Waterworld – Where Are They Now? (1995 VS 2020)

Hello friends today we will sectors from the Waterworld movie and compare how they look then and now This epic sci-fi action era set 200 years in the future. The polar ice caps have melted Flooding the continents is creating a giant ocean Drawn distance is urban myth and dirt and water have become the most horrible currency the Mariner Kevin Costner protagonist of the film the marinades mutant with gills and webbed feet a Long trip terrorized on his turn to trade dirt a rare commodity or other supplies Deacon Dennis Hopper is the main villain the captain of the tanker and also the leader of the smokers He’s looked up to as a messianic figure as he has promised to lead the smokers to the mythical dry land Analyst Guardian Helen, Jeanne Tripplehorn Attempts to escape with an alle on a gas balloon an inventor, but the balloon is released too early She instead rescues the Mariner and here take the two of them with him Drifter changer fee. He was recruited by the smokers to lure a sailor into his primeira But the drifter didn’t know that the seller would be smarter and crush him with his firma Anala Tina Maggiore No little girl with coordinates on her back in the form of attitude who will decreed the card on her back That will find a way to drive the top of Mount Everest Drifter came cold after theirs goes on the water surviving people travel on homemade routes This river sailing is a sailor for his tamarind. Wanted to get Helen for an exchange, but he get a knife North Jordan are fee Willis smoker spy and deacons right-hand guy Nori informs deacon and other smokers that he has seen the coordinates on a nas bag Enforcer Rd called and force, there is one of the leaders of the surviving and living dilapidated floating communities known as at house Leger guide prob enjoy Deakins assistant his personal account Thank you for watching if you like this video, please share on social networks for liking and of course subscribe to the channel

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