Time: The Cosmic Currency

Time. Time is the currency of the cosmos.
And unlike any other resource we have, time is something we can’t get more of. We can’t
earn more. We can’t make more. We spend it whether we want to or not. right now you
are spending seconds that you will never experience again. The average human lives 72 years, which is
about 37 million minutes of time. From the moment we’re born our life has an expiration
date on it. The clock begins to count down and our reserves of time begin to dwindle. We obsess over time. We worry about the future
and regret about the past. We forget about the present moment while precious seconds
slip through our fingers. We waste time anticipating and planning, paralyzed by the fear of failure
in the present. And we don’t even recognize how incredibly
valuable time is. For some reason we forget just what it can buy: opportunity. Time gives
us the opportunity to purchase experiences. And isn’t that what life’s all about?
Living it, collecting memories and realizing the potential inside of ourselves? You and every other human are equals in this
regard. From the wealthiest human being on Earth to the poorest people in abject poverty
— they are all equally wealthy with time. We don’t get any younger and the easy path
of least resistance doesn’t purchase a happier tomorrow. How you choose to invest and spend
the precious bank of time you have will determine whether or not you exit this world with a
smile, or with nagging regret. And why is it that we are all so wealthy,
and yet believe we are poor? Why do we sit on piles of the most precious commodity in
existence and insist that we have nothing? Value. We don’t see the vast potential and
value of our time unless we value ourselves. If we don’t make the effort to see ourselves
as valuable, the time we have will be worth nothing. If you spent 5 minutes every day
for a year doing something to improve yourself, just imagine what you could accomplish. You are far wealthier than you even know.
Money comes and goes. Things come and go, people and their lives even come and go, but
the time we are given to spend is ours. Those 37 million minutes are counting backwards
to zero. And what you decide to spend those minutes on will determine whether or not you
live the life you want, or the life you simply accept. Time is all we have. Spend yours wisely.

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