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always well partially bullish so a
billionaire investor says most kryptos
will fail bitcoin is king so it’s
actually interesting because he’s a 68
year old investor and i don’t have
anything against older people but it
obviously isn’t the demographic that we
see interested in cryptocurrency if I
look at my demographics on my youtube
channel majority of people are between
the ages of 20 to 35 to 40 ish that’s
where I’d say the range of my
demographics is and I think for most
other cryptocurrency channels overall in
general but look we’ve seen people like
Warren Buffett and Bill Gates talked bad
about cryptocurrency now there might be
several other reasons and those two guys
are great at what they did personally I
still am very bullish in cryptocurrency
as you guys know and I’m sure you guys
are too but I am happy to see a guy that
he isn’t net worth of over two billion
dollars he is bullish on Bitcoin but
like I said he’s not bullish on
cryptocurrency overall mainly bullish on
Beek when he got in really
till the early two so they did have to
state his involvement in Bitcoin he got
in early I think the average price was
three hundred dollars so not bad return
he’s had so far again he’s a billionaire
investor I think I would like to hope
that he knows what he’s doing that he
did his research before buying in and
also he didn’t just buy in for formal
purposes right so I am I think this is a
good sign for cryptocurrency seeing more
and more of this happen seeing more big
investors big names get on board
obviously there’s going to be some that
do like it there’s going to be some that
don’t like it like I mentioned before
Warren Buffett Bill Gates example of two
people that did not like it but there
are countless examples of people who do
like cryptocurrency and I think that’s
gonna be a balance that’s gonna have to
happen you’re never gonna convince
everyone so overall it’s low bullish
news I did want to open this and ask you
guys a question though so he thinks
Bitcoin is not gonna be overtaken he
thinks Bitcoin is the king it is here to
stay at number one and I know a lot of
you guys are going to disagree with that
because everyone has their own favorite
cryptocurrency that they think could be
number one there are people who believe
big quiz gonna be number one people some
people think aetherium is more valuable
and it should be number one that is
going to overtake and eventually some
people think Ripple some people think
Tron’s gonna come from the eleven spa
and just shoot up into first place
some people think Neal iota stuff so
many different opinions so I wanted to
ask you guys I’m gonna go through the
comments and read everything you guys
say let me know down below right now
which cryptocurrency do you think is
going to be number one in the long run
so not just at the end of this year ten
twenty years down the line do you think
it’s going to be Bitcoin do you think
it’s gonna be any other altcoin or do
you think it’s gonna be something new
that hasn’t even come out yet obviously
no way we could tell for sure but I
would love to hear your guys’s thoughts
anyways now talking a little bit more
about the etf once we saw that the
Bitcoin ETF from the worm from the
Winklevoss twins got rejected we saw the
market take a dip well shortly after the
market went back up and seems to be
trading sideways at the exact same level
it was before now at this is due to a
few reasons I think first of all people
realize that this was the wrong ETF guys
the Winklevoss ETF they’ve been rejected
before it’s not the ETF
everyone has been excited for and even
Tom Lee mentioned that although he
thinks that the Winklevoss twins would
have been would have run a successful
ETF that’s not the ETF that people are
looking for so people basically shrugged
it off and the prices went back up not
bad to see overall I’m happy to see the
way the market is actually handled this
as well if this was earlier in the year
when everything was more bearish people
were losing more and more confidence I
think we would have dipped significantly
more than a few hundred dollars we did
and I don’t think we would have had a
balance in a correction straight away
either now the SEC Commissioner did also
come out and mention that she did not
agree win the decision to reject the ETF
but like I said before the main ETF is
still there so there is still hope so
far things sounds they seem like they’re
going in the right direction things seem
good a lot of people do seem very
excited and very accepting of this
hopefully this does translate into the
ETF being accepted but again rejection
aside calls for Bitcoin ETF are only
escalating so like I’ve been saying
people want this to happen and I think
it’s only a matter of time until it does
happen now the earliest I’m gonna keep
saying this the earliest we can see the
ETF is August 16th guys August 16th it
might not happen on that day though
that’s just the earliest it can happen
is some people predicting all the wait
until like mid-february next year until
we see it happen and if that is the case
then it is going to be a very uncertain
path for cryptocurrency until then is
gonna be a lot of fun there’s gonna be a
lot of fake news is gonna be a lot of
FOMO prices will continue to be very
very volatile but still I think
eventually this is going to happen and
the funny thing is duo when the
rejection happened there were some
hilarious comments on Twitter so one guy
said Bitcoin doesn’t need institutional
investors institutional investors need
Bitcoin and in a way I can’t disagree
with that I think that’s very very true
I think institutional investors want to
come in to the investor onto the
cryptocurrency market so that they can
make a very good ROI they’ve seen the
volatility they’ve seen how much money
can be made here so they want to take a
piece of that pie they want to come in
and you know make money in the
cryptocurrency market and I think
therefore they
you need Bitcoin they want to get into
Bitcoin it’s only a matter of time for
them to get into Bitcoin and
cryptocurrency in general now the next
though the next tweet I thought was very
interesting so CNBC just in Winklevoss
twins Bitcoin ETF rejected by the SEC
and they got a reply saying please check
this market manipulation and they tagged
the SEC enforcement so I can’t disagree
with this the reason one of the the ETF
was rejected if you guys did read the
actuals like 92 pages very long but the
summary of it was that they couldn’t
prove that it wasn’t manipulated and yes
that is that is the case it’s hard to
prove something isn’t manipulated but to
the same point a lot of other things
basically everything in the world is
manipulate it’s impossible to get rid of
that fully I think they’re doing they’re
doing great things to try and make that
small shrine of um restrict how much
manipulation goes on but if somebody
like John McAfee for example has okay
has a huge following he’s very in his
very influential person in the
cryptocurrency space you can like him or
dislike him but the fact that so many
people look up to him another way to you
know stop all manipulation would be to
stop all forum of influencers or public
figures in the space that’s gonna be
very hard to happen even some big
youtubers we’ve seen it happen before
where they say something about a small
cryptocurrency that cryptocurrency
shoots up now although they might have
known that they were gonna do this this
might have been a plan I think it’s hard
to stop it completely the things that
people say will have an impact
especially when they’re you know CEO of
a giant hedge fund or a media site a new
site where everyone’s watching all the
time and they rely on it to get their
information that type of stuff will
affect the market and in it is in turn
market manipulation now if you guys
carry on there’s so many I’m not gonna
be able to go through all of them even
though this is it does get really funny
so this guy said I’ve read all 92 pages
and I’m now reducing my Bitcoin price
target from 500 trillion dollars to 495
trillion dollar so we lost 5 trillion
dollars in his predict prediction I’ll
still take 495 now selling big this this
makes a good point to selling Bitcoin
because you expected CBOE TF to be
approved but the Winklevoss ETF got
rejected is like selling Twitter stuff
shares or stocks because Facebook
plunged 22% they are not the same could
not agree more again the fact is people
were misled when the titles of every
article was Bitcoin etf rejected didn’t
specify which one people then didn’t do
their research to figure out which one
it was to understand more about it they
panicked sold first the first thing they
did was panic sell and then the news
started coming out where people start to
understand what actually happened and
then they might have bought back in or
they might have regretted their decision
and like we mentioned about the
Winklevoss ETF it was an appeal from a
two year old application with a 1 year
old denial the initial denials because
lack of regulation / security the
addition in the appeal was that Bitcoin
is hard to manipulate for a variety of
reasons which I agree with again it is
hard to manipulate but it isn’t
impossible and then we see Charlie Shrem
here oh so was Charlie’s trend that said
it while I think Cameron and Tyler would
have run one of the better ETF the new
ETF excitement came from the fact that
CB o he filed their own Bitcoin ETF the
SEC would rather grant an ETF to an
existing institution over a new one so
another big thing to keep in mind but
guys enough about Bitcoin ETS I’m very
excited for them to happen I think it’s
going to happen eventually I think it’s
going to cause a very good I think it’s
going to be great for the market and I
think the market cap is still so small I
saw a chart comparing the cryptocurrency
market cap to other market caps out
there so gold to just apples market cap
its only a fraction of apples market cap
Facebook markets gap but Facebook took a
little bit of a dip so let’s not talk
about that too much but then the stock
market the stock markets market cap is
huge compared to the cryptocurrency
market cap and if it continues to gain
more dollar and grow and continue to
grow and grow and grow I think price
predictions that everyone have are
significantly under predicted I think
umm $100,000 would it be easy for
Bitcoin if we simply get to a few
trillion dollars in mark cap I think you
know a hundred thousand dollars would be
easy if we continue to grow from that
it’s possible to happen if the market
continues to grow in if a Bitcoin
continues to be a dominant force in the
market at number one right now
if the Bitcoin ETF comes out it’s a
Bitcoin ETF so I think Bitcoin is going
going to be the one that goes up
I still think people are under
predicting what could happen in the long
run here they haven’t taken into
consideration how small the
cryptocurrency market is compared to how
big the stock market is for example I’m
not saying we’re gonna become as big as
the stock market straightaway but if
adoption continues to happen piece by
piece the market should continue to grow
piece by piece as well now if we look at
the market so overall pretty green day
if we do look at his pivots it had a
little bit of a run of correcting back
down Icahn up 15% so Icahn was actually
one that I was informing the group that
I had gone into on a trade now the trade
took a few days longer than I expected
but still some great returns happening
at these prices right now 0x also doing
very very well and if we do go down guys
another reason to join the
cryptocurrency trade alerts right there
is successful trade of 15% not bad not
bad at all so if you guys are interested
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my trade all the technical analysis
involved so you guys can learn stuff and
make money at the same time I want is
but I want to help as many of you guys
as I can so make sure you guys are
checking that out but on the red side 1
2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 cryptocurrencies in the
red out of the top 100 so 91 are in the
green 9 are in the red knob a few look
at the ones in the red both doesn’t seem
to be any huge plummet we see mo AC is
down 4% but that’s the biggest loser
today while the biggest gainer is up 17
that we see 15 11 11 11 almost 11 almost
9 so overall a very green day still
under the 300 billion dollar mark at
Bitcoin dominance is continuing to grow
those 4 47.4% mark cap try to test that
theory on G billion correct it back down
because of that Ridge
and now trying to climb back up
hopefully we’ll test it again and we
will start seeing some higher Bitcoin
prices as well now really quick before
we end this video cuz I don’t want this
video to get too long but there was a
new partnership between Audi and I yota
so if you guys are more interested in
checking this out so how do you think
tank and iota foundation explore tango
based mobility use cases haven’t talked
about iota in a while so they had an
interesting thing come up so I want to
share that with you guys and if you are
interested in iota and you do want to
keep up with that information highly
recommend reading some more about that
and some quick technical analysis before
we end here this article was pretty much
put a lot of technical analysis together
so I thought this would be great to
share with you guys all the information
in one place for Bitcoin it did talk
about the little bit of a dip we had but
overall successful week we’ve had so far
if things continue to be bullish we can
see Bitcoin continuing to grow and go up
to that you know eight point five nine
thousand dollar level however if we do
turn into and that is the resistance we
are looking at and if we do turn bearish
than the supports we are looking at is
the eight thousand and the seven
thousand eight hundred and fifty dollars
so just something to keep in mind
aetherium though looking like it could
have a breakout so theorem has been slow
to react and benefit from the recent
market upsurge however it appears the
second largest coin is shaping up for a
breakout so hopefully that does happen I
have a good amount of the theory I’m I
do think it is a good cryptocurrency
it’s big I believe it’s safer as an
investment but I still think it has a
lot of upside so hopefully we do see a
breakout happen as for ripple I know a
lot of you guys are invested in ripple
and ripple has been underperforming with
what people wanted it to do still it’s
it’s it dropped all the way to 45 cents
it’s overall ripple I believe is an
investment that will go up in the long
run so some of you are predicting a $10
ripple I’m not gonna count that out for
the same reason I’m not counting out
$1,000,000 per Bitcoin for the exact
same reason I think we are way too early
in the market to say that any prediction
is too high or unreasonable given how
big other market caps are just keep that
in mind if
if we get to a market cap of just thud
and just Apple for example everything is
going to be up like 3x so just keep that
in mind
Bitcoin cash I’m not going to go over
all of them I didn’t want to mainly talk
about the top three so Bitcoin aetherium
and ripple because I know that is those
are some of the big ones so Bitcoin
influences the price of the overall
market then aetherium and ripple I know
lots of fans of the channel enjoy
watching those but guys that’s gonna be
it for this video if you did enjoy this
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