The Money Pit (2/9) Movie CLIP – The Stairs Are Out! (1986) HD

[ Squeaking, Clanging ] [ Clanging Continues ] What the hell
was that ? All l did was
turn on the water. That’s all ?
[ Squeaking, Banging ] That doesn’t sound good. No.
You should see the– l guess it’s the water. l don’t know.
It’s revolting. So the plumbing’s
not perfect. We’ll get it fixed.
It’s not the end ofthe world. You didn’t see
that water !
this is an old house. lt’s gonna need some work.
You’ve gotta expect that. l didn’t expect
that water.
It had legs. A little work,
a little care, a little imagination,
and it’s gonna be great ! lt’s gonna be fun
fixing it up.
You’ll see. l don’t know.
l’ve never been any good
at that kind ofthing. What kind ofthing ?
Work. You can’t go into it
with that kind ofattitude.
You’ve gotta be more positive. l’ll ty.
Oh. A little care,
a little imagination… and a positive attitude. What was that ? Nothing, dear. Son ofa bitch. – [ Squeals ]
– [ Yells ] [ Screaming ] [Anna Shouting ] [ Screaming Continues ] – Oh, Walter !
– The stairs are out ! [ Yells ] Honey,
you’re on my fingers. Oh–
[ Screaming ] [ Crash ] Sory. [ Kiss ]

67 thoughts on “The Money Pit (2/9) Movie CLIP – The Stairs Are Out! (1986) HD

  1. for some strange reason i got sexually aroused when Shelley Long was stepping on the fingers of Tom Hanks. I guess I like being at the mercy of a gorgeous woman wearing Converse.

  2. That look at 2:25 😂😂😂😂
    Ahhh, Tom Hanks when he was a good actor with solid movies like these whether its comedy, drama, thriller, action…..etc….etc…etc…. unlike his movies now, what a shame.

  3. I love how in the shot around 2:40, her feet aren’t even touching Tom’s fingers. But then at 2:44, she automatically got her feet on his fingers. It’s a pretty funny mistake they left in.

  4. Es una de las mejores comedias que he visto, ambos actores Tom Hanks y Shelley long, son sensacionales, magistrales diría yo, es para morirse de la risa de principio a fin 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏 no quisiera habitar en una casa así, 😀😊😁, sólo que estuviera como al final 😀😏😅

  5. In reality a house like this would cost about $800,000 to 2 million dollars after it was renovated, and if it was out in the New York countryside. The fact that the main character is an attorney who needs to borrow money at some point is a little unrealistic. He would have to be a millionaire. But very funny scene.

  6. Lol as a kid it didnt gross me out because the closest thing I thought it looked like at the time was chocolate. Now I am 30 years later, and after cleaning up after some people it grosses me out because it really does look like nasty stuff now.

  7. 0:42 – "You didn't see that water!" True enough. Just seeing it on screen as a kid almost made me throw up.

  8. It’s odd how if a character in a movie is a famous actor they call him by the actors name and not the characters like how we call Walter Tom hanks in this movie

  9. Ohh I loved this movie…for me, this was the start of my love for Tom Hanks movies. With a few exceptions…each one replaced the other as my favorite. This one started it. 🥰👍

  10. OMG, I LIVED this movie in my last Victorian house! Anyone who's ever owned a Victorian house has been there. I actually nicknamed my home The Money Pit.

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