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– Okay, I’m in front of the Old Homestead. This is one of my favorite
New York City steakhouses. It’s been here since 1868. I love places that have
been around longer than me. And a place that’s been around
100 years longer than me has got to have a lot of history. However, this place is
also known for kind of revolutionizing things. They were the first
guys to bring Kobe beef to a New York City steakhouse. These guys have a steak that they claim is better than the Kobe they
used to sell back in the 90s. So I’m going to go inside,
I’m going to talk to Executive Chef and owner Greg Sherry. We’re going to find out
what’s going on with this super wagyu that he
has in store for us, ready? (blues music) – It’s a Rolls Royce compared
to the Kobe we used to have. (blues music) – So tell me how you prepare it. What led you to decide,
okay, you know what, I’m just going to serve
this like a Western steak. – Very simple, I didn’t
want to take the tradition of an American steakhouse
too far to the left. I wanted to keep it centered. I wanted to give them
some Japanese flavor, but yet I wanted to make sure they knew they were in a steakhouse. The way we prepare it is very simple. No more than medium rare. – No? – There are people that want it rare, but I recommend medium
rare, and we put it over some vegetables, a dash of
salt and pepper, and that’s it. (blues music) – So I’ve been to Japan a few times and I’ve had a lot of wagyu there. (upbeat blues music) This is not a way you would typically find beef served in Japan. It would always be sliced
thinly, you know so it’s these delicate little pieces of beef. This is what America does best. It takes something that’s
logical and makes sense and takes it to this extreme. This is more wagyu than four, five people would probably eat at dinner in Japan. But, of course, here, we serve it for one, because that’s how they do things. It feels so different just
moving it around the plate, like it really has a jiggle to it. Wow, ooh, nice crust on the outside, you can see it kind of shear off. Okay, I’m going to take a first bite. Wow, oh my god. You can feel the fat. Now, if you look at this steak,
you see it really is rare, but, it’s warmed through and the fat, you can see, it’s totally melted. So it has totally emulsified
even though you can still see some of the
marbling right there. Wow, that’s a profound flavor. I associate delicacy more with wagyu, and then that incredible richness. This is much more like
an upfront punch of maillard steakhouse flavor, followed
by these sort of crescendos and waves of richness and flavor. And it’s got a butteriness to it that American beef doesn’t really have. Now this has a A5 grade
with a marbling score of 10, which is among the highest grades you can get in Japanese beef. It really does develop a
mouth feel and a suppleness that you don’t get from
a lower grade beef. It’s not that those
things can’t be delicious, it’s just that this thing
has a particular quality that is really prized in
Japan, and, once you’ve eaten it here, you’ll know
why it’s prized here as well. The elephant in the room
is always the price. Can a steak be worth $350? Well, to me, it’s a once
in a lifetime experience. And if you are a carnivore
and if you want to taste the best out there, that,
unfortunately, costs money. Sometimes you can find nirvana
in a 99 cent cheeseburger, sometimes it’s a $350 steak. I wish I could afford
this on a regular basis, but, I will cherish this moment between me and the steak and you
lovely folk out there forever. Thanks very much for watching. I’m going to attempt to
eat another bite of this. And we’ll see you on the next
episode of The Meat Show.

100 thoughts on “This Is the Most Expensive Steak in New York City — The Meat Show

  1. I get that a wagyu prime cut eats way too rich to treat like a typical beefsteak. Going the other way though, does wagyu yield quality steaks out of an otherwise-disfavoured muscle like eye of round?

  2. Well, you will never get that type of beef on a free range animal. Would I like to try it ?? Maybe. Not that I like PETA!! Saki and beer, I can't see Canadian framers feeding their cattle this . As well…… you know how the animals are treated. Not in the true sense of abuse……

  3. What do you mean: “I’m going to attempt to eat another bite of this?”
    Was it good?
    Was it worth it?
    I mean, at 350$ a plate, I’m physically finishing it or bringing the rest of home, I don’t care if the do not offert a doggy bag option, my purse will be fine, it’s less expensive then the meat 🥩…

  4. This Wagyu steak and veggies it’s not inspiring Me to go there and eat it.

    It looks bland, boring and mediocre. I’ve seen far better steaks for less than $300.00 in NYC

  5. There are only 8 places in the United States who have the license to serve REAL wagyu .. google it. This shitty steakhouse isn’t one of them

  6. Excellent video, now please show us affordable meats. I have a family to feed. Also why is wagu so expensive. It is from a lazy cow.

  7. Tony Soprano – you pay the check? ya lucky ya dont get ya head handed to ya , lets get something straight , you eat , i pay , no , when you have your own family you pay!

  8. When you leave your segment with " I'm going to attempt to eat my next bite " it sound's like it's more of an challenge than a culinary thrill !

  9. I serve it medium rare, some people ask me for rare, but I will recommend medium rare.

    Proceeds to serve a rare steak.

  10. There's a place in L.A. called Norm's, actually there's a few.

    I really miss the steak and eggs there. Kinda chewy, kinda bland, nothing great. You need lots of A1, hot sauce or even ketchup. But it really really hits the spot after working late or going out late with my buds.

    Really miss that beautifully simple, sometimes crappy place, always filled with lots of hard working ppl eating late.

  11. LOL isn't this the place that was caught serving fake kobe beef on Inside Edition???

    Video Proof: at 3:00

  12. how is a 350 dollat steak a once in a lifetime thing lol the average person spends more than that a month on going out to bars / fast food or one day shopping at the mall. Dumb statement

  13. This is meant to be eaten Japanese style. Looks way too rich to have as a traditional steak. Like taking big bites of butter.

  14. Everyone, If you enjoy Steak like i did. Do yourself a favor and do not try Japanese Kobe Beef / a5 Wagyu etc. You will ruin steaks because every steak you eat after will not satisfy that tender chew likes butter, taste like steak.

  15. Cooking Wagyu medium rare, from what I've understood, is wrong. I very well could be wrong myself, but from what I know, cooking it like that is incorrect.

  16. You do realize this restaurant was proven to be lying about selling “Kobe beef” they were pressed by the news about misleading their customers and later changed the name to Wagyu beef. 350 dollars for a scam.

  17. i've eaten Kobe beef IN Kobe just like that. I love this show and the host but just because you've been to Japan a few times doesn't mean you know it all. I've actually never seen Wagyu served thinly other than stew style.

  18. To me it’s a once in a lifetime experience and he proceeds to go eat at every expensive steak restaurant in the world… So, once in a lifetime???? Heh???? I don’t care how much you pile on that small little eetie bitty plate… I ain’t paying $350.00 for that… I’d rather use those $350.00 to feed the whole continent of Africa!!!! Hahahahaha

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