US Mint announces new Mixed Race Liberty Gold Coin

Welcome to illuminati silver, we tell you the
truth about silver. Today is Sunday 15th January 2017 and we are
briefly commenting on the new US Mint Liberty Gold coin due in April of this year.
As reported by Reuters yesterday, and by certain coin specialists late last week, The US Mint
and Treasury will for the first time issue a commemorative coin depicting Lady Liberty
as a black woman. The coin commemorates the Mint’s 225th anniversary and shows Liberty
with a crown of stars and a toga-like dress. The 24-carat or .9999 fine gold coin will
weigh 1oz and have a face value of $100. It will also have an increased level of detail,
a proof finish, raised edge lettering with stars, and a 1792-2017 duel date, and will
go on sale on the 6th April. The US Mint says it plans to issue further
coins depicting Liberty as women from ethnic minorities, such as Asian, Hispanic or Indian
Americans and these new designs will be issued every two years.
Rhett Jeppson, the Mint’s principal deputy director, told the New York Times newspaper
that part of the intention was to “have a conversation about liberty – and we certainly
have started that conversation”. The New York Times also added that a total
of 100,000 of the Gold coins will be created, along with 100,000 silver reproductions of
the image, called medals, that will sell for about $50.
What’s your opinion and if you like the coin, at todays prices, what sort of premium
would you be willing to pay? We look forward to your responses.
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100 thoughts on “US Mint announces new Mixed Race Liberty Gold Coin

  1. i have asked my friends that are black and Hispanic they are not impressed with this, but not opposed either, this will probably go the way starbucks "lets talk about racism" campaign all the race blurring they have been pushing hard has ended badly, people have friends of all colours and dont need the constant push so it seems. i think all this is driven by the emotion manipulating media ,and to the fear driving pandering anything to get votes government , we will see how askew the good intentions are soon enough.

  2. It will be interesting to see if they edit the comments on this video. I hope in the interest of free expression they do not edit any comments either pro or con. They asked for an option and I feel one is coming. Let's keep all options free, posted and unedited.

  3. i like the coin because its new and different but probably would not pay a premium over what white/greek goddess lady liberty is going for.

  4. If I had a say in the matter, I'd have chosen a more easily recognizable free man…more specifically, Morgan Freeman. d;o)

  5. I wouldn't buy a coin for its numismatic value, I only want the metal. The premium I'm willing to pay for is a readily identifiable ounce of metal. The Liberty and Maple Leaf are recognizable by people having no interest or experience with precious metals, and can be an argument for authenticity. Were I a collector, I would be interested in the diversity series.

  6. Wouldn't buy this coin if you paid me. This is just PC nonsense gotten out of control. It was white women (and men) who created the concept of liberty. Not blacks, not Asians, not Native Americans – whites. If that sounds racist, tough. It's a simple statement of fact. Blacks had no concept of liberty until they got here. Yes, they were enslaved, but white men and women freed them. A black Lady Liberty? What did she do to deserve that honorific? And let the hate comments begin. As always, thanks for the video, IS.

  7. Boy ! They don't know when to quit do they. Sorry but i would not buy this coin. I don't think they could give it to me for free. It's not unique in anyway, and i believe there's a little more reverse discrimination here. Id pay melt value for it, maybe.

  8. The quality of the engraving is commendable; the ideology of the individuals who commissioned this engraving is reprehensible. They shun the most important diversity of all, that of thought, and never pass up an opportunity to oppress the ultimate minority: the individual. Their treachery taints this attractive engraving.

  9. Now ! if we are talking nice coins and bars try, the Norsk silver and gold themed coins and bars. Poured of course. That's about as snobby as i can get. Maybe if they put Martin Luther King on it it might be different for me.

  10. Very nice looking coin. but lady liberty is a reference to the Statue of Liberty- a very specific thing that actually exists and looks a certain way, I believe created by a French sculptor?What is on this new coin is not that. Why not just issue a different series of coin celebrating African Americans, Asians etc? Only my opinion

  11. Maybe they can celebrate diversity better and include non-humans as well. Perhaps a good starting point would be a frog.

  12. the face of the Maghrib Amexum
    a.k.a America
    finally a proper representative of the land and its indigenous inhabitants….

  13. I'm a bi-racial white /south Korean male, university educated and I think it's kind of a lame pc feminist push; however it is well crafted and the coin does reflect the times we're living in.

    As a Canadian I'm partial to maple leaves (and I find the original us liberty coins gorgeous) but I wouldn't mind the new liberty coins as au is au and it would be a great convo piece for my future children!

    Keep up the great work!

  14. Illuminati silver.. it just so happens that this first one is of a black woman right? Two years from now it can be an Asian lady liberty or Spanish, Indian, etc?

  15. I like the obverse but not a fan of the large stars. I dislike the reverse. I'm not sure of the meaning behind the eagle with the low wings but it looks cowardly to me. Overall I like it but not amazed by it. I don't care about political motivation behind this coin. What matters to me is if I like the looks and if I can strengthen my wealth by holding this coin.

  16. The US has come out with other PC coins in the recent past and they don't sell, nor do people use them. Like the 'gold tone' Sacagawea Golden coin. Then there was the other woman, I think it was the Susan B. Anthony coin, this new coin will join the previous in the 'land of misfit toys' coin collection. There are those that feel good about themselves putting the coins out, but the public won't respond to there PC desires.

  17. I like the Liberty…don't care for the Eagle! Wings down? Premiums will most likely be very high from the mint….not betting on a fast sellout.

  18. Anyone surprised? Goes right along with the forced diversity and homosexual agenda. NWO working overtime to destroy the family unit and peoples individual cultures. After all those without a family or identity are easier to control.

  19. Gold is Gold , I think one of the reasons Trump got elected was, too much talk of which bathroom ,we are to use ! Not enough talk of actually solving real problems ,we are being distracted .

  20. I have the 2015 Lady Liberty high relief gold coin and it was the first gold coin with a $100 denomination. Now I will get this as a sister coin as it is also $100 denomination, high relief, and a proof! If you watch the video from the mint, this coin is very stunning. First commemorative gold coin to be a proof. I am saving up now so I will be able to buy one. The controversy about this coin is incredible, and all the more reason to make sure I get one.

  21. You are venturing outside your expertise, by fanning ethnic flames. Recent analysis shows that 60% of Americans have less than $1000 in savings to cover an emergency, well below this coins value. They blame others, and some of them are commenting.

  22. It's just more PC nonsense. The mint will add a huge premium so I will not buy this coin. I "buy and hold" at the best price.
    I haven't purchased any over high premium coin from the mint and will not start now.

  23. They should put a liberal with big holes in her/his earlobes and dread locks and have the coin say LIBRAL on the top of it. 😂

  24. I wouldn't go as far as some in this comments section. Liberty isn't a white concept or anything. But I have to admit I don't approve of all this PC re-casting of recognised fictional characters as different ethnicities. Sure let's re-cast Jesus as a Japanese woman. Why not?! It's irritating. I won't be purchasing one either.

  25. this is political crap. all I like about it is the fact it's.9999 gold coin… wish the regular walking liberty gold coin was.

  26. I don't like the symbolism here. It's like we're trading people of color or using them as investments. It's also an obvious PC nod.

  27. Damn shame… What a awful waste of a perfectly good gold planchet!

    In my honest opinion they made a coin very few "minorities" will ever see let alone know exists. Wouldn't it have made much more sense to make a cheaper silver medal or coin that would reach more people and thus help spread their message. Also a new series of coin would have been preferable. Butchering a major symbol of American freedom and liberty is only going to tick off and piss off a lot of people. Perhaps, just perhaps that was 'their' intention all along… yet another of Obama administrations lasting gifts to western civilization before headed back home to Kenya….

  28. The face has beauty. However, I won't be buying because I like highly recognoscible coins with low premiums. I dont know the rules of the collector game and I dont care to learn them (at least for now). Is the silver medal 1oz? In that case you are beeing taken for the proverbial ride by the mint.

  29. I was going to write about how I would never buy this coin but so many have already written my exact feelings I feel there's nothing more I can add. Good work commenters.

  30. It's a nice looking coin, but PC madness , im British so could be wrong but doesn't lady liberty represents Libertas, the Roman goddess of freedom, and therefore unlikely to be black.

  31. Lady Liberty wasn't meant to be any race. It was suppose to be symbolic to nations and passengers travelling into the NY Harbor. Most of these passengers were immigrants travelling from every corner of the world. Yes, she was depicted as a white woman, but the sculptor just chose his mother to place as the face. If the sculptors was another race, who knows, maybe she would have been depicted as that..but that's irrelevant. She was meant to symbolize freedom from oppression, and a friendship between nations. Kind of ironic now that so much controversy is coming up because of an African American Lady Liberty. It's simple, if you don't like the coin, don't buy it. Hateful words about a person's race isn't necessary. As far as reverse PC or reverse racism, that's ridiculous. We have had the title of 'The Great Melting Pot' but don't want to represent all races accordingly? It's why the US doesn't have an official language. Yet we can place people on to our currency which had a known past as slave owners, and possible homosexuality….but no issues there….except now it seems some of you do. Ignorance is bliss…maybe learn a little history about what some of these Great men on our currency have done, good and bad. I am not black, nor am I fully white. I am also not hating on our past leaders, I am simply stating that we need to embrace our country for what it is. Both good and bad have shaped us into the country we are today. To credit one particular race for something is ignorant at best….racist as worst.

  32. The image of "Liberty" has been changed many times on US coins, reflecting the fashion of the day. This is no different. It is only loaded if you are racist and I must say, many of the comments here are disappointing in this regard. I would point out how shameful this is, but it would simply be ignored or attacked by all you shitbird racists.
    Having said this, I don't care for this coin. US coins have had a tendency to look like cartoons in the last few years, and to my eye, this one continues that unfortunate tradition. Sounds like they are minting too many gold ones, but I expect the silver one will be collectible and I plan to get one or two of those.

  33. People of the USA, when are we going to learn to live together and respect each other? Blacks and whites, along with native Americans were the foundation of early America.True, the founders of America forged the ideas of liberty under the bootstraps and oppression of the British. But it was both whites and blacks who fought to bring it into fruition. And to perfect the flawed concept of liberty and equality ,it was again both blacks and whites who fought so that all peoples could taste liberty. Don't forget Harper Ferry's raid and John Brown. The idea that whites had a monopoly on the concept of liberty is laughable. In fact, the original french design of lady liberty was depicted as a black women before it was rejected by the government of the United States. There have been coins depicting native Americans, and finally, now African Americans who have undeniably contributed to the foundation of this country. Like it or not, get used to it.

  34. I would rather buy an MLK coin if the political correct police are in charge of minting coins and had to make one with a black person on it.

  35. do wel base our assumptins accordinng 2 history, ot do we re-boot.r we o er concerned with who's holding ball,all the while we lose game focus.

  36. I try to pay the least in premiums that I can for metal… I work hard for what I have earned and will not part with what I have earned, irregardless of the symbol… I have a few coins I paid more then what I probably should have… But if people like the coin it's their right to choose that's free will or liberty… I may buy one, it just depends on what is happening at the time and if I can afford it..

  37. This is nothing more than Obama sticking his damn political agenda down our throats – why not in the 1970s after the Civil rights movement – or a Martin Luther King one or something in the 1980s? Why now, oh just as our first African American president is leaving office? Hmm.

    If It weren't for the obvious political agenda, I would say the coin is quite beautiful – but I'd rather buy a Kruggerand for $35 over spot than one of these PC coins for like $200 or more over spot. I'll go with an authentic double eagle if I'm going to do a huge premium.

  38. I think it's great and I will try to buy the set in silver. Thank you for the information. with liberty and justice for all.

  39. I love those gold & silver coin in beauty design. But it always sells at least $30 or more above spot price. Especially those coins create by Canadian Mint. They are very expensive. My question is can I sell those coin at a higher price in future like 1oz silver coin cost about $45-$80 depends on their design. Therefore as for now I only buy gold & silver bars or rounds which close to the spot price.

  40. I personally do not like the personalization of Liberty. I believe the only reason why this model was chosen is because Barack Hussein Obama's presidency has now come to an end. why can I not come to an end quietly. Why does it have to infect coinage to perpetuate`.

  41. I think that it is a very good looking coin. I'm not too concerned with race, personally. I think Lady Liberty looks good. High relief. A new eagle design on the revere. I like it but my budget precludes me buying an ounce of gold, usually.

    A silver version is a possibility, but I don't like paying high premiums and if the premium was much higher than a silver eagle, I'd probably pass.

    I'm new to precious metals, though, and perhaps some day I'll be making larger purchases.

  42. White-Americans are getting aggravated solely because there is Liberty Lady coin depicting a Black woman. There ignorance completely has no bounds. For instance, they seem completely unaware of the fact, that the original Lady Liberty was intended to be a Black woman. This was a gift given to the US by the French – portraying a Black woman in chains. This was intended to tribute the prowess of Black soldiers that fought in the Civil War Lady Liberty. Especially, the reminder of Blacks gaining their freedom. Hence why the statue of Lady Liberty is still depicted in chains. However, the Americans did not like the conception of a Black Lady Liberty. So, the French had to redesign Lady Liberty – giving us the modern White Lady Liberty.

  43. Wow, I wonder how many white men actually owned slaves,it would seem that the top 1 percent owned slaves ,after that Im guessing most whites were as poor as blacks or close to it . Yet all white men are lumped together as racist slavers ,guilty forever ! History can be remembered however people choose as there are no witnesses left to set the record straight . I would buy this coin ,as well after the hub bub dies down ,it just might be a good investment . Gold is Gold ! Also a proof coin .

  44. I'm not one bit surprised , black lives matter played a big role in this BS and as soon as I saw a dating site called blacks only it hit me like a ton of bricks that we are the minority , not the native Americans  or blacks.                                                                                               If we had a dating site for whites only you can only imagine all the hype that would come out of that. JUST SAYING

  45. This coin is denominated in 100 dollar amounts versus 50 dollar amounts and therefore you will get ( as legal tender more value for your currency… ) out of the denominated dollar value on this coin…. irregardless of whatever the world traded price of gold is at the time in dollars…. So this may be a very good coin to have …

  46. My goodness, the comments and hate here are an eye opener to truly how divided we are as a nation. It's a gold coin…who cares who is on it. We don't buy precious metals because we like who or what is on the face. We are all children of Elohim. Love your neighbor and your enemies as you love yourselves. Sin and sinners will be dealt with by Hashem…not by man. Vengeance is mine saith the LORD.

  47. I think it is wise to make such a limited run (100,000). I already shy away from high premium bullion, so this is not something I would quickly gravitate to.

  48. YouTube won't take me to Philip Lippens last 2 comments so I can't respond. I don't know what's the matter.

    I believe he wanted me to jump in and save a foolish college student who was passed out drunk and stop 4 Black "Youts" from rolling him.

    Those days are over. I've seen what happens to Sir Galahads jumping in like the Lone Ranger. One guy has a huge scar on his cheek from a broken bottle. The other guy got a bottle over the head and had a stroke or coma and is talking "funny" and slow now.

    I pulled up at a station to take the train and parked my car. 3 Black 'youts' were throwing rocks at my head. I didn't notice until a couple bounced off the roof of my car making noise. I looked up and saw them and yelled, "Knock it off !" Do you know what answer I got ? "Cause we're [email protected], we can't throw rocks ?" I immediately moved my car and went to the local corner store to use the pay phone. This was before cell phones.

    If you did something to them, notice I said THEM. Always a group against one person. They would turn the story around and blame me.

    Let the cops deal with them. That's what their there for. They make the big bucks and have the liberal injury coverage and benefits.

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