The Vanderbilts | How America’s Richest Family Went Broke

99 thoughts on “The Vanderbilts | How America’s Richest Family Went Broke

  1. The younger brother went broke building the mansion at :16 he only got 5 mil– the 2 oldest got 55 (cornelius, breakers mansion)and 45 mil (the one walking with his daughter, william, marble house) each of 4 boys and 3 or 4 girls got a 5 mil trust too in 1888

  2. Do they really give anderson cooper 11million USD per year for being an ancor man on cnn? Maybe he has investments. Once you have a million you can borrow ten and with ten you can invest in real estate stock and bitcoin etc.

  3. Cooper used to have some mild talent enough not to lose what he was handed, but ultimately is a spoiled liar who does a lot of damage to the world. And if you think he didn’t get a huge leg up from his family you’re out of your mind.

  4. You can't preserve wealth for generations when you have a lot of children generation after generation…

  5. This is a perfect example of the Chinese proverb about entitlement… "Every 3rd generation will not wear slippers"

  6. This video is fake news. How do I know this? I was in Aspen and some rich elite guy was welcoming a Vanderbilt to his skiing group. They ARE NOT BROKE!

  7. I bet the remaining Vanderbilts okayed this fake news to "stay bellow the radar" and keep out of the public eye.

  8. If you work for the IRS disregard this video because they are NOT BROKE in fact they are still rolling in money!

  9. And not surprisingly, there are multiple comments here hating Anderson Cooper and CNN, just as I knew there would be. Oh well.

  10. bs
    cooper may not inherit the estate but he was given a load of money by his mother while growing up and after graduating college to start his own independent news company which made him a known figure and led to cnn

  11. Anderson Cooper still grew up in a fancy West Side penthouse, attended an elite prep school, and appeared on TV and in magazines as a child. He had a very wealthy upbringing.

  12. Can't stand CNN garbage but Anderson Cooper has accomplished an impressive resume and bank account

  13. You managed to expertly explain a dynasties rise and fall spanning over a century in just 5 minutes! That is impressive sir

  14. You managed to expertly explain a dynasties rise and fall spanning over a century in just 5 minutes! That is impressive sir

  15. If you want to talk about just how much they spent look at the Biltmore mansion in North Carolina absolutely insane Vanderbilt build here

  16. Jeez Anderson Cooper seems like he's had a privileged, pampered life. Had no idea he got there from nothing

  17. Hmm…no mention of a certain young and hungry poor boy John D. Rockefeller?

    I find this lack of Rockefeller disturbing …

  18. This information has not been confirmed by the cecils( Vanderbilt's descendants) had a guy argue this with one of the tour guides at the biltmore. Needless to say the guy was shut up quick. And andersson cooper was a spoiled brat. They said he spent many weekends and summers at the biltmore and any descendant has a place there if needed

  19. Wake up sheeple..Vanderbilts were Rothschilds cronnies, as are Morgans, Rockafellers, and the other ultra rich today!!! They didn't own what people thought they did…Rothchilds own everything!

  20. Anderson pooper is a lying cuck. Hope he gets placed on a chaingang and forced to build our Great Big Beautiful American Wall.

  21. Thx for the #whitesplainin. Actually the Vanderbilts got their BLOOD MONEY from the SLAVE TRADE. Cornelius Vanderbilt owned a large plantation in SC enslaving generations of Black Americans… one of whom was a 5 yr old boy.. who is the great great grandfather of Michelle Obama

  22. ..whatever the story…. Gloria Vanderrbilt continued the LEGACY of Cornelius Vanderbilt who built the RAILROAD EMPIRE in 1800…….beautiful soul…..REST IN PEACE….MA'AM.

  23. But has #Anderson Cooper ever used his #Vanderbilt name to get him ahead #cnn or has he used his education she gave him ? he really never through her name around though he could have just saying I think he stands on his own sad for his lose on losing his mother

  24. Oh wow 200+ million dollars are rags indeed poor Cooper and his poor suffering family this video just pisses me off not like he was homeless or had to go days without food or medicine or pick and choose what bill's to pay last I checked inheriting 2million dollars doesn't make you poor

  25. The younger brother of cornelius ran out of money building the mansion at :14 he "only" got 5 million (and the 5mil trust which all of the kids of william henry inherited in 1888) but the 2 oldest bros got 50 and 40mil (breakers and marble house)

  26. Anderson Cooper was a CIA asset as most journalist are, as most war correspondents are recruited into fraternities in college…how better to get intel than being a journalist at the front..they use them to pass payoffs and bribe money…. regular civilians cant get that close to the front in a war zone….how do I know?…well lets just say life is funny at times.

  27. Towards the end, nothing more than an advertisement for one of their own Media businessmen….. Pathetic and disgusting journalists!

  28. Anderson Cooper is a joke. If he had any sense he would have left CNN when it started to sink into fake news media pit

  29. Usually by third generation it's gone. I'm related to 2 past Presidents and kings and queens money was gone by the 1940s 1950s. Always happens. The greatest generation built this country now the lazy asses today are spending it

  30. What sad lives they must have led if all they were bothered about was putting on a show and spending their way through a fortune. They knew the price of everything and the value of nothing

  31. It sounds like they spent the majority of there money on excess and wanting to be excepted. Both things that people should not waste their time and money on

  32. Anderson Cooper!!!? Trip out. Interesting story. The rich Victorian life style was insanely exaggerated. Now that's how you FLEX 💪🏽…

  33. Never knew Anderson was dyslexic. Much respect to the man making his own way without relying on wealth*

    *before the comments, it is certainly possible that he got a boost to the position through his mother he has now HOWEVER he has proved himself time and time again that he has EARNED IT.

  34. We recently had a chance to visit this magnificent piece of architecture. what a splendid mansion it is. What struck us was the amount of detailing that had gone behind its creation. A 250 bedroom marvel with state of the art gymnasium and a full fledged swimming pool, servant bedrooms, fully loaded…….etc…. It took around 3-4 hours for us to finish the entire mansion visit. Sad to hear this story though…..It is an important question to answer for mankind… HOW MUCH IS TOO MUCH ?

  35. When I did home foreclosures, I would see people overnight loose nearly everything. Amazing what people do to appear wealthy, glamorous and happy but privately there on a cliff’s edge to disaster and ruin.

  36. I watched this for a history of the Vanderbilt family but somehow it turned into the Anderson Cooper fanboy vid.

  37. The founder was a genius, his descendants were idiots. For all his genius He wasn't smart enough to lay down rules, regulations, and responsibilities to his kids. That is why the Rothchildes are still the richest family in the world and likely will never be supplanted!

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