USPI silver bronze coins 4,30,19

Hello everyone, this is money collector once again, and by the way, how is everything today and. for me, it’s a very very hot summer day because we are in a tropical country, but still we have a summer and what we have here is a USP I or united states of the philippines island This is a world war two coins and Some of this a Free world war one also already We have some nineteen Oh eight or seven here but most of these are the 1939 1940s 1941 and 1944 a lot of these are the 1940 Force and this one here is the 1945 and then ending 44 s this is a nickel and this is a It bronze coins here these all of these are the bronze coins we have 63 pieces of this. Yeah. I have a lot more but only my table can hold Oh, so I just put only few of this and this is to show an evidence because a lot of Wannabe collectors and that he a Great collector. I am just a beginner but It’s a knowing sometimes that a lot all these collectors wannabe they say they are collectors, but they are a Businessman business persons because they are selling coins And These days and for the past few months, I have a lot of enquiries lot of them up messaging me on our Facebook and They are selling these kinds of coins and he said okay buy my coins this this this and that and They are selling it for a lot a lot of money the lowest is $50, but These are common coins But with history on it As you can see because this is a World War 2 coins. Just like for example we have here this One centavo and the bottom is Filipinas. I know I showed this already to you but only a few of this but Because I have a lot of this already and my gun collection personal, this is a 1944 one centavo and it says United States of the Philippines, you know the United States of America here and on the bottom is the date 1944 we have a lot of this maybe about 300 plus pieces of this but my friends who keep asking me Near here in my place and that I will lend them this no. I cannot give this to you I am sorry because I am collecting this hurt feelings I understand if you are not from this country, but You are from the same country. You can find this because these coins were minted. So a lot of this coins were minted To replace the silver coins and I cannot Give this to you and this one is one of my finds when I was a doing a metal detecting Unfortunately, we can do I metal detecting with you on this channel because he is so clearly ecoan review le monk not review and Maybe I will put up my I will revive my other channel My metal detecting so that I can Upload my videos, but as of now it is not good for us to have any Metal detecting videos because it’s very very hot 45 degrees It’s the minimum event during at night, it’s something 38 degrees 40 degrees and this one is also a 1944 as They made a lot of disk wines and I think I also have One forgot this is a negative 44 all soon you find This one is a 1939 He’s 1939 with the S-mint mark on a gold hub and we also have here this 1940 because I am collecting this we own a series on H here. That is why I cannot give Coins but maybe when I Reach the two thousand Subscribers, I will give away also these coins for the sake of coin collecting just to share it to you also and This is not a so-called the Highly collectible coins but a must-have coins if you are a Cohen historian and into in history because this is coins has a lot of history to say to tell just like for example the truth is Japanese don’t want to invade Philippines during that time or nineteen forties thirties The truth is Americans is on the Philippines already based That is why Japan invaded pins so that they can Fight the Americans that is the story of the war not those who Write the history because you know, those who write the history will always be right but as a Relative of the war veteran we know that because my grand two grandfathers Was a US Navy they fought the World War one in Europe in Normandy and during their World War two. They also fought for the Liberation of Philippines that is why you cannot say this I got this happen this happen that and next this is a 1941 also and Remember there is no 9 no 19 42 or 43 only the 1944 I think and we had a lot of this 1944 and this one what we have here is the very shiny and steel and the uncirculated Once in table, oh I put this on this Container Because I want to preserve this I have another seven pieces of this But I cannot find them So it’s sad because I don’t know where I put deep those so coins and we also have here the 1927 We also have this 1930 Because I’m collecting these so all the the desirous years or this is not 1928 This is a year 1925 This is year 1929 still in a very good condition This one is a year 1918 but in the bad condition This one is a year 1930 And this one, I don’t know what here is this, it’s really been raised I think it’s 19 that 1924 1904 and there is a little hole on top of here. Maybe they want to make this as a Necklace or Dangling What to call this necklace for the cattle for the cows because some people They have a lot of cows. Oh, they have the cows. They put it in a necklace so that it will make sounds if their Cattle or their cows order Buffaloes or their goats will go grazing on a far place still they can find their Animals, and this one is a year 1938 as you can see, there is a hole in here Because they are using this as a decoration or tools This one is 1920 No, this is a year 1930 and It’s not in a very very good condition we have a lot of these By the way, the 1903 is the beginning of the Minting of these coins I think in San Francisco That is where there is a lot of letter S on its Cohen because it is a San Francisco Mian and also this one is our the 1945 S we have a lot of this Friend Christopher Once this and we have also the 1945 here. We have a lot of this and this is a 1944 with no mint mark so meaning is a Pennsylvania Philadelphia or Pittsburgh? This is a 1945 s and we have a lot of this And I still Have more of this in a separate container Because They said by me D by a Cohen From me this these are dad. I said, no. Thank you. I am not buying your coins I will not buy I Omega tech but I will not buy because they are selling this kind of coins for $50 and up a piece. That is why I am NOT into those Cohen collectors, but selling a lot of Brian – high price And I want to shout out again to live Greece to job jobs to Our friends here a lot of you. I think it’s gone Guardi coins from united kingdom Or Ireland or Great Britain, I forgot you have in DC coins from I think from Africa french-speaking friends here Bonjour Bonjour merci and Have also friends from United States, that’ll be a lot of them. I cannot name all of you Maybe one of these days I will shout out Your channel and please friends who are watching this video please subscribe to those Channel because they have a lot of good contents a lot of good Uploads but they have a few subscribers. So subscribe to them and this is so Also sad that they have a good content, but they had a few Subscribers And makes me sad to see that the channel is Not evolving by the way, I think it’s gonna cut the coins just Posted the comment that my accent is Good. I’m very sorry if you cannot understand my English because my Language or my first language is not English but I tried my best and shout out also to Slimey I think a slimey 79 I forgot I’m sorry, my friend and also to our Australian friends Canadian friends to our Russian friends who a lot of coins also I want to collect a Copic and also the this old Russian coins that was buried in a Very Denis snow They have a lot of that but it’s hard to come by If there is it’s very expensive and there is a friend from my Miss Matic website The Mista and some other countries that came from Russia. They want to exchange scones with me, but I Said it’s very hard for me to Send coins. I’ve tried so many times and those who said that it is easy Please let me know What is the way how to send the coins? in this place because I tried already, but the Postal office said no so I can do nothing with that but locally if it is a collectible or a little of change let alone value the local courier who is fast, like shuttle toad is not a Paid advertisement or feed video because I only like the recipes the dress The LBC but sometimes they suck also And I want to shout out to our friends on Facebook Especially to mr Gilbert be honest, he has a lot of coins collection and banknotes, and I said that I That he one has to make his own channel here on YouTube so that he can share his coin collections. I Love that guy is a humble and simple guy He’s in the United Arab Emirates right now Has a lot of coins I Always talked to him and we met already. So this is not the first time I want to shout out to Mr. Brannis that It’s not late. It’s not early but if it is Not bothering you make your own channel and upload your collections because you had a lot of collections The national coins all over the world and has a knot of banknotes collection also That’s it and thank you for watching and Please subscribe to this channel comment on this video share this on your social media Facebook and Twitter this is manna collector and see you on our next videos

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