Vidya – 20th March 2020 – विद्या – Full Episode

Vidya Singh. Will you just keep thinking… …or will you take some action? Sir, the action can be
taken in just two minutes. But the thirteen
minutes that has… …to be spend for
taking that action… …is very necessary. I will bring the real
cheater in front of you. ‘Kids.’ ‘Cheating is a very bad thing.’ ‘All of us teachers have… …put a lot of efforts and
dedication to teach you all.’ ‘Vikas.’ ‘Please forgive me, teacher.’ ‘I will never cheat again.’ ‘Vikas.’ ‘Cheating is very wrong.’ ‘So, you should not cheat… …and use your intelligence
to pass. Got it?’ ‘Go.’ ‘Yes, teacher.’ Hema. Sir, Hema has cheated. Vidya, what are you saying? I have not copied. Don’t lie, Hema. I know it very well… …that you threw those chits. I had seen you. You were throwing those
chits after the Science exam. I didn’t say anything
at that time as… …it was causing a
loss to any of us. But, today our time
is getting wasted… …due to your cheating. We are at a loss. You make the mistake and
we all should suffer? I have really not done it. Please believe me.
Why will I do this? Please! You want to tell the truth
about Vidya to everyone, right? We won’t stop you now. I give you a chance… …to tell the
truth to everyone. You can go now. And tell the truth
about Vidya to everyone. Is this your intelligence? Will you change their perception
towards Vidya like this? Tell me something. Are you helping Vidya or… …creating problems for her? You know about
the consequence… …if everyone learns… …about this, right? Avtaar, I’m doing everything… …after giving a deep thought. Yes, I’m doing it
with my intelligence. So don’t stop me. Trust me. Don’t stop her, too. Let her go. Let Rupa do whatever… …she wants to do. Rupa. What a pleasant surprise? How are you doing? Is everything fine in Delhi? Rupa. You left the village
all of a sudden. How are you doing? I’ve come to tell all of you
something very important. I wanted to tell you
the truth about someone. Truth? About whom and what truth? Yes, tell us what it is. Vidya is not a real teacher. What! She is not a teacher at all. Hema, crying won’t help you. Why are you being stubborn? If you’ve made a mistake… …then accept it. Accept it without any delay. So that it saves
all of our time. And you had thrown these
chits, right? Why don’t you agree to it? Agree that you’ve done all
this, Hema. All of you tell her
to accept her mistake. Because of her,
all of us are losing our time. Tell her to confess
to her mistake. Tell her. Sushma, you tell her… …to accept her mistake. To agree that she
threw the chits. So that all of us can
write our examination. All of you want to write
for the examination, right? Or do you want to reappear for
the examination the next year? Why is everyone silent? Sushma, say something. Yes.
Vidya is absolutely correct. I was afraid at that time. Hence, I didn’t say anything. By the way, Hema,
I saw you carrying the chits. And yes, you were throwing the
chits below near the dustbin. She was throwing
it in such a way… …that she thought no
one would recognize her… …and no one would
know about it. Enough, Hema. Accept your mistake. And Vidya and I
are the eyewitness. Please sir, take her away… …so that we can
write our exams. Come on. Sir, she is the real cheater. Hema is not the cheater… …but Sushma is. And Sushma got the
chits in the classroom. All of you are in trouble
because of Sushma. You said Hema one time… …and Sushma the other time.
What’s happening? What happened to you?
What are you saying? The festival of Holi is over… …but you are still
in the same mood. This isn’t a joke. This is the truth. Vidya is an illiterate. When I got to know this… …I thought of telling… …it to everyone
in the village. But Mr. Avtaar called
me here before that. I just informed it to you now. I will now inform it to every
single parent in the village now. She will ruin everything. We have to stop her… …and make the
villagers understand. Or Vidya’s efforts
will be in vain. I won’t let this happen… …no matter what. Avtaar, stop. Please. Listen to me, okay. I am seeing your plan. If we wait longer… …then everything
will get ruined. Everything will go for a toss. Before we lose everything… …I have to do something. Avtaar, please. Just trust me, okay. I’m on the right path. And, Avtaar I can’t ever
think bad about Vidya. Please.
– Hey. Enough. Beware, if you talk
nonsense about Vidya. …then I will
teach you a lesson! Just because you
stay in Delhi… …you think you are a
lawyer, right? Vidya is now an
illiterate to you. What was the school’s
condition before Vidya joined? Don’t you remember? Teachers used to sign the… …register and take the salary. Moreover Nanku Singh had… …was using the toilet as a
warehouse for storing grains. ‘Nanku, who is the
head of Deogarh… …has illegally captured… …the school
premises owned by… …the government and… …the toilets built by the
government for the kids.’ ‘He has converted them into his
personal warehouse for grains.’ ‘The ration that government
gives for the mid-day meals… …is sold by Nanku Singh
to money-lenders.’ ‘Prepare a report.’ Today because of Vidya… …the education and every
other facilities have improved! ‘All the students have
passed in this school!’ ‘Yay!’ ‘To have a talented
teacher like you in… …this school is great
for this school’s future.’ It was because of Vidya that… …Deogarh Public School is
popular through out the state. The government of Uttar Pradesh
has awarded her for that. ‘Now it is time for… …us to announce the winner
of the ‘Shiksha Bharti’ award.’ ‘And this year… …we are going to
give this award… …to Vidya Singh… …who works as a
English teacher… …in Deogarh Public School… …in Azamgarh district.’ And what did you think? Government is stupid! As if only you are
smart and bright! Government is not
aware that she… Oh, yes! Only you
are aware of everything! You are extremely thankless! Just head to Delhi! Otherwise I will thrash
you with the broom! Vidya is just like… …a Goddess for our children! Did you forget? When there was a fire
in the village… …she saved the life of Kanni! She jumped inside
the fire herself! If we list out the
good deeds of Vidya… …on a book then we’ll
run out of pages… …yet we will not
finish writing them. Have some shame
and don’t forget… …how many times
Vidya has saved… …your child from Nanku Singh. ‘First you will go inside… …then Munni will be returned.’ ‘If she doesn’t come to me on the
count of five then shoot the girl.’ What’s the matter? Why are you fighting
with Aunt Rupa? It’s nothing dear. Go and freshen up. Mom, serve the food as well. I have lots of work to do. What work do you have now? Vidya has gone to Delhi… …on a vacation so… …she has given us a lot
of homework for ten days. Yes. We have to finish
it before she returns. You just came from the school.
Won’t you go to play? Vidya has also prepared
a time table for us. It has a time for play… …to study and rest as well. We are following
that time table. Do you see that? Children
who used to avoid school… …and who used to
avoid studying… …go to school everyday
because of Vidya. Because of Vidya… …they value their
education the most. They forget to play but
they don’t forget to study. And your daughter goes
to a private school. You ask her… …if any of her
teachers are like Vidya? Besides Vidya… …nobody else can do this. No matter where she goes… …she is habituated to
bad mouth about others. She will never mend her ways. But let me tell you one thing. Don’t speak rubbish about Vidya. Wait, I will show you. What happened? You are angry? I was also very angry… …when I had to blame Hema… …in order to expose you. And you are talking
about cheating! I’ve been watching Hema
since the last three days. She comes to the exam hall
and quietly writes the paper. She doesn’t look around. You are the one
who roams around. Because you have
to get the chits, right? You look for the answer
of the questions. Quit your nonsense! What proof do you have
that I have cheated? We have a proof and you
have provided yourself. The chits were found
in the dustbin below… …neither sir told
you, nor did I. So, how did you know it then? You know this because you
threw the chits yourself. And I was with Hema yesterday. She went up to the gate with
me while discussing the answer. So when did you see
her throwing the chits?

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  1. اتنا چهوتا درامه تو هوتا هی وه بهی گنتی سی جارهی هوتی هی ایک گنته تنوتنو هوتا هیی بس تنوتنو میی درامه ختم هو جاتا هی بهت اچها درامه هیی اور اس کیی اکتر بهی بهت اچهی هیی باوجی متکو اور ببلو ویویک اور ویدیا کی تو سانی کوی نهیی هیی. می 1تپکی پیارکی اور 1ی ویدیا درامه بهت شوق سی دیکهتی هو. تهنکس چهنل ویل دابست

  2. Entah mengapa y aku lihat meera dostele pemeran vidya (minnu) mesti nredek ndak tau knpa soalnya mirib bgt sama chakor.berani meskipun banyak orang yg menentang.

  3. 10:52….. aab Sosma bolegi….. 😎😎😎
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