Train Your Brain To Make More Money

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  1. What is the biggest problem you’re facing

    in your life right now?

    Comment below. I might just make a video

    and solve that problem for you.

  2. I always saw money as a "thing" and did not try to develop a relationship with money
    I do Love "money" I'm turned on by "money" …..

  3. I thought I was wired because of the hidden unexpressed feeling for money! damn Dan I'm coming out the closet!!
    everyone around me will know how l feel about my relationship with money.

  4. True I like how you said that people put those things in my mind without my permission so I wouldn't want anymore of that bad programming in my brain those are negative weeds in my garden I understand my brain yes I feel good now I make money thank you. How I make small commodities work for me and working it up with patience faith diligence patience and long suffering I have some control of cashflow now before I had it or thought it was possible now I know how I should treat money

  5. In as much as I love and cherish my children I have strongly recommended your videos to them and to several other people that I like no offense but I absolutely refuse to mention your name anywhere near someone I do not like that's just the way I am but I really appreciate your videos I greatly appreciate what you are doing for people and trying to give them honest advice on how to succeed developed more high paying skills simple is that that's so simple and yet you can expound on it so well oh thank you

  6. The love of money is the root of all evil. Strange how I know what you are going to say….and the one thing that stood out was a banker once told me.. money is a tool… like a fork. I really like the idea of the way you explain this…its about the who you are. THANK YOU FROM ALL THAT I AM.

  7. One thing i like about you Dan is you say it in a way that i can understand it clearly. Just like you said that what you say have been already said and published somewhere else. Just like a cook. You can cook the same dish just like any good cook can but you can cook it better than anybody else. You do not invent a dish but you cook it in such a way that people will want it more than the others.

  8. Great video, Dan!! FYI…Pena and Cardone are the best wealth/sales/businesses coaches on YouTube!! I appreciate the content!

  9. I have been working as bank teller for a long time and some day i counted million dollar.I enjoy touch smell and feel money.My lovely currency is US dollar.

  10. Dan, tomorrow I have an speech (oral presentation) and it's a free theme, I can talk about whatever I want, so I picked this video and I'm learning to then share my knowledge (yours too :D) because I think, normally everybody thinks the negative way about money and I want to change their minds like you changed mine.
    Also the tricky thing is a I have to said It in spanish so I got to translate it (which I already did) but it is easier to talk in english because your video is english hahahaha. Also my native language is spanish, as you said there is nothing easy in this life than something worth hard doing it.

  11. Business is great, but nobody can buy humor, peace, love, and real friends. Apareance cheating all the time. Remember.

  12. Sifu! Thank you for always braking things down to a simple level . You have been the only on in Youtube that I have seen that knows how to make a connection with others while actually sharing genuine knowledge. Must people want you to subscribe to things right away and sound overly aggressive.Listening to you is like listening to an old friend that truly wants the best for you . My wife and I watch you and would like to thank you for what you do !

  13. It's very very true, especially when viewing money as our spouse. We automatically begin to realise all the crap that we've been saying through all the time and that too subconsciously. Undoubtedly, there are many such wrong beliefs about money in my mind. I would schedule one of your masterclasses that you shared with me on my messenger for a few days (as you talked similar things to this video), I'll listen in parts and would love to change my mindset for money for rest of my life. Thanx Dan!

  14. i used to have bad thinking about money like you said….but, since i have a job…i become love it.. But still stuck to make more money. I have invest my money in stocks, mutual funds…but i need more income every month. The stocks and mutual funds are for future…it doesnt give me money every month. Any advice?

  15. Dan, are you sure you don't owe a lot of your thinking to Richard Bandler? It seems to me you do πŸ˜‰

  16. Shifu, you a so refreshingly different. I wanted to have a good relationship with money. I couldn't just find an effective way. Today I did.

    Love you shifu.πŸ™

  17. Changed my life,, but dont know what to choose now? Study and normal vs Starting making money, sharpen my skills!!

  18. Wow. Great analogy Dan! I now understand my relationship with money is not great and I now know what I need to change. Thank you!

  19. I’m happy to know I don’t say ANY these things to my wife or about money. I’m constantly trying to increase each area of my Wealth Triangle. Thanks Mr. Lok.

  20. I love money and Money loves me.
    I am Money Machine.
    I am Abundance.
    I am Money Magnet.
    I am Attracting More money everyday from Different Sources..
    Universe is giving me More money..
    Thank you Thank You Thank you Universe….☺

  21. I still remember you saying in another video
    β€žWhat if money grow on trees?β€œπŸ‘β˜ΊοΈ
    Yeah, what if… πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”

  22. Be grateful people! We are so blessed to get such valuable informations for free. We must appreciate this man's time and effort for creating such valuable content.

  23. I would say my biggest problem is not knowing myself enough to know what I would like to do for a career or to start a business. Listening to your videos is starting to open up my mind, which is what I need! Thank you Dan.

  24. Each time I hold my money I'm going to tell $$ how much I lover them all. Money is not neat but is definitely not dirty.

  25. The problem i facing now my salary its small and i have a lot of responcibilit to keep my family and my parents looking for me,their to old now i cant save the mony from my salary

  26. Wow! I watch a LOT of your videos and they are all good but this is absolutely mind blowing video Dan!

    It really struck me as I really am not a person who puts money first or don't really understand money… basically I do many of the nono you mentioned. While on the other hand I strive for luxurious living and I got Masters in Corporate Finance and been in Finance for 9 yrs but it just doesn't relate to me.

    No matter what, thank you for the profound video and I will try hard to change my mindset for money!

    Thanks Dan!

  27. LAW OF ATTRACTION , always say positive things about money, when you see money you must always be excited , you must love money like you love your parter , child , a best friend etc . You must always see money as something that can make your life better, and money will always COME TO YOU

  28. Yes I love money, I talk about money, I feel very great whenever money is around me, Guess what? Money is my best friends… Ever since I fell in love with money, money has always been around me . 2020 here I come ready to make more money… Thanks DANNY πŸ‘

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