The Viuly Ethereum crypto-dividend powers a blockchain based Youtube competitor- Founder interview

Hello everyone this is adam meister the
bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister
welcome to today in crypto dividends
today is october 24th 2017 buy-and-hold
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just by holding your favorite coin
so this show is gonna be different than
any show we’ve ever done before because
we have a special guest coming in from
Moldova welcome to the show
Ruslan popa CEO of how to pronounce it
boobie let’s go to yeah
hello everyone now before we get into
everything here I want to preface this
by saying that um I everyone knows that
I like these script of dividends
everybody knows that I really like when
people come up with ideas about
distributing coins to everyone who
already owns a certain coin and so I
found out about this on the the air drop
website and I was like what they they’re
gonna give it for everyone who owns
etherium they’re going to get some of
these Bewdley tokens what is what is
this what is this all about so I looked
into it a little bit and I saw that this
there was a company that was trying to
be a competitor with YouTube and at
first they were going to do an icy dope
now I would not have a sony IC o—-
people try to contact me try to be on
the show
I’m not about that I won’t have people
are doing crypt of dividends so I’m like
wait a second this person has changed
his mind
and it’s designed to go this crypto
evident out let me look further and so I
was and also because I’m a youtube user
and because all of us view tube users
have been having all sorts of D
monetization problems any competitor be
it one is going to be decentralized in
the blockchain like they want to be just
competitor is very intriguing so this
totally jumped out at me also so that’s
another reason we’re gonna talk about
this today and then a third reason is it
you can check out the links below
I recently in videos of mine I talked
about how cryptic earn a point is the
land of opportunity and it doesn’t
matter where you are what land you’re in
physically and this man isn’t freaking
Moldova okay so that that was very
intriguing and all cly had a video about
how they’re no gatekeepers in
cryptocurrency anyone could do anything
they want so you can if you want to fork
aetherium you could for kathiria I’m not
for an airdrop on a theory I’m excuse me
that’s what he’s gonna do airdrop upon
the theory and finally I have encouraged
I had encouraged entrepreneurship in the
cryptocurrency space for a long time and
here’s a person in Eastern Europe who is
doing it so with all of that said I
wanted to get all of that out there so
everyone who’s familiar with the channel
can kind of see where I’m coming from
with this so Ruslan let me add I mean
something that before we get into
exactly what your product is what your
site is what’s gonna happen there um the
the tokens for I had a lot of he popped
there to have a theory when are they
gonna be winner what’s the distribution
gonna happen of your tokens well in the
number of drops so it won’t happen at
one day or in one even in one year
because there is a lot of view tokens
that will be dropped for ETA holders but
we want to well the first question is
why we are doing yeah because most of
the companies go into this route with
i ce o–‘s well i will be honest we
tried the
well we didn’t actually do there so we
did sort of pre-sale and I can tell you
that you know it takes it takes a lot of
time and money to to get investors here
talking buyers and you know as I said
actually early in our purchase that you
know if a project a new project yeah
it’s a smooth team it has to you know
you have to have a lot of money you know
to get a successful I saw well it’s not
normal at all you know because basically
what was the idea I have a co a small
team of come come come up with a good
idea of of a project
distant reverse project on the
blockchain so they can actually raise
some money to develop the project and
the market to the home that was the idea
of ICO now but today I see the same
problem with I saw the same as with the
crowd say crowd sale keep in the United
States you have this website who is
doing the the crowds cross selling kick
help me this here Kickstarter kicks the
big one yeah so before before day was
also an idea that small small cheap
small guys can come with their great
ideas and a lot of people can support
them and you know but today if you are
not a big company and if you don’t spend
millions of dollars on marketing and
promotion you don’t get anything on that
side and the same I see this the same
program I see now with the I saw so I
saw is not anymore
a way to raise funds for small chips to
do the
projects therefore therefore actually I
was looking to another way is how to
actually how to actually get this
product to the world
yeah and I started the bits how did how
did for example man yeah name bite ball
D pony on another projects actually they
did airdrop they didn’t sell their
tokens and they did error and a drug is
very good why because you your product
and your token get a mass adoption very
fast important ranking because you know
the more people will help on our video
platform the more your good and
exclusive video content video here for
now video platform the the faster will
come advertisers who will actually be
able to advertise and because our system
is created and built in this way that we
don’t have advertisers don’t pay us and
we don’t pay to creators and users
advertisers pay directly to content
creators and users so there is no
middleman so the prices are different
everyone every it’s a win-win situation
for all parties full network members so
here I can say that the air drop comes
exactly to the it will help us to get to
hit the target
more faster and easier then if you would
go there issue so they therefore they be
canceled the the ICL will do the airdrop
and airdrop will start on November 1st
and it will be I mean the first round of
airdrop you’ll start on the first and it
will will last
for 30 days and up to the November 30
and from there we will go them to the
exchanges we will see when we will do
the second round it I think it will be
next year already
oh yeah okay did I come for your honesty
about this – because you saw like the I
see other thing is just not gonna work
for us and you moved on to something I
think this is unique I think this gives
you a leg up it gives you an attention
it gets guys a me interested we were
gonna give you publicity because you’re
doing it a different way you’re letting
the market decide you know I’m getting
you’re giving these now if people are
gonna use them let them use them let
them find out about this site and then
we’ll see if this we have a successful
product and it’s favoring it’s obviously
favoring of hearing on holders but
that’s a big community now I do want to
clarify one thing the way I understood
the airdrop is that anyone has etherium
is gonna get five be five of your tokens
if it doesn’t have to be at least one
etherium room we want to theoria more
and how much does this I heard it cost a
lot to airdrop to every person who has a
substantial amount of aetherium okay
here’s the answer yeah it’s good money
to do the airdrop and also there is a
lot of children folders now and the
number is growing day by day so
basically you have to you know to spend
like five hundred thousand dollars to do
the airdrop so you don’t have there
therefore we will start from this you
know step by step from the small amount
so the beak and be a big amount it just
make sense yeah because you know as I
said if I would cap those five hundred
thousand dollars now I I would I would
spend them on development of the
platform to make it even more even
better and you know to develop it faster
so you know but but what you can do now
in the first round
I said let’s let’s see where we have a
jillion holders in one place there is
actually two places where we can find
you know it’s Bitcoin talk forum and
it’s steamy steamy dot-com so these two
communities where where we have a lot of
members who at the same time their
atrium holders now we will start with
the Bitcoin talk and stream it yes so we
always create thread there where people
would be will be able to go to our
website you need OTO I mean for the
video platform site they have to
register there they capture filled in
before and to leave the each idiom
address yeah
and they will get the tokens I won’t
tell how many dr. Kunze they will get
because everyone will know it on the
November fest it would be five of you it
will be more for the first round because
I want you know to give some some more
tokens as a bonus let’s say for the
first but the early birds supporters of
our platform utopia so they they will
get these tokens on their really boarded
and from there they can destroy it to
the day a tearoom would it or directly
to any
exchange they well actually where you’ll
be you talking listed so and is happy
Mother’s two questions here
how many exchanges agreed to list a
token yet but more importantly so this
for the first airdrop is a little bit
different than what I thought it was
going to be I thought that it would I
thought automatically aetherium
addresses would get this token but there
it usually at first at first because
this is going to cost so much to do it
that way at first you’re going to make
people sign up to get the token that are
in the steaming community that are in
the big coin talk community that that
they have to be proactive to do this
it’s not an automatic thing but but
eventually do you want to airdrop it to
every etherium holder without them
signing up I think I think that’s very
unique yes as I said we want to do it
but to do it we have to have funds for
that because you know it each each
transaction costs a guess guess yeah so
you have to pay for that yes if and when
we will be able to to do the drop this
way we will do it but because they don’t
catch all these funds available now you
can just can do it you know but as I
said it is very important well first of
all let’s let’s say this let me explain
so everyone understands why actually is
better to do the first round and to see
how it actually how it’s actually
working how people actually like the
platform I want them to use the platform
as well because you know if you if you
get the jokin you actually can either
pay for premium content or you can
subscribe to pay channels or you can
donate any content
if you watch the video and you like the
video you can just keep this order so or
you can just will draw this tokens and
trade them on them on the market
so the big capture to see how it all
works first we have to see how people
like it or don’t like it
we have 292 to change something you know
because there is no point to have tokens
just for trading and you agree with me
you know we have to be capture to offer
people that the product the video
decentralized EPO platform which is
actually the point why they actually
always this do it so I’d leave it me
does that make sense yes it there is a
point to your token that is it is it’s
important to remember that but some
people they’re always going to be it
people interested in just speculating on
it and if they can get it for free
they’re gonna get it it’s good it’s good
marketing the way you’re doing it it’s
your you’re building up the marketing
you’re trying to you’re trying to make
it so it’s bigger I mean I can only
recommend that eventually you do
distribute it to all of theory I’m
holders who have more than point one
aetherium there’s or something like it
not to the people that have dust amounts
of aetherium but some some cutoff so
because it will be very newsworthy
because honest everybody everybody out
there content content producers review
that we are going to do we are not going
to send the tokens to anyone
the tokens will go under to the Athenian
coders who have more than 180 reom and
they voted it big why because we want
active a trillion holders and with the
positive balance in the wallet
atmosphere so because you know we don’t
want to get in in this situation when a
lot of people just register new wallet
to get free tokens we don’t so we don’t
want that that’s why I’m saying the
first round is very important because we
will test all this thing how it works
how it doesn’t work because they might
be any you know box troubles anyway you
know so we have to need to check
everything the destination and then we
will be looking for ways to airdrop the
tokens to all helium folders but before
I go for example to any investor for
example yeah and and say look we have 20
30 50 thousand members
you token holders and we are listed on
this this exchange and now we want to
drop all our tokens to all eight helium
holders then you know it makes sense to
discuss with serious guys about this
fields because it’s sort of a investment
for them as well let’s be honest here
yeah so therefore I as I said therefore
we feel that it is important to make the
first round fest to see how it works and
then go to everyone well I want to
remind everyone that all of the
important links that describe what
they’re doing over there are in the link
section below this video so always check
out the links section below
remember everyone found that like button
if you like unique topics like this that
you’re not going to hear anywhere else
but as I was saying the YouTube content
creators are frustrated they want
something different will this be the big
thing that changes the world I don’t
know but I’d like betting it involves
cryptocurrency and that it’s it’s
decentralized apparently so Hey and
again the tokens one last question do
you have any changes lined up or is that
something that you’ve not got worried
about well let me explain as well
because it is very important question I
I get every day this question and it is
very important ow
there’s quite a few exchanges that way
you just go and pay some sort of zero a
few bitcoins and and get listed there
when if you want to get from for example
d-trix or a big big exchange if you have
to you know you have to have more token
holders because exchanges laughs when
you have 20 50 100 thousand talking
holders then they actually read it to
you know to talk with you and because of
the held rope as well because you know
when you go to any extensions they look
they ask you how many talking hollow
sleep here you know for example if you
take any average I see oh they have like
two three thousand fucking folders and
when you go with the airdrop and you can
to change a sale you can change it
twenty or fifty thousand talking holders
it is more interesting for them de la
vie so I don’t see the problem with the
exchanges after the airdrop we started
to talk with some exchanges and actually
they said look do the airdrop and let’s
see how many token holders do here and
after that we can finalize it that’s it
all right that’s good that’s good you
have an answer for that you’re getting
prepared now with I want to know that I
guess a little bit of your history here
first of all what is the what’s what’s
it like in Moldova for Bitcoin and
and how did you come up with this idea
of Veolia and uh and what’s that word
even mean what type of word is it and
you know you have a history and videos
did you do a lot of people complain
about this situation with YouTube that’s
a lot of questions right there so yeah
yeah let’s take from the start
yeah so
not always a small country we have like
4 million people here living it’s a good
nice country to live I would say very
nice people so you know if you someday
you will definitely like it I promise
you because I how many friends I have
from different countries they they
they’ve been here from like few days
already every day all laugh Moldova so I
definitely recommend you to come here
it’s actually Midori is in the middle of
the year because many people mistakenly
think that it’s in Russia but Russia is
quite far from over
the Chairman I think that’s Russia so
yeah you’re right next for Romania
correct right next door yeah yeah I have
met many nice Romanians in my day so I
do I always wanted to go to Moldova but
is there are there Bitcoin people don’t
about are there cryptocurrency people
there is not like I think like you know
Bitcoin community where people can go
and meet each other you know and discuss
things for some reason no but I am sure
that they are more more Bitcoin and the
children folders then I act and I know
personally but you know yeah so yeah so
now about how I go to the IDE and
everything you know to give this to you
i i’m inchin check for many years I will
miss you from many successful companies
most of them
it’s a age
ehem companies financial providers with
a with our own ATM machines for to pay
for deals and everything the company
name is a skeevy it’s their public
company now they’re listed in New York
Stock Exchange yeah yeah yeah then I’ve
been CEO for the company called Roubaix
it’s like sort of PayPal but since
Russian payment system then it was sold
so another big company in Moscow in
Russia and now it’s called become money
there have been CEO for the company
called oldies all those bees it’s a sort
of Alibaba but footer for b2b platform
marketplace they got like 60 offices
around the road so it’s also a big big
company now but with all this experience
in Sudan how did you get in the
cryptocurrency and video yeah yeah
well I bought my first Bitcoin like when
it was 200 something dollars then
because you know I I always had a lot of
big big ideas that to build the project
you need some some big money you know
and all this when I was trying to find a
danger capital fund or something I never
I never got funding from them but after
one year I read in any business website
SEL news news business means that sites
that someone get or create this same
project and they got like profit first
year profit like 200 million dollars as
well you know I had quite a few of this
ideas and actually
Bewdley the video platform this idea I
had like from 2014
therefore I bought my domain
in 2014 and you know to create it if you
have to have money you know to build it
so at that point I didn’t had the money
for that so I just domain apart and look
one time you’ll come I will do it so
yeah like a time I eight months ago I
saw this all this happening in the
Decrypter world I see all solution as a
look this is a good possibility for me
you know to finally create this project
and and to keep it and to give the world
a really good decentralized video
platform so I gathered my team and the
started work on it and after that you
know what happened yeah yeah I mean I
you have a great initiative here and the
site is live now people can go to the
step they can upload its link to below
um first tell us what where you got the
name from but also tell us I mean are a
lot of people using it what’s going on
well I can tell you that sorry this we
opened we released our alpha October 6 I
think if I think around October 6 or
October 10th
even today we have October 24th so we
don’t we didn’t promote our platform so
we didn’t do any marketing or something
special and we now have around 4,000
users there around 500 videos uploaded
400 something channels created so people
you know tasting even listening and we
still in alpha a
we’ll listen but most of the futures
already working I think tomorrow we will
release our ties in Moodle so people
actually can start you know testing the
advertising model so they can like spend
their tokens taught your ties their
video or their channel for example and
people who will watch this videos will
get rewards for this so you know they
are moving and development we are moving
very fast I kept very good team
developer developers with 15 years of
experience in development so these guys
are really good we have truly
international team they have people like
from Moldova from Russia from Armenia
from UK from Greece from where from
India yet have developers from India as
well so you know it’s a big company
well I’ll say it reminds me something
that was intriguing about it you
mentioned the site steam it and how old
steam it that the content producers get
paid and the people who watch or who
read who get paid so you gonna have a
similar model where you make the
business it’s not similar them it’s a
you know let me get the beats back so we
have a site Wow let’s say competitors
but they a centralized video platform it
called wheels dot me
yeah I will be and they their business
model actually is chips here
so users you can watch your video and if
if they like you your videos they just
keep you yeah so they just take the
credit card and and send you I don’t
know $1 $2 $5 $20 whatever but anyway
this is this business model is is group
is very good
you know because people actually do
donates money to content creators
therefore the good quality content
content but the thing is they have to
take the edit card and to pay from the
credit card I think what we didn’t
really that actually advertisers come to
this site advertise their companies
products services etc users watch
watching this advertisement as well they
hear you tokens for that and then they
can spend this tokens as well for the
donations to the content creators to pay
for the premium content on pay-per-view
base or subscribe to the page I know
yeah because you know if you have some
good lessons for example you can create
a channel so people just subscribe to
your channel pay you tokens and have
access to your videos for exclusive
videos now but the thing is they don’t
have to take their credit card now and
to pay you from their money from their
wages that they work you know and yet
they pay you for you talking state very
also on Julie so I think for the
ecosystem of the video platform it’s
better then someone go and think they’ve
gotten paid from the endcap that’s why
we think it’s more it’s more sustainable
let’s say well that that the whole
ecosystem is closed on the advertising
model so advertisers actually pay for
the whole party let’s say like that and
it’s okay because the taxes pay
everywhere you know so you know because
every other Dicers doesn’t need
customers and that’s okay when we say
you can go to view video platform
page for the advertising you don’t pay
anyone any company you paid directly to
the content creators that
to the users and and we get the same
customers but at the same time view
wills I mean users and actually as
potato eaters also your users now they
also watch the video so they also can
pay other content creators for their job
so it’s the whole ecosystem works very
very well and and we plan and the plan
to have a marketplace there it’s
actually in sin you were think I I
haven’t seen this anywhere in the world
yet I want I want to to create a
marketplace on you leeway for example
you watch the video and you see someone
showing you your new iPhone let’s say
like the iPhone yeah I want them well
for iPhone X or hate and you can click
just by and by it you tokens right there
you know I think I think you know you’ll
it’ll be more bigger and much
interesting then then we can describe
now on our way well yeah and and again
the white paper is linked to below but I
want to say the option of using your
tokens right on the site to buy
something is something that people have
suggested this steam it but Steven has
never done because people use the steam
token to power steam it and they want to
be able to use their steam tokens for
for something other than speculation is
to buy stuff with so you’re you’re
saying then maybe eventually you’re
gonna be able to use the really tokens
it’s not it’s not maybe it’s just when
you know because yeah because because
like five developers and will do as fast
as possible everything but in just you
know people have to sleep beneath as
well so it is another purpose to the
tokens also which will give them more
down on you on the open market which
will make people happier that they got
them for free by just moving etherium in
the first place yeah go back to the
platform itself and you keep on saying
it’s a it’s a decentralized video
platform maybe you can explain how
works also I read where there’s not all
the videos will be accepted like if it
is something that’s horrific horrible
like it will be banned so there there
seems to be some centralization involved
there seems to be let’s start from the
very beginning well what is you Lee yeah
it’s decentralized at your sharing
platform sort of like YouTube that’s it
you know it’s simple everyone understand
it now why it’s decentralized this
little IIST mean means you don’t have
any central computers where the video
store the video has taught on the many
different nodes from the system called
ipfs it’s a it’s a good actually in a
protocol that allows anyone actually any
project to store their videos photos or
any documents in the decentralized
ecosystem the same we reconnected to the
ipfs and actually at today’s there is no
one place where you can go and just
switch off the you know the bewdley so
you know because videos are distributed
they they are not stored in one place so
this is distribution this decentralized
decentralisation yeah the first place
second place second thing wise it’s
decentralized because all the
transactions on the video platform i
need between advertisers content
creators and users between them directly
without any middleman so if you lee as a
platform just get as well janilla
percentages from the transactions and
actually that’s it for example for
example the content creators they have
four streams of income yeah first
firstly no income it’s other
you sure they get 65% from the price of
the advertisement 25% gets people users
who watch this video or a dirt and just
10% go is video platform for example if
someone donate you let’s say 10 10 view
you get 90% you get 9 view and 1 you
will go to the platform as a surfeit for
example if you sell your content on pay
per view base someone pay you look like
I don’t know the same 10 view parent
tell you you get 9 and one go one go is
platform the same with the subscription
by sufficient substitutions 90% you get
and 10% get the platform but from those
10% that we get we pay and 5% back in
the referral program you have affiliate
programs so for example if you invite
users and they began become active
content creators and the year here are
tokens you get 5% from all the amount a
year so also so platform makes just 5%
from from all the transactions and as I
said the most important thing that all
transactions go directly it advertisers
pay directly you and the users who watch
your videos and and us as a platform so
we don’t take the money you don’t pay
the money you know it’s all between you
directly that therefore it’s a
decentralized now about moderation we
said from the very start that really is
family safe did your platform be a legal
company actually Bewley is a part of an
owned by beauty media Ltd which is
registered in Tallinn Estonia so be a
legal legal company we are not Swan
Monroe so we can’t we can
you know do whatever we want there is
some rules in the world but as I said if
you go to beauty with your platform now
and you’ll see under the video if you
when you are authorized you’re gonna
kneel you’ll see under the video it is
like sort of flag yes you can flick the
video for example if it’s porno or it’s
guns drugs or everything this video will
not be allowed out on now side that is
you know the rest is is on a user spot
this is only in alpha because you know
we are going to create promoter the
promoter Asian of the videos and if a
peculiar artificial intelligence machine
you will analyze the video and if you if
it has some sort of content which is not
appropriate to the tour let’s say as we
said we are family safe so if it’s if it
has something in it it will it will pass
the video to moderators who you moderate
actually we will have the rating system
so every user who have the most the
highest rating on the system will be
able to moderate it’s the system
automatically do choose randomly ten
mother ten users with the highest rank
and you’ll send them those send them the
link to this video so they have to check
it and to moderate if most of this ten
moderators you’ll say no the video is
okay then it will appear on the side if
the most of this then moderators will
say no the video is not good for four
masses for the people if it will just
believe it be banned so what we want to
do is you they they user users of the
platform you’ll decide is this video
good food to be on the platform or not
so we are not going to moderate it or
something but because it is alpha I
Oh guys you have to understand you know
I don’t wanna to see on on the black fur
now you know poor no drugs or etc now
these things I just I just think it’s
not appropriate for the viewlet but as I
said in the better you guys will decide
if you want to see this type of content
on the side it you’ll be there if you
you know you do the side like any I
think that that’s what people are tired
of with YouTube there seems to be
dictators at YouTube saying what’s good
and what’s bad you’re proposing is such
a situation system where the people of
the community will moderate the
community so it’ll be a more or err a
more fair method and that’s you’re gonna
get there at data you’re still in alpha
and you know the Sun again so people
should visit the site first of all town
that like button people again if you
like if you have high hopes for this
that you know cryptocurrency and videos
can come together and somehow topple
YouTube I mean who knows that this is
the answer I mean I give you all the
credit in the world for trying your best
here for being an entrepreneur for
coming out of Moldova to do this I mean
this is a unique story and it’s it’s a
unique way of distributing your token so
it’s it’s interesting to people so I
hope people find out about I hope people
visit your site and I’ll have to upload
a video there I haven’t had time yet
actually I would like you know this our
interview show to you as well so you
know I have to see how I mean I have no
idea how fast your upload is now like
I’m I’m a little confused since she said
it’s all decentralized I just how long
is it isn’t gonna be harder to upload is
it I mean I’m gonna have to compare the
filming tell me please go how long it
takes in YouTube for examples this sort
of videos long videos well okay
this is remember now YouTube is
uploading this as we do it because this
is a live video
but occasionally I will do a video that
I tape and then I’ll have to upload it
and it just depends on the the speed of
the internet I mean like a fuck it could
take them I mean you can take an hour to
upload but you can take it and you know
it depends on the quality
same on you it’s gonna take you longer
okay okay I mean so I encourage people
out there to test it out to do your own
your own research into that as into this
is I learn more about the air drop I’ll
keep it everything updated because again
you know they’re always they’re gonna be
people who are just like I want the air
drop I want to convert it into Bitcoin I
want to convert indium I mean and that’s
great you’re you’re you’re marketing
yourself by doing this air drop people
are going to hear the name even if half
the people just sell their tokens right
away it’ll be way worth it I say because
people because if you just did a regular
ICO no one will pay attention and you
wouldn’t even raise the money that you
want so at least this way you’re getting
some unique marketing out of it and
that’s what I encourage I mean people
who have I CEOs don’t contact you people
who are doing air drops that are that
are gonna air drop to everyone has an
aetherium or everyone that has Bitcoin
everyone that has like going contact me
I’m interested in this kind of stuff and
I think this is a unique growing space I
think this is gonna be a trend in 2018
and I commanded I commend you for
jumping on it early and I commend you
for trying to take on YouTube this is
not gonna be easy thing I mean it’s not
easy so anyway we’re reaching into the
show is I’m gonna I’m gonna give you the
floor you could say anything you wanted
now any conclusion airy things about the
product and you know contact information
again his contact information is below
and their articles is Twitter all that
stuff about viola is below so take it
we now have bonuses for for early birds
users who register it doesn’t have
anything in common with with air drops
for example if you
at will dot IO with your platform you
will get 50 view tokens free as a bonus
when you upload your first video you get
100 view tokens as a bonus and if you
invite other users your friends your
family your colleagues you will get 50
view tokens for for everyone who the
register through your FLE which you can
find on in your profile on the video
platform now Adam I would I would like
to say thank you very much for this
possibility to to tell your people about
our airdrop and about our video platform
I mentioned in the in the very start of
this row about that you talked about the
demonization and everything and then at
the finish you said that it would not be
easy enough to compete with YouTube get
to understand that Adam we do understand
that it will take some time you know I
don’t know how many years it will take
but you know you have to start somewhere
because if we don’t start we don’t get
to the you know at some point where we
all have realized in your platform for
for all people and without someone to
tell you you know it’s good is bad or
someone to tell you I am NOT going to
pay you and where I’m going to pay you
you know I think it is overall it’s good
for everyone so welcome guys and thank
you very much
yeah I think it’s gonna change I think
the goal should be and at the very least
change the way people think about how
content creators are compensated and how
advertisements are approved and all of
that I would add one thing but I thought
of the tokens there is going to be a
limit on the amount of tokens you ever
how many tokens are ever going to be
created I think you’ve told me offline
that there’s is going to be a limit on
talking’s created yes yes we have total
supply of tokens is 1 million tokens we
from them 500 million tokens you’ll go
to air drop in the number of rounds as I
said or if we sort out somehow the
domani issue then we will just air drop
all the tokens in one go to toll to do
folders you know so if is if someone is
watching now and say look that’s a good
idea let let me help guys you know you
can find my contacts below and let’s
discuss it so there will be a small card
there that limits it so it’ll be
completely clear to everyone how many
tokens will ever be created because
people aren’t going to want to hold the
tokens if all of a sudden you can
produce the chameleon more no no we
already created the smart contracts and
the tokens already created you can’t you
can’t add tokens to this much contract
that’s it it’s done so and so how many
is it again do you know how many of them
were there a billion of tokens here we
are giving away 500 million
but also we leave two hundred million
tokens for partnerships for ambassadors
because we have do it now we are
starting out the Ambassador Program so
he needs ambassadors in top 20 youtube
countries for example it’s United States
Brazil etc so we need ambassadors we
need different companies we can partner
with and also for the referral program
which I said the bonus program
so this 200 million you talking still go
to hold the tool to market the platform
yeah let’s say like that and 300 million
tokens is for team and future
development because you know we
understand that at some point in few
years we will we will be we might need
some funds for the
so we have to you know to get some
tokens for that so we can you know sell
them and and finance the whole project
so we can move ahead because of course I
understand that you know at some point
now maybe they are not you could say oh
you late you know it’s a shit you know
yeah I don’t wanna even look at them
though to be honest with you I had
discussions today did YouTube
representants they actually you know
like our idea I would say you just have
a good a good conversation and that’s it
you now know business I let’s say like
but of course they don’t see us as
serious competitor now but at some point
and three years five years I don’t know
if you get like really big they might
say look you have to fight them and you
know the device would cost some money so
therefore you know for any reason we
have to take some tokens and to put
apart so he kept some sort of fund for
future the grow let’s say well and maybe
to fight some some centralized
decentralized competitors that now well
I wish you all the luck in the world
you’ve really given us some insights and
behind-the-scenes information about what
if you want it if you’re trying to start
a cryptocurrency type company if you’re
trying to do an airdrop if you’re trying
to compete with YouTube what kind of
stuff you need to be aware of so this
has been a it’s been a unique video very
unique so thanks again everyone everyone
i’m adam meister the bitcoinmeister the
disrupt meister remember to subscribe in
this channel like this video share this
video do check out the notes section
come that like button we’ll be back
tomorrow with era well we might have a
special guest on tomorrow too but we’ll
be back to our regular scheduled
programs soon enough thanks a lot
everyone i’ll see you

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  1. Hey Adam looking at my wallets found the following tokens have been Airdropped, know much about these dividends ?
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    Centra (CTR) Airdrop
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