The Xenon crypto-dividend of Ethereum reinforces many of my reoccurring crypto themes- Coinbase

Hello everyone this is adam meister the
bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister
welcome to well it’s an extra show that
I wanted to do I was gonna do it outside
originally with my other camera but hey
I just wanted to get this off my chest
we’re gonna have a real the one Bitcoin
show much later it’ll probably be really
late for some of you so I wanted to give
you a conveniently time show all right
so let’s just jump right into this very
different topic this is a crypto
dividend show I guess today and we’re
talking about a crippling dividend of
aetherium called
xenon and I’ve actually talked about it
before if you have a theory um and you
control your own private key you’ve
noticed that in the tokens section
you’ve gotten all these tokens and xenon
is one of them and I this xenon has
recently pumped to like 31 cents okay
and I was just thinking like this proves
so many of my talking points and I i
repeat over and over again on the on
this show so first of all let’s let’s
give the example here I have an address
that has two etherium added okay and the
xenon that I have been given for free by
just holding that atheria by doing
nothing with my aetherium by not trying
to trade it and you know play games with
in whatever it’s now worth $100 the
xenon they gave me a bunch of it and I
there’s again an other crypt of
dividends are there two of Assyria so
since I control my private key of
aetherium I get all these cryptic
dividends but I would I was thinking how
about all those people who are like yeah
I’m trying to diversify my portfolio so
not only in my body a Bitcoin at
coinbase but I’m buying
aetherium a coin base and since I don’t
much about cryptocurrencies I’m keeping
everything at coinbase if you keep your
aetherium a coin base now I don’t know
if they have a published policy about
this or not and I’m very curious about
this um if you keep your theory McCorvey
you’re not getting any of these crypto
dividend tokens that are being created
on aetherium what is coinbase doing with
all of these tokens they’re getting
because they control the private keys of
all the etherium they have there okay so
they’ve gotten this xenon which has gone
up in value and insane amount due to all
the 80 percenters out there that are
pumping up these penny coins so again
it’s an example of a random penny coin
that gets pumped up that you shouldn’t
be buying that if you happen to own a
theorem and control your own private key
just collect this stuff for free that
people are pumping up and then sell it
for Bitcoin now so what would is
coinbase you are so all these nukes oh
I’ve always repeated over and over again
do not buy aetherium unless you know
what it eats and clearly if you’re
stored in a coin base you don’t know
what it is and clearly if you buy any
altcoin or any herb bitcoin and never
store it at an exchange
here’s your learning a lesson the hard
way okay they’re creating you think you
own this coin they’re creating crypto
dividends off of these coins you’re not
getting any of it because you don’t
really own this coin coin based us they
control your private key so again
control your private key learn what that
means okay do not store your coins at
exchanges and xena again I got the xenon
to prove it that you shouldn’t be doing
these things all right so again is this
information Terms of agreement I don’t
even know I haven’t looked
people if you like this different video
short video hopefully so ya understand
what aetherium is before you buy it and
that the benefits and how to store it
and how to move it
and how to send a Bitcoin how to send an
ethereal if you can’t send a Bitcoin you
shouldn’t be buying aetherium okay
alright and I’m not telling anyone to
buy a theory by the way I know that a
lot of people have ethereal so if you
have a theory and right now you might as
well keep it and because you do get it
is one of the coins out there the other
one being Bitcoin that they are creating
crypto dividends off of but if you’re
gonna keep it you better control your
own private key if you have an old coin
base or something exchange then just
sell it okay because you’re not getting
the benefits of it alright so yeah
people are pumping random things like
xenon and I am benefiting it and I am
benefiting because I got it for free I
got it for free because I happen to have
some etherium and we’ve gone over the
story why I happen to have a theorem
from way back in the day so so holding I
can I preach holding on this channel
well yeah
hold your Bitcoin but again this is the
reason why if you truly hold your
aetherium you’re gonna benefit drop from
the free crypt of dividends you got
hundreds worth of his xenon now it’s
not that it again it’s worth thirty one
cents but we were all given a lot of
Xena like 400 of it 700 of them I don’t
know um check check you know check your
theory if you control your private key
check out how many of the tokens you own
actually I will link to that that site
that allows you to do that I didn’t do
that yet what else do we say I’m saying
yeah I say again I’m not saying to buy
it but anyway yeah store it on a tray or
learn have noticed if you don’t know how
to store a theory I’m on a treasurer
that you shouldn’t have aetherium you
should not be keeping it at coinbase
because they are making money off of you
if your teeth if you’ve been a serial
you’re not getting any of your ethereal
dividends if they’re at coin base and
coinbase is they’re making money off you
they’re never gonna give it to you no
one has asked this question yet what if
people ask what are they doing with the
be gold
okay people ask that but what what is
coinbase tune with the numerous
aetherium crypto dividends that have
been produced and their tokens they’re
just tokens distributed on top of
etherium that certain etherium holders
will get and coin base is one of those
holders it’s getting all of them but
you’re the ones who are really entitled
to them but you think they’re yours but
actually you’re not because you don’t
coins Columbia controls the private key
so anyway don’t don’t be a don’t allow
coinbase to profit off of you comment
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we’ll be back I’ll be back in like five
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for the rip regular show we’ll talk
about this be cash pump which of course
I I told all of you obviously it’s going
to go back to 20 percent of a Bitcoin
again it did earlier today because it’s
just cyclical all these pumps are
cyclical just like xenon is being pumped
now why who knows they all get pumped
eventually I’ll talk to you later

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