Turn Human Ashes Into Diamonds

what about Louis as we move on here
churning the ashes Ave deceased relative
into diamonds this is a story on NPR
and it is incredible there’s a Swiss
company called al gore dons a
which takes cremated human remains
and under very high heat in very high
pressure that mimic the conditions deep
within the earth that create diamonds
compresses the human remains into
diamonds Rinaldo willie
is the company’s founder and CEO he says
he came up with this idea about ten
years ago
and that his customer base now reaches
24 countries he says every year
they take the remains %uh 800 to 900
people and three months later they exit
as diamonds to be kept in a box or
turned into jewelry
he says most of the stern stones come
out blue
because it trace amounts to boron in the
human body
all those occasionally one will come out
yellow or gray or black
most of the people are being delivered
the remains are being delivered by
relatives of the deceased
what do you think about this it cost
five thousand to twenty two thousand
dollars it cost as much as some funerals
and this is the same laboratory process
that is used to create synthetic
it basically reduces the ash into carbon
and then applies intense heat and
pressure for weeks
and then you basically have something
that closely resembles a diamond
most of the time according to willie
people take the diamonds to jewelers
and then they make it into like a ringer
a pendant that you can actually
physically where
yeah I think it’s kinda creepy and it’s
pretty pricey
by in makes a.m. much more sense than
then burying people
which eventually do to you the
population increases will just be
I am but at all so as I said before I I
find something
appealing about being buried in
returning to the earth by yada yada yada
I don’t know if it makes people happy
good at the rate we’re at the question
is it just another way for people to
deal with the
kinda hereof or uncertainty
around death either if you are the one
having this done here relative or if you
sign up to have this done to yourself
when you when you pass away
it really changes the meaning of the
term family jewels though doesn’t
it really dies in you know what this is
a much better way to get diamonds
badnaam than those blood diamonds are
conflict diamonds right
that’s a fair point attitude that that’s
an industry that i won nothing to do

100 thoughts on “Turn Human Ashes Into Diamonds

  1. The human heart turns into a lump of coal during cremation, wonder what result that part of the remains might make?

  2. I think that turning Ashes into a diamond was a great idea when you think of space in terms of our environment. One question are the gems as valuable as they cost?

  3. Creepy. But others find my plan creepy-leave all of my remains intact to a medical school anatomy department.  I can't even donate blood or organs for medical reasons, but this lets me make a contribution to others, save my family money, and not contribute to a morbid and exploitative industry.

  4. I'd rather my corpse be turned into a diamond than rot in a hole.Sign me up, of course the scientific community gets first dibs.

  5. NOOOOOO!!!! I had this for an idea to make money. I was going to use the carbon to make "mourning rings" for widows or for family members. FUCK

  6. I would like to take a moment to think about this. This is a really cool advancement in human technology but it is ungodly creepy when you think about it. You could actually let's say take your deceased mother's ashes and convert it into a diamond and have that diamond become a wedding ring for your wife so basically your wife is basically wearing your mother. Yikes0.0

  7. unfortunately this industry is full of frauds and fakes. You'll never have a complete diamond from ashes. Just not enough carbon. mgstpp ftw

  8. I won't scatter your sorrow to the heartless sea. I will always be with you, plant your roots in me. I won't see you end as ashes. You're all diamonds…We are Diamond Dogs.

  9. Bullshit!!

    You pay thousands to turn a loved one into a diamond, however if 45 diamonds were created then you're only getting 6 -10.

    Not to mention, that's basically saying:

    "Hey, even though this human being is your flesh and bones and belongs to you, we're still going to charge for your arm, legs, & limbs, and if you refuse to pay you will go to jail for taking what's technically yours."

    Like . . . .

    "Take your god-damn hands off my child, mother, son, father (or whatever), now!"

    👑Vine: Alana Aga

  10. The guy who comments after the guy is done reading is pretty dim, he should find work with McDonald's or BK he's not suited to comment on things. The number of people that would have to die to exceed the earths land is astronomical someone please make him stop speaking

  11. Told my hubby the more he eats, the larger my diamond will be. He told me not if I don't die 1st..then he took another bite of his dessert..lol. Before anyone comments how terrible, my guy and I share a twisted unique sense of humor. Sometimes in this world you have to find humor…

  12. This has actually been debunked as a sort of scam. After cremation, there is very little carbon left in the ashes. You would need something the size of grandmas head to make a average size diamond. What you really get is a synthetic diamond which may or may not have a grain of human carbon as part of the mix. But you will never know. Its much easier to just toss the ashes once they receive them and send you a man made diamond at 3 times the going price of a real one. And worst of all, man made diamonds are only worth about 1/2 the value of a natural diamond on the open market and diamond experts can tell the difference even if they are technically real diamonds.

  13. I think it's a good idea because it's a way to remember a loved one. You can carry your mom as pendant. It's like having them in urn

  14. Why not put them in No. 2 pencil lead. We were once born in the flesh and now we shall never leave this earth in flesh. Serve your purpose and continue to help others regardless.

  15. So ur telling me when I die I will become this shiny gemstone that is eventually gonna be left on the counter from a divorce?

  16. I won't scatter your sorrow to the heartless sea, Plant your roots in me, We'll make diamonds from their ashes, take them into battle with us
    We are diamond dogs

  17. I have to say that I am one of those guys that love this idea and has actually looked up ashes to diamonds when my dog died, it's not that expensive. For example, the prices for turning a pet into a diamond is $495 at www.everdear.co and I think that price is really reasonable for 8 months of work they put into making a memorial diamond.

  18. I think this is pretty cool!! Better than having grandpa in a box on the mantel….still not as good as just putting a body that has not been embalmed in a pine box to decompose naturally, letting nature reprocess the energy, but cool to wear grandma and grandpa around town!!

  19. better use turning pedophiles rapists and snitches to diamonds. The most positive the rothschilds and their fake asses pedophile pussy gang to something to tolerate

  20. There's essentially no carbon left in cremains. Milligrams bound as carbonate. Pretty much all of the carbon leaves as co2 in cremation. What are they making into diamonds?

  21. I want my ashes to be made into a diamond on the hilt of a sword that will be passed of to my future wife and future firstborn child

  22. Imagine someone walking up to you and say "wow what a nice necklace you got! What is it made of?" And you answer "thank you! It's made of my grandma and other 800 dead people!"

  23. I think it's awesome, the idea that your body becomes a diamond after you die xD
    Or the idea of having a diamond made out of a loved one, a person you really cared about, family, a friend or something, it would be really meaningful.
    It's just that people today are so easily disturbed by anything, sexual preferences, beliefs, technology, robots, genetic engineering, brain implants for improved cognitivity, etc. society is all full of faggots.

  24. When I die, I want to be turned into a diamond. Before I die, I want to pick a ring setting with room for other gems (my family). I want to be turned into a family heirloom to be passed down for generations.

  25. Before spending huge sums of money on cremation diamonds, read this free report from the insurance industry investigation: http://cremationdiamondreport.com/

  26. Family jewels 💎

    My dream is to be know all through out history the first squires to be remembered I want to start over make a new family tree with my kids following a tradition I would love to have half of. My ashes turn to diamonds and the other half used in the soil OF a Bonsai tree I want all of my family to be buried this way . I’ll buy some land either my daughter can travel with me through jewelry And I can be with nature at the same time .

  27. Hmmm In the future my dna would still be around in a gem or a bonsai. Lol so I might get revived just a Science fiction thought

  28. This reminds me of the resurrection stone from Harry Potter. Could I possibly become a haunted ring? What if I could own a necklace made from deceased souls.

  29. My family plans to cremate all of our ashes into seperate diamonds and put them in a collection cabinet my lola got, instead of making them into a pendant or jewlery where we could easily lose it.

  30. me and my descendants finna make a diamond grill for our great great great grandson to wear

  31. I want to be rich enough to turn a loved one onto a synthetic diamond and putting them into the hilt of a shortsword, my bucket list is to have this done to me

  32. this is interesting. you are turned into ashes through fire then the carbon is grown into a diamond. a diamond that collect interest every month. cool.

  33. This is one of our best friends who invented this. He married my wife's best friend and I remember when Greg would get so drunk he would vomit in his mom's car. He thought this idea up in 10th grade at Harlem high school. He was a stoner till 12th when he had the highest GPA at school. He started Lifegem around 96 and now is a multi-millionaire. For all you stoner kids, there is hope. Greg is also the one behind cashless/cardless payments. You go into a grocery store, fill your cart and bag everything then walk out without paying. a scanner reads a chip you have that is linked to a bank account or central account. Yes, he is a Lincoln park liberal now sadly but still supports Trump for his pro-business policy.

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