‘Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps’ Trailer HD

Someone reminded me. I once said greed is good Now it seems. It’s legal Because everybody’s drinking the same Kool-Aid Now I’ve been considered a pretty smart guy And maybe I was in prison too long [one] watch and one Mobile phone, but sometimes it’s the only place to stay sane And look out through those bars and say is everybody out there nuts Gordon Gekko was one of the biggest names on Wall Street before he went to prison for insider trading That name doesn’t mean [anything] anymore. If it weren’t for people who took risks where would we be in this world that when wipes? [Geko] my name is Jacob more on the ranieri daughter My daughter hasn’t spoken to me in years and you know it. I never knew my dad as a peaceful person, not always scared me I know it sounds crazy, but [people] change Who you think he is jake? He’ll hurt us. Why don’t you start calling me gordon? Let me part of the family business Got my attention when you don’t know what you’re doing It’s fatal Mr.. [More] So much your own own sugar they took the my life And when I got out who’s waiting for me nobody not about the money. This is about you and me It’s about doing the [right] thing. It’s about the game I Did tell you jake [I] did warn you it’s easy to get in it’s hard to get out Is that threat? absolutely

100 thoughts on “‘Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps’ Trailer HD

  1. first and formost this movie sucked unfortunately its should be titled
    Wall Street-A love story.

    anywho. SPOILER.
    towards the end when shia comes out of nowehere i was like WTF and then right after geiko or w.e comes "what? no one believes in combacks?" WTFFFFF lmaooo omgosh tht was the best part of the movie coz it was so lame and cheesy

  2. @DonBenne33, ignored the vermin that no longer recognizes good or at least decent movies. The film was not the strongest or the best follow up to the original classic. But at least reminfs people about how screwed up we are fianancially, the timing is excellent given the current economic situation after all those bailouts. Maybe they or some in the audience does not like the message and prefers to go on drinking the Kool Aid of the Blue Pill of Ignorance until they can avoid reality no more.

  3. Wall Street walked over innocent every day people and this movie falsely shows Wall Street experts as victims. Honestly, this movie is for the people who tricked the public out of their money. Boiler Room is a movie that shows more of what really happens on Wall Street.

  4. people sending links in the comments is starting to piss me off why dont you post proper comments and its a good movie btw 🙂

  5. all these trailers that ive liked during the year..are SO good while im buzzed/high right now. omg.
    This, True Grit, and The Fighter are basically my favorite…and even Tron: Legacy right now.
    (after watching parts of Dawn of the Dead 1978 that never gets old for me lol).

  6. forget the game, it just brings ALOT of UNNECESSARY BULLSHIT! we dont need anymore willing ignorants. it's about doing the right thing in a badass way.

  7. "I love how people are comparing this to Final Fantasy and World of Warcraft. ". If there's one thing I can't stand. it's spammers with no brains. I HATE MOVIE.CO. CO.CC OR whatever you call yourself!

  8. Derrick Samir Guerrero-THE HANGOVER Alan's Wolfpack speech (monologue) check out my video…If it weren't for people taken risk, where would we be in this world

  9. Dear fuckers below me,

    Nobody is going to go to your shitty movie website. Stop spamming the comment section of this video. Thank you.

    The rest of YouTube

  10. sounds like ..Someone reminded me i once said "Weed " is good, now it seems its legal,because everybodys drinkin the same kool aid

  11. For those of u who r comparing movies from the old to this one, well…u guys r idiots. This is not a remake, its a sequel dumb asses!

  12. He got pushed in front of a train, remember? GOD, didn't you watch the first episode of the latest season of Two and a Half Men?

  13. 1st plot: gekko is "genius investor" that manipulates stock, buys at rock bottom, then sells off all the assets for some quick cash. a young stockbroker approaches him with some insider information about his dad's airline. gekko becomes his client, buys a bit of the airline stock, teaches him to make big money doing bad things. gekko says he will save the airline but buys it to loot it. kid finds out, uses gekko's tricks to ruin gekko's stock, buys it. they both rat each other out & go to jail.

  14. There trying to show hes been in jail for a while.. Difference between a cell and a mobile phone is a cell fits in your pocket.

  15. Thank you, but I'm pretty sure that the two are interchangable terms for a moble phone working on a cellular network that would have existed in the time frame that character Gordon Gheko went inside. I'm speculating as a non-American here but from your explanation can I assume it just so happened that "cell phone" popularly replaced "mobile phone" in the American vernacular later on when phones got smaller?

  16. Why? I once found great website, free movies, not bullshit. If you want to know its viooz.co. If you don't want to – fuck you.

  17. Perhaps it is money that expresses the distinction between the two societies best, since discipline always referred back to minted money that locks gold as numerical standard, while control relates to floating rates of exchange, modulated according to a rate established by a set of standard currencies. (Deleuze, Postscript on Societies of Control, 5)

  18. Shia Labeouf was on such a hot track to be a movie star, and this film proves it. Too bad he burned his own trail and got lost in the smoke

  19. ending was kinda cheesy. Sure, Gekko stole his daughter`s money, but that was it. He wouldnt spend a dime on some crap green energy project to please his daughter .

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