What are Amazon Coins?

14 thoughts on “What are Amazon Coins?

  1. some people say that games in the Amazon Underground is not always up-to-date compared to the GooglePlay Store. It does not matter. Once you have installed the app through the Underground (for example for free), then updates can come from the GooglePlay Store.

  2. thank for the video it helped allot. I was woundering tho.. on my underground app I go to the "earn coin" section and I have downloaded a game but it never told me how many coins I was receiving for the download. where do I find that at?

  3. ok well you get it for a dollar for 100 i get 100 for a £ SO I PAY MORE FOR THE SAME COIN!!!!!!! IT SHOULD BE SAME ACROSS THE WORLD TO BE A TRUE COIN, TOKEN SAN

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