Tutorial : Ouvrir un compte chez ADVCASH | Open account on ADVCASH

Hi all, hope u guys are doin well
Today video=open of an advcash account
Many asked me for that,
on how to open one.
We’ll do a simulation to open an account,
with a fake identity , all from my imagination ! :p
It’ll be same for u.
we’ll see all functions, it’s quite simple !
U’ll have link right in the description.
So, Advcash website will provide u,
to buy monnaie and do to withdraws also.
U click on “LOG IN” right up corner
Asked me to login if i have already an account
Stil up right, we have “REGISTER”, we click on it.
U can choose PERSONNAL or BUSINESS account
Now we gonna create.
I’m gonna imagine, and u can do so,
for the simulation.
i put same informations as my email
I already create the email, and copied on “EMAIL”
I’m also gonna create accounts for…..for for for for, POLONIEX and BITTREX
with the same mail, like this u can see how it works
same for password, u put whatever u want
And we are asked to move a slider to proof we are a human and not a robot
So now…
Here we go ! I’m connected to my account !
So here, news, u have
all news about advcash,
all changements about
paiement methods,etc…
So, here u have details on your account NOT VERIFIED
u’ll have ID verification with some deposit funds methods
Credit card only , i think…
yes i get for credit card deposit.
For bitcoin deposit, u dont have verification.
So u have 3 wallets available
u have 3 devises, USD, EUR and Ruble cause Russian website
So nothing very hard
On top, u have different tabs
first one is for deposit
Verification, deposit ,
so u’ll have to do verification if u want to deposit with credit card,
so u’ll have to send ID, pictures of credit card (u can hide some numbers)
same for wire transfer
on thing cool to deposit on your advcash account,
u can put directly bitcoin on it, that’s what i use,
When u want to deposit, u
have the choice between the
3 devices and take the one
u’ll gonna put monney
So i think we can do a simulation,
like this u can see the fees.
So for 100 USD or EUR,
u have 4.11 $ or € of fees with credit card.
but what is cool is that for bitcoin, we dont have fees, we pay only 100$
U’ll just have fees to transfer from your bitcoin wallet as usual.
so here we are, recapitulation and u click CONFIRM
now u can pay with the tag or u send to bitcoin adress, u have 15 minutes, amount is here.
Quite simple.
So all this is for deposit, u have credit card, wire transfer
u also have good others payements methods, PAYZA, PAYEER,…
For funds transfer
Something cool is that u can transfer from a wallet to an other
i received some paiements
in USD and i need
EUR, and u have some
fees also, like usual.
so u can exchange USD to EUR or EUR to USD
if i do a test (dont know if
with 0.00 i can), and if u
click on the green icon with
the wallet, i can choose
So if i choose first USD, i can only change in EUR or Ruble
We can see the fees for a transfer of 1$, 0.13€
and click to continue. Good to do changes when u need some.
Next, u can also transfer on your advcash card, can be cool too.
U can do this after u ordered first the card.
U can also transfer on some cards (russian, Ukrainian and others.)
but i can’t use those ones 😉
Next is too convert USD
or EUR to a e-currency,
to crypto or others
wallets, lile PAYZA,PAYEER ot bitcoin
So u can buy bitcoins if u have money on advcash, and transfert it on bitcoin wallet
“To E-mail” , never used,but it’s
to send money to other people, via
email, but this person must have an
advcash account to have the money.
Yes that’s it
Cash is only for Russia and Ukraine.
U can exchange too, with others like SKRILL and Neteller.
So most important, Deposit Funds.
U do your choice, if credit card=fees + verification.
So u can decided to buy bitcoin here or if we take exemple for genesis mining
after u received yout bitcoins from them on your wallet, like me on EXODUS
From Exodus wallet, i
send on advcash my
bitcoins by a deposit of
funds, with bitcoins.
After, to cash out this money, advcash have a debit card
U can choose the currencie, between USD and EUR (for me will be EUR ;))
U have 2 cards=Virtual one (for online orders) and physical one (to cash out)
When u open your advcash account, u have a discount for the physical one
the cost for physical is 4.99€ during 7 days.
U open an account, u buy the card until end of 7 days, u just pay 4.99€
After those 7 days, price is 14.99€
There are fees too for this card,
but i’ll do other video with
my own account to show u how
much u’ll have when u cash out.
or u’ll see by yourself if u order one and do some simulations.
It’s finish for today 🙂
If u have questions, but it’s quite simple to use and understand, i’m here.
U also have a referral program,
u can earn money when people subscribe with your link.
Can be cool too, u can look at if needed.
Now u saw all those importants fonctions of advcash.
U can leave a comment, i’ll be glad to answer.
Thx to new subscribers !! not a lot but it’s very important for me, thx again ! 🙂
Have a good day and see u soon ! PEACE OUT !! 🙂

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