The Truth About Forex Trading, Bitcoin Mining, And Cryptocurrency

– This is so crazy. This is one of the most common questions we get on social media, and it’s from you. It’s: Dan, should I
invest in cryptocurrency? Should I buy bitcoin? Should I get into forex trading? Or, I’m in it. What do you recommend? Do you do forex trading? Do you buy cryptocurrency? So, today in Boss In The Bentley, I’m gonna answer once and for all. (upbeat music) If you’re asking me, Dan, should I invest in cryptocurrency or should
I get into forex trading? The simple answer is:
The very fact that you’re asking me about this is… You shouldn’t. Because when you ask me this question it means, chances are you
don’t know enough about them. Maybe you see it on social media, or your friends told you about this, or you hear somebody making
some money doing this. And you thought, “It’s a good idea.”. The problem is… You think of forex trading,
or even cryptocurrency. They’re not a fucking business. They are just investments. So, in case you don’t know
what forex trading is. All it is, through
very, very simple terms: You buy currency at a certain rate, hopefully you buy low. And you sell currency at a certain rate. Hopefully you sell it high, right? That’s all that is. You buy low and sell high. That’s how you make
money in forex trading. I make money through
currency exchange, where… Example: I have a lot
of revenue coming in, in U.S. dollars. Then, I would see when is a good time to hold on certain
amount of dollars of U.S. Or, a certain time I know that, hey, it’s gonna go down probably. Then, I’m gonna sell some U.S.
and convert into Canadian. So that, to pay for the company expense and all of that stuff. But, I’m not trying to make
money on the difference. Right? I’m trying to more fully utilize the capital more efficiently. But, I’m not trying to make money on that. When you’ve got no money… When it comes to money there are three things you need to know. There are three skills you need to know. Making it, keeping it, and multiplying it. A lot of you guys, you’re
trying to multiply. You’ve got nothing to multiply! You’ve got a couple grand,
you’ve got ten grand, you’ve got 20 grand, you’ve got 50 grand. That is nothing! It’s not enough to multiply. You’re not going to
become wealthy that way. The very first thing
that you have to do is, focus on making it. Maximizing your income. When you maximize your income, assuming you don’t just
blow it all, like an idiot, and you keep most of it… Not to be frugal, but you keep it, you accumulate it, so
that you could invest. Now you can invest in
something that is sustainable. Something that will provide
you with a good return. But, first you need to develop what I call a ‘high income skill’. You need to have a skill
set that can earn you, continuously, money. Income. If you think about it,
even cryptocurrency. So, you buy a little bit of bitcoin, you buy a little bit of cryptocurrency? So fucking what. You still can’t pay the bills. You still can’t put food on the table. You need a continuous income stream, that allows you to do that. You need the ability to earn. To earn money on a regular basis. To pay for your bills. Otherwise, you’re trying to speculate. See, the most dangerous thing is this: If you go into something,
and you’re speculating, and you think to yourself,
“This is a business.”… It’s not a fucking business. At best, at best, it’s speculation. To me… Some people
might disagree with me. I know I’m gonna get comment from YouTube, on social media, about,
“Oh no, let me explain to you about cryptocurrency,
let me explain to you about blah, blah, blah, blah. Let me explain to you,
it’s not what you think.” Fuck you guys, I don’t give a fuck. I’m just saying, I don’t agree, and it’s not what I invest in. I’m so pissed off, because I have people, quite a lot of people, using my name. Set up fake Facebook group,
fake Facebook profile, fake Instagram profile,
fake stock tip profile, using my name. Using my picture,
pretending to be Dan Lok, telling people to buy certain stock. Telling people to buy
certain cryptocurrency. Telling people, basically,
scamming people, using my name. I don’t approve of that,
I don’t appreciate that. So, if you see anything like that? If you’re my fan, don’t believe in that. You see anyone recommending a stock tip, cryptocurrency, or
bitcoin, or forex trading. Whatever it is… 100% percent, it is not me. So, if you want to follow me, follow me on the proper social media channel. Which, I have my links on all my sites, on my YouTube description. Those are the official
social media accounts that I have. Anything outside of that? They’re fake, they are not real. People using my name, because they know how much exposure I have. And that’s what pisses me off. Not only they are telling people to invest in certain things, they are basically using my brand to deceive people. That is just fucking wrong. And my legal team is constantly, we’re shutting that down every damn– Before, it was every month. Now, it’s almost every day we gotta shut these things down. That’s how crazy it gets. So, the most dangerous
thing you can do is, going into speculation, thinking it’s gonna be an investment. It is like, the other day. Jenny and I, we were in Vegas. And I never gamble. I don’t gamble. You’ve read my book, you know I don’t like gambling. But we got some time to kill. And I thought, you know what? Why don’t we just, sitting in front of this Monopoly, kind of a slot machine. So, cool! Let’s just play some games. So, we put in like $100
bucks, or whatever. We play, and we actually,
from $100.00 bucks, within like, 30 minutes, we were up $300.00, $400.00 dollars. This is cool, this is fun, right? And then, afterwards, we keep playing, and went from $400.00 – $300.00 – $200.00, and then we lost all. We lost $100.00 bucks, right? It is very foolish to
think, oh, you know what? Is that an investment? Or, am I trying to make a living, playing the Monopoly slot machine? Or, am I trying to get rich with that? That’s how stupid it is, when it comes to you thinking about forex trading, or cryptocurrency. That thinking of, you know what? I’m gonna make a business out of that. It’s as if you’re saying, I’m gonna play the slot machine, and hopefully
that will make me rich. No. It’s not even speculation. To me, it’s a game. It’s like, I lose $100.00 bucks, it’s no big deal. It’s a fun thing. It’s just entertainment. I’m not counting on that to make money. You shouldn’t count on that to make money. The only thing you count
on make money, is you. See, real estate doesn’t make me money. The stock market doesn’t make me money. Business doesn’t make me money. I make me money. Those investments work because I work. Your investment would
work only if you work. The only thing, the
only person to count on to make you money, to make you successful? It is you. So, comment below. Don’t
follow those advice. They are not good for you. Learn to think independently. And, until next time, I’ll
see you in my Bentley.

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  2. anything concerning how to make money in this 21st century amazing opportunity especially for us (African people)forex and crypto are the only once, why do we talk on something we don't know well because we are not in it? Some think it is gambling since they don't have a clue/idea/ – sorry for those watching while others make money easily!!! [GuysDon't limit yourself to specific money making things only – I'm civil engineer and contractor and other investments but I make more money on forex and crypto]

  3. Forex need a clear understanding and discipline
    I trade and I train people online and most of my clients are earning

  4. Great video Dan. From my point of view, as far as the information on the stock market is concerned, most people do not want to understand that without professional training and long experience you can not enter the market. (1)So, if you want to understand what the stock market means, you need to understand that you need a strong training in psychology.(2)It should not be forgotten that the stock market is made up of 80% psychology, and only 20% of the strategy.(3)You need a strong knowledge of international monetary policies.(4)In order to generate a massive profit from this business called the stock market, you will need to have a minimum $ 50k capital, if you do not hold this portfolio, you are just a player who does nothing but pour money.(5)Do not try, to make money from something you are not ready with, the necessary knowledge.Thank you! All the best and respect!

  5. believe in yourself in trading.. get a good education.. learn from trader ,not coach or mentor.. usually coach are teaching your text book concept.

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  8. Thank you Dan for guiding me through this video. I almost fell for the bitcoin and forex trading, when I have to first earn money on a regular basis. This is Anthony from Santacruz, Mumbai, India.

  9. Very very true.Many lose money getting into things they don't know.Many have lost money through the same.Your videos really educate us.Keep sharing!

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  11. I would like to thank you for the great tutorial, by now I
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  12. I would like to thank you for the great tutorial, by now I
    am looking for to improve myself so I can achieve the learning I got from you….


  13. I am a hustler baby call me Super Fly I will take money Bye and Bye If you loose don't ask a question why. Hahahahaahaha

  14. Dan, I am disappointed to hear you say that forex is not a business. After 11years of trading, I'd say it was as much of a business as what you are doing, and quite a profitable business if you have the discipline for it!!!!

  15. dan
    one mistake you did in this video
    is that you have used the word "trying"
    the word which doesn't exist.
    you only taught us that in one of your video

  16. Address my question boss, here is the question- if I constantly play the graph on my favour as of course I earn dollars. Will the company eg ( IQ option, etoro etc) benefits ? Or it benefits when I lose?

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  19. My advise to beginners to trading is before you enter any market as a trader, you need to have some idea of how you will make decisions to execute your trades. You must know what information you will need to make the appropriate decision on entering or exiting a trade, this is what I leant from my account manager

    With Mr.Jacbos's help and consoling I easily realized some people choose to look at the underlying fundamentals of the economy as well as a chart to determine the best time to execute the trade. Others use only technical analysis. Whichever methodology you choose, be consistent and be sure your methodology is adaptive. Your system should keep up with the changing dynamics of a market, I advise you contact if you trade better..((hendersonjacob09))

  20. My advise to beginners to trading is before you enter any market as a trader, you need to have some idea of how you will make decisions to execute your trades. You must know what information you will need to make the appropriate decision on entering or exiting a trade, this is what I leant from my account manager

    With Mr.Jacbos's help and consoling I easily realized some people choose to look at the underlying fundamentals of the economy as well as a chart to determine the best time to execute the trade. Others use only technical analysis. Whichever methodology you choose, be consistent and be sure your methodology is adaptive. Your system should keep up with the changing dynamics of a market, I advise you contact if you trade better..((hendersonjacob09))

  21. I dnt understand wht this guy is trying to say to be honest . Forex is not gambling if you HV skill or know what you are doing u make money , there are good blockchain companies you can invest in bro not all cryptos are useless . Like vechain, BNB, act so I would say invest after that try to start something that will give us money regularly I mean everyday

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  23. I disagree,, everyone should invest into buying bitcoin , put a little from there paycheck every week and stack as much as they can .. soon enough the USD will collapse and those that hold and acquire bitcoin as the early adopters will be the new wealth … the thing is rich people don’t want you to buy bitcoin so that they can acquire more before you have a chance to. The cashless world society is at hand mentioned in the last book of the Bible … I also think Dan follows to closely to Warren Buffet”s take and advice on crypto currency which is narrow sighted..

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    You should have just left this topic alone. You definitely need to make it up for this one. I can assure you one thing,if you could become a professional forex trader, your perception towards forex trading will never be the same.
    I have been trading forex for 11 years now and I wish I started a long time ago.
    You can make as much as you want in forex but first you must learn the game.
    You must aquire the right knowledge from the right sources.
    You must have a mentor and you must put in work,serious work.
    Then you will became an experienced professionals trader.

  26. I did see you for the first time. And what made you legit is just 1 big comment. And it is so true.

    "Start to make an income, not by trading or speculating"

    It is the basics nearly no one gets. They think to get ridge of trading/investing a couple of $1000. And yes, a few got ridge that way, but it is the minority, not the majority.
    And next thing I like to see a video of is "if you manage to make a million… how to keep it and multiply it" If you give most people $1m, they are broke next year or earlier… because they have the wrong spending habbit. I look forward to a video like that. πŸ‘ŒπŸΌ

  27. Forex trading is not about buying low selling high, it’s just predicting if the price goes up or down. If you predict the to price drop and the price does drop you still make the profit. Crypto is the investment, buy low sell high not forex.

  28. I was just listen without watching the video. Then as you stated at 1:53–1:55 you were saying you are not trying to make money Right? I'm trying to more fully….. and then you pause and I said utilize just as you said it…hahahaha.
    Take away is your ability to earn constant stream(s) of income and sufficient understanding in what you are doing be it Forex or Crypto

  29. Am doing Forex and is a good business i make 3000$ in less than hour most time so why wont i advice people to join , the fact is understand how it work u will be successful thats it

  30. The people agreeing with Dan that trading is no business are just clueless or probably cause of their own failed experience as traders.
    And trading is a business. Dan says it isn't cause it's not his field of expertise so he doesn't understand it and it's fine, but this is exactly the biggest reason why most traders fail…because they don't treat it as business, they think is a hobby or just an investment! It's all about having a trading plan, have rules and discipline and ofc emotional control. It's obviously not for everyone as any other career or business out there but you can really be successful in it if you have the will and find good mentors as well. And btw if you're a successful trader with a 20k-50k account and compounding your gains the sky is the limit so that's also not true. Numbers don't lie, and anything is possible if you set your mind and efforts towards greatness!

  31. Truth is I am also a trader but I had to learn and make that high income skill first before investing in Forex. Many people around the world are rich coz of trading, but all first get to learn and invest in themselves

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    But this man for the first time making super logic and giving me answer to exit it

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    Human nature is to want it yesterday…..

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    Most traders loose as they trade against bots.
    70% trades on exchanges are executed by bots.

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