The Home Depot Provides Stellar Paint Supplies

everything we need.
Paint, tape, rollers, the gamut.
I think we should do the
Behr premium plus ultra.
– Definitely.
– And your shirt is
like the inspiration.
I wanna do some blues
because think about it.
Calm and serene.
Plus this paint is
good, it’s self priming.
It’ll go over the old paint.
– Yeah, but Behr premium plus,
the bonus with that
for me is zero VOC.
So everybody is not gonna
get choked out from fumes.
I don’t have to do a
primer coat and everything.
And we gotta get it done.
This is a lot of
paint on this job.
– I know, and there
are enough colors.
I think there’s like
over 2000 colors.
However, I have a specific
color palette I wanna do.
Think about it, Aaron has
had a heavy past few years.
So we are adding light and airy
for everyone in the family.
Blues, whites,
khakis, loveliness.
– More importantly than
this, we need paintbrushes
and tape and stuff like that.
– I know, let’s get our order in
and then go on to
the next adventure.
– Alright, so we need
a ton of brushes.
– I know, so I love Wooster
because think about it.
It’s all about
they’re easy to clean,
they’re a really good bristle,
so the hair won’t
get into the…
– One of my favorite ones
is this one right here,
the little short handle.
– Well, we need a bunch,
so let’s hurry up and grab some.
– Make sure we get
some of the delicate
because we got fresh paint,
and the delicate won’t
tear the new paint off.
Little trick, much better value.
Instead of buying
everything individual.
– What I love about
this is honestly,
we can get everything
in one stop,
because we don’t have time
to go to a lot of places.
– I’m at Home Depot every day.

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