Thoughts on Bitcoin and other Crypto-currencies

– Hi, Ken Mcelroy here.
With all the noise out
there on cryptocurrency
and bitcoin, etc.,
here’s what I think about bitcoin,
and what you need to understand.
It’s not a company.
It’s a currency.
It’s like trying to catch a falling knife
or a rising knife, I
mean that’s all it is.
If you’re trying to time something,
it is a little bit of gambling.
Now I understand it’s
sexy, things are coming out
all the time, and it’s higher each day,
and whenever I’ve seen anything like this,
it always ends in disaster.
And that’s why I like
to stick with assets.
Now could I make a lot
of money in bitcoin?
Probably, but do I want to?
No, I want to invest in
assets that produce cashflow.
I talk about cashflow versus
capital gains, all the time.
It’s no different than
buying a house at one price
and hoping it goes up.
That’s not a strategy,
that’s luck, that gambling.
So that’s my position on bitcoin.
If you wanna invest,
invest for the long-term,
and invest in solid assets
that produce cashflow.
And if you wanna learn how to do that,
come to
for a lot more videos.

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