Trademen 4% profit daily! Review (Paying)

Good day everyone!
This is Aiza Mercado.
Before I post about free btc, free paypal earnings
or free sites that we can possibly earn.
Allow me to give review about this website
which is,
Disclaimer: This is just a video review
and all the things that I will tell you in this video
is base in my own opinion only.
And honestly,
I’m going to tell you on what
I have observe in this website.
If it’s good to invest here or if not.
Alright, in this website you will earn 4% daily
good for 100 days.
They will give 4 percent per day, from monday to friday
and during saturdays and sundays they will give
1.75 percent.
Minumum deposit must be 20 dollars,
maximum deposit is unlimited, withdrawal is instant
and plan duration is 100 days.
Referral income 7% in level 1,
level 2 is 3% and level 3 is 1%.
One factor that we should look on a
website is their statistics.
Days online – 6 days
Total invested 6,502 US dollars,
total paid 1,128 US dollars,
total investors 365
For me, it’s fine to invest here since
this platform is still new and their website.
They accept bitcoin, lite coin and perfect money.
They also have business certificate.
This one is just a white paper
Currently I will try to invest in this website
and I will also deposit.
I will select btc, in my coinsph account I have here
I dont want to use all this, so lets try 2000 US dollars
then click spend.
Btc wallet address will appear here where to send
Just copy it
and the exact amount of bitcoin
that I will send.
go to BTC, paste the wallet address
and the exact amount, copy it too.
So $2000 is equivalent to 100,000 pesos
Wow, i really invested a lot!
What is for?
Let’s put “package 1”.
And click send.
Now success!
But for now, I will skip few days to earn profit.
And ofcourse, I’ll be back to prove
if we can really withdraw here
or not. So stay tune.
Welcome back to my dashboard and you can see
I already earned 115 US dollars
and I will now try to withdraw it.
Select cryptocurrentcy
And your balance will appear, mine is 115
then here
you will put your bitcoin wallet address,
you can use coinbase, or
or any btc wallet since it is universal.
Enter here the amount you wanted to withdraw
I entered 115 USD
and it is said that withdrawal here is instant
so we will click request.
Then double check
and proceed.
So it’s good.
“Thank you! Your withdrawal is confirmed.”
Check withdrawal history, you can see
type, amount and date.
And in our balance section, is 0 since we have
withdraw it already.
Let us check our
Here is it, receiving money
0.00969425 btc.
So in this part, I will give my opinion
about this website.
Basically, it is so HYIP
because we can earn up to 4% daily.
And if you’ll ask me it’s fine to invest here
for me, it is very HYIP (high-yield investment program)
but it’s still okay to invest
since their website is new.
Last time it was 6 days, and now is their 8th day.
So can still earn.
And we know in HYIP works
first in first out. Which means that if you’re
the first one to invest
you will also the first one to get payed
Be careful in investing
and I always disclaim that invest what
you can afford to loss,
if you are a risk taker you will go for it.
And now, I am more focused in trading
and lie low myself in investment platform
because bitcoin price have increased so much.
So this ends our short video about, and my review about this site.
I hope this could help in your investments.
If ever you have a suggestions websites
that you want me to review, just comment
down below.
And weekly, we will try to upload videos
where i need to review a certain platform.
Thank you for watching. Again, this is Aiza Mercado
and have a great day!

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  2. I also want to try this but I don't have money for the minimum investment.๐Ÿ˜ฅ
    Love the video thoโคโค

  3. hi ate Aiza pa review naman po ng Zevs trade ng join kasi ako at free lng di ko alam kung legit ba talaga salamat po๐Ÿ˜

  4. guys .. mai alam akong site nah maganda mag invest dun .. *2 in 12 months ..
    isipin niyo guys walang legit kapag madali lng ..

  5. Maam aiza Grabehh Dami mo ng Pera!๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ solid Subscriber po ako sa iyong channel!..
    Pahingi nman kahit konting btc Maam!
    Eto po yung Btc Adress Ko!๐Ÿ˜Š

  6. Mam aiza bakit di na po mawithdraw yung sa btc online account 1109 naman po ang referrals ko anu po kaya ang problema mam

  7. at sana po miss aiza . matutulungan mo yung mahihirap , yung parang ikaw po mag trade ng pera ng mga tao na gusto kumita,

  8. i give you LIKE just because i appreciated what you do but not for what are you win. I never win btc or money and i have 1 year in btc, i use just coinpot but btconline or invest in another place no because they are not pay me. Maybe is the fault my country ip (Romania)

  9. Baka sakali lng nmn may gusto mag invest. No need invite o ano man. Monthly nga lng ang kitaan. Share ko lng nmn hahaa minimun 50k. Tpos 15% lagi ng puhunan m. Ndi to gaya ng networking n dpat mag invite k para kumita lng. Wala lng gusto ko lng share

  10. Miss Aiza, bale hung instant withdrawal for ROI lang and makukuha mo yung whole amount of investment after 100 days tama? Just like hpxcrypto? Di ako nakabawi doon eh. ๐Ÿ˜‚

  11. hi mam…pwde nyo po bng mgawan ng video ung sa brave browser ads?..kung panu malalaman kung may ads & kung panu ang right way to view & ilang seconds ang minimum para ma credit ung viewing po??…thanks po…new referral nyo po kc aq sa brave browser..๐Ÿ˜‡๐Ÿ˜‡๐Ÿ˜‡

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    God less and more power sa iyo at sa channel mo.
    luv luv luv…… More hugz !!!

  14. Hi Ma'am Aiza, good afternoon. maam tanong lang po. Ex. nag lagay po ako ng $20 tapos after 5 days gusto ko po dagdagan puwede pobayun kahit hindipa po tapos yung 100 days ng $20 na una ko po ilagay. salamat

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