The Psychology of Self-Transformation

The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation
Henry David Thoreau made this remark over 150 years ago, however it is an observation that still rings true today
Often this desperation is the product of nagging feelings that we are wasting our life
Accompanied by the frustration that despite our desire to make something of ourselves the years passed by and nothing seems to change
Phillips Brooks commented that those in this predicament feel the thing they ought to be beating beneath the thing they are if
We ignore these feelings for too long
Then we will remain forever haunted by what might have been in this video we will explore
how we can escape from a life of quiet desperation and
transform ourselves in a manner more conducive to a fulfilling existence
We cannot change anything unless we accept it wrote Carl Jung
the first step therefore is to acknowledge that a change in our way of life is needed an
Easy way to determine how necessary it is for us to change is
To take note of how often we are afflicted by feelings of regret, guilt, anxiety or depression
Jung believed that in the overwhelming majority of cases
Neurotic symptoms such as these are a direct result of an inadequate approach to life and act as signals
communicating the necessity of change
It seemed to Jung wrote Yolanda Jacobi in her book the way of individuation
that the meaning of neurotic sufferings might consist in their compelling a man to come to terms with the
foundation of his being and with the world and thereby to gain a better knowledge of his limits and possibilities
Jung thus puts the emphasis on the prospective aspect
Giving neuroses a positive meaning and not regarding it only as a burdensome illness
according to him it can even act as a stimulus in the struggle for the development of the personality and be
paradoxically a curative factor
When troubled by these negative emotional states however most people choose to take the easy road
Instead of changing their behaviors. They try to dull their feelings or flee from them if possible.
They take drugs drink or distract themselves by pursuing mindless pleasures in the long run this only
Exacerbates the problem and Jung offered a warning for those who choose this path
We may think there is a safe road wrote Jung
But that would be the road of death then nothing happens any longer at any rate not the right things
Anyone who takes the safe road is as good as dead
After accepting that change is needed the question becomes what type of change is most conducive to a fulfilling life in
The mid 20th century the psychologist Abraham Maslow set out to answer this question
unlike many of his colleagues who devoted most of their time to studying the mentally ill
Maslow decided to do the opposite
He chose to study those who excelled in life
And this led him to an important discovery the healthiest and most flourishing among us are those who are motivated by trends to
self-actualization, which Maslow defined as an ongoing
actualization of potentials capacities and talents as
fulfilment of a mission as a fuller knowledge of and acceptance of the person’s own intrinsic nature and
as an unceasing trend toward unity
Maslow was so convinced of the importance of self-actualization
that he made the following bold pronouncement if
You plan on being anything less than you are capable of being you will probably be unhappy all the days of your life
But after years of stagnating years in which our bad habits and destructive behavioral patterns have solidified
How can we become self actualizers, a quote of uncertain origins, but often attributed to Ralph Waldo Emerson?
provides some direction
So a thought and you reap an action so an act and you reap a habit so a habit and you reap a character
So a character and you reap a destiny
The first step is the thought and for those of us striving to live more fulfilling lives
This entails the selection of an aim or purpose to our existence
for as Maslow pointed out self actualizers are very much defined by a life mission and
Making this selection people sometimes get tripped up into believing that this requires the determination of their true passion
The problem with this approach is that it overlooks the fact that very often our passions follow the development of our skills
Therefore if you are uncertain of where your passions lie it is unlikely you will discover them through thought alone
Rather than delaying for too long it is far better to pick something challenging
Which sparks your curiosity and not worry about whether it is the perfect choice?
With that said the sowing of the thought or the selection of a goal will only be of positive
Consequence if we reap the actions and build the better habits, which ultimately move us forward in the pursuit of our aims
Having something to aim at is important not so much because of the external rewards achievement of the goal will bring
But rather because of the transformation it forces us to undergo
Pursuing a challenging goal requires us to leave our comfort zone as we develop new skills cultivate self-discipline and in the process
Discover that we are not as helpless as we once thought
The problem for many of us, however is that we struggle in moving from the sowing of the thought to the reaping of the actions?
Often people blame their inability to take productive action on their anxiety depression fear or a lack of confidence in their abilities
Before taking the actions necessary to pursue their aims such people reason perhaps
They must first rid themselves of their negative emotions this however is an approach often doomed to fail
These negative emotional states are by and large the result of faulty
behavioral patterns and the avoidance of facing up to our fears and courageously taking on the challenges in our lives that would lead to
personal growth
meditation and introspection alone will never cure us of these feelings rather
We must learn that we can take purposeful action even when we are feeling anxious depressed or fearful
the importance of purposeful action as a cure for our troubled emotions is
foundational to Morita therapy, a Japanese school of psychotherapeutic thought as
David Reynolds a practitioner of the school explains
Realign your life toward getting done what reality sends that needs doing in other words. We advise you to focus more on purposeful behavior
Let the feelings take care of themselves what I think you will find is that when you get good at doing?
what needs doing in your life the feeling stopped giving you such trouble and
Even if your feelings become troublesome when you are involved in constructive activity they remain in perspective
Feelings cease to be the whole show
The ability to act even when we are not feeling up to it is one of the most distinguishing
characteristics of self actualizers for as Thomas Huxley wrote
perhaps the most valuable result of all
Education is the ability to make yourself do the thing you have to do when it ought to be done
Whether you like it or not
Furthermore as Maslow wrote in toward a psychology of being self actualizing does not mean a transcendence of all human problems
Conflict, anxiety, frustration, sadness, hurt, and guilt can all be found in healthy human beings
Therefore, it doesn’t matter who you are or what stage of life
You are at negative emotions will always present themselves
The question is do you have the courage to act in the face of these feelings or not
Those who find such courage will live far better lives than those who cower in the face of their fears for his Emerson wrote
do the thing you fear and the death of fear is certain an
Effective way to gain the necessary courage to act in the face of your fears is to reflect on the imminence of death
The stoic philosopher suggested that those who become more aware of just how brief life is
Will be far more likely to live in the most intense and courageous manner possible
Striving to take advantage of each moment Steve Jobs who clearly a man of action recognized the power of this method
Remembering that I’ll be dead soon. He stated is the most important tool. I’ve ever encountered to help me make the big choices in life
Because almost everything, all external expectations all pride all fear of embarrassment or failure
These things just fall away in the face of death leaving only what is truly important, remembering
That you are going to die is the best way
I know to avoid the trap of thinking you have something to lose you are already naked
There is no reason not to follow your heart
but awareness of our approaching death is a double-edged sword if
we delay too long in instituting the changes required to live a more fulfilling life and
instead of striving to actualize our potential we fritter away our time then awareness of our mortality will give rise to nagging and
increasingly intense feelings of guilt and regret
We will have chosen the safe road, which Jung called the road of death
And we will spend our remaining days fleeing from the fact that we are wasting our life in her book the way of individuation
Yolanda Jacoby provides a warning of what can be expected for those who choose this path any
Obstruction of the natural processes of development were getting stuck on a level unsuited to one’s age takes its revenge
If not immediately then later at the onset of the second half of life in the form of serious crises nervous
breakdowns and all manner of physical and psychic sufferings
Mostly they are accompanied by vague feelings of guilt by tormenting pangs of conscience
Often not understood in face of which the individual is helpless
He knows
He is not guilty of any bad deed he has not given way to an illicit impulse and yet he is plagued by uncertainty
Discontent despair and above all anxiety a constant indefinable
Anxiety and in truth he must usually be pronounced guilty
His guilt does not lie in the fact that he has a neurosis
But in the fact that knowing he has one he does nothing to set about curing it

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  2. From a chirstian perspective this ideas are in the Word of God and are dealt with thorugh prayer but can also be dealt with through outside help. What the video talks about is all true and strengthening courage is the main point this videos helps with.

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    Thought I'd something more to say

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    Procrastination expert here….😂. Have a tip from Marissa Peer that works for me…when faced with an icky task…
    Count down in mind…
    5, 4, 3, 2, one…
    How am I going to feel when this is DONE..

    Much better…😋

  6. I watch these videos and want to do everything he talks about with every fibre in my body but i have ADHD and i cant focus on anything i set my mind on and its been that way for as long as i can remember. My inability to change my self for the better because of this causes me to feel depressed and unmotivated most times because i can watch these videos and imagine myself doing all the things he talks about for self betterment. Im thinkin of microdosing on Lsd to improve concentration and overall outlook on life so i can begin to put things in place to change my life. Anyone else here with adult adhd that can relate?

  7. This should be common knowledge for humans by now.. If only these things were implemented in early teaching's for children and adolescents imagine the world? And the one they could create? no more barbaric public school systems where the kids are left to bully and redicule each other.. destroying the minds of kids who haven't formed their self identities..don't allow others too determine who you are

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  10. Thank you for the effort put into clearly and concisely presenting such complex, yet indispensable concepts. I was wondering if anyone could provide resources around this matter – namely around committment, practice and the rest of the behaviour associated with the opposite of "the death" described by Jung. I would imagine the authors in the video are a starting point, but I was hoping people could share their experience about this – what books touching upon the concept of self-transformation (as described in this video), be they philosophical or biographical, have they read – i.e give a concise overview of their journey towards embodying this kind of self-transformation.
    PS: Based on my experience, the best people at "this", those that "naturally" exhibit such behaviour do so because of self-interests, personality and, more often than not, high intellectual ability. I am, however, interested in hearing if people were able to go from a path headed towards "death" (as described by Jung) to a path towards self-transformation (as described in the video).

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  17. Death is not the safe road it’s the purpose for life. And love of life and death can lead to that “self actualization”.

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    As short as this sentence is, KNOW THYSELF. It is the key to your life!

  19. Steve Jobs was a rich asshole. He thrived within a corporation by enslaving others. He wasn’t able to take any of his billions with him. Greedy psychopath.

  20. I have this nagging feeling that my life doesn’t really matter in the big picture so it’s ok to just waste time and ignore my conscience and be lazy. For the last two weeks I’ve bicycled 40 miles a day with 30 pounds of gear on a self supported bike trip. I climbed mount Washington. I am in better physical shape than ever. Yet I know this is a distraction, an escape. I’m lonely, depressed and I’m running away from life by doing this. During the whole trip, I haven’t been able to convince myself that this is what I need, and it’s because it’s not. What I actually need is to force myself to take part in society, not run from it. I haven’t felt much more lost than this, and yet everyone I tell about it says “wow that’s amazing! Good for you!” Which makes it easier to believe it’s what I need.

    No one would congratulate me for attending and participating actively in group therapy or asking a girl on a date every now and then, which are the kind of things I need to be doing. When I get back, everyone around me will congratulate me and stand in awe of me for wasting a month of my life being a total coward. I won’t tell them what I did, come to think of it. I’m too ashamed

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  23. These videos are interesting. But there's one thread that runs through the Nietzche series that I find really ironic (and offensive), especially when considering the 'psychology of self deception' video. That is the repeated, unquestioned reference to the term 'mental illness'. Even the suggestion that Neitzche's 'mental illness' may have had an 'organic origin'. Unless there's a suggestion that Neitzche had undiagnosed siphilis or some other genuinely substantiated organic pathology that affected his thinking – this is actually just unquestioningly echoing social and cultural norms. Norms that are increasingly seen as high among great human rights abuses of our times. There have been a great many different cultural understandings of what might get called 'madness' in ours – and many of them relate to spiritual or inner journeys. Even in western psychological understanding there has always been that vein of thinking that has explored what others call 'madness' as meaninful expression that can be integrated and resolved. All of these approaches often reap clarity and integration of experiences previously rejected as 'madness' which can often prove to be meaningful attempts of one part of a person's psyche to communicate to another, and which need to be explored and understood and will only keep cycling back when not resolved and integrated. There is not substantiated 'organic defect' associated with what others call 'madness' and what others call 'madness' can often turn out to be a meaningful exploration of life from a different reference point, that only looked chaotic and meaningless when deprived of or taken out of its context. By contrast, the dogma of 'mental illness' has a long history of being deliberately pushed and enforced on societies and this has been a controversial part of the dogma since its beginnings. This is only escalating with increasing support from the United Nations for the human rights abuses and persecutions of people whose behaviour and experience breaches social norms (social norms in turn heavily influenced by wide acceptance and advertising of the 'mental illness' dogma). As someone who suffered years of physical abuse at the hands of medical professionals for trying to point out I found their medical dogma incoherent and not a helpful way to try and conceptualise, explore or resolve experiences that they declared were 'madness' and I tried to point out were more like an opportunity to move around within my own psyche and something I was capable of integrating and resolving. Many others have gone down these roads too. There's a whole school (several) of respected psychosocial reasoning which has always existed in conflict with the 'mental illness' ideology. There are, of course, also extant practices from other cultures which have always been able to integrate experiences the west would call 'madness' or 'psychosis' by taking a spiritual perspective. So it's hard to watch what are an otherwise interesting series of videos and hear this ideology pushed with a seeming lack of awareness that for increasingly many people, it is no different to hear 'mental illness' ideology mindlessly and unquestioningly accepted than to hear the superiority of race and gender unquestioningly accepted (as of course were the dominant social norms as well, not to long ago, and also led to serious human rights abuses).

  24. I regularly tell people that we are born to die. However, before death, we are here to experience & educate ourselves. I also tell people that when a new outta the box opportunity comes one's way- DO IT! When people review their life, regrets usually come from NOT doing something. If they tried something and failed, they rarely regret taking the opportunity but some of the choices made inside of that opportunity that lead to failure. They look back and appreciate the learning experience.

    An example would be a bank robber that got caught. We would say, "bet s/he regrets robbing that bank" and the bank robber would probably agree, "i regret robbing the bank" but look deeper. The regret is getting caught. The regret is the choices made that lead to getting caught.

  25. this was DENSE with great stuff. I hung on every word. it pulls so much from several sources in my experiences into poignant alignment. appreciative, sir

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  30. It occurred to me some time ago that men have been turned into passive-aggressive men for big ideas/worship rather than be led to live and make assertive decisions. They’ve been cheated big time.

  31. I have just recently turned thirty-one back in April. And from time to time I would have these sudden out pours of overwhelming sadness and madness. When I am home alone I'll lose myself and cry for no reason. Then laugh it off. Cry some more. Laugh it off.

    I have a decent job. Livable salary. A home. A wife. Working on children with her. Yet, there's this great void in my heart. Feels like a hole at times.

    I would have these dreams where I was alone in the ocean. Shrouded by darkness. No stars. No moonlight. Just me trying to keep my head above water yet calmly struggling underneath the surface.

    I am happy I stumbled upon this content this morning before I start my usual routine before going to work. It's comforting. And I thank you for that.

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  34. Yeah… all my life growing up I had my interests, but I always felt that 'purpose' hanging over me, combine that with constant solitude during my early stages in life and I had a pretty clear idea of what I wanted my life to become… here I am today, realizing once again that life has moved forward and I'm just months away from beginning my 'Rebirth', my self transformation… my destiny I guess, more like a desire, all this time it felt so far away, and the next thing I knew, there it is… I'm glad I experienced all of this so early in my life, so now I'll know that not a single second is to be wasted.

    Even though I haven't done much to prepare myself for my inevitable fate, I know that in the end it will be me who decided to go through with it, that is what life is about… the adventure I chose will be my own to tell, not a regret I had always dreamed of, only to toss it aside like everything else I had for this moment… even if it feels so easy to do so to this moment in time.

  35. One part that is contradicting is that escaping the reality that something needs to change to address neurosis by drinking drugging and mindless activity he saw as bad however its not safe and in fact statistics has proven how it breeds actual death. In the next breath it is mentioned that playing it safe you might as well be dead. The latter sounds more like an opinion, theory, and popularism more than it perhaps also be a road to self actualization. I still have studied and subscribed to many of these scholars teaching s but not the contradiction how its phrased in this vid.

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    and there is time to kill today
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