The story behind Dogecoin – Jackson Palmer interview on Epicenter

I went to and I
noticed that there was like at that
point maybe under a hundred
cryptocurrencies out there. I noticed
the new one was being added pretty
regularly. At the same time the Doge
meme was like kind of taking off. And
Adrian Chen a journalist over at Gawker
had written this article basically
saying Doge is the best name because
it’s kind of this uncorruptible face. You
cannot kind of take Doge and like you
know… Doge can’t become Pepe, it’s just
not gonna happen. So I just had
those two tabs open in my
browser and and Doge and coin just kind
of blended together. So it started
as a tweet just like me kind of…
In Australia we have this thing called
“taking the piss” which is really just
kind of throwing shade at something or
just making fun of something.
I just you know did this piss-take tweet
where I was like going to invest in
Dogecoin I think it’s the next big thing.
That kind of sparked the whole thing.
The reaction was very much…
There were a few people are like
“Oh my God create this!” and then I guess
it got shared around in some
crypto circles on IRC and stuff. I was
like “I’m gonna register the domain because somebody
else is gonna steal it so I may as well.”
And then I just went into
Photoshop and put a 50%
opacity image of the dog on a
Google Image search of a coin and just
threw it up on this static HTML page.
And it just said:
“Dogecoin is the parody cryptocurrency
favored by shiba inus worldwide.”
I didn’t think much of it. It was a
joke and a lot of it was a joke between
me and my friends as well because like
we were all kind of making fun of crypto
back then. So we shared it around.
Whenever anybody else talked about Bitcoin
I’m like “ha ha look dogecoin!” Then in this
hyper condensed period of time that
got shared more and more and more and
more within actual crypto circles and
IRC and stuff. Then this random dude
called Billy pings me on Twitter with a
screenshot and is like “Hey! You can
change the the font in the Bitcoin QT
client to Comic Sans. We should make this a real thing.”
So that kind of you know… it
was me down the spiral.

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