This week in Bitcoin- 8-30-2019- Ansel Lindner- BTC cures gold bug depression, lightning network

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today is August the 30th 2019 strong
hands unique beasts value your wealth in
Bitcoin having height we’ll talk about
the having a little bit unconscious
cable one Bitcoin use one Bitcoin
offended by selling in motion five digit
round best guest in the space yeah I had
to say a lot of sayings because we’ve
got one of the best guests in the space
coming to you right now
Ansel limner is back on the show one on
one with Adam Meister to talk about this
week’s Bitcoin this year and Bitcoin
this decade in Bitcoin welcome back to
the show Ansel
thanks Adam pleasure to be here sir oh
great good good to hear you glad the
sound is working awesome okay let’s uh
let’s start off with some observations
I’ve made lately
I’ve noticed lately are there new people
actually coming to the space who is who
is buying Bitcoin right now who’s
because I don’t notice them seem to be a
lot of newbies and a lot of the altcoin
people seem to disappear yeah the alt
coins are definitely have gone through a
culling and I think that will continue
but I I don’t see really very many new
people come in if you look at the
volumes from our most exchanges out
there there it’s just very very low and
that’s one reason why I have been
calling for a steeper pullback in the
price for a long time because it just it
didn’t you know I wasn’t seeing that
volume I wasn’t seeing the pick up in
interest if you go to Google Trends and
you look for search terms of Bitcoin or
buy Bitcoin everything is down in the
dumps it’s really at the mid 2018 levels
so there is not a lot of interest coming
in of course they’re going to be
different people this this round so
instead of maybe
got some dgeni on blurs that were buying
the icos and things like that in 2016 a
17 we we’re gonna see more professionals
and maybe they’re buying OTC maybe
they’re buying on CME and playing with
the futures there because we have seen a
slight pickup in the sea of me volumes
but yeah I think it’s gonna be a
different brand or a different
generation of people coming in and but
right now yeah I don’t see a lot of new
people now I don’t wanna freak anyone
out here because I’ve got a strong hand
I know long-term everything is cool but
I was I’ve been thinking lately that
this the situation that we’re in right
now kinda reminds me of 2015 except that
the price went up for some reason
what did bring the price up from $3,000
and someone had to be buying something
had have been going on well I kind of
well I’ve been looking at some of the
charts you know everyone is always
making all these comparisons to the bull
markets starting in 2015 and that oh
we’re gonna be at this price by this
time and I just think it’s gonna be
different this time if you go back to
2015 with Bitcoin XT and some of the
scaling flood that was around that time
just kicking off when the bull market
was starting so if you bring that to
today that would be like the Bitcoin XT
thing starting this March or something
like that so you can see if there was a
scaling debate that started this last
March it might have pushed the the cycle
longer right so we had this initial pump
right here this year in the middle of
this year where we would have been
talking about Bitcoin XT so it’s a
little bit different this time I think
we can do our timings off the have
earnings and I know you talked about
2020 strong hands and all that so yeah I
think that’s the underwriting cycle here
we get that a little bit ahead of
ourselves on the price and we’re we’re
just going to go back and find support
we need to find buyers and entice some
more people at lower prices that’s all
you can say
so your hand is real strong you’re
prepared for the worst you’re not gonna
get freaked out if you see it go down to
$7,000 or anything like that not that
I’m saying that’s gonna happen people
but uh yeah you know you you never know
what can happen
all right to you you’ve uh and I I just
think it’s very interesting that you
point out the scaling FUD happened in
2015 around the equivalent of March or
whatever and perhaps if it had not
happened starting then then the price
would have gone up more in 2015 then
then it had so I mean there’s there’s
there’s different ways of looking at it
and you’re right I guess history doesn’t
repeat history rhymes but I again we’re
one day closer than it having I do think
we will have a positive lead up as we
get closer to the habit so just having
isn’t priced in yet is oh no I don’t
think having the having can be priced in
especially to after-effects you know
like we know we know we can make our own
mental models for how we will behave
after the happening but we can’t
understand what that kind of new cycle
will drive in its own right so who was
it Blake what’s his last name Blake from
WCN Anderson Blake Anderson yeah yeah
Blake Anderson and he he introduced me
to this idea of a deflationary spiral in
Bitcoin and I do believe that so women
in the havening happens it’s a
reinforcing cycle on itself and it the
price just keeps going up
now I just want to go back real quick to
that Bitcoin XT and the scaling debate
thing back in 2015 you can see we might
have hit the all-time high in mid 2017
instead of at the end of 2017 so you
know there’s there’s all these different
little things that can go wrong and the
the price I believe the price I know you
don’t believe this Adam but I think the
price is the most important thing it’s
reinforced it reinforces what’s
happening here and yeah so he just goes
to you I think the price can be said to
be the one of the most important
marketing tools it gets it creates FOMO
it gets new people into the
Ace III think it’s it expands the
interest in Bitcoin
definitely definitely when you go on
okay and it also gives room
it also gives room for more economic
activity right there’s gonna be more
economic activity at a trillion dollar
market cap then there is at a hundred
billion dollar market cap so I think
that the price really is the driver here
and we don’t know what this cycle is
gonna look like it’s gonna look
something like the last cycle and it’s
gonna all revolve around the happening
so we can be sure about that okay now
you’re talking about increased economic
activity with price let’s talk about
economic activity within the space
people are innovating with the lighting
that we’re building things with the
Lightning Network and people people use
bitcoins that preserve their wealth to
get money out of dangerous situations
compared with all coins
well excluding aetherium that’s I don’t
think the all coins are used for any
economic activity other than the
speculation and maybe the privacy ones
for privacy activities but we’re getting
a lot of fruit for years now we’ve been
talking about the financialization a
Bitcoin the big boys coming in back is
coming in back we’ll actually start in
September well will we see any
noticeable difference in price what do
you what are your thoughts on the
financialization a big point back coming
in other organizations possibly coming
in well I think backed could you know
the launch of Beck’s products could
signify some sort of bottom in the price
uptick in interest overall but we won’t
notice like an immediate effect or
anything it’s not going to pump a
hundred percent in a week so it could
mark like a nice flat bottom and we
start our next bull run from there and
that would be nice to start from say
this ballpark of price instead of all
the way down at the 3,000 area so yeah
an enlightening network I wanted to talk
about that so now you’re talking about
economic activity specifically in the
Lightning Network in other places we
don’t know exactly what’s going on there
right because a lot of the channels are
private a lot of the nodes are private
we do know some of the download numbers
for the Lightning wallets and I’ve been
looking at some of those so it’s at
least 30,000 mobile wallets out there
and if you look at the node numbers like
on 1ml comm one of these some of these
websites that track the nodes it looks
like there’s only 8,000 nodes or 9,000
notes but there’s many many tens of
thousands wallets out there I know Zapp
desktop application or client has over
25,000 downloads so there is a lot of
nodes out there that we don’t see and we
don’t know about how much economic
activity there is there right now I
don’t know but I know it’s a lot higher
than we can see looking at those
statistic websites well I just learned
something how many new how many wallets
are out there lightning wallets have
been downloaded and where to get that
info from I just looked at the Android
numbers so if you go and look at the
Android Play Store
there’s several wallets with 10,000
downloads and several more with 5,000 so
maybe not that maybe there’s crossover
there right I did a little segment on my
show about this so there could be even
if you I think the margin of error I
gave was 50% so there’s a 50% overlap
with all of these wallets it was still
like 30,000 mobile wallets and that’s
not including iOS like I didn’t even
look at any – iOS numbers so it could be
a double that Wow
and check out Ansel his links are linked
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I’m learning here this is good always be
learning people and what what was that
one ml site I think I’ve linked to that
thing before but I just want to make
sure I get it right this time
yeah it’s 1 ml dot-com
just the number one mor yep okay why the
number one and then ml and then there’s
another one that’s Bitcoin visuals
dot-com that has some good lightning
charts okay okay check those out people
check those out always be learning okay
so we talked about 2015 up beforehand
and there was some well there’s also
thud flying around the most uh I guess
devastating type of FUD is the it can be
in theory because they’re not
technically there’s nothing wrong with
Bitcoin but socially you cannot we’ve
some stories into Bitcoin that could
create enough of a situation where
people would want to for golf and create
another Bitcoin and again it would fail
obviously as be cash has in the past but
these situations as we have lived
through before can be quite uh they
could slow down everything get
everybody’s attention take everybody’s
eye off the ball you know in the long
run we all ended up with some freebie
cash yeah but if we were during the
2016-2017 parts of it there were parts
that were disturbing now something
that’s been going on lately these people
complaining are talking about is the
distribution of Bitcoin fair fair
distribution of Bitcoin I have commented
on this numerous times anyone can buy
Bitcoin now so I don’t know why anyone’s
complaining about the distribution that
there are some people with a lot of it
if you want a lot of it go get it I mean
go buy it it’s still it’s still cheap
compared to what it’s going to be but
you you’ve talked about this situation
on your show actually your thoughts on a
distribution of Bitcoin find what’s
behind it will it even matter
oh what’s behind it I’m not sure exactly
that’s behind it I mean Oh or Stolp ISM
is behind it mostly for it so people
that are more socialist they want to
have you know no private property or
this guy has too much we need to
redistribute his wealth and things like
that so I think that’s kind of what’s
behind it I did talk about this dan held
and Vinny Lingam debate on my show and I
mean you know my kind of back history
with Vinny because I was on the show
when he popped in to your show and was
talking about Oh sell your bitcoins and
that was at nine hundred dollars right
so it was pretty crazy it was March the
20:17 just to remind where everyone
checked out on the archives when the
best shows ever on this channel but
continued yes yeah so I don’t know
exactly what his political philosophy is
but it’s probably something in that
ballpark and his distribution fair well
I think that of course it is fair it
can’t be any other way the only way that
it could be different is if you take
bitcoins with people or from people with
a gun and redistribute it somehow it’s
been open to buy for anybody anybody can
download a wallet or do do earn Bitcoin
do sell goods or services for Bitcoin so
there is no other way that it could be
so it has to be fair it’s like in a free
market this world is the best of all
possible worlds there’s that you know
you can’t like imagine a different world
that’s better than this because if you
believe in free markets we’ve ended up
here because voluntary exchange and
everybody’s doing their best that they
can and things like that so this is the
best possible world the best possible
distribution at this moment in time now
going forward I think that it will get
better right it will definitely think
better or quote unquote err you’ll get
more equal okay because in a free market
and the income disparity or whatever
it’s called is the least people need to
earn what people need to produce as much
as they spend if they don’t do that they
have a negative cash flow and the money
leaks out now in the system we have with
Fiat they just print the difference or
they have some sort of lobbying effort
and they get closer to the source of
inflation in Bitcoin there isn’t you
can’t do that so you have to produce to
maintain your level of wealth
you must produce as much as you spend
and yeah that’s all I have to say about
that okay I do want to say it in natural
free markets where there’s no force it’s
just the way
is that wealth does accumulate at the
top I mean you can’t tell people don’t
be successful I mean there’s always
going to be like 20% of people who are
going to be very successful trying
really hard and you can’t stop them from
keeping on keep on accumulating wealth
and it’s not just because they’re doing
well doesn’t mean you can’t do well I
think people uh and you know equality it
does if he quality happens naturally
that’s great but if it doesn’t well then
it doesn’t it doesn’t have to be forced
upon everything I think I think we’re
living in a world today where a lot of
people think well we have to force a
Fabia onto people and that means
stealing from people and that that is
that is the wrong stealing from people
is is wrong now let’s talk about oh yes
yeah and stealing and and social
programs like that result in more
inequality so the only way or the the
way to get the best level or the least
inequality in wealth is through the free
market and yes you’re right some will
some people will produce really valuable
products or services and they will get
rewarded for that
and you want that to happen because then
the guys towards the bottom they have
something to shoot for right because if
they come up with a good idea they can
also make it up there and that’s what
you want you want good valuable products
and services to be rewarded and if you
try to do socialism it actually gets
more unequal found that like when people
let’s you know we’re talking about
getting into mainstream society here for
a second well I want to hear your
thoughts on universal basic income but
that’s something we’ve been hearing
about lately any increase in to the big
Points Based people were brought up to
me I bring it up on my Saturday show so
I got you on why not I hear your
thoughts on ubi well I mean from a
actual ideological perspective but I
don’t like it I don’t works it just be
things worse but like a political
perspective from applied political
perspective in the United States I kind
of like it because it ill just system
you know it’ll make the system crash
and I like that because it allow a
speculative attack onto US dollar more
easily because I will put off of my
thousand dollars right into Bitcoin
every single month and so you know it’s
it from a like I said from a technical
Paula ideological perspective I don’t
like it but from an implied perspective
at this point I think it will help the
system collapse faster alright so let’s
talk about the current economic
situation in in the world where do you
think we’re going and what are your
thoughts on gold and is Bitcoin living
Gold’s dream that’s one of my other
things well I think that a Bitcoin is
the monetary activism that gold bugs
always dreamed of so that’s one of my
things I’ve tweeted out quite a bit
I think gold does have one or two last
terraza in it it’s definitely doing well
right now and I’ve said for a long time
that the government might need electric
gold standard just to fend off Bitcoin
because it’s it’s harder money than fiat
and they own all the gold so they won’t
have a big problem going back to gold
where they will have a huge problem
going to lend Bitcoin succeed so to fend
off Bitcoin they might have to go back
to a gold standard and if that happens
yes it will go up in value maybe five to
ten x from here but eventually Bitcoin
will surpasses a Gold’s market cap and
take gold’s place you really think the
government’s gonna care about a Bitcoin
anytime soon III don’t I see it’s just a
blip on the radar right now there they
seem to be into other activities well
depends how bad it gets some governments
might and there’s always that thing
where you know once that first central
bank or first government starts buying
Bitcoin it’s going to be a domino effect
to everybody else so I think probably
not I leave for a decade but you know
things can go awry really quick
we we were having a little bit of a
technical here did I do where do you see
oh wait you hear me all right
yep okay you’re a little bit jumpy yeah
yeah it’s it’s a connection but we can
keep going to where they can hear us
safe-haven Bitcoin as a safe haven I
don’t think people have major players
having woken up to it yet do you see
that happening anytime soon yes it it’s
my safe haven right it’s a lot of
people’s safe haven and as once you
learn about Bitcoin and you get into it
more so you know if you think about it
like 1% of the world it’s safe haven for
1% of the world right now and maybe next
year 2% and five years down the road
maybe 10% of the world so yeah it is a
safe haven um it will continue to grow
but gold is definitely the dominant safe
haven or the US dollar of course so yeah
yeah that’s the point I was getting at I
the way I’ve seen thing now the people
who think the economy is about to go
down the tubes
it’s helped pump up the gold price but
it definitely has not affected the
Bitcoin price so as of right now the
majority of people who want safe haven
are running toward the dollar and
especially gold right now and not not to
Bitcoin as my point so I just I’m
curious to know when that is actually
gonna happen it’s probably gonna take
just time from younger people to get
older and there were there was a one
question a bigger question where do you
see the economy this year the overall
economy are you one of those guys it’s
like yeah now it’s finally happening but
the falling apart it’s coming I’m not
what do you think well I was one of
those guys for a very long time I think
just in the last maybe three years I’ve
started I’ve looked at things more
instead of hey this is it it’s happening
it’s happening I’m looking at it more
like that’s another chink
that’s another chink that’s another
chink and pretty soon it’s going
to happen but you just need to recognize
the signs and you don’t want to you know
if you’re waiting for this to really
happen and it’s gonna collapse next
um you you get you bite off on these
things like that queuing on and some of
the other like I know there’s a lot of
gold bugs that got wrapped up into that
they get wrapped up into a lot of
conspiracy theories though I try to I’ve
tried to take a step back and you know
preciate both sides of the argument but
for the next year we’ll probably keep
going down I think the dollar of
actually getting get a strong relative
to other currencies weaker against gold
silver and Bitcoin so I’m kind of in the
middle there I’m not a dollar bull or a
dollar bear I think China is gonna have
major issues for a long time people were
saying Oh China is going to be the
savior of the world they’re gonna be the
you know the US of 1900 but it’s turning
out to not be that I think that the
Chinese Communist Party their days are
numbered that’s probably gonna be a big
event in the near future but yeah so I
think Asia maybe Europe will have harder
times than the US unfortunately that
lying about China there I think it would
be great if the Chinese Communist Party
fell and they were under a non
authoritarian leadership I don’t exactly
see how that’s going to happen because
their authoritarianism stem which might
happen in Hong Kong pretty soon so how
do you foresee you you do see that this
ending there the authoritarian style of
leadership ending in China is something
taking his place and when would you
expect that because that would be huge
that would be the biggest event on the
planet I mean that would be huge yeah
China has a bunch of dollar-denominated
debt and so they have to they can’t
repay their loans by printing because
they have to get dollars to repay these
and Hong Kong is like the entryway for
dollars into China that’s one reason why
they haven’t really cracked down too
hard because they need Hong Kong and
Hong Kong’s
trade relationships because there’s
different trade relationships with Hong
Kong versus mainland China so they need
those Hong Kong trade relationships to
get dollars in to pay their loans if
they don’t do that they’ll have to
default and their whole economy can
crash overnight they’re also not
allowing sympathetic protests
there’s sympathetic protests from
Chinese all around the world I think
it’s like South America there might have
been one here in the US or something in
Europe but in China them so there
they’re not allowing it they are
cracking down so I think that there’s
different things around little pieces
around little pieces of news that to me
kind of signal that the specifically the
Chinese Communist Party they’re losing
grip a little bit they’re losing grip
and that can once that happens that
opens the door for revolt and it can
happen really quickly yeah well I I do
hope they are brought down it would be a
tremendous change on the world scene I
think the world would become a positive
place I’m not holding my breath but hey
we can see what we will see what happens
you did bring up something also before
over the last three years of these there
was three years at your your attitude is
kind of changed toward the doom of
scenarios as big as Bitcoin made you
more of a positive person because I’ve
had people tell me that Bitcoin has made
them more of a positive outlook person
not to get into these do moles and such
yeah it definitely has I’ve talked about
that a few times that you’re depressed
there’s a Gold Bug because I’m coming
from the Gold Bug side I’ve always been
into Austrian economics and money and
but as you’re if you’re a Gold Bug yeah
man you’re just depressed and the
government’s holding you down and then
they’re doing paper trading and your
gold is never gonna you know you get
into the cycle of depression and once
you get it once you get into Bitcoin it
does cure a lot of that I also see
things more inevitable and there’s more
of a time
like with this happening cycle you can
say okay well it’s gonna go up
maybe 10x every happening and then you
can just map that now like where does it
take over the world okay it takes over
the world in 12 years so you know it
gives the mental model that you can be a
lot more optimistic about the future and
the way it’s going with gold it was just
yet total depression IIIi got a big
smile on my face first of all palette
like button the reason I got a smile on
my face is because up against someone
who was a Gold Bug basically said the
same thing that you did so this is a
common theme gold bugs if you’re still
down and out if you’re still suffering
from a gold depression learn about
Bitcoin you could create this schedule
in your mind and so it’s not just up in
the air like you know one day it’s gonna
happen one day things are gonna get
better you’ve got a having scheduling
that you can plan on your your
celebrations around that but there is
some more clarity to Bitcoin and there’s
definitely more a much more positive
mind that the gold the things you were
saying you had a man the government’s
keeping us down but paper printing blah
blah blah
yeah you don’t have to worry about that
in a big point Bitcoin this game is not
read comment like that’s one of my
sayings but I mean the gold bugs love
the claim they love fear talking about
the every game is rape the stock market
rate the gold rate this is Ray and I
guess that’s a feeling of helplessness
there it everything it boosts that
feeling of helplessness around the
beating but there’s also this air of
cypherpunk you know route around the
problem you don’t it’s very active it’s
very like empowering to have this ethos
open source route around the problem you
know come and get it come and take it
sort of thing and that is missing a lot
in the gold community just because they
didn’t beat down for 40 freakin years of
course these people and they’re getting
older yeah right so uh you look at the
like revolutionary mindset of people
it’s always the younger people right and
so if you have the average age of a gold
bug is like 60 they’re not going to be
active they’re not
there’s gonna be no monitor activism
there but if you look at Bitcoin the
average age is 25 or 30 that that’s
where this activism comes from is the
young people there’s a spirit of yeah
like I said a cypherpunk right around
the problem change the world sort of
thing awesome in motion baby you’re in
motion with Bitcoin gold not so much but
hey I love this love we’ve got to talk
about that let’s talk about all coins
real quick even though the price point
even though yeah even though the price
of bitcoins going down in terms of fiat
it’s still close to 70% dominance on the
market kappa chart where do you see
we’ve talked about things being cyclical
the last time big coin went through the
roof the all coins really went through
the roof can we expect something like
that to have to happen again I don’t
think so I that was a very unique
situation driven a lot by China actually
if you’re familiar with China hustle
that type of environment just Ponzi
schemes everywhere fake companies fake
projects invest in this investment and
so I think that was the source of a lot
of this altcoin hysteria or mania I
don’t think that is going to repeat
I do think all coins have to bleed more
and they’re there we’ll eat all coins
that survived for a decade’s time but
they’re not going to be billion-dollar
projects I can I would would not fight
aetherium as much as I do now if it were
only a billion dollar market cap or
maybe a hundred million dollar market
cap because then they can experiment in
their own little corner but you know
it’s just still overvalued there’s just
too much of a value in all coins and
since bitcoin is correlated with the all
coin sector that’s the only thing
Bitcoin is correlated with by the way is
other quote unquote digital assets so as
those crash in value it’s going to have
a negative impact on Bitcoin at
in the short term we do see as all coins
crash Bitcoin crashes less so it has
less of an impact on Bitcoin but I think
we’ll just see this continue and that’s
one reason why I thought that we were
gonna have a mini bear market a pullback
in price here because the altcoins
advanced too much and they needed to be
put back in their place mmm interesting
take on all this to people huh I still
you know despite being the
bitcoinmeister people still ask me it’s
just they’re trying to live a dream I
guess they want their coin to be the
next Bitcoin what do you think of X coin
I mean it’s just in there it seems like
every week at least one person asked me
what do you think why are they still
asking do you still get questions like
well what about some no-name Kawai nerd
so this is not even a no-name coin I
mean I don’t get a ton of questions like
that I do get a ton of DMS and emails
and things from ICO people like they’re
launching some exchange some tiny
exchange somewhere they’re doing some
sort of defy thing or you know that you
get a lot of those emails you probably
get the same thing and it’s just a bunch
of scams so but other than that like
real people asking me no I don’t get a
lot of that okay you’re still getting it
then nonsense we could talk about that
nonsense spam I get this the same exact
DMS it’s clearly they’re just sending it
to every everyone with a certain amount
of followers or because they don’t why
would I have any interest in Nico in
this say why are guys even still doing
that they’re like they’re stuck in 2017
first of all I have no idea hey by the
way you said the altcoin and you talked
about China and everything yes if and
this is a real long shot though if China
were if the government were to fall and
but everything still worked over there
just they’d get a new government and the
people wouldn’t be could live more
freely I think that would be very good
for all coins I’m not saying that’s
gonna happen or you
like that but newfound freedoms people
got are free to make a lot of mistakes
right now in China there’s all sorts of
rules against getting into Bitcoin
itself but people just find their ways
around it if those rules weren’t there I
think they would even gamble more in
some of the nonsense I mean you have
Chinese entrepreneurs every so many of
them creating all coins and who knows I
SEOs and whatever the next thing is so
again III agree that thee this this this
all coin right but this year is not
looking very good for all funds I
wouldn’t be surprised if something that
we can’t predict happens with where they
do zoom again when big point zooms again
but just just one the bring that part up
now I want to read a quote from who is
this guy here it’ll be linked to below
he says when I got into Bitcoin the only
thing I was sure of was that I was late
to the game it was hundreds of dollars
for one Bitcoin so expensive
clearly the ship has sailed it always
feels that way at first we’re still
early and it’s still cheap and I know if
you have any thoughts on such a comment
because I still I get people telling me
all the time like I missed out I missed
apples I couldn’t get it at $700 but I
think people are gonna look back at you
know that the price is in the four
digits and they’re gonna they’re gonna
long for the four digit round so what
are your thoughts on that it’d be early
still it definitely is still early but
there’s no other asset that you can get
these returns and and at such low risk
still I mean yeah you might buy the top
or something like that in some cycle but
you just wait four or five years and
you’re gonna 10x your money so yeah we
definitely are early and if you look at
the market cap I haven’t looked in the
last week or so but it’s about 200
billion I think maybe down to a hundred
fifty billion now I mean we’re going to
at least a fifteen trillion dollar
market cap Oh
at least I mean it probably closer to a
hundred trillion dollar market cap
I’d like to take these things in stages
steps one step at a time right now we
are it is below 200 billion I think I
haven’t looked either it’s like 100 175
is dead but as for me the next step is a
trillion and to get to a trillion what
would be almost I mean $60,000 big point
I mean that’s incredible right there so
when you started what number you’re
talking about it being more than gold
please oh definitely more than gold
because when I when I value the eventual
market cap a Bitcoin I look at all of
these store value things so you have to
look at real estate you have to look at
bonds you have to look at you know
people investing in their pensions into
the stock market and all of this stuff
so a Bitcoin is gonna get a huge hunk of
all store value in the world not just
currency so currency is something like
what I think it’s 60 trillion or
something so it’s gonna get most of that
and then you got to go into the other
markets other asset classes it’s gonna
get a lot of their value to so who knows
you know that hundred trillion guy on
Twitter that’s that’s no joke it could
easily get to you that maybe more maybe
so yeah I bet i value my time in having
so I’m patient I think our next step is
one one trillion and maybe that’ll be
after the next having and then I don’t
know what the step is after one trillion
I can’t even imagine it I mean 60,000
Bitcoin that’s very exciting that’s a so
I just I I relish I I appreciate the
moment and I don’t want to rush things
but yeah if you better practical than I
you’re super that’s like I mean it’s
good to map out the whole super long
term play but my relative long term is
just like let’s get to let’s get to a
trillion we’re only a deal we’ve reached
200 billion
times we will get to a train that’ll be
very exciting and then we can talk about
gold and its surpassing gold and all
that but again there are logical reasons
behind every number that you brought up
because again it’s not just about money
it’s about the you know entire wealth of
the entire planet which is over a
quarter of a quadrillion in dollars so I
mean yeah a lot of a lot a lot of things
can happen a lot of things can happen
and that is why you know we go back to
the tweet guys why India stiller it is
it is you’re before we’re still before
the twenty20 having as of this video no
doubt they’re people watching this video
that are living after the 2024 having so
you guys probably have a big old a smile
on your face all right well we’re did
here toward the end of the show and so
uh any any thoughts anything you want to
add again he’s linked to below his
podcast his Twitter please follow him on
Twitter and listen to his podcast great
original material this is one of the
names and the spaces that you need to
know best guest in the space I bring him
to you here he’s got great guest also
what else is going on Ansel not much
thank you for inviting me on Oh
something up I live down in Florida now
just went down here about six months ago
and we have that hurricane coming our
way so I’m glad that I could get on to
the show here and it was tomorrow or
Saturday or something like that Wow yeah
dude I totally forgot you and uh change
locations you enjoying the good year
other than that weather event you and
you enjoying the weather yeah I’m
enjoying Florida I’m gonna start a
meetup down here I think I don’t know
we’ll see how that goes dude I actually
had a guy on a couple weeks ago I put
you in touch with a nice like the
blockchain guy of Florida that interacts
with the government he’s a pretty nice
guy I’ll send you is it for after the
show he’s got I’ll send you the show too
he was on with ties n it was a good show
anyway anyway guys check out Ansel
thank you so much for uh for being on
the show very very good very good
insight you too just beyond Bitcoin type
of stuff that’s why I love you having
you on okay everybody found that like
button bang that Bell button i’m adam
meister the bitcoinmeister the disrupt
meister remember to subscribe the
channel like the video share the video
check out the links below shabbat shalom
we do a new show here every day new this
week a bitcoin every friday so keep them
coming back to disrupt meister i cant
follow me on twitter at Tech ball te CH
BL alt see you guys later bye bye

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  1. ChainLink distributes free coins to its holders on Did all of you manage to participate in airdrop?

  2. Its socialists fault. WTF are you guys talking about? Trump and conservatives are printing money and re-distributing wealth just as much as the democrats. Time to call out both sides or nothing will ever change!

  3. Remember guys the fall of the USSR was nearly a non-event. These thing can happen quickly. However most likely the CCP will not go quietly. China’s has a 4000 year cultural history but only 10% of that time was spend as a single coherent nation, the rest of the time is spent in revolution and conflict. That is the normal state of China.

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