs okay and listen the webinar
it’s really gonna be live I mean come on
you should know me by now I don’t
bullshit right it’s gonna be live it’s
not me saying it’s live it’s going to be
a pre-recorded that’s that’s not how I
roll it will be live
and I encourage you to ask me a question
in the middle of the webinar and I will
actually answer it so you know
officially from this point forward that
I do not be s and when I say something
is true I’m actually really hoping you
don’t do that because it might throw me
off but now that’s it’s gone it’s okay
you can get on the webinar and ask me
questions that’s fine that’s the point
of it being live honestly guys so I’m
gonna create the content based on your
questions right and then we’re in a good
for the webinar and then at the end if
you have more questions
you totally can ask them alright I’m
there I’m there to help you I’m there
that answer your questions okay so this
is what I don’t need you to do okay so
it’s going to take me some time to go
through the questions that folks are
asking because I’ve posted it in my free
cash flow hackers group I posted it on
my personal page so I got a lot of folks
asking questions all right so you post
your question below your number one
question when it comes to excuse me the
ATM business and making passive income
with ATM machines and listen I don’t
expect you to go through every basic
questions below okay you don’t have to
read through questions to make sure you
don’t ask the same question don’t worry
about it you just ask your question okay
there’s posted below and honestly if
you’re asking the same question that
other people are asking I know it’s an
important question the answer right so
just post your question below don’t
worry about other people’s questions
also do me a favor watch this watch this
you ready click that ATM machine and
subscribe to this channel I pointed the
right way right click that ATM machine
and subscribe to this channel for future
information about passive income and
about the ATM business and just so you
know in order for me to figure out how
to point the right way so you guys can
click on that ATM I had to put a
freaking sign up on my wall to tell me
which way to point cuz I can’t remember
real that’s the truth guys I swear
that’s that’s the truth also do me a
like this video like this video okay
hit the like button below don’t forget
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now what you want to do okay I just
thought about this what you’ll want to
do to get notified about the webinar is
one of two things
if you’re already on my ATM business
blueprint comm list and you’ve opted in
there for the free roadmap which I’ll be
changing that up soon too but if you
already opted in their ATM business
blueprint com you will be notified when
the webinar is happening so you can
register for it okay if you’ve already
joined my free facebook group cash flow
hackers dot-com
you will be notified when the webinar is
going live if you’re a personal Facebook
friend of mine you will be notified
Twitter all that you’ll be notified when
the webinar is going live so you can
register if you’re not a part of any of
that then I encourage you to go to
either ATM business blueprint dot-com or
you can go to cash flow hackers comm
that is my free Facebook group it’s a
group for passive income seeking
entrepreneurs and you might be thinking
Kerry what in the world is a cash flow
hacker well I’m gonna tell you a cash
flow hacker is someone who legally and
ethically generates enough passive
income on their own that they did not
have to rely on a paycheck from a
nine-to-five job to live their lives and
pay their bills that my friend is a
cashflow hacker all right you don’t have
to already be a cashflow hacker you
could be starting to want to be one
starting your passive income journey
right it’s cool and you don’t have to
just be interested in an ATM its passive
income okay so go to cash flow
hackers calm if you’re in that group
you’ll definitely be notified of the
webinar by the way just a hint for you
guys if you don’t answer the questions
while joining the group my VA will deny
and block you from ever joining the
group again just the tip so answer the
questions alright alright guys listen
I’m out of here I’m gonna go hang out
with my wife and my kitty cat and you
know what maybe just lay on the couch
and do nothing today either you know who
cares right alright so let host your
number one question below when it comes
to the ATM ATM machine business and may
money making passive income with ATM
machines number-one question below click
this little ATM picture right here to
subscribe to this channel and don’t
forget to like this video like this
video alright I’ll talk to you guys soon
have a wonderful day and remember join
the free facebook group if you haven’t
already cash flow
hackers calm or you can go to ATM
business blueprint calm either one of
those places you will be notified when
the webinar is coming up and you’ll be
able to register for it have a great day
I’ll talk to you soon

14 thoughts on “Whats Your Number One ATM Business Question To Make Passive Income? (Live ATM Webinar Coming Soon!)

  1. If I wanna get into this business with family like my mom or dad would they be able to get a loan with me to start? Also I know you said something about a background check when you purchase an ATM how does that work? Thank you so much

  2. Best strategy for building location leads? Step by step how you plan and organize your time to find prime, open locations. And then please talk about ur past experience scheduling and getting the decision marker in front of u. What do u say to get them to agree to accept a meeting with you? Once you have the meeting, what benefits/features did you talk about to convince them to agree.Have you ever had objections? What were they and how did you handle them? I super appreciate how kind you are to share with us your experience. Thank you!

  3. Also wanted to ask about drilling an ATM to the ground to prevent theft, how does that work? Do you reccommend doing that after the 3 month probation? If yes how do i secure my atm for the first 3 months?

  4. Hey Carey, I am really intereted into getting into the ATM machine, but i am worried if it will be viable in 2018 and beyond? isint atm businesses dying?

  5. Legal aspects like DBA, LLC & how you're taxed.

    Where to buy ATMs. None of the local marketplaces(craigslist, KSL, facebook) have any within 100 miles at least! 😭

    Also, are there "bad" ATMs to own? Haha


  6. Hey Carey, how much does it cost to get a new ATM machine, delivered to the location, I'm in Canada and looking to do this very soon, also please add me to your FB group as I have requested to join, Thanks!

  7. How to start an LLC and how to do the taxes and legal side and also what is a good website to buy new ATMs from? HELP!

  8. Do the business owner’s share of the fee go directly to their bank account simultaneously or do we issue cheque to them every month?

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