what can I get for *1 COIN* on PACYBITS 19?! *Part 3* (FIFA 19 Pacybits 19)

what can i get for 1 coin come on what can i get for 1 coin on pacybits 19

100 thoughts on “what can I get for *1 COIN* on PACYBITS 19?! *Part 3* (FIFA 19 Pacybits 19)

  1. ANOTHER 1 COIN CHALLENGE! Be sure to go drop me a follow over on Instagram, I'm hooking some people up with coins tonight! Get in involved! – https://www.instagram.com/meelayyb/?hl=en

  2. If anyone can give me the new TOTS Ronaldo to trade with me I have 99 messi 98 suarez or 98 lewandowski pick 1 of those players cuz I’m not made of money so if u some how if u have him u can have one of the 3 players for him

  3. Hey bro I play PacyBits19 I would appreciate it if u would check out my YT and see my PACYBITS team, I did a video on it on my YT channel
    Big fan of you!
    Keep it up!

  4. After I watched this I went on PACYBITS like please same trade as MeelayyB. 5 seconds later… MeelayyB on YT. I gave you modric

  5. Did you have Ibrahimovic 92 or Faltsetas 75 in your dubblicates? Please if you have it, i can buy it please!

  6. Its because of people like you when we get in random trading, 60% of our matches will beg for something for free. Thank you

  7. bitch how can u complain bout baiters. are u retarted. u started the begging trade now I cant enjoy the game anymore

  8. It's Fake… At the Last trade you had at The end Nummber you had 26 and after you had 32

  9. שלום אתם בערוץ של ilay gaming 😏
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