Ways Pickpockets Steal Your Money

“You gotta pick a pocket or two,” said the Artful Dodger from the book Oliver Twist. But it ain’t just historical London that has a pickpocket epidemic, Almost every city in the world is home to one or more of these shady characters, who lurk in the shadows, waiting for that golden opportunity. Some of these characters are like magicians, they use distraction techniques. Others are like evil psychologists, exploiting their victims’ empathy. Some are like chemists, using drugs to lure their prey. Their tricks and scams reach far and wide, and that is what we’ll be looking at in today’s episode of the Infographics Show. Get ready, as we enter the world of those shady criminals, and take a look at: Ways Pickpockets Steal your Money They lurk in the shadows, sizing up the mark,

100 thoughts on “Ways Pickpockets Steal Your Money

  1. No, it's not a tutorial. If you pay attention you will learn where not to keep your valuables and what tricks you need to be aware of!

  2. Common: Pickpocket Money

    Uncommon: Pickpocket Water bottle

    Rare:Pickpocket Kidney

    Legendary: Pickpocket Mom Credit Card

  3. I keep my wallet in my front pocket, if i fell a hand reaching i would unzip my pants whip it out! Then the thief would leave an awkward scenario, or rarely call my bluff

  4. I've never been pickpocket. When I got outside I go in groups so they cant doing anything without somebody else seeing it. Also if somebody trys to do an act like falling or droping a bag tje group well never care. I guess we are mean people but it keeps you protected

  5. Feminist logic: I shouldn't have to carry fake wallets, or keep money elsewhere. People shouldn't pick my pockets!!

  6. I keep my wallet in my back pocket and I guarantee that no pickpocket is ever getting their hands on it.

    How, I hear you ask? Simple. It's attached to a chain that's attached to my belt. Pretty sure I'd feel it if someone gave that a tug.

  7. I respect pickpockets in a way i mean if they are ablle to take somthing off your person without getting caught, i mean that takes skills

  8. Tbh i got pickpocketed once when i was a kid because i was wearing my gold necklace that i got for my birthday when i went to an aquarium

  9. I was 16 at the time then some kid got me with the news paper so he got my wallet but then my cousin caught him the kid was 9 my cousin was 10 and my cousin got my wallet and beat the kid up XD

  10. KARMA CHAMELEON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hahahahhhaahahahaahahahaha my faveroute part in the entire music video haahaaa
    ehhahhhahhhhhaaaaaaaaaaa is when the pickpocket gets pushed off the boat by a bunch of PARISOLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. The final bit about scopolamine is not entirely accurate. Scopolamine is a regularly prescribed medication for certain conditions and can cause confusion/hallucinations at higher doses, but it is more likely to render a victim unconscious than turn them into an easily-influenced zombie.

  12. In egypt a motorcycle whizzed by and someone tried snatching my phone but only knocked it 10 feet out of my hand and broke it :/

  13. I have gotten pickpocketed before and the guy was running away and looked back then hit a pole i got my wallet back he also got arrested

  14. I heard a story on reddit that one person work in place when they use things that are simliar to batteries but they give out energy faster, they prank other coworkers by putting thease small things into their pocket so it shock them like fake bubblegum pranks you probably know.
    so the OP said that once he didnt check his pockets when going out and when in metro someone tried to pickpocket him, but then he screamed and jumped back, he checked his pocket and noticed it had this thing (now decharged) and he realized it saved him from loosing his wallet :d

  15. Once when I was in Europe, there were a buncha people holding signs saying “Free Hugs”

    Aaaaand I was like…..ummmmmmm…..nooo thanks 😬

  16. I once pickpocket my friends backpack he was walking and Turing so he didn’t fell me open the zipper I gave it back because he is my friend

  17. Lol So True.. Almost happened to me in NYC..Guy Tried picking my Back pack..I caught him in Action. I felt a Very Slight Breeze on neck that caused me turn Around and There he was with his hand in the Cookie Jar.. I never seen anyone run away so fast in my Life. He was Empty Handed!!

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