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first piece of news I want to show you
guys is the CBOE recommends that the SEC
allows Bitcoin exchange traded funds
this is good news as a sign of you know
people are tell so the CBOE global
market they wrote a letter to the US
Securities and Exchange Commission with
the SEC recommending they not interfere
in the development of a Bitcoin exchange
traded fund because they are similar to
other commodity based ETFs this is our
March 23rd today it’s March 27 or ready
a little while back now this is good
news to me because I guess the US is
struggling to adopt cryptocurrency
there’s a lot of you know type of
situations with the US and some other
countries as well but not many when it
comes to cryptocurrency and we’re seeing
other countries you know have no problem
adopting it and I think going forward
it’s going to be interesting to see how
cryptocurrency kind of can change the
dynamics of who’s on top because if you
don’t adopt this technology in another
country does and you know they adopt it
well and it does super well for them
they could you know up and be the
up-and-coming country and you know
eventually take over compete for you
know biggest country in terms of economy
and everything in it so definitely
something to watch out countries that do
not adopt this technology in my opinion
could be left behind and that’s not
something anyone wants so I guess the
CBOE global markets kind of roll
letter to them is kind of saying come on
now it’s time come Bella you you you
don’t want to be left behind let’s get
this rolling so this is good news to me
hopefully so that continues to happen
people kind of push towards adoption and
countries and things that are doing that
I’m doing them well already kind of can
you know I think the more proof we have
that it works the more people are gonna
start adopting and whatnot but
definitely I did like this article and I
like the fact that they brought a letter
to the u.s. to the sec recommending that
they not interfere I thought that was
pretty funny so second piece of news I
want to talk about South Korea’s largest
multi-billion dollar conglomerate enter
the cryptocurrency market so here is NH
n entertainment corporation better known
as NH n is a 1.2 billion dollar company
founded in 2013 so it’s not that old
worth 1.2 billion dollars I wish that’s
what I’ve been doing since 2013 I really
do but it operates under the name hand
game communications from 1999 ori
operated under the name hand game
communication meant an end to 2013 ok so
they’ve been around for a little long
alongside Nexen NH n remains the largest
gaming conglomerate in south korea with
a market valuation of 1.2 9 trillion
Korean Won so on March 21st the local
cryptocurrency focused media outlets
reported that the NH n founded OKC coin
formerly the world’s of the biggest
crypto currency exchanges China prior to
the country’s crypto currency trading
ban in 2017 was to launch OKC Korea so
you guys can check out OKC coin it s it
is actually pretty cool um I’d know very
little bit about it I know more about
the masternodes side of it and I was
looking at it actually to make a video
about master nodes and how those things
are set up so maybe I’ll still do that
let me know if you guys are interested
in that down below and the third
probably the coolest piece of
information that I saw and something you
guys told me about yesterday and
honestly they tweeted this maybe 20
minutes after I click stop recording on
my video yesterday no joke it was like
it was crazy the timing but their
excites when so coinbase tweeted we’re
excited to announce our intention to
a theory of ERC 20 technical standards
for coinbase
in the coming months we are not
announcing support of any specific
assets today so main thing do not pump
the price of a coin based on this do not
buy into a coin I guess you could buy
into speculating but there is no confer
confirmation there’s no guaranteed
nothing but coin base is gonna add
support for ERC 20 tokens and you guys
know there’s a lot of the RC 20 tokens
out there and a lot of I cos are now our
year see token 20s are ERC 20 tokens as
well it’s you know I guess coinbase
adding this they’re realizing that
they’re falling behind when it comes to
what everyone else is doing no Finance
has so many all coins it’s my by far is
my favorite exchange and they are now
wanting to add fee up to crypto for alt
coins so I guess coin base is kind of
trying to do the same thing they’re
gonna try and bring in some other all
coins that you can therefore buy with
Fiat so that would be very interesting
to see how that works again if they do
do this then it would be a great move
forward for them cuz we know a lot of
people have been struggling because coin
base has not been making any moves they
seem like they’ve kind of they’re kind
of content with where they were at
nothing that’s the case is kind of what
it came off as to me but now hopefully
we see these guys do a lot more things
now obviously people are gonna say it’s
Tron because Iran is probably the most
talked about ERC 20 token only me are
see 20 token for now though can change
and so let’s see a Dex RPG I guess
that’s he wants X rpm we see that every
month we see people think that yeah x RP
is gonna be what’s at point base x RP
pumps we’ve talked about that anyways
but again so this is cool this is good
news more coins on coin base would be
great we know coinbase said that in 2018
they want to add a lot more crypto
currencies a lot more alt coins and this
is a step in that direction they say in
the coming months so still nothing is
you know it’s not anything recent we
have no idea which ones it’s just
they’re going to be
to support it that’s all that’s going on
right now and they wanted to give us
that update now let’s take a look at the
overall markets let’s jump right says
cuz we do have a little bit of we have
quite a decent amount of news in the
last hour everything looks to be pretty
good however in the day we still have a
lot of red tron however being up 8.34
percentage when i talk about that in
just a bit but first what i wanted to go
over was litecoin actually like coins at
a hundred and forty three dollars like
ones looking very very cheap at the
moment let’s jump right let’s take a
look at their charts yeah so looking
very very cheap similarly to the whole
markets they have you know we had that
this chart basically is what the market
looks like in the last few months so
huge pump corrected huge a pump again
after and a correction so but it is down
to one hundred forty three dollars the
Loic did over here one hundred twenty
nine so it’s getting very close to that
point it definitely might be another
buying opportunity for those people who
want it now guys i just want to throw
this in before we continue that this is
what i use to track my portfolio
everyone asks me how I track profits and
loss I got so many questions yesterday
about this as well how do you track
profits and losses how do you track
trades and everything trust me I hate
having to put it in manually and that’s
what I used to think I have to do but I
use the bit universe app they have you
both on Android and iOS they have a ton
of cool features which I’m gonna go over
later later on in another video so stay
tuned for that
but for now just know this is what I use
it’s a great app you can sync everything
to it so that everything you do on
Finance it’ll update automatically on
here and it’ll track your profits and
it’ll track everything so that’s what I
use to track my portfolio I used to use
black folio I moved over to bit universe
hopefully that answers a lot of the
questions you guys had but back to like
coin what’s basically going on with like
coin and here I want to show a few
tweets that came out and an announcement
that came out as well about light pace
so out of the top 20 coins this was by
Charlie Lee the official Charlie Lee
account litecoin actually has held
itself as um out of the top 20 coins
like coins ranked second in terms of
drop from each coins respective all-time
high like coins actually
fairly well in this bearish market so
basically like one hasn’t fallen as much
as other cryptocurrencies falling out of
the top 20 litecoin has been one of the
ones to fall the least compared to other
cryptocurrencies in the top 20 cuz we
know a lot of them have fallen over 50
percent from their all-time high which
is a great buying opportunity but you
know Charlie wanted to state again
harmonious coin obviously as he should
that like coins not doing as bad as
other coins now another thing I did have
to go over with you guys is the whole
like pace situation that was going to
happen so Charlie Lee tweeted again like
everyone else we got too excited about
something that was too good to be true
and we optimistically overlooked many of
the warning signs he started to have
hyped it and again he tweeted he was
commenting on the tweet over here which
is the litecoin foundation tweet talking
about an announcement regarding light
pay which if you click on you get this
so what happened was the light Cohen
Foundation was contacted by Kenneth um
asari CEO of light pay informing us that
he has ceased all operation preparing to
sell the company so prior to that the
foundation had approached Kenneth
regarding less regarding his less than
transparent nature basically was go your
ons they had an agreement you know they
were going to get that going and now
this guy decided to first he asked for
more money and when like coin said no
because they didn’t know where the funds
was going because he wasn’t being
transparent he then he has told them
that he is seizing all operations and he
is going to sell the company now this is
very unfortunate for like coin there was
a lot of prose going on with them and
this whole thing it was a vlog people
are very very excited for it but this is
not the end of the world as we can see
this didn’t actually affect the price
too much like coin had a nice little run
before and this was when you know the
whole life pan then people were talking
about the fork that was coming out which
was again not an actual like coin fork
by litecoin this was by someone else so
I don’t know if any of you guys got
involved with that but still um you know
like when it is down for the whole
markets down so this isn’t I wouldn’t
really attribute that to the reason it’s
down three point
79% it’s just a shame to see that happen
now they are going to continue looking
to find another way to get you know that
whole infrastructure going and hopefully
it works out well with them and
hopefully they manage to get that sorted
here pretty soon if they do and
everything goes well again it’s another
opportunity for litecoin to make some
very very big moves and to you know make
some very very big price moves hopefully
but again I’m gonna keep you guys
updated with that for now all the only
information we have is that did not work
now Tron is well actually out of all
coins in the red Tron is actually in the
green today and in the week a lot of
coins are in the red as well but Tron is
actually in the green as well in the
week just go into the it’s actually go
into the one-month let’s take a look at
the one month one month look like so
Tron had an all-time low here obviously
not an all-time low but it had a low
point here at 2.4 cents so that’s
basically half of where we are right now
a little bit more than half but still
ever since then we’ve seen some nice
price action that’s because of
everything that’s coming on it’s gonna
be happening in the next coming days
actually so day slash weeks I guess last
month’s 2 so we have you know there’s
Exodus there’s the test launch there’s
some there’s the test net launch there’s
a main net launch
there’s the beta launch the coin burn
started out too slow coin burn so it’s
not going to affect the price
immediately want to make sure that’s
clear I’ve mentioned that several times
in previous videos but I’ve seen a lot
of you guys still ask me I don’t want
you to be misinformed so it’s gonna be a
slow coin Brent’s not going to affect
the price immediately at all but
everything else everything else that’s
coming a lot of people are preparing for
that and they’re buying their bags and I
know a lot of you guys have been holding
this tron for a long long time and I
know some of you guys pick some up over
here when I was commenting about how low
it wasn’t we were getting close to at
the time where I thought it was gonna
start picking up in price so for those
of you guys who have picked them up over
here and on any of these prices actually
congratulations you guys are up with
profit and hopefully it continues to do
well for you now keep in mind guys
usually when it comes up to
announcements like this
I personally sell usually the day before
the things actually happen simply
because there’s you
correction after and I’m not saying
that’s the case with Tron it really
depends on a lot of factors but
personally that’s just how I play it as
a safe investment I sell if I’m thinking
short-term if you’re thinking long-term
again I wouldn’t worry about if it
corrects it’ll correct and then if it
does well and goes back up after it’ll
go back up after but you have to be
confident your investment to see it go
down again because in the cryptocurrency
market it’s impossible to know if things
are gonna go up or things are going to
go down and for how long in any market
it’s honestly impossible to predict but
Bitcoin dominance almost at 45 percent
would be another high and the market cap
however at three hundred three hundred 1
billion dollars so again a little low
but if we look at the technical analysis
which we have right here that we’ve been
doing for some time we actually see that
I told you guys it would have to end
down here yesterday and then today we’d
have to have another red day for me to
claim that we have broken support and we
are going down now that wasn’t the case
we actually ended the day over here
start of the day here and we’re still
holding strong at the eight thousand
dollar support line currently prices
8040 so it’s exactly at the support line
I drew basically a little bit more than
that but yeah so things are looking
solid still I’m not concerned now can
price drop of course price can we’re
talking about we’re all expecting big a
big run in May which is some that I
talked about yesterday’s video so if you
guys haven’t gone check that out make
sure you go check that out but we’re
expecting big money to flow in in May
and over the summer
until then honestly it’s gonna be a game
of ups and downs it’s all about
preparing your portfolio honestly I’m
preparing my portfolio for the next god
like two years three years four years I
want that type of portfolio I want to
buy coins now that I think are going to
last very very very very very very very
few of severa of a very very small
percent of my portfolio is actually
short term trading and short term buys
and sells to try and you know only if
news comes out like you know the whole
nano thing the whole nem thing those
types of things I’ll buy and I’ll make
some easy to 3x profits but for the most
part I’m just buying the coins that I
think are here to stay
and the coins that I think are going to
be big factors in the future so that’s
how I’m building my portfolio but I know
everyone does it differently so you guys
don’t have to do it my way at all
you guys can do it whatever way you want
but guys hopefully you guys enjoyed this
video if you guys did don’t forget smash
that thumbs up button if you guys did
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you guys actually that’s gonna be in the
comment section I try to put it
everywhere so you guys can all
participate but guys thank you so much
for watching I’ll see you guys tomorrow
for another video


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  61. I'm so excited but so nervous at the same time! This weekend will either strengthen my faith in the crypto world or take the wind outta the sail!
    Patrick you keep me informed day in and day out! My thoughts of becoming financially secure is hopefully only a crypto coin away!

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