US Digital Dollar PLANS LEAKED! Coinbase Involved!?

Eggggg yolk, what is going on viewers of the
tubbbbeeeee! My name is Tyler the host of this channel
& I would like to introduce you to the channel, that knows these jail escapes are only the
beginning…….you know our Shawshank redemption. It’s time for Chico Crypto! Well, I think it’s time to dig down into
the rabbit hole, as many viewers have been asking for it, and things have been playing
out exactly as I predicted. What did I predict? The coming Digital Dollar….. Last week, on March 20th, I made this video…Cash
Stimulus to Americans? How? By Checks? No….It’s crypto! Well things really started to get interesting,
during the night on March 23rd…news started to be released that the Stimulus bills, for
economic relief here in America, contained language about creating a digital dollar. Coindesk brought the news….House Stimulus
Bills Envision ‘Digital Dollar’ to Ease Coronavirus Recession….and according to
the article….Under the draft bills shared last week, dubbed the “Take Responsibility
for Workers and Families Act” and the “Financial Protections and Assistance for America’s
Consumers, States, Businesses, and Vulnerable Populations Act,” the Federal Reserve – the
nation’s central bank – could use a “digital dollar” and digital wallets to send payments
to “qualified individuals,” consisting of $1,000 for minors and $2,000 to legal adults. Well, this news cycle went quick, because
by yesterday, the 24th, one of the bills removed the digital dollar language. Just 10 hours later, Coindesk posted this
article…‘Digital Dollar’ Stripped From Latest US Coronavirus Relief Bill….House
Democrats’ latest version of the “Take Responsibility for Workers and Families Act,” revealed late
Monday, does not contain any language around a “digital dollar” in its section on direct
stimulus payments. HMMMMM…wonder why it was removed so quick? Why was it there in the first place? Well the newest draft of the bill is much
more vague…how people will be paid, which starts on page 1,090 is non specific just
amounts are named, not how the payments will be coming through: a check, debit card or
digitally. But there is another bill, the Financial Protections
& Assistance for Americas Consumers, States, Business and Vulnerable populations act. Here is this bill & as we can see, it will
require member banks to maintain pass-through digital dollar wallets for certain persons,
and for other purposes. And if we search by the term “digital”
it is found, 35 times throughout the bill. Now this Bill, isn’t proposing creating
a digital crypto dollar, but a digitized version of the existing dollar….According to the
draft, the digital dollar will be “dollar balances consisting of digital ledger entries
recorded as liabilities in the accounts of any Federal Reserve bank.”….. So, it would be on a digital ledger, as the
bill says, consisting of digital ledger entries, which means that they would be using a blockchain,
most likely a private consortium chain, fully controlled by the FED and it’s member organizations. But here is what is interesting, going back
to that Coindesk article, about the first bill being stripped of it’s digital dollar
language….they mention this bill at the end, and say it still mentions the digital
dollar, although “The language is expected to be removed from that bill as well, according
to a source familiar with the matter.” So again….why was it introduced to only
be strippep in the blink of an eye? We can’t just blink, and let fact that they
were planning on doing it slip right by, as I’m sure that is exactly why they did it…..the
elite, accidently revealed their ultimate plans & things are going to get hairy… So the FDIC, the Federal Deposit Insurance
Corporation, they are the agency that insures, your deposits in the bank, will be there. And the FDIC, isn’t the FED, its a completely
independent agency…The FDIC is the primary federal regulator of banks that are chartered
by the states that do not join the Federal Reserve System….aka they regulate the private
banks. And you know what they were created in response
too? Bank Failures and the bank runs during the
great depression, as there was a desperate scramble for cash, liquidity crunch and a
failing stock market…. Sound similar to what is going on right about
now? Well that ole FDIC, tweeted this yesterday…Forget
the mattress! Keeping large sums of cash at home is risky. The best place to protect your money is in
an FDIC-insured bank where it’s safe and sound. Learn how the FDIC safeguards your #money….well
let’s learn from FDIC chairman Jelena McWilliams…. So to me…that reeks of desperation, basically
begging you to keep your dollars with the banks…why would they do this? Because they knowwww a bank run is coming
& the banks across america, don’t have & never had the deposits to fulfill an American population
withdrawal. And that is why personally I think, we should
not count out the digital dollar… gotta realize something…..the head of the Treasury
Department, Steve Mnuchin, Snoochie Boochies…… Just brought on somebody, to the Office of
the Comptroller of the Currency. This branch? It serves to charter, regulate, and supervise
all national banks, the federally licensed branches and agencies of foreign banks in
the United States…basically regulates, what the FDIC doesn’t. So back in 2017, when Steve Mnuchin was brought
in as Treasury secretary…he was bringing some friends with him who worked at Onewest
bank…ya that bank, formerly IndyMac, who Steve bought after the financial crisis, changes
its name, and then was accused of highly unethical foreclosures, including on the elderly, on
many of the banks predatory loan victimes…. So who did he bring on? according to this CNBC article back when he
was nominated…..people familiar with the discussions, the Trump administration is considering
two of his deputies to head key regulatory agencies: former OneWest general counsel Brian
Brooks for the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and former OneWest chief executive
Joseph Otting for the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency. Well Joseph Otting, from OneWest made it,
he was sworn in shortly after, and he is currently the most powerful person in the banking industry,
as the comptroller of the currency. But Brian Brooks, ya we remember him, we talked
about him a few days ago, he didn’t get the position for the Consumer Financial Protection
Bureau… what Did Brian go do? He went to Coinbase, became their Chief Legal
Officer, and created the roadmap for USDC, coinbase’s digital dollar…. So when I made that video last week, about
Brian, leaving Coinbase, and joining the office of the comptroller, as their chief operating
officer….I didn’t realize Brian was best friends with Steve and Joseph, at Onewest,
these guys have worked together, really freaking closely….going back to the group Onewest
photo, there is Brian, and there is Joseph. So what is going on? Why was Brian suddenly brought on, after his
short stint at Coinbase? What was he even doing there? Well here is where things start to not make
full sense, but I will try to wrap it up towards the end. Steve Mnuchin’s words in December on a FEDcoin,
like a digital dollar. Lets listen in…. So Steve, says no way to a FEDcoin…but his
buddy is working in the private sector, being a strong advocate for crypto and stablecoins. Per example, just a month before steves public
words, in November of 2019, Brian authored this Fortune Magazine piece…A Digital Dollar
for a Strong United States Financial System….let’s just read some of his own words. The time has come for a tokenized version
of the dollar—and it’s not just those of us in the cryptocurrency world who think so. In recent months, senior U.S. officials have
been exploring the idea of minting greenbacks on the distributed ledger software known as
blockchain. The idea appears inevitable. The only question is who should create the
digital dollar: the government or the private sector? In it he explains, top FED officials and congress
pushing for it. Chris Giancarlo former CFTC head is a strong
advocate….and I like what he says here “the timing of these considerations is not coincidental—and
reflects new challenges to America’s role as the lynchpin of the global financial system….the
US needs to adopt one, and he highlights the pressures it is facing. Brian, then explains the path forward. “The true question facing our policymakers
is whether our government needs to create the digital dollar, or whether the private
sector can do so effectively. The best path forward is one that harnesses
our country’s remarkable capacity for innovation and also reflects government’s historical
practice of setting broad guide rails for private innovation within the financial system. That means letting innovators invent, and
letting the government regulate. In short: the private sector should build
the technology, and the public sector should set monetary policy.” Well let’s get back to Steve, because he
has had more recent words about cryptocurrency, in February, during the house hearing on the
2021 budget….just a month before he brought Brian onto his new position….. Doesn’t it seem like Mnuchie…Snoochie
boochies……might just be warming up to crypto, and he specifically brought up stablecoins,
like USDC, of which Brian has worked on. So my friends, if the government gets backed
into a Stimulus funding bill corner, which day by day seems more likely….are they going
to rely on private sector technology like USDC and Coinbase to issue the payments? Steve’s good buddy Brian, says, it’s the
way to go…and let’s just replay, what he said about “stablecoins”…..yup they
could be used
to reduce processing times, for small dollar payments….and let’s here what Steve said,
recently about getting money to americans. Ya in just 2 weeks, and that was a week ago. You got 7 days left. The traditional system will be impossible
if they want speed, next week, in 2 weeks, hell if even in a month… and partnering
with the private sector may be the only way. Cheers viewers I’ll see you next time

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    03:48 Removing It Too!? Why?

    04:08 Did The Elite Just Leak Their Digital Dollar Plan?

    05:04 The FDIC Says Keep Money In Banks?

    06:19 This Reeks of Desperation

    06:36 Do Not Count out The Digital Dollar

    07:15 Steve Mnuchin Brings OneWest Buddies to the Government

    08:04 Brian Brooks of OneWest Joins Coinbase

    08:45 Steve Mnuchin: To Crypto or Not?

    10:41 Brian Calls for the Private Digital Dollar

    11:32 The True Path Forward to a Digital Dollar

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  7. The digital dollar is a way for the federal government to track crypto trading and tax its users. Once its completed the next regulation we will see is outlawing BTC pairs and force exchanges to implement digital dollar pairs only for all crypto assets. Traders will be tracked and taxed. BTC value would crater at least for the short term and all other crypto assets would decouple completely from BTC.

    The idea of BTC pairs and measuring crypto in "sats" will be a thing of the past. Archaic and laughed at by the newer generation of crypto traders.

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  23. CHICO there will never be a run on US banks the government literally has infinite money to give to banks to let anyone withdraw. stop the nonsense bro

  24. Steve Mnuchin, Christine Lagarde, the IMF and the ECB have all told you that they will not use BTC or any mined asset. They have also told you that they want to be able to track every transaction and every coin from P2P and all levels. Thinking that the USDC is something new or that congress and the Fed just came up with it is a naive as it gets. Doing micro cross boarder payments in real time is something neither BTC or ETH can do. You need to start looking into the infrastructure and who is connected and was connected from day one. Are you beginning to see the picture yet? As for the digital dollar, I told people this was coming eleven years ago.

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