The Perfect Minimalist Wallet That Can Hold Coins?! – Ed Wallet Review

Hey it’s Bey, and today I’m going to be reviewing
the Ed Wallet. This is an awesome minimalist wallet that
can hold cards, cash, and coins. This wallet was successfully funded on Kickstarter
on August 2017 which is really cool. Ed Charly did reach out to me asking if I
wanted to check out his Ed Wallet, but everything I say in this video are my own thoughts and
opinions. I’ll put a link to the Ed Charly website where
you can purchase this wallet if you’re interested. The Ed Wallet currently comes in Black Saffiano
Leather or in Brown Crazy Horse Leather. It’s not the smallest minimalist wallet ever,
but I think it’s small and remains thin enough to be called a minimalist wallet. It measures in at 100 millimeters x 80 millimeters
and is lined with an RFID blocking fabric to protect you from identity theft which is
a great touch. This wallet can hold up to four cards, but
there are three card slots.However I carry five cards with this wallet and they can all
fit in the three slots. I keep two cards each on the top and middle
slot, and my debit card on the quick access slot on the bottom. I can access all of my cards very easily with
no problem at all. I actually have a credit card knife on the
top card slot which is slightly more thicker than a standard card. To use the quick access card slot, just slide
your thumb up on the cutout and take your card out. I’m very satisfied with the card slots, but
if you carry more than four or five cards, this wallet may not be for you. To hold cash, you have a through slot that
you can access either on the top or on the bottom of the wallet. All you have to do is squeeze around the top
two or bottom two corners of the wallet, and the slot will open. I usually carry around 5-7 bills but I believe
it can hold a lot more with no problem. It’s very easy to insert and remove cash,
and the slot holds your cash very securely. I believe that it’s almost impossible for
the cash to fall out. The cash will only come out if you want it
to. Last but not least, we have the coin pouch. I have not seen a minimalist wallet with a
coin pouch until now. This is a genius design in my opinion because
this wallet can hold cards, cash, and coins while staying relatively thin. The coin pouch has a snap button to keep the
flap closed and it has a kind of accordion type design where it folds down flat when
closed, but expands to make it easier to access your coins. When you drop your wallet, everything stays
in its place very securely. I’ve dropped this wallet a couple of times
and nothing has fallen out or opened up which is great. On the other hand, I can access everything
I need very quickly when I want to. The build quality is top notch. Even though I’ve overstuffed it, everything
has held up perfectly. The stitching is great and the leather has
stretched, but that’s to be expected because it should mold overtime to fit your every
day carry. Overall, the Ed Wallet could be the perfect
wallet for you, and I think that it’s the perfect wallet for me. It holds just the right amount of cards for
me, looks great, and I can still use cash and coins. For the price of about $40, I believe that
this wallet is well worth it, and I highly recommend it. Again, I’ll put a link in the description
if you’re interested. That was my review of the Ed Wallet. If you found this video helpful, please leave
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notification every time I upload. Thanks for watching, and I’ll see you in the
next video. Peace! Love you

8 thoughts on “The Perfect Minimalist Wallet That Can Hold Coins?! – Ed Wallet Review

  1. Been looking for a minimalist coin-holder wallet and came across this.
    But somehow, seeing the loose string finishing on the top of the wallet put me off.
    My search continues…

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