What Did I Find Roll Hunting Quarters!

I picked up four boxes of quarters and
hopes to find more w’s hey everybody its Rob with Rob finds treasure and that’s right I picked up four boxes of quarters two boxes from two different banks because
last week I found some R&R quarters that were uncirculated we end up with 1w
quarter only if you haven’t watched that previous video feel free to check it out
up here that being said I was parlaying the odds
here and hoping that I would get some uncirculated 2019 are in our quarters
that I could look for for more double use and unfortunately all I got was for
circulated quarter boxes now don’t get me wrong we’ve struggled with several
quarters this year and we could always add other W quarters to the mix that
being said since I have four boxes I don’t like doing a hunt so I’m gonna be
going through these one box at a time 8,000 quarters I’ll be looking for
proofs and some varieties W quarters of course silver if we can get our hands on
it and anything else that’s odd that I can show you no chitchat you know the
drill I’m gonna kick it off box one roll one and see what kind of goodies we find
box one was it done I did hold onto two state quarters an O one New York and an
O three Arkansas they’re pretty nice and a handful of Philadelphia minted San
Antonio missions quarters because they’re gonna choose the best ones that
I find I need some because I don’t get Philadelphia minted quarters out of here
too often though they’re uncirculated or close to uncirculated anyway that’s it
that box was actually kind of fun despite no fines because it had a lot of
2019 quarter designs no R&R but we had our fair share of Lowell a and P San
Antonio missions and Warren the Pacific which made for a fun hunt but not a
productive one that box is down time for box two once again all you to bring you
in with a find or recap you guessed it another skunk box I think
we added a couple more nice state quarters as well as a decent 67 and
decent 70d it’s not the d-do but it’s pretty nice for playing the law of
averages we got our to scope boxes out of the way with maybe we’ll find it one
of those are the two you never know and you won’t know until you get it in the
box so box three rolls 101 through 150 here
we come roll twenty-nine of box three and we’re
gonna have something silvery finally unbelievable and it’s just last year
1964 Philadelphia minted silver quarter in a really good shape
first find after a hundred and twenty nine rolls box three is hunted the real
only fine of the box was a silver quarter but I will take that all day we
added in 1990 it has a little bit of scuffing on it but outside of that I
just think it’s a nice strike and I just couldn’t throw it back again it’s not
even a 30 year old quarter yet but it is a beauty and I think I’m gonna keep it
we also added one more state quarter pretty nice Kansas State quarter Denver
minted and God We Trust is all intact three boxes down one more box to go will
this have a W more silver or something else cool let’s find out box 4 is gonna
give us an early find we’re on roll 13 and take a look at this did you notice
it we’ve got a proof maintenance San Francisco 2006 s proof
almost missed it by the circulation damages to do it but we caught it just
in time we’ll take it add it to the collection and keep looking for more get
rid open up rule 46 of the box rule 196 of the hunt figured I’d show you this
beauty it’s a nice looking tone to Bicentennial quarter there good detail –
there’s that toned Bicentennial quarter yeah we’ll have to keep that for the
collection cameras not gonna do it a lot of justice but it’s nice well I have you
here let’s just see since the Denver Mint if there’s any doubling there’s not
no doubling still a beautiful strike overall and not too bad a Tony well box
for is down at the end of the day the for box hunt produced a 64 silver
quarter the 2006 s proof state quarter nicely tone I’m not gonna get you the
best looks at it but it’s a beautifully toned Bicentennial quarter these are
collectible and this one’s got some toning so hold on to it three decent
coins standard Washington and then I think I kept five state quarters plus I
kept another five of the Philadelphia minted San Antonio missions quarters
that I’ll be keeping for the collection because I didn’t find much and because I
am picking up a couple of more quarter boxes manana
I guess we’ll go ahead and make this a six box hunt I’ll be back when I have
two more boxes Todd I’m back again with three more boxes of quarters I was
hoping I’d find some uncirculated are in our quarters but I can see the holes in
the bottom of these two ones which means I can definitely tell they’re circulated
pop the top of the top one this is all going to hunt first just to see if we
can get lucky I’ve got one B of a box and believe
not these I got from Wells Fargo even though normally B of a gives me these
kind and Wells Fargo gives me those maybe switching up is a good thing I
don’t know I don’t see any Enders on this top box doesn’t mean there’s not
Enders so that being said I’ll loop you in
if we can add to the measly fines after four boxes so far roll number 21 a box 5
of the hunt and look what we just found here
that’s a W my friends which design is it American Memorial Park we’ve got our
first W quarter of the hunt not quite halfway through box five two
boxes to go roll 25 and I got a coin under the scope not very nice in the
front pretty worn and have you circulated but it’s a 1999 Delaware
State quarter put it under the scope here and you can see it it’s got the
spitting horse right from his mouth behind the a behind the R to the rim
it’s a full 1 typically you’ll see a little bit more of the line above it I
can’t tell if that stinging but it is where it would be it actually runs to
the top and out to his mouth because it’s heavily circling it’s not in the
greatest of shape but it’s definitely one for sure I’ll go ahead and take it
1999 Delaware State quarter spitting horse now let’s get back to the hunt
hole number 38 we’re gonna have our second proof found of this hunt in
1997’s it’s glad we’ll take it
silver proof W proof box v is done and you know what it was a good box we ended
up adding a and P W as well as a proof found a few more nice finds as well as a
few state quarters and a spinning horse Delaware State quarter from 1999 minted
in Philadelphia I’ll take it boxes seem to be getting slowly better and we have
two left let me go ahead and flip this one around
will crack it live for you and then we’ll get to hunting let’s just see if
we have any thing like an inverse which I don’t get on my quarter boxes
especially but I figured we’ll look together just in case we get
super-dee-duper lucky and I wish I would have opened it live I don’t see any 2019
sticking out at me and I don’t see anything silver could be a tough box
let’s start the hunt role number fourteen is gonna have an interesting
find here a little bit of hair in it too that’s never great but we do have it
looks like a foreign ender cuz that’s not a silver quarter let’s see what we
got here we’ve got 25 cents from the Commonwealth
of the Bahamas I believe it is 2000 we’ll take it another fine to add to the
board I was excited for just a split second it wasn’t silver though lots more
box to go though so let’s get after it roll number 24 and I think we’ve got a
Canadian ight there keep them to be a silver quarter and the reading is
different and we do second form of the box we’ll take it all day what year was
that I missed it 1984 alright two forms in this box mix it up the finds pretty
nicely silver W coming up maybe rolled under 42 and we’ve got another silver
edge could be a quarter this time it doesn’t quite look right and it’s gonna
be a quarter 1963 minted in Denver second silver quarter through almost six
boxes box six completed box seven ago another decent box we got
a silver quarter and a couple of Ford’s in that one so at the end of the day
we’re starting to get better and what we’re finding in the boxes and that’s
making me happy right now we have seven decent finds which is two silvers
a-w-two proofs and two for ins and actually 1/8 fine if you count it a
spitting horse air 1999 Delaware and of course I’ve kept that pretty cool toner
right here for the collects he owns so eight fines I should say ninth with the
toner six boxes in another box to go it’s circulated let me go ahead and flip
it around and I’ll do a live opening just in case alright let’s try for a
cool enter in this box I don’t see anything that says hey you’re happy to
have found me but we’ve got the insides to look at let me get this box set up
and I’ll bring in on the final 50 rolls of this 350 roll hood well ruin rule 42
of box number seven and I was getting ready to give up on this box but right
now we’re gonna have our third silver quarter of the hunt Denver Mint 1964
we’ll take it maybe there’s one more fun before we complete this hunt well there
you have it third box of this second part of the hunt is complete seven boxes
350 rolls or 14,000 quarters looked at we checked them all we ended up getting
a toner Bicentennial 1999 delaware state spitting quarter air three silver
quarters one w MP two proofs we’ll take them as well as to foreigns
now I had other side finds over here I had some state quarters and other ones
but I’ve already put them back into my collection so that’s why we’re gonna
weed those down but at the end of the day when you look to the left here we
had two four five six seven eight nine finds that I would qualify as good finds
in seven boxes I’ll take it I actually up my average getting three silver
quarters because I only averaged about one every four boxes it’s like three
point eight boxes I get a silver quarter so getting three out of seven I’ll take
that all day what I love to see in another W or to would have liked to find
other air is hard to find some of those early 60s and 70s DDoS and ddr’s is just
a lot of work under the scope and I have not found one yet that being said I had
a good time hopefully you did too despite not getting a whole bunch of
goodies this hunt but that’s quarters seven boxes nine finds I’ll take it if
you didn’t join us on I’d appreciate it thumbs up and as always everyone happy
hunting and thanks for watching

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  1. 14,000 Quarters Hunted – What Did We Find?

    I never get much luck when I coin roll hunt quarters… Yet, I still love the anticipation of opening those orange striped rolls and looking for silver. I have put off hunting quarters often (although I do look through one box per week) since my luck with them is terrible… but figured I stay focused on my quest for more silver and some more 2019 W Quarters.

    In this video, I'll open up 7 boxes of quarters from different bank branches including Wells Fargo Bank and Bank of America in hopes of finding MORE 2019 W Quarters or at the least, landing another Silver Quarter or error/variety quarter of 2019.

    I ended up finding more than I thought I would!

    What do you prefer to hunt? Pennies, Nickels, Dimes, Quarters, Halves?

    What's your best score from a box of Quarters? Which of the "Big Banks" do you think gives up the best boxes?

    I hope you enjoyed the video! For all of my Quarter hunt videos:


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  2. Nice hunt I picked up about 35 rolls today all circulated found 2 nice W Quarters one war in the Pacific and a memorial park and 4 nice state quarter Errors a lot of fun rob now I’m in a box of nickels killing it to 👍

  3. Great finds man! I'm always discouraged by quarters but at least someone's doing well with em! Hope you had a good Thanksgiving!

  4. Hey rob, are you going to participate in the GAW i have going on, anyone can be in it, just watch the video i put out, comment from the choices i set out

  5. Still? Probably. Depends on where you look. Possibly what universe too… in an alternate they may not be still… who knows

  6. I like pennies best but I'm really tempted to dive into quarters. I'm in Arkansas with access to ALOT of banks. Do I have any competition though, is my concern. Anyone?

  7. I Love How He Spent 2000 Bucks And I Spent 10 Bucks And Found 10 Silver Quarters. Maybe Its Just My Luck?

  8. I Would Love To See Another Livestream 😏. How About where You Go Out Metal Detecting. Having Seen Metal Detecting Videos In Long While 🙁

    Val 😂

  9. I just finished my fourth ever quarter box (plus many handfuls of rolls from banks here and there) and I have yet to find a silver. I have found some other errors though.

  10. Love the quarter hunts. Keep it up, I think you’re due for a collection dump. Especially with the amount of boxes you do.

  11. Just got done with a quarter box and pulled a 2008-P Washington state that was….all copper? No nickel at all. How can I get it verified?

  12. I found a W quater around the time of release, was quite excited when I found it, just recently bought the coin roller/counter that you use, happy hunting.

  13. I found 2 W River Of No Return Quarters at work today. But I haven’t seen a single San Antonio Missions Quarter yet of any mint…

  14. I’ve found 3 silvers as well. A “47”, “64”, and a “60” fairly recently. Always happy when I find them. Lucky finds are hard to come by with quarters. W’s have been averaging around 1 to 2 per box, lately. (Circulated boxes).

  15. 4 rough boxes, I'm glad you got the other boxes they were a lot better. I've been finding a lot of decent spitting horses and the cactus initials are missing at the bottom from the cud, always cool to find different stuff. Like always cool video with some silver, blessings to you in your future hunts.

  16. Hey Rob excellent hunt bud always good to see you have a good hunt good sir keep it coming good sir.kind regards Gregory Lee.

  17. My foreign friend asked me after searching the internet, "What's a dubbayoo?" I told him it was mis – pronunciation. He said, "Is that rare?" Lolz

  18. I noticed the "Spitting Horse" had the P mint mark! Can anyone tell me if it's on the Denver mint quarter as well??
    Also besides the book where can I find out about the state quarter errors??
    Like YouTube or a website, does anyone know???
    Thank you and
    Have a GREAT Day!!!

  19. Only found a handful of Westpoints. No luck finding silver quarters in a box. I find silver quarters at my job on a regular basis.

  20. I’m changing my username to skunk box! 🤣. I stopped at the bank the other day for a box of nickels. I ordered a box of 1/2 dollars. Just by chance I asked if they had any hand rolled 1/2’s. They had 3 , so I said what the heck, I’ll take them. I got home and found 2 silver proofs! My lucky day!
    Always love your videos, and Thank You for the knowledge along the way. Angelnblue ~ Marianne ~ soon to be renamed “Skunk box” 🤣

  21. Not really a poor hunt, I mean 3 silvers, 2 Proofs, a "W", two furrins' (spelling intentional) and a spitting horse. Always Fun!

  22. Hey, lots of quarters looked at but you got some cool stuff. 3 silvers you can't shake a stick at. The couple of proofs is cool. Not the best for numbers of finds but bro it is better than 7 skunks or near skunks. lol Lately, I have been in the skunk category. LOL

  23. I just picked up a quarter box that was ALL W minted quarters, and all different designs! I dont know how this is possible

  24. Ok… Now wait a min. Ur already starting box 4… And the video isnt even quarter of the way through… Hmmmmmm… Might be a good sign..

  25. Dropped a roll of Pennies out the safe at work today to find a Reverse showing 1964 Canadian Cent ender… How does that even get through quality control lol…

  26. It wasn't all that many years ago. you could find on average, a silver quarter per box. But that was well before the Great CRH Explosion. Finding 3 in 7 Boxes, is a very good score nowadays.

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