The Treasure Hunt – Motu Patlu in Hindi WITH ENGLISH, SPANISH & FRENCH SUBTITLES

Big brother, what your grandfather was doing? He has got strange things. Motu take care, oh my friend my grandfather used to be always in adventure trip in search of new new places. Searching of new new places and new new things was his hobby. Hey, where are these things disappearing? He didn’t get any treasure, that is why he has fixed a boxing thing in the box. No my friend my grandfather was a serious person. If he has fixed this boxing thing then there should be a reason. Ok let us see in another box. Dr. Jhatka, I think this is a map of the treasure. Hurray!! Catch! John has taken half of the map and gone, now what to do? I am not able to understand which place is this? Half of the map is with me and half with you, why we both should fight? Let us both hunt for the treasure and we share it half. No! This treasure belongs to the government, and we will give it to the government. Yes Motu is right. Once I get the treasure, then I will blow them with the bomb. And run away with the treasure. What are you thinking? We agree with that, if we give it to the government, they give a good amount as reward. that is enough for us, let us both hunt for the treasure. Oh my god! where is this treasure? And how much more we have to walk? It is in the map “BUT” (MAGAR) where, where is the arrow showing. “BUT” means treasure is here somewhere, but how will we take it? Or else treasure is here but how will we search? Oh my god! That means treasure is somewhere here, let us go fast. Run fast! Carry me and go fast. Treasure!! Oh my god! magar mach (crocodile), in the map it was written magar why not mach? When we fought for the map that magar “But” remained with us and mach must have got torn. And mach must have got torn. Run!! Hey stop! In the name of law, swear up on you of Mother India, in the name of India. Chingam sir why are you giving them swears, just fire!! After long we will have a feast. It is not easy to eat me. Idea! Here take this Motu and get started. Samosa!! Put your strength together, but you won’t be able to bite me. Who else wants to eat me? Come fast!! Somebody save us from this man, who is going to eat this man, he is ready to enter the mouth. Run!! Say bye at least. Bye!! Now we are here and the arrow show this way. What is written here “Ider” I am not (scared), I am not scared of anything, I think this map is trying to scare us, but I don’t get scared. “Ider” does it have any other meaning? If it has, then we will get stuck again. Those who wants to get scared, get scared, I am going to get the treasure, fortune favors the brave. I don’t get scared. I am also not scared, number one two run!! Oh my lord! I am scared, very scared but there is no way out, I have to be with them. I think the treasure is in that cave. “Ider” means “spider”, SP got torn when we were fighting for the map. Now what will happen? Now I am getting scared. I am also scared, scared. Oh my god! I am also scared, scared help! Stop! Police! Help! Quickly everybody burn the fire sticks, the web will get burnt. Our sticks are getting extinguished, now what will we do? Leave my friends or else. This one is removing fire from the mouth, Chingam sir fire!! What does this “Go and La” means? Look an arrow is also shown. Long live!! Go an La means go and get the treasure. I am going to get the treasure. Go and La, think before you move ahead. Boss let’s go fast, if Motu gets the treasure he will not give us. Then let’s go. Long live!! Found the treasure. Oh my lord! I have become the millionaire. We have become rich, very rich. Oh my god! Millionaire! Oh no “Go and La” means Gorilla. Due to our fight that “ril” got torn, and only Go and la was. You don’t know to read the map at all, good that we know to run, now run. Hey, run! I am not a taxi, where everybody is riding on me Get down. Hey, what is he doing? The gas is reducing in the balloon, quickly everybody throw the heavy things outside. He is most heavy. Dare anybody touch Motu, throw the treasure little by little or else the Gorilla will kill us. All the treasure got over. Boss! Greed is not good, throw the treasure or else that Gorilla will hunt us. By the God’s grace we all got saved. Not a single gold coin is left.

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