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Hello Friends, Welcome back to Shana’s Kitchen. Today we will see how to make “VEG GOLD COINS” So Lets’s Start………….. For This we will need… 2 med. Sized Potatoes (Boiled and mashed) Next we will need 6 White bread slices Next will want 1 tsp Soya sauce 1 tsp Black pepper powder 1 tsp Onion powder. (optional) Instead you can add finely chopped onion. Next we will need some finely chopped fresh Coriander 2 no. Green chillies finely chopped Some White sesame seeds for coating 2 tbsp All purpose flour And Oil For Frying Firstly will will cut the bread in coin shape For this , I have used a small katori(bowl) With help of this we will cut the bread in coin shape If you have cookie cutter u may use it to cut the bread in coin shape In this way we will cut all the bread slices in round shape Now this remaining portion of the bread can also be use if u wish. You can cut this to make some “Half Moon” shapes And u can also use this part This step is Totally “OPTIONAL” Now these Leftover sides of the bread will be used to make breadcrumbs. In short we will not waste any part of the bread In case if u don’t have cookie cutter or anything like this.. Then you can also use a steel glass to cut the bread in coin shape In same way we will cut all this remaining bread Now , all the bread have been cut in coin shape And next we will make breadcrumbs from the sides of the bread Just coarsely grind this in a mixer jar for 1-2 seconds Our breadcrumbs are also ready now Now we will make the paste of Maida (All purpose flour) by adding little water n mix it well.. Next we will prepare potato mixture for our veg gold coins For this , In mashed potatoes Add Black Pepper powder Onion powder Finely chopped green chillies Little fresh Coriander finely chopped Dark Soya sauce and Salt to taste Now we will mix this roughly You can also add any Veggies of your choice like carrots, capsicum (Finely chopped)… Next we will add breadcrumbs to this and mix it really well Veg gold coins mixture is also ready now And now we will assemble them For this, We will take some mixture in hand n make round ball shape After that will take a bread piece and apply some Maida(All purpose flour) batter over it on one side Now we will take the potato mixture ball and place it over the bread Pressing gently will make a round shape Nicely press the mixture on the bread so that it stick to the bread really well After this again we will apply the Maida batter over this nicely. Like this…….. And now we will dip this in white sesame seeds and coat it completely In This way we will make ready all the remaining gold coins….. And later we will fry them All the gold coins are ready to fry And the half moon Shape bread that we have cut are also ready in same way Soo Let’s Fry them now Already kept the oil to heat for frying in kadai Let the oil get enough hot for frying Oil is nicely hot Now we will add the Gold coins in the hot oil by putting the stuffing side in oil first and fry them Add very carefully in the oil And while frying them, make sure that its bread side is above the oil That means it must not get completely dipped in the oil Otherwise may be your stuffing comes out from the bread And you won’t be able to make perfect veg gold coins So, take care of this things while frying For First 1 min. we will fry them from this side only After that, with the help of any small spoon we will turn them like this Do it very carefully, otherwise oil may split over your hands Keep the flame on Med-High And will fry them from this side also You can see the bread has turned Golden brown now Now again we will turn them and fry till golden brown from the other side also Our Gold Coins are perfectly fried now Now we will remove this from oil on tissue paper so that its extra oil gets absorbed And then we will serve it with some finely shredded Cabbage and Tomato ketchup If you love cheese, then you can also add some grated cheese over it and serve Crispy… Yummy…… Veg Gold Coins are now ready to serve If you Liked this recipe , then Hit on LIKE button . And share this video with your friends and family And Please friends SUBSCRIBE to my channel It’s just one click for you, But it means a lot for me Thank You !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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