Urban Forex APP: STINU – Tutorial #2

Hi welcome back! So I hope that tutorial
is very useful for you and try to
understand how you can use this to do
your money management before you can get
into any trade. Now the couple of things
you want to do you want to turn on the
notifications for this app because every
now and then will send out a
notification telling you there’s a
webinar that’s coming up so if you have
some things that you like to learn about
the Forex industry or the futures
industry or the stock markets we’re
generally talking about techniques and
price action methods which can come very
handy. Now I’d like to just let you know
this app was originally built for me to
use and I’m now opening this up for the
rest of the world out there to get in on
it. So I really hope you
find this useful it’s something I really
needed a lot for myself because every
time I put my stop-loss in by the time
that the trade gets ready I’m like “oh no
wait now I need a different stop number”
and I used to always go back and input
all the information and that was causing
me a big headache. So I made this, this is
a very quick fast hack where it helps
you keep track of the right amount
so you can keep track of your progress.
Now the two different methods and why
they’re important if you want to do
percentage this is more geared towards
if you’re trying to work with
compounding all right if you have a high
win percentage then you might as well
go with a percentage allocation so you
want to do a percentage amount and then
that way you can you can compound as
your trades get better and better you’re
trading a little bit higher and higher
size automatically right, as you keep
your size keeps increasing automatically
at the 2% level. However, if you
want to keep track of your balance and
say every three months you want to then
evaluate and see how am I trading how
good in my trades but some of you guys
might be trading on the 1-hour some of
you guys are trading on the 10 minutes
some of you guys are trading on the
three-minute chart so whatever time
frame you’re trading let’s say you’re
trading multiple timeframes you might
have a risk tolerance of let’s say $50
per trade I don’t care what trade I’m in
no more than $50, then you want to go
with the amount okay because when you do
it based on the amount sometimes you’ll
have a trade that’s 50 pip stop-loss
another time you’ll have a trade that’s
only ten pips
stoploss. If you use the same lot size
one loss is gonna be so big compared to
the other when in actuality it’s only
two trades right? You want to know how
well you’re doing by keeping the amount
stable trade after trade after trade. So
this is ideal for those who are trying
to look for a little bit of perfection
into their trading trying to find out
where do I need to improve what is going
wrong what is going right with my
trading. So I personally use the dollar
amount constantly and in every few
months I evaluate and be like okay do I
need to raise them up raise the number a
little bit and I do that manually so
that can be very useful for you too. So
they’re both available it is
for you to decide what is more useful
for you. So I hope this entire tutorial
was useful for you I look forward to
seeing you in some of our future
webinars. Don’t forget you can also pick
up a free course from us by using the
links below otherwise you can don’t
forget to check out our other very
popular app called FX meter in which I’m
actually looking at the markets and
trying to understand every morning
before I sit down to trade where is the
money flow this is something we do
in-house it is not programmed we do it
in-house a colleague of Mines wakes up
every morning early he goes through all
28 Forex currency pairs looks at them
one by one and picks out which is the
ideal pair. So don’t forget again please
make use of this app it is very powerful
very clean very user friendly please
leave us a wonderful five-star review
and I look forward to seeing guys soon
in the future webinars. Cheers, thank you.

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