Unlimited FREE Mining Bitcoin (Live Withdrawal Proof) + Giveaway!

let’s double check if i receive the exact amount here
in my payment history at cryptotab
i receive the exact amount at coins ph wallet

legit, and this pays truly
i earn it for free by using browser
if you’re interested with extra income online
legit playing applications where you can earn
or any application tricks
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in today’s video i will share another way
where we can get free bitcoins by doing nothing

you can get free bitcoins literally

and you won’t do nothing

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i will explain to you how we can get free bitcoins

first, we need browser
it is the crypto tab browser

how could we get free bitcoins?
and what is this crypto tab browser?
this cryptotab is a normal browser
like mozilla, google chrome or any browser
but in crypto tab, it has built in mining feature
meaning, while using this browser
you can mine and earn crypto currency
which is the bitcoins
basically, the usual activities
while surfing will be monitized
like visiting sites, or watching videos
or chatting online while using cryptotab browser
one thing i like in this browser
aside from built in mining feature
it is fast and responsive
sometimes we experience
our google chrome crash or hung

since i use cryptotab
i’ve never encountered that this browser crash
or hung
even if i multitask and i open a lot of tabs
it never hung. In fact, it is really fast
by the way, cryptotab browser is available
to download in smartphone devices, android or ios

you can download this in play store and app store
the link is in the description
so you can download the cryptotab browser application
once you download and install
the crypto tab browser in your computer
just open and sign in your google account

the same as the google chrome
you can also import all your data
in google chrome up to crypto tab

you just have to sign in your gmail account
in your google chrome
and you have the option if you want to import all your data
like your history in google chrome
just go to this icon to sign in your gmail account
once you’re already signed in
to activate your mining
just click this icon which is the crypto tab icon
as you see, the mining is off
to activate, and to make it on
you can see here at this section
it’s off so you can drag or click that
and it will mine automatically
if you see that icon, it turns
and as you see here, those numbers are
hushrate per seconds
and you can also adjust the mining power
and you can also off

the higher you set the mining power
it’s faster for you to mine bitcoins
much better if it’s max
you can also log in your account in multi device

it’s good for computer shops
if you have computer shops you can setup
this crypto tab browser to your computers
if you have a lot of computer just log in your account

if you open the crypto tab it automatically mine bitcoins
much better if this browser is used as default
while you surf and watch youtube
at the same time you mine bitcoins
let’s have withdrawal test
if we can cash out what we mine here or not

welcome back again, as you can see
it’s already added to my coins ph wallet
the withdrawal which i request
0.00121304 btc
from crypto tab browser
let’s double check if i receive the exact amount
in my payment history at crypto tab
so i receive the exact amount
here in my coins ph wallet
legit, and this crypto tab browser truly pays
i earn it for free just by using browser
if you want to try this cryptotab browser
in your computers or
in your smartphones devices
the link is in the description to download the application
before i end this video, i will giveaway
what i earn here at crypto tab browser
and there would be winners of 100 pesos each
i will send it to your coins ph wallet adress
to join, you must comment 2 in comment section

first, just comment your ahp wallet adress in points
second, comment #ThatsChris

i’ll repeat again
your comment must be your ahp wallet adress
and #ThatsChris
to make our giveaways fair
i will use youtube comment picker tool
it’s random and there would be 5 winners of 100 pesos each
i will post the winners in my telegram channel
or my facebook fanpage after 2 days
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100 thoughts on “Unlimited FREE Mining Bitcoin (Live Withdrawal Proof) + Giveaway!

  1. Install and Earn Free Bitcoin Everyday!

    πŸ‘‰ http://bit.ly/Get-CryptoTab-Browser
    πŸ‘‰ http://bit.ly/Get-CryptoTab-Browser

  2. nc one sir. mas mabilis cia kaysa s chrome ko and at di same time ehhh ndi lag habang nag mimine ako. ask ko lng sir kung ndi b nia malalaman mga personal info ko if gumagamit ako ng laptop kc may mga browser n ganun ehh kinukuha nila data mo then minsan hahack nila???

    pa shoutpo sir thnx po.
    coins ph: 3JWwUCBz9ZfPCWi8KPb7HJarshiTz2QYvm

  3. 1AbregviqKD6hHqTBALC3hkjqT2w9xhuqP


    Always po ako nanonood ng video nyo po sir sana mapili ako wish ko lang po thank you for a wonderful content ganda po palagi ng mga video nyo di po sya nakakasawa ulit ulitin para maintindihan ung mga bagay na tutorial thanks po ulit

  4. Pa shout out po sa next video
    -Ivan Flores real name ko po silent viewer. Thanks po and God blessed.


  5. I always love your legit videos… πŸ˜πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘


  6. in fairness nice talaga na browser, im using macbook. mejo depende rin sa specs ng pc/lappy mo ang h/s pero at least d ka nakatututok. just leave it open doing the job for you.

  7. Not working po ba yung mining process sa android?huhu may nakalagay kasi dun na "True speed mining on the desktop version only "

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    Hello po tnx sa lahat ng vedios na si share nio po saamin pa shout out sa next ved.. Tx and GOD BLESS

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  10. What if po kapag ON yung mining tapos naka youtube ka? What i mean is hindi sa crypto browser ka nah youtube, mag mimine parin ba?

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    Ma try nga to sa mga computer shops keep it up po kuya Chris ganda ng content nyu kasi with proof of withdrawal

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